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dseg30249 karma

Why? Like - do you get these orders a lot?

mrgirl219 karma

Glory, money.

chadcf124 karma

Yeah but why would olivia wilde want a nude stranger at a baby shower?

mrgirl213 karma

Because she's a weirdo.

It's not like I was walking around the whole time or anything, they just drew me for an hour.

NewAccount971156 karma

Why would somebody want someone nude at a fucking baby shower? Is this normal for out of touch rich people?

mrgirl114 karma

Lol I don't think she's out of touch, she just has the money to have whatever she wants on a whim. It was probably more for her friends.

waz6752 karma

I guess you should be happy you weren't asked to wear a diaper and suck on a soother.

mrgirl132 karma

I would have done it though.

DabneyEatsIt15 karma

Careful, you'll give off the impression that you'll do anything for a buck.

mrgirl20 karma

It's more like I'll get naked for any reason.

NewAccount97110 karma

Fair enough. I went to a nude drink-and-draw in Chicago, but that was like...an event. I don't think I'd want dong or titties when trying to welcome my baby into the world lol

mrgirl16 karma

I think she was trying to tell people she was still going to be cool.

My first time modeling was a drink-and-draw in Brooklyn.

WinterText76 karma

how did you get into this line of work?

mrgirl125 karma

I have been modeling for art classes for 10 years. I'm also an exhibitionist. I found a company that rents out male models and art instructors to bachelorette parties and emailed them with a picture. They hired me a few months later and I did that every week or two until we had a falling out over money.

However I still pose for art classes every couple months.

Bamres91 karma

But why male models?

mrgirl41 karma

Because perverted straight ladies.

waz6724 karma

Did the women every get a little too "hands on" at the bachelorette parties? I can imagine that being an issue, especially if alcohol is involved.

mrgirl61 karma

No one ever touched my penis, but they grabbed/slapped my butt occasionally. I was sort of supposed to taunt them though--between poses my boss told me to walk around amongst the women and comment on their drawings. But there was also an instructor and an assistant there, so I always felt safe.

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mrgirl-2 karma

That picture is from a different party. They actually did allow the company to take photos, but only from behind her, and she seemed uncomfortable with it.

squiko43 karma

Why did you think reddit would be intrested ?

mrgirl115 karma

Perverted nerds.

beingginger35 karma

What's the going rate for standing still, while naked, for an hour? Or do you lay down?

mrgirl63 karma

You can choose your own poses. In an art class, $25-30/hour is standard in LA. For a party like this, they paid me $60 for the hour, plus tips. But I demanded a raise to $100 and they fired me.

TinyBusyBee22 karma

Do you ever feel self-conscious about being viewed? How do you get over it? Is there a time where a booking made you uncomfortable? What happened?

mrgirl69 karma

I was terrified the first couple times, not about people seeing me naked, but because I didn't know what to do with my body or how to pose. You just get over it with practice. You can only be terrified for so long, and in a three hour session, you just get used to it.

Also I'm a pervert who likes showing people my naked body so that helps.

Yes, lots of people have made me uncomfortable.

Once I was posing for a group of high school kids and the attractive female teacher started flirting with me. She draped pearls over me (you're not supposed to touch the model) and made up reasons to keep touching me.

Then she walked over my head while I was reclining on the floor so I could see up her skirt.

Instant boner. Nothing I could do to stop it. So awkward.

However, being a model is so passive, you can kind of just be like, "well, this is involuntary and it's her class, so whatever." But it was horribly uncomfortable.

NotUrRealDad35 karma

high school kids? what kind of high school is this?

mrgirl19 karma

An art prep school so they can get into art schools. I pose for kids 15-18 pretty regularly.

BattleRifle71116 karma

You got a boner in front of the whole class?

mrgirl26 karma

Yes. I got a boner in front of the whole class.

townhouserondo11 karma

So what happened when you popped your boner? Did they draw it? Have you ever gotten a boner at any other time? What’s protocol?

mrgirl5 karma

Protocol is just pretend it's not happening. People understand it's involuntary. It's when you say, "Hey guys... look what I got..." that you get in trouble. Because that is voluntary.

I have only had one girl draw my boner and then show it to me, and as I said, I got her number.

Alastor39 karma

What the fuck, how did the kids reacted to that?

mrgirl9 karma

They quietly observed my erection and then kept drawing.

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mrgirl6 karma

There's nothing you can do because you can't move lol. You just have to let it ride or think about something disgusting.

I get a boner in one out of every twenty modeling sessions probably.

SchlomoHarambe6416 karma

Do you think circumcision should be legal?

mrgirl58 karma

No. You should have to be 18 and get it done yourself. I hate that I'm circumcised.

barristonsmellme13 karma

You're being downvoted because we wanna cut baby dick

mrgirl8 karma

Lol that's okay, to each their own.

Babsmitty12 karma

Have you had any other strange assignments? Or stranger ones? Can you tell us about them?

mrgirl21 karma

I was going to model at Jennifer Aniston's birthday party but she canceled the night before.

Once I did a bachelorette party for a girl who looked and acted exactly like Miley Cirus. Like she was obsessed with her. She took a selfie doing the tongue thing right by my crotch, and she was drunk.

I don't drink and don't like alcohol so those situations were always weird.

misterlegato10 karma

How do we know that the screenshot of the organiser is legit? Seems like something that would be remarkably easy to fake

mrgirl6 karma

It would be easy to fake. You can see their website at drawingparty.com if you want.

fennecdore10 karma

What was the most surreal part ?

mrgirl25 karma

Watching her chat with her friends like a normal person, and seeing that her fame kind of hung over every interaction, even though they seemed like good friends. Like you could see that she just wanted to have a normal party, but kind of can't anymore.

Also she drew a huge picture of my ass which was surreal.

bananaman158 karma

you ever pop a hard on?

mrgirl22 karma

Yes, but not at this event. That only happens if someone is kind of egging me on or flirting with me.

Once a girl stared at me at a party until I got hard, and then drew a picture of it (only it) and showed it to me afterward. I got her number.

BerserkCalibur4 karma

How it feel begin naked in baby shower?

mrgirl7 karma

Haha it felt normal, I'm used to situations where I'm the only naked person.

mon_dieu3 karma

How good were their drawings? Whose was the best?

mrgirl9 karma

I don't remember, but I do remember her saying "I'm going to put this on the baby's wall and say 'this is your daddy!'"

Froak3 karma

Did Jason Sudeikis like what he saw?

mrgirl1 karma

Oh he likey.

math-yoo3 karma

How was the eye contact with Suds?

mrgirl4 karma

Brief and sweet. In LA people are kind of used to shit like this I think. He was quite unfazed and just seemed amused. I think we shook hands (after I was dressed).

Chayden1532 karma

What was the craziest experience you had at the baby shower?

mrgirl13 karma

Honestly it was very laid-back and not crazy. I guess when Olivia Wilde said, "It looks like he's jerking off in this drawing."

I said: "Oh, this is how I jerk off. I just lay here like this."


freddythepole192 karma

Is it boring just standing there doing nothing for as long as you're contracted for? I feel like once I got past the terror, it'd just be boring not being able to move or do anything for hours on end.

mrgirl5 karma

Yes, it can get boring. The best is when you have an instructor or artists who can talk and draw at the same time. Then you can have interesting conversations. Or if they play good music you can just think your thoughts. The worst is a boring crowd and a radio with commercials on it. Oh god it's horrible.

ShadyLogic1 karma

Did you have to sign an NDA for this specifically or did you sign one through whatever agency you go through?

mrgirl2 karma

No. If I had I would not be doing this.

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mrgirl2 karma

He smiled and nodded as if I were a waiter or some other professional. Lol it was friendly.

wilsonhammer1 karma

How much did you interact with OW/her friends outside of being drawn?

mrgirl2 karma

We were talking the whole time, but we left afterward (when hundreds of people started to show up).

cjeam1 karma

When you pose nude, since you’re an exhibitionist do you ever get aroused? How do people/venues deal differently with this?

mrgirl3 karma

Yes, once in a while I do. No one comments on it or gives you shit about it unless they think you're doing it on purpose or trying to draw attention to it.

Since all my erections are passive, no one has said anything.

applepaimei1 karma

How much did you make from this?

mrgirl4 karma

$100. No tip. I was... pretty pissed off. I think she just overlooked tipping me, she seemed like a generous person. There was no graceful way to be like, HEY OLIVIA, WHAT THE FUCK.

I'm hoping she'll see this and send me $10-$15 though.

vanilla_user-4 karma

Who are you and why this should be interesting?

mrgirl10 karma

I'm Max Karson. I posed nude at Olivia Wilde's baby shower in 2014. I thought we already established who I was...

Lol I don't know if it's interesting to you, maybe it isn't. It's the most interesting thing about me and I'm sorry.