A couple weeks ago, a story about me went viral. The general gist is that I was fired from my job, and for anyone who hasn’t been fired, what happens is they schedule a serious meeting and advise you to bring a ‘support person’. I did a bit of research and found out the 'support person' is a legal entitlement. So, for my support person, I spent $200 to hire a clown to come to the meeting and make balloon animals as I was being fired.

Somehow the media got a hold of the story and it got reported on by The BBC (most read story of the day), The Guardian, Fox News, The New York Post The New York Times, Vice and got a bit of attention here on Reddit.

I work in advertising, but am also a standup comedian in New Zealand. I'm doing this partly to answer your questions, but mainly because I want more followers and am desperate for your love and approval.

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A couple articles: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-49708570
Proof: https://imgur.com/a/2CnJrIN


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vithejoda5123 karma

Did you tell the clown what he was getting into before hand? Was he into the idea? how are you doing now, did you get a new job?

joshs_world_tour3356 karma

Yes x

hapahaole982534 karma

How did the interviewer react when you and the clown walked into the room? Did he laugh at any time during the interview?

joshs_world_tour5366 karma

He got the experience of watching a $200/hour clown make balloon animals and he didn't have to pay a thing. You know what they say "If that doesn't put a smile on your dial, then pile trial mile aisle."

trapperelectrical012432 karma

How did the meeting go?

joshs_world_tour8944 karma

Poorly. I was fired.

petertmcqueeny2312 karma

What was the best balloon animal the support clown made?

joshs_world_tour3931 karma

A unicorn. Unfortunately I fiddled with it too much afterwards and it turned into a big worm.

qwiglydee1566 karma

what on earth is that "support person" thing?

joshs_world_tour1324 karma

It's a man. Dressed as a clown.

DrinkenDrunk1446 karma

An AMA is usually a good way for a comedian to show their chops, but all your replies are really low effort. Is this an example of why you were laid off?

joshs_world_tour2290 karma


DontLitterOK1216 karma

Whyd you get shit canned?

joshs_world_tour2936 karma

The company were just making cuts. And I suppose they figured I'd have no problems in finding another job as a fashion model or Hollywood actor or professional athlete or something (if you're an agent please get in touch x)

Demderdemden752 karma

As a professional, aren't you worried about using your 15 minutes on something not related to your career?

joshs_world_tour1157 karma

I actually tried using my 15 minutes to start a new career as an Instagram influencer. Please see attached x https://www.instagram.com/p/B26KlbHB-FN/

Oahu_Red387 karma

Will you actually be answering any questions on this AMA, or exclusively plugging your social media accounts?

joshs_world_tour721 karma

I'm trying to get famous and be a super popular and cool Instagram model. So yes, mostly plugging my social media accounts.


khaleesi2018347 karma

Why is your haircut so terrible?

joshs_world_tour1013 karma

It's the haircut you're legally obliged to get when you don't have a job

joshs_world_tour25 karma

Just a reminder to please follow me on Instagram @joshsworldtour. I'm trying to get on Celebrity Big Brother and meet my hero Wesley Snipes

Edit: I'm not sure if he's actually going to be on Celebrity Big Brother. I'm just hoping.