I’m Katrina Law – you might recognize me from “Hawaii Five-0,” “Arrow,” “The Oath,” or “Training Day.” I am also a new mom and the lead singer in the band Soundboard Fiction. Ask me anything! You can also keep up with me on socials @katrinalaw on IG/Twitter and @OfficialKatrinaLaw on Facebook.

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Theirseyes60 karma

Are you going to appear on Crisis On Infinites Earths? And are you going to come to Italy sometimes?

officialkatrinalaw97 karma

Nice try on the spoilers!!!!!!

sanji89belgium50 karma

Will there be a reunion between Nyssa and Sara?

officialkatrinalaw74 karma

I have high hopes.

DarkAvenger121850 karma

What's your favorite Arrow episode you've appeared in?

officialkatrinalaw72 karma

Season 2 finale

Canid11748 karma

Who has better abs in real life Manu Bennett or Stephen Amell?

officialkatrinalaw85 karma

Stephen for the win by a long shot.

Canid11757 karma

Follow up: Do you ever yell "I AM THE LAW!" at people?

officialkatrinalaw90 karma


smolek9140 karma

Executive producer Peter Lenkov revealed that will be centric-Quinn-episode this season. Can you reveal something about this episode?

officialkatrinalaw46 karma

I haven't seen the script yet and this is the first I am hearing of it so thanks for the heads up!

whitewolf35938 karma

Absolutely love your work Katrina!! Will you be in any of the Arrowverse shows dealing with the coming #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths ? If not how about the female led Arrow spinoff? Much love and respect.

officialkatrinalaw58 karma

I would love to be on the Arrow spinoff. I love those ladies!

officialkatrinalaw36 karma

Thank you all so much for your questions. I wish I had more time to answer! Feel free to keep up with me on social media - xx

Callyricheda30 karma

You’re having a dinner party.. you can invite 3 people (dead or alive), celebs or not, who you inviting and why? Also, how are you doing? Sending you and the family lots of love!

officialkatrinalaw37 karma

I'm doing well, thank you!!! Marlon Brando, Emily Blunt, God.

theapplefour22 karma

If you had the opportunity would you love Nyssa to appear in the Arrow spin-off Green Arrow & The Canaries?

officialkatrinalaw33 karma

I would love.

SynneSR21 karma

Do you have a secret talent?

officialkatrinalaw44 karma

I can make clay figurines.

Taubar15 karma

First I saw you in was Spartacus, which you were awesome in. What is your favorite genre to act in?

officialkatrinalaw24 karma

As an artist I love to switch genres up just to stay fresh and creative but I do have a soft spot for the sci-fi fantasy roles.

mylegismissing14 karma

Hey Katrina!

I love your music, Soundboard Fiction is 90% of what I listen to (I even made a subreddit).

Are you guys currently working on anything? Like another album or merch, or a tour?

Do you know yet if you’ll appear in the upcoming Arrow spin-off?

What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you on set?

officialkatrinalaw18 karma

The band is currently on hiatus but we will get together during the break.

Making some of my best friends happened while working.

SynneSR13 karma

What’s your favorite TV show at the moment?

officialkatrinalaw25 karma


WinterText12 karma

have you ever seen the ghost of John Locke while filming?

officialkatrinalaw14 karma

I have not

jbyf901610 karma

Who would win in a fight? Nyssa Al Ghul, Rebecca Lee, Quinn Liu or Karen Beach?

officialkatrinalaw29 karma

Nyssa. All. Day. Long.

AmblinFan2610 karma

Hi Katrina! Big fan and one of my TV crushes! You worked with the late Bill Paxton on the “Training Day” TV series. What was the best thing about working with him and did he ever pass you any useful knowledge or advice?

officialkatrinalaw15 karma

He is a Legend and I was honored to work with him. He told me to make sure to restart each day with a smile.

SpiritofEarth9 karma

Hey Ms. Law! Todd Black here, met you at Metropolis Superman Celebration, hope you're doing well!

What's the funnest part of being on Hawaii Five-0?

officialkatrinalaw18 karma

Shooting in Hawaii!!!!!

theapplefour9 karma

Your little girl Kinley is adorable! How is being a working mom going? Do you get to have her on set with you?

officialkatrinalaw17 karma

It's a balancing act for sure! She has not been on set yet, but I will bring her one day.

TheSkyeQuakes7 karma

Do you speak chinese fluently? Is Kinley going to learn chinese too?

officialkatrinalaw13 karma

I speak Mandarin and we are teaching Kinley now.

RATayler4 karma

Does Keith speak Mandarin, too?

officialkatrinalaw5 karma

He is currently learning it.

blackcountrylad15 karma

Do you enjoy interacting with your fans? Also how are you doing?

officialkatrinalaw13 karma

Yes, I have a lot of fun with the fans and I genuinely crack up at their sense of humor.

Marisa143 karma

What's your favorite horror movie?

officialkatrinalaw17 karma

I don't have one because I am too scared to watch them.

NameOfaFeller3 karma

What’s your favorite soup?

officialkatrinalaw10 karma

Hot and Sour

smolek913 karma

Alex and Scott have been playing on Hawaii Five-0 for 10 years. Was it difficult for you to be new on set? Did Alex and Scott give you any advice?

officialkatrinalaw6 karma

It was scary but everyone was super cool and nice. They told me that I would be just fine and not to suck. hahahhahahaahha

theapplefour3 karma

What’s the best bit about filming in Hawaii?

officialkatrinalaw4 karma

Filming in Hawaii

theaddyperson2 karma

Do you remember Stephen Amell?

officialkatrinalaw7 karma

Who? Kidding.

sanji89belgium2 karma

Do you remember some skill you had to learn as Nyssa that you still can do now?

officialkatrinalaw14 karma

I'm still pretty good with a bow and arrow.

asianfilmfanatic2 karma

As a child, you played a minor role in Mabel Cheung’s An Autumn’s Tale, a great movie, btw (review forthcoming). How did you audition for the role, and can you share any memories you have of it, working with Mabel, Alex, Chow Yun Fat, Cherie Chung?

officialkatrinalaw8 karma

I remember not really knowing what was happening because I was so young but I do remember they dubbed my voice and that was a surprise!

redtitanjr2 karma

Are you a cool person?

officialkatrinalaw3 karma

Not even close.

Katovack2 karma

If you had to defeat a man with just one hit, what would you do?

officialkatrinalaw11 karma

Wrecking ball.

Katovack1 karma

Wrecking ball? How would that work?

officialkatrinalaw16 karma

They would have to stand very still.

K00pySandwich2 karma

I have 3 questions:

Do you get to keep props that you use during filming?

Do you have any good memories of your time filming in Puerto Rico?

Have you managed to find quenepas back at home?

officialkatrinalaw10 karma

If I steal them and don't get caught, I can keep them.

I absolutely love Puerto Rico.

No, I have not.

Katovack2 karma

Have you ever kicked a guy in the balls? If so, tell the story?

officialkatrinalaw7 karma

Probably ...

smolek912 karma

Who is the biggest joker on the set of Hawaii Five-0?

officialkatrinalaw5 karma

Probably Meaghan.

Mcdannoxo1 karma

Hey Katrina. Do you ship Mcdanno??

officialkatrinalaw3 karma

All day long.

TheRachaelE1 karma

Your Hallmark movies are my favorite, and I've been campaigning for there to be more of them... any chance there will be? Or, at least, any romcoms on any network — Lifetime, UP, etc?

officialkatrinalaw9 karma

There may be something in the works....but I can't tell you yet...

jbyf90161 karma

Will you be recording any more music with Soundboard Fiction and maybe a future tour? X

officialkatrinalaw6 karma

We are currently on hiatus because of filming but we will resume in the summer

RATayler1 karma

How is Odin handling your living in Hawaii?

officialkatrinalaw5 karma

He's hanging out with Uncle Dan.

SynneSR1 karma

Will you do a convention in Europe next year? I would love to meet you! I was supposed to go to Heroes Villains Fan Fest in London last May, but then it was cancelled😕

officialkatrinalaw5 karma

I am not currently scheduled for one, but if asked I would love to!

Cole_Costello1 karma

Where is your favorite place to go on vacation and why?

officialkatrinalaw6 karma

It used to be Costa Rica but I'm thinking I might be favoring South America at the moment. It's untouched and the natural landscape is breathtaking.

navyrollins1 karma

Would you like Quinn to meet Catherine Rollins?

officialkatrinalaw3 karma

I would love for them to meet. I think they would really get along well.

TheSkyeQuakes1 karma

If you weren't an actress, what would you be working on?

officialkatrinalaw10 karma

I'd be a park ranger

sanji89belgium1 karma

Is there a funny story or prank you can tell from the arrow set?

officialkatrinalaw16 karma

Anything that involves John Barrowman generally involves a prank

Lordzemo271 karma

Are you going to appear in Arrow season 8?

officialkatrinalaw7 karma

No spoilers!!!!!

smolek911 karma

We will meet someone from the Quinn family this season? Do you know if Quinn has siblings or is an only child?

officialkatrinalaw2 karma

I am interested in this answer as well. I am learning about Quinn just a little faster than the audience.

gabiferndz1 karma

Any chance you're coming to Brazil any time soon?

officialkatrinalaw3 karma

I would love to! It's on my bucket list!

RyanBartholomee1 karma

What is the most terrifying thing that you have experienced on set?

officialkatrinalaw7 karma

The Oath...I had to give a three page speech in front of 100 people sitting in an audience staring at me. Terrified. Also, sweating profusely.

BeeJ8081 karma

What's your favorite thing/place to eat in Hawaii?

officialkatrinalaw3 karma


MyvoiceM1 karma

Your baby is adorable. Did you always know you wanted to be an actress?

officialkatrinalaw6 karma

I went to school for Marine Biology, so no. But then I did a play, fell in love

Ava_Sharpe1 karma

Can you cry on cue?

officialkatrinalaw6 karma


GCB_sweetie1 karma

Hey Kat, what are some of the coolest presents you've gotten from fans at cons?

officialkatrinalaw9 karma

Drawings. Unicorn onesies. Alcohol. Alcohol is pretty cool.

bkhanh291 karma

What is your favorite thing when filming the hallmark movie, Snow Bride?

officialkatrinalaw3 karma

Getting to work with some of my closest friends.

DrewzJz1 karma

Do you think people in the world of today are blinded by the bigger picture?

officialkatrinalaw6 karma

I think they are blinded by the light.

sanji89belgium1 karma

Inside the actors studio questions: What is your favorite curse word? If heaven excist what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

officialkatrinalaw7 karma

It begins with a C.

You did good.

annmak021 karma

Favorite scene to film on 5-0?

officialkatrinalaw3 karma

The tic tac toe scene was a fav.

chazzhektik1 karma

im a chef ...so I may ask whats your favorite dish to eat n why?

officialkatrinalaw10 karma

Anything that I didn't cook.

SurfBelle21 karma

I love how you dress Kinley and the costumes are amazing. Do you have something great planned for Halloween?

officialkatrinalaw6 karma

I made her a bumble bee costume but realized it's way too hot for Hawaii so I've had to rethink...