Our Discord bot has brought happiness and memes to millions over the last two years, and I get questions about our business structure, our philosophy, and personal questions almost daily. I'd love to answer any questions anyone has, whether it be about Discord, the bot, or even myself.


EDIT: Obligatory edit about this post having 69% upvoted, I would feel like a hack if I didn't mention this

FINAL EDIT: Thanks so much everyone for joining me today, I had fun doing this! I also just want to take a minute as a closing thought because it was asked a few times about my mental health.

I, like lots of people today, have depression and anxiety. It's okay to get help, NEVER be ashamed of that. Your mental health is very important, and I genuinely hope anyone reading this knows that they're not alone in how they feel. We're all imperfect humans just trying to be happy. Keep meme-ing on, friends.

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shakakaZululu339 karma

Why did you create the bot in the first place?

Is it alot of work to maintain?

Does it generate any income?

Kerdaloo867 karma

Why did you create the bot in the first place?

I was fresh out of dropping out of college and wanted to learn programming, found a programming discord server, learned about Discord's API, and just started teaching myself to program by making a bot!

Is it alot of work to maintain?

It is, it's really a full time job. A lot of people would be surprised how much work goes into running the bot. It's really a full blown business on the back-end.

Does it generate any income?

Yup! We have some AWESOME patrons that support us each month. It pays all our bot bills, pays for me to hire developers, and puts diapers on my baby's butt each month.

EDIT: I believe this is my first gold, I really appreciate it! Ya'll are the best!

imaginarynumber0157 karma

I think it’s great how becoming a donator or buying boxes has plenty of benefits, but the bot will have the exact same functionality even if you don’t donate

Kerdaloo230 karma

That's really a major sticking point for me.

Bots that lock 40% of their features behind a paywall have no servers for a reason, no one likes that! In the future as we adapt new patron features, we also plan to retire old ones into being free!

Puffypenwon3 karma

When you say you started learning programming did you have any experience at all or was it really a new thing to you when creating this?

Kerdaloo6 karma

I knew the basics of HTML and that's it! This was my first real programming project.

mobassassin0122 karma

Did you ever think you'd make it this far?

Kerdaloo185 karma

Not even for a second. I was amazed the day we were added to our 1,000th server.

NateTheCarrot115 karma

How have you personally been lately?

Kerdaloo129 karma

Hi Nate, I've been good and I appreciate you for asking.

xyrethea95 karma

If you were to, hypothetically, receive a Christmas gift, from a secret admirer, what would the best gift be? Asking for a friend...

Kerdaloo137 karma

Hypothetically, probably more anatomically correct pepe dolls.

imaginarynumber039 karma

If you were to, hypothetically, actually receive those dolls, what would you do with them... hypothetically?

unpredictive35 karma

And to addition to that, will you hypothetically have enough space for 100 of those anatomically correct pepe dolls?

Kerdaloo63 karma

I think it would be a REALLY cool room decoration to literally have 100 dolls pinned all over my walls. I'd make my wife agree to rename the room to "the meme room" instead of the office.

VinMannie89 karma

How much is server costs for such a big discord bot?

Kerdaloo119 karma

It varies from bot to bot. For instance, I'm sure rythm is paying WAY more than us bc music is terrible to upkeep.

It also depends on how well you can write code, and we have a great backend developer.

Jarvs8750 karma

So more than 1$ and less than a million?

Kerdaloo127 karma

Thats too vague. More than $100 and less than 100 million.


artisticnerd10173 karma

How many people do you / have to block on a daily basis?

Kerdaloo111 karma

I actually rarely block anyone, I just don't accept friend requests and have my DMs off. Sometimes I open them for fun just to see what people want to say though.

cocopuff6555 karma

Why did the gambling algorithm change? I feel like it was easier to make money before the update

Kerdaloo97 karma

Someone actually did the math on this recently. I haven't completely fact checked it, but the guy seemed pretty smart. He says there's a `45.83%` chance to win at the gamble command when factoring in all the possible ways it could go.

Before we rolled die, it was ~40% chance to win and it was all one random roll. Basically we picked a number between 1-100 and if it was 40 or lower you'd win. Our new way is actually easier to win, AND more transparent about why.

gwro39 karma

How did you begin your journey?

Kerdaloo72 karma

With a cheap laptop and free online tutorials on how to learn programming.

imaginarynumber024 karma

Where specifically did you learn to program? Or was it just random videos

Kerdaloo51 karma

free code camp is pretty good for learning the basics of web development!

iamboio33 karma

How does it feel to get your own creation out there for the world to see and truly get recognised for it?

Kerdaloo74 karma

It feels amazing! I never expected the bot to grow, and I recently spoke with a CEO from a larger company (that will stay anon) and he said his daughter uses the bot. I felt like I was about to pee my pants honestly.

The other day I was playing Destiny 2 (I love Destiny btw) and someone in a public space recognized my name. It was insane, because I'm not even a large part of the bot's content or anything.

I'm so grateful that people enjoy the bot and have been sharing it with their friends, I can't say that enough.

S-4-T-4-N21 karma

Well, you know what they say, you deserve all the appreciation, but remember that wether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the cabal on mars so let's get to taking out their command one by one, Valus tu'arc from what I can gather, commands a legion of siege dancers just outside of rubicon. With the right fireteam we can take out his grip on freehold

Kerdaloo27 karma

You had me in the first half, not gonna lie but Taniks has no house, he kneels before no banner, owes allegiance to no Kell. He is a murderer, and very good at what he does. I have been tracking him since Wolves broke their chains, yes? Now Taniks works for Wolfpack, but not for long. Taniks has come to plunder the Hive. Avenge the dead. Stop him from stealing the dark. Lift field distortion! Ketch just above you. Ooooh, Taniks has called you out, Guardian. You have been challenged in the ways of old. Taniks is jamming our comms. Fight well, Guardian. Fight for honor. Notorious mercenary dead. No small matter. You will be rewarded treasure from the Queen— and my respect as well.

iamboio2 karma

I truly believe you should be more recognized for the work you’ve done for your bot.

Kerdaloo7 karma

Thanks, I really appreciate that!

feetyeet32 karma

Why did you choose pepe as the dank memer bot profile picture?

Kerdaloo110 karma

This is probably going to be more in depth for an answer than you expected but

I chose pepe because it has ALWAYS been an iconic meme to me. Sure, people say it's a dead meme, but you look at pepe and you see what it is. A friendly memey frog.

Now about a year ago, we REALLY considered changing it because of the climate around pepe. I had a large amount of people asking to change it, and even the official Node organization's discord server wouldn't let me post about it because it had pepe. But it bothers me that a few assholes can make the entire creation of pepe "Racist". Pepe has been such a good thing and used in such good ways for years. The creator of pepe does NOT deserve for his baby to be treated like this, and I won't give in to the idea that pepe itself is racist.

Our bot (as much as we can control with user input and random apis) will NEVER have racist content. Not even as a low brow meme. Pepe can still show the best in people, and I really truly believe that and will continue to fight for that.

CumDumpster22230 karma

what command was the most pain in the ass to program and maintain?

Kerdaloo39 karma

All of the music features before YouTube killed us off.

Toasebette30 karma

If you were to make a new bot, do you think it'd get the same recognition Dank Memer gets?

Kerdaloo50 karma

Not a chance! Dank Memer grew because at the time it was the only bot doing what it did. Memes and all things memey. A ton of Dank Memer's early growth is due to luck in timing. I could go more in depth with all those factors if you'd like.

djfunkenstein26 karma

Do you feel like a dad?

Kerdaloo78 karma

I actually am a dad! I have a 9 month old son who will hopefully enjoy memes!

But even before my son was born, yes. Dad is a common nickname for me in our support server, and I try and treat all our users like my children in the sense that I really respect and care for their needs to the best of my ability.

BlazeMini024 karma

What is your absolute favorite command to use?

Kerdaloo31 karma

pls pickle

BapBanana16 karma

how do you decide what to update?

Kerdaloo28 karma

Sometimes I look at user feedback, sometimes I look at backend data on what's not getting used, and sometimes I just personally get bored with some commands and decide they need changed.

Amsd696914 karma

What language did you use? What type of model did you design your app on?

Kerdaloo29 karma

It's 98% Javascript, with 2% python being our image generation server.

PKflashomega11 karma

How long did it take you to program Dank Memer?

Kerdaloo17 karma

We've never finished, so... 2 1/2 years!

PKflashomega2 karma

I meant how long before the initial release? (Also how do I get pink phallic objects)

Kerdaloo13 karma

A few days probably, it only had three commands at launch LOL

you get them from buying them, they're back in the shop after the last update

Cxeary11 karma

how many people ask a day for something "free" like the Pepe coin or the rare coin? thanks I love the bot I use it every day

Kerdaloo6 karma

a minimum of 3 probably

whatschipotle11 karma

What was your favorite feature to develop?

Kerdaloo26 karma

My favorite features will ALWAYS be the image generation commands. That's why there's so many! Something about putting someone's face in a meme within a text chat just really makes me laugh.

Jimpixtrix10 karma

What did the bot start off as, and do you make a living just by the bot?

Kerdaloo23 karma

The bot started with cleverbot, pls meme, and pls triggered and grew from there.

I do make a living from the bot! I own a business that owns the bot, and the other part of my business is videography, which is something I'm REALLY passionate about.

JJ_Westy10 karma

Where did the idea of making this bot originate?

Kerdaloo16 karma

Like I said in another comment, I wanted to learn programming. So I saw that reddit and discord both had easy to use APIs, and I mixed them up. Get memes from reddit, post them to Discord under a bot account, what can go wrong?

KartikSindura8 karma

Why am I wasting my life collecting imaginary coins?

Kerdaloo12 karma

I have no clue, it baffles me how many people use our currency system. But I appreciate that people care and enjoy it!

AmazingSupDawg8 karma

What is your favorite feature of the bot?

Kerdaloo9 karma

Image generation commands!

Alex-chan_7 karma

What's you favorite meme format?

Kerdaloo18 karma

I still really like the floor format

JD_Harmeyer_I_Dunno7 karma

Forgive me, but I’ve never heard of a meme bot before. Can you explain what it actually does and how people use it?

Kerdaloo4 karma

It's a bot that does basically what any other Discord bot does, but in a memey way. Posting memes is the most common use case usually, but if you ban someone with the bot it'll say something like "x is banned, good riddance" etc. Errors insult you, currency is weird, etc.

Miles94366 karma

Do you use dank memer yourself?

Kerdaloo7 karma

Honestly yeah, but not the currency. I'm one of those people who feels like "Welp, since I have all the cheat codes I'm bored now". I don't feel the need to grind coins since I could just give myself coins. So I stick to primarily image commands and memes.

Filthy_Slush6 karma

What is the most interesting complaint you've gotten about the bot?

Kerdaloo15 karma

This is a hard one.

Top two would probably be:

  1. "stop wasting all my time with this bot you fucker give me my life back"
  2. "This bot doesn't support x political candidate enough"

RatsWithAnxiety6 karma

How do you make a bot?

Kerdaloo5 karma

With programming, JavaScript or Python will be the easiest to learn if you're interested!

voludo6 karma

How do you generate profit from the bot?

Kerdaloo11 karma

Patreon is the main source! We have some really cool patrons that support us monthly and help me put diapers on my son's butt.

sweetfluff6 karma

How much coins do you think Dank Memer has from all of the betting?

Kerdaloo8 karma

Dank Memer just throws them away when you lose a bet, what a jerk

Playsisco6 karma

What got you started with developing and specifically developing discord bots?

Kerdaloo4 karma

Discord API seemed really easy at the time that I wanted to start learning programming!

zblobfish5 karma

What is the next big update for Dank Memer? Or if you don’t have one planned, what are some ideas you have?

Kerdaloo7 karma

As far as BIG updates, nothing is currently planned. I'm working currently with a temporary developer to bust out some new currency QoL updates in the next few weeks though!

I'm one of those developers that thinks of an idea and implements it on the same day most of the time, rather than planning too far ahead.

synesthesiah5 karma

I love your bot! And also won a Zuckerberg Tshirt in one of your contests on discord last year!

Do you have any new projects you’re working on or wanting to create in the future?

Kerdaloo4 karma


My business itself is a new project I'm working on. Used to be called Dank Memer LLC but I'm starting to go towards film-making and commercial videography. As far as discord projects, nothing yet, but I'm always open to new things!

blathanRice4 karma

How have you stayed to encourage yourself to keep going?

Kerdaloo3 karma

There's definitely been times that my mental health in association with the bot has struggled. What keeps me going is the passion the community has for the bot, and the devoted and loving volunteer staff team in the support server. Without them, the bot wouldn't be where it is today, and I wouldn't be around on Discord.

Broso5643 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how difficult is this and how much time have you truly put into this bot?

Kerdaloo3 karma

it varies from 1-10 constantly, and I've been working on the bot full time for just over 14 months now if that tells you anything!

PenguinGamer98763 karma

Are you happy with your creation?

Kerdaloo4 karma

No. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to what I make (which is why filmmaking is a VERY painful passion of mine), and I'll likely never be happy with the state of the bot. BUT that definitely drives me to be better and make better features for everyone!

c0untsp0cer3 karma

How long have you been developing Dank Memer?

-c0unt sp0cer

Kerdaloo2 karma

Since January 2017!

Jaguar-5153 karma

Was there some times that the bot went over Discord's API rate limit?

Kerdaloo3 karma

Yup! We actually got API banned at one point and had to have our ratelimits personally raised.

iBurnFlowers3 karma

What feature do you think is most attributed to the bot's popularity?

It was the (now deceased) music feature that originally got me to add the bot but I can see the moderation tool or currency mini game being a bigger draw.

Kerdaloo4 karma

For the first year, the meme command. Since then it's been about currency more than anything.

The music got us some strong growth for a while, but once YouTube killed us off things went downhill for a bit.

No promises, but we're going to try and work around YouTube in the future and bring music back!

Tudor_Gopnik2 karma

How hard was it developing the bot? Did you start alone or already had a team?

Kerdaloo2 karma

It's been rough, but I've always surrounded myself with smart and helpful people. My current backend dev has been there since day one.

InitialsAreAA2 karma

What is the one feature people keep requesting, to the point where it annoys you?

Kerdaloo2 karma

A meme stock exchange. It would be SO complicated to make and use, it would absolutely flop as a feature, but it's still requested constantly.

Codex06122 karma

Do you ever look back and think maybe I should have done a few things differently?

Kerdaloo5 karma

Every day. Heavily contributes to my rapidly declining mental health.

Counseling is a good thing, anyone reading this should know that if you need help, get it. Nothing to be ashamed of.

MutedBlaze32 karma

Have you ever considered adding meme style Artificial Intelligence to your bot?

Kerdaloo2 karma

Yes, it would certainly be interesting. Like a memey cleverbot.

asascan2 karma

my question is: what made you decide to unblacklist everyone?

my friends and i were all blacklisted for botting and we all got unbanned and we’re enjoying the bot so much again lol

Kerdaloo2 karma

We were really strict on blacklists, and I really believe in giving most people second chances. Congrats on being unblacklisted! No more botting please lmao

imaginarynumber02 karma

Why did you decide for the prefix of the bot to be “pls” instead of others that use one character prefixes such as “!”?

Kerdaloo3 karma

Every bot and their mother had lame prefixes when Dank Memer was created. I think pls is PERFECT for a meme bot.

sadboysthrowaway52952 karma

I don't mean to offend but I am just genuinely curious..

How do you feel about the thousands of people, and a vast majority being of them underage, who are addicted to your bot's gambling system? I know it's just fake coins but lots of people are actually addicted, lol.

Kerdaloo3 karma

No reason to be offended! It's something that I've struggled with morally, I'm not sure I can honestly give you a straight answer on this. I like to believe that the bot is meant for 18+, but I literally have no way to enforce that, and I'm not an idiot that will pretend that no one underage uses it.

pauernet2 karma

Will you answer any of those questions?

Kerdaloo3 karma

Not a chance.

mgLovesGOT1 karma

Pls roast....jk

Where do you see dankmemer in 5 years?

Kerdaloo2 karma

On new platforms. Slack, twitch, twitter, and whatever replaces Discord.

adx091 karma

When will you realize that Warlocks are true masterrace?

Kerdaloo1 karma

You're the worst of the worst. Titans are where it's at, 1v1 me irl.

12Jan21HonikCZ1 karma

Is there anything about the bot that you think you could have done better, but it would be too hard to integrate well in the current state?

Kerdaloo2 karma

localization, I want more than just English available but it's going to be an entire backend rewrite to make that happen (and it will happen if it's the last thing I do)