Hey everybody! We're Nathan Yaffe (https://twitter.com/atnathanyaffe) and Karina Farek (https://twitter.com/dilfosaur) from Drawfee, which you may know from Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/user/Drawfee), Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/dropoutlive), or maybe from some other place. We're here today to talk about working on the internet, illustration, and a new show we did in partnership with reddit called Photo-Chop'd (based off of r/photoshopbattles) that you can check out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlm5iQxEEyY. Or, also, we can talk about whatever. We like talking about anime too, so if you wanna do that, we can do that instead. Karina likes Yu-Gi-Oh, Nathan likes JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

If you don't know, we do Drawfee along with Julia Lepetit, Jacob Andrews, and Caldwell Tanner, where a few artists all hang out, draw upsetting things, and then apologize for the upsetting drawings we've made. Over the years, we've hosted a Game Jam, had Weird Al record a theme song for our Dropout show Cartoon Hell, done lots of trying to draw Pokemon from memory, and a whole bunch more stuff. Nathan here was a CollegeHumor illustrator before becoming a fulltime Drawfee host, and you can also hear him on NADDpod and in Cartoon Hell. Karina was also a CollegeHumor illustrator, and also worked at BuzzFeed and (unrelated) makes McHanzo fanart regularly.

And if you want a nice, condensed, animated version of how a typical Drawfee episode goes, try this on for size: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x_Agf5zmq8

So, hey, go ahead and ask us some questions and we'll give you some answers! We're sorry in advance.

Proof: https://i.imgur.com/VFLtoLB.jpg

EDIT: That's all! Thanks for the questions everybody! We'll see you....online!

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violetsuzette19 karma

Holy shit an AMA I'm here in time for.

1 - where did you guys get the idea to start Drawfee? Did you expect it to get this big?

2 - what words of encouragement do you have for young creators just starting out?

3 - not a question, you guys are just a lot of fun. Half the time I don't even watch, I just listen to the banter while I cook in the mornings.

4 - Julia is the reason I got Hollowknight btw, and it's in my top 10 games of all time so thanks for that. I've beaten everything except The Pantheon, Nightmare King Grimm, and Path of Pain. Nearly at 112% completion.

DrawfeeShow23 karma

1 - Caldwell and I came up with the idea when we were asked to come up with simple video ideas to post on CollegeHumor's FB page back in 2014. I don't think either of us expected it to be so popular or for it to attract so many nice people as fans. 2 - Keep making things and don't be too precious with your ideas. Trust yourself that you'll be able to keep coming up with stuff and just get your ideas down on paper. Also don't be too hard on yourself, take breaks, take care of yourself! 3 - Thanks for that! 4 - Congrats! I gave up after I got to the spinning blades zone. You are a truer gamer than I -Nathan

collegehumor14 karma

What does Snilk taste like, exactly? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVoeDIOmoeY

DrawfeeShow20 karma

strangely enough, it tastes just like mountain dew baja blast

RougeTheCat13 karma

Hey there, big fan and Legend of Krys speedrunner here

1 - With the arrival of Dropout, there seems to be a wide range of new episode formats being released, from speedpaint to animations and now even unedited shows like the twitch streams and variety hour. What are other episode formats that you'd like to experiment with in the future?

2 - I know there are some episodes that were never released, maybe due to copyright problems or corrupted files... What are the episodes you most feel bad for never seeing the light of day (if you're allowed to talk about them, ofc)?

3 - Karina, apart from McHanzo, do you ship other Overwatch characters? I'm heavy on the D.Va-Lucio thing, btw

EDIT - Adding another question that might be a bit "touchy", so it's okay if it's not answered: Any chance of Jake Young ever appearing on an episode again?

"We're sorry"

DrawfeeShow11 karma

Nathan: 1 - I've always thought it would be cool to take the crew on the road and go visit different types of craftspeople (glass blowers, metal workers, etc) and learn from them and try to make our own worse versions of their crafts based on our cursory learning from them. Also an in studio version of Drawga similar to D20 would be pretty cool... ;)2 - One episode I'm very sad we never got to release was one where we all drew what we imagined were the bottom halfs of popular mascots that are only shown from the shoulders up on packaging (Chef Boyardee, Little Debbie etc). We recorded it and it was super funny but for whatever reason the screen recording didn't save. Maybe we'll figure out something to do with the audio and the finished drawings but I'm not sure what that would be.

Karina: 1) i cant say for sure!! but i would love to try different types of mediums beyond digital drawings (3d modeling?? painting??? sculpture??? CoOkING???) and whatever chaos format that would entail
2) nathan, caldwell, and i did a very good anime history episode that i was really looking forward to coloring my drawing for but the sound got super messed up and i've only known sadness since
3) bruh there are so many good ships (aka good fanart) it's very hard to choose other faves. i'm game for most of the really popular ships X3

spivey5612 karma

Love when you two giggle your way through the beans! Immediately makes my day better

My question is, is this what you guys thought you would be doing when you grew up? Or was there some backup plan if art didn't pan out?

DrawfeeShow14 karma

Nathan: I never had a super clear idea of what I wanted to do when I grew up. This job certainly didn't exist. I jumped around in my mind between things like comic illustrator, political cartoonist, graphic designer, art museum curator

Karina: i always wanted to be an artist, so i guess i made that work bc i had no backup plan lol ayyeee. other less passionate aspirations included working with animals and working at a card shop

potato_based_physics11 karma

What's your favourite drawing you've ever done on an episode? Which episode of drawfee is your favourite over all?

DrawfeeShow24 karma

Karina: let's be honest, nando from handsome man challenge. and the neopets episode holds a special place in my heart

Nathan: I love all my children equally but if I had to pick one I'd have to go with my anime villain night king from "Artists Draw Game of Thrones Characters In Different Styles". I think my favorite episode is still the first Bloodborne Drawing Challenge where Julia drew a man and then split his head in half.

potato_based_physics3 karma

Awesome, thanks for the response, keep doing what you do!

DrawfeeShow11 karma

our jobs depend on it!

frenchhyy9 karma

Nathan, where can we buy the book you created the cover for in PhotoChop'd Battles? I looked on Amazon and didn't see it available..

DrawfeeShow21 karma

Nathan: Nearly every copy was destroyed in the great romance novel picture book culling. I managed to save a few but I can't reveal their location for fear they will be taken from me

nextearth9 karma

Would you guys ever do another game jam? I loved seeing the process and the finished projects <3

Your game jam streams encouraged me start studying game dev and im currently in my second year of university studying interactive media!

DrawfeeShow13 karma

Nathan: I would love to do another game jam. One of the main reasons we were able to do it the first time was because Crunchyroll game us a sponsorship. So if you know anyone interested in sponsoring another game jam please let me know!

If anyone wants to check out the results of that last game jam, go here: http://www.drawfee.com/gamejam/

oxymoronic_oxygen9 karma

Hi guys, thanks so much for doing this! I’m a longtime fan of the show and actually just came from the new “This Dog Can Drive” animated video, which I loved (seriously Karina, those shorts are awesome and I’m glad that you’re getting more involved with Drawfee!)

Alright, to the questions:

1) Who would be your dream guests to have on the show?

2) Who were your biggest inspirations growing up, artistic, comedic, or otherwise?

3) Are there any up-and-coming artists or comedians who you’d like to give a shout-out to?

DrawfeeShow11 karma


  1. For artist guests Alex Hirsch and Rebecca Sugar are both people I would love to get to hang out and doodle with. For guests to just hang out and chat, I think Jessica and Phoebe from 2 Dope Queens would be super fun to have on and give us drawing prompts.
  2. Growing up, the Simpsons and Penny-Arcade were my first examples of seeing art and comedy perfectly intertwined. I also remember the first time I saw a Gorillaz music video and that absolutely blew my mind. It was the first time I had seen a cartoon that just looked "cool" you know?
  3. Caldwell's board partner on Big City Greens Kiana Khansmith (@kianamaiart on twitter) is definitely someone to pay attention to. Also, gotta shout out my little brother Steven (@juststevenyaffe) his art is really incredible and very different from my own.


(wow thank you!!)

  1. hard to say because just the thought of being anywhere near someone i look up to makes me anxious. dream big tho. gerard way
  2. i listed a lot of artistic inspirations in another answer but i guess comedy-wise i feel like my sense of humor was built upon a foundation of simpsons, invader zim, spongebob, and Vintage internet flash videos (oof)
  3. GGGH it's so hard to pick bc i feel like i'm always surrounded by so many cool people! everyone i follow on twitter is amazing, start there. i will specifically shout out my super duper friend lauren (@unilipsdraws on twit) because i can

Chtorrr8 karma

What is the very best cheese?

DrawfeeShow14 karma

Depends on what you're using it for. Some examples: Bacon and Egg sandwich - Cheddar, Snacking with crackers - Jarlsberg, Making a beautiful portrait of me, Nathan - EZ cheese, The list goes on

soupwich9 karma

Snacking with crackers - Jarlsberg

Paired with only the finest table water crackers, I assume.

DrawfeeShow7 karma

You know it!

Bbilbo17 karma

Do you think eating a penguin would taste more like chicken, or fish?

DrawfeeShow15 karma

Probably more like fish since that's what they eat and they also are swimming around in the ocean all the time. I'd imagine the texture would be closer to that of duck or a wild game bird rather than chicken. Hopefully, I'll never find myself in a situation where I'd have to find out. -Nathan

pimeakuja6 karma

Does Karina follow the newest yugioh series (vrains) actively, and if she does how much does she like it compared to the older series?

DrawfeeShow6 karma

Karina: kind of!! i keep up with it but i've been slow actually watching it bc it's easier for me to watch the dub. honestly i'm not SUPER into it bc i prefer the more campy goofy kind of yugioh series (GX is my FAVORITE, and i also like zexal and arc v pre-s3 a lot, and ofc the original) but i think Vrains has a lot of cool things going on and i just need sit down and keep watching it, if that makes sense haha

drmathzg6 karma

Hello Drawfamily! Just wanted top pop in and say I love you all, you're all so very talented. I wish I could draw instead of write. So, questions?

1 - You all look like you have so much fun together. Are you all good friends and hang out outside of work?

2 - Are you enjoying the newer Drawfee content like Variety Hour (especially Nathan Week) and the Photochopped? I think it's cool when we get to see more of the interactions between you all than just the bants, which is very good and wholesome.

3 - How powerful is Julia when she's holding the sword someone sent her?

4 - Surely there is a link where people could buy Drawfee related merchandise? :)

DrawfeeShow9 karma


  1. the best thing about getting to join drawfee was getting to work more closely with the gang and become better friends! i dont hang with them much outside of work tho LOL but i'm also like, a reclusive homebody so i just dont hang much in general
  2. they're a lot of fun! it's nice to be able to mix up the format and energy
  3. a little too powerful
  4. https://store.dropout.tv/ babey

SuitSage6 karma

  1. Where did the idea for "Nathan Week" on the episode of Drawfee Variety Hour come from? And are you concerned Jacob and Julia may retaliate?
  2. Since you've started doing the animation shorts from episodes, how do you decide which ones to turn into little shorts?
  3. Can you believe to learn?

DrawfeeShow10 karma

Karina: regarding #2, we've already picked out a few clips (even a couple of behind the scene/lost episode clips!) but i'm also looking at comment suggestions too now that the animations are getting released


  1. My explanation in the episode was pretty accurate. We have pre production meetings about Drawfee Variety Hours where we decide on themes and challenges. Jacob and Julia both couldn't make the meeting for this episode so we were joking around about making the episode Nathan themed and then ended up just actually doing it.

  2. Karina's answer is correct.

  3. Sometimes I can, sometimes I really can't

00000yes6 karma

If Julia is still the monster mom, where in the drawfee family tree are you guys?

DrawfeeShow11 karma

Karina: i'm baby

Nathan: i like to think of myself as a fun uncle

NeutralBee5 karma

So around 2 years ago you guys actually replied to a snapchat I sent of a drawing of Jacob in a dress (you had snapped a pic of Jacob and Julia in a creepy corridor and I had to draw him in the dress like in The Shining), it was the best day ever and I will remember it forever.

The information above has nothing to do with my question, that was just an extra. I'd like to know how you guys in the Drawfee channel keep coming up with new ideas? I know you get suggestions from fans and stuff, but I'm sure there's more to it. I love how the content only keeps getting better and really appreciate the creativity that goes into it! So yeah, how do new ideas come to be?

DrawfeeShow8 karma

Nathan: We really do still rely heavily on audience suggestions for a lot of our videos. Jacob and Julia also are just brimming with awesome ideas for videos. It has been great getting to give them free reign to come up with ideas for episodes and series (like Nuesdays and Drawtectives) knowing they'll knock it out of the park every time. It really is a very collaborative process where anyone on the crew can pitch an idea and episodes are easy enough to record that we can usually just be like "yeah! let's do that today".

untruthsteller5 karma

If you could redo any drawfee episode, what would it be and why?

DrawfeeShow10 karma

Nathan: I would redo the mascot episode of Drawfee Variety Hour and stop Jacob from making meat man

Kamstar845 karma

All y'all's art and content get me through the day! You doods rock!

Question: If you met a genie and they offered you three wishes, what would your second be?

DrawfeeShow7 karma

Nathan: Hmmm, by that point I would have already spent my first wish asking for infinite genies so I'd probably go for something simple like a really comfy bed

Karina: telekinesis

JaycobN75 karma

What are the odds of ever seeing Willie on Drawfee again?

Also, it's been 4 years since Caldwell and Nathan designed their own stands from JoJo. I think it's time Jacob, Julia, and Karina give it a go.

DrawfeeShow6 karma

Nathan: Willie was just on Drawfee's west coast Twitch stream last week and he's going to be appearing in a few upcoming episodes as well. Definitely would like to do another JoJo episode soon but I feel like I should watch some of part 5 before we do that so I can get my references up to date.

SirChris3145 karma

where does the tomato hatred stem from Nathan? do you need help? Also when is Karina gonna be in Variety Hour?

wrathofmagneto7 karma

She's in the newest one! It's on Dropout now, so YouTube next week. 😊

RougeTheCat6 karma

I just watched it. It's probably my favorite one so far.

DrawfeeShow8 karma

Nathan: Since yall got the Karina question already I'll just speak to the tomato one. The answer is I do not know. It is fully irrational and makes no sense to me. I wish I could flick a switch and make my brain less weird but such is life. More tomatoes for everyone else.

soupwich5 karma

Do you think Julia's chaotic energy has started affecting Jacob, and that is how meat man was born?

DrawfeeShow10 karma

Nathan: I think Jacob's riot boy chaos energy is all his own and he's only growing more powerful every day.

midnightking4 karma

What were your artistic inspirations growing up ?

DrawfeeShow8 karma

Nathan: This is a tricky question because there were definitely different influences at different times but at this point they all sort of blur together some that come to mind - The Simpsons, Penny-Arcade, Invader Zim, Batman The Animated Series, The Venture Brothers

Karina: yeah it's kinda all over the place but trying to think about what stuff had the biggest influence on what i drew: Yu-Gi-Oh, Sailor Moon, Arina Tanemura manga, 90s era Cartoon Network, and later in life Satoshi Kon and Hiroyuki Imaishi

MrRonnio4 karma

If you could have one episode go viral, whether an existing one, or one that doesnt/won't ever exist, what would it be?

Also when are we playing Smash again, Nathan?

Edit: poor wording

DrawfeeShow6 karma

Nathan: I think all of Karina's animations should go viral. They're so frickin good! Also, I'm pretty busy these next few weeks but I'll reach out the next time I'm free to smash (I'm gonna be super rusty though so go easy on me XD)

teatwinnings4 karma

I need to try Jarlsberg with crackers, now.
Do you guys like tea? i mean, you've usually drink tea or another kind of infusion?

DrawfeeShow6 karma

Nathan: I'm not a big tea drinker but I think the others might be more into it. Also definitely try jarlsberg with carr's table water crackers. You'll be happy you did :)

MadRedMC4 karma

Hi Nathan and Karina, love yours shows.

Do you prefer to record, shorter, "simpler" series like Drawfee Beans or full Drawfee episodes that requires more time and people?

DrawfeeShow6 karma

Nathan: I honestly don't have a favorite. I like different things about each format. Beans is great because we post the same day we record so we can be timely and give updates about the channel. It also just feels looser and more silly. The longer more involved episodes are great too though because we really get to dive into the drawings and flesh them out way more than we would be able to on a shorter non-edited episode. I'm glad we get to make both types as well as our newer series like Drawfee Variety Hour and PhotoChop'd.

Papalopaz4 karma

Is it odd that I'm genuinely comforted every time I see Nathan's facial hair?

DrawfeeShow8 karma

Nathan: Is it odd that I'm genuinely flattered by that?

DrWhoitt4 karma

What's a fun story you like to tell?

DrawfeeShow6 karma

Nathan: My senior year of high school, I got super into World of Warcraft and ended up playing pretty obsessively through to the middle of my sophomore year of college. I finally decided I was spending too much time and money on this game that wasn't really bringing me much joy so I decided to quit. The very same week that I cancelled my WoW subscription, I also lost my virginity. It felt like a sign that I had made the correct decision. I like to tell this story because it feels so cliche and made up but it actually happened.

kaolincash3 karma

One time I saved the url of a YouTube video to a text file and named it "put baked potato but don't" and like two years later I found it and was like "what is this" so I opened it and followed the link but the video had been removed. Ever since that day I have had a burning desire to uncover the truth behind "put baked potato but don't" and it tears me up inside. It is my one dream, my one true desire; to discover what it means to put baked potato but don't.

With all that in mind, when are you gonna do "Artists Draw European Folklore They've Never Heard Of" so I can see Julia's interpretation of a Huldra?

DrawfeeShow6 karma

Nathan: That sounds like a good episode idea! I'll add it to the list

TheOneTrueJonut3 karma

Hey you two! Huuge fan. You guys are some of my favorite people on the internet. I’ve got two questions about drawings of the past.

  1. What is you’re favorite drawing that someone other than you has done

  2. What is your least favorite drawing that you’ve done? Not necessarily quality of art, and more like “I hate what I’ve created”.

DrawfeeShow6 karma


  1. like on the team? everything julia has drawn for drawtectives is individually, simultaneously, my favorite thing ever.
  2. i draw a lot of cursed thing but still have a lot fondness for them. the things i genuinely hate the most are things i have to draw for a job/money but don't care about at all. i will happily draw furby with human limbs than like, something i don't feel any attachment to at all haha


  1. Buzz from Drawtectives is my favorite thing in the world. If you're talking about favorite drawings done live during an episode, it would have to be Julia's "The One Reborn" from our Bloodborne episode
  2. Least favorite drawing I have done is probably the Knock-Off Patrick I drew on the Knock-Off Spongebob Characters episode

lasersaurous3 karma

Have you ever heard from the creators of a series/IP you've knocked off? Got any favorite reactions?

DrawfeeShow3 karma

Nathan: We haven't! Unless you count the time we drew Knock-Off Adam Ruins Everything with Adam Conover on the episode with us.

IamProbablyARobot3 karma

Oh! You caught me off guard! I missed the announcement and now I'm unprepared! So first I'm gonna just say you guys fucking rock. An ex boyfriend introduced me to Drawblem Solvers years ago. Have loved ye ever since. One of the best things to come out of that relationship for sure. Oh, so now my question is, can I ever expect more drawblem solvers? Or whatever it was that ye did where a guest started a drawing and ye finished it? Why did Caldwell (mostly) abandon us? Why did ye start to apologize? I can't remember what video it was, though it was very old, but Nathan and Caldwell were ADAMANT about not apologising for their monstrosity. I am disappointed in you guys. I will look for it and edit with link, if anyone is interested and I actually find it.

DrawfeeShow5 karma

Nathan: Wow! Lot's of questions in this one. Let me see...

  1. Drawblem Solvers is kind of a tricky series for YouTube. It's even more dependent on audience participation than our regular episodes and they never got quite as many views as our more pop culture referency type stuff. I could see us bringing it back for a Twitch stream and seeing how it does in that context maybe.
  2. Caldwell is the busiest boy in the world and he originally left to pursue a career in animation. He currently is juggling his work as a storyboard artist on big city greens along with his very successful podcast (Not Another D&D Podcast) and he still manages to find time to guest on the occasional Drawfee episode as well as working with us on a secret Drawfee related project we can't fully discuss right now.
  3. I think we started apologizing after I drew that horrible banana shark and it just ended up sticking as our sign off

Waiting4the3 karma

Are the drawings done completely in the moment or do you do some kind of prep before hand?

Was there ever a time when you were on a different career path?

DrawfeeShow6 karma

Nathan: Typically we just come up with our drawings completely in the moment unless it's an episode like the "Drawing X in Different Styles" ones. I personally was a marketing major in college and thought I would end up doing something involving graphic design but I was lucky enough to be hired by Collegehumor as an illustrator shortly after I graduated. Even then, nothing like Drawfee really existed and I had no idea I would end up having my own internet show.

lunajackal3 karma

Do you see drawing as a sort of escapism? Where you can kinda just, go into your own mental realm and just...create?

DrawfeeShow4 karma

Karina: without getting too fake deep about it, yes lol. art can be super stressful but just getting to draw and do my own thing is always my happy place ^_^

Nathan: At it's best, yes. Drawing is a way to create a world apart from the one we currently inhabit where I have full control over what is and what isn't. Sometimes I forget this and will get bogged down in the nitty gritty or get frustrated when a drawing doesn't turn out how I imagined it in my head. That's why it's always good to take a step back and remember why I fell in love with drawing to begin with. I think the escapism and ability to create is something that makes drawing (and art in general) really special and why I'm so grateful that I get to do what I do for a living.

EllJott3 karma

Are you going to upload Streams to YouTube? Can't watch many of them due to time zone shenanigans.

PS.: I love you all very much

DrawfeeShow8 karma

Nathan: We are working on making a new YouTube channel just to upload our Twitch streams. In the meantime, you can watch the videos of old streams going back to July 19 on our Twitch channel.

PS: love you too!

Rklimecki3 karma

What are your favorite musicians/bands?

Are you guys gonna continue doing Draw Class? It was one of my favorite series and was very insightful

Edit: Took out already answered question

DrawfeeShow7 karma

Nathan: I don't have very strong opinions when it comes to music. I usually like whatever my friends put on to listen to. When I'm drawing, I like to listen to anime opening and closing theme songs (the one punch man opening and the first Hunter x Hunter ending are two of my favs). I could see us bringing back Draw Class at some point. Maybe we'll do a Draw Class stream on Twitch some time.

Karina: frank turner, mitski, The Emo Holy Trinity
lol i woud be so down!!

GoToSleepJoker2 karma

What is it like doing Drawfee? Do you like Jacob's style more or do you prefer Julia's? What was your favorite episode of Drawfee and why?

DrawfeeShow5 karma

Nathan: It's a very surreal experience. During episode recordings, I feel like I'm just hanging out with my friends and it's like I forget that our conversation is going to be heard by thousands of people that I've never met. I still haven't fully gotten used to listening to my voice when I'm reviewing edits and now that we do episodes where we show our faces that's a whole nother level of insecurity for me to have to deal with. Ultimately, it's an incredibly rewarding experience because of the unbelievably positive responses we continue to elicit from our fans. I feel incredibly lucky to get to do this job and I still have a hard time explaining what I do to my relatives. I can't choose a favorite between Jacob and Julia's styles. They are both so perfectly themselves and they each add so much to every episode they are on. Favorite episode is still the Bloodborne one where Julia drew "The One Reborn" by drawing a man and then splitting his face in half. I also really enjoy the no control challenges that we've done more recently.

UntouchableWoman2 karma

  1. Who are some guests you would like to see in the future?
  2. What are your favorite movies?
  3. What music do y'all listen to?

DrawfeeShow2 karma

Nathan: 1. Would love to get to collab with some BIG YouTubers like Jenna Marbles or the Game Grumps.

  1. The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, Jurassic Park, The Jungle Book (the original animated one), Terminator 2: Judgement Day

  2. Whatever is on/Anime theme songs

light_brown042 karma

What’s the best cheap/free digital art stuff for aspiring artists?

DrawfeeShow4 karma

Nathan: I don't have a good answer for this. I've been lucky enough to have my photoshop subscription paid for by CollegeHumor so I haven't had to experiment with more affordable stuff. I'm sure there are plenty of people who are more knowledgeable on the subject who could give you a better answer

ThisIsNotACryForHelp2 karma

Hey guys! Love your stuff, been a fan since the early days when it was just Nathan and Caldwell. Really looking forward to the third episode of Drawtectives.

I wanted to ask about your more recent expansion into varied types of media. Specifically, how did things like the Variety Hour and PhotoChop'd, (please continue that series) come to be and how have they affected you and the work environment?

DrawfeeShow4 karma

Karina: i wasn't involved with the conception of either so i can't help you there, but but it's been really fun to work on them!! it's a little stressful being on set because i'm not used to being on camera and i get very self conscious but the stuff we get to do is so fun and different that the norm that i dont worry about it for that long haha

Nathan: Typically new types of episodes come into being when someone else at Collegehumor tells we're doing a new thing. They usually sound fun so we do them!

dgb232 karma

Helllloo!! I hope your day is going well :)

I love french fries, really just all spud foods in general, but do y'all have a favorite cut of french fry?

DrawfeeShow4 karma

Karina: the zig-zaggy one...

Nathan: for me it's less about the cuts and more about the texture and flavor. As long as they are crispy and well seasoned you can cut those fries however you want

Overkillsamurai2 karma

Favorite D&D monster?

DrawfeeShow3 karma

Nathan: Is it too cliche to say dragon? I've loved dragons since before I even knew about D&D

SatansCornflakes2 karma

Would you rather fight 1 Jerry Seinfeld sized Berry B. Benson, Or 100 Barry B. Benson sized Jerry Seinfelds?

DrawfeeShow6 karma

Nathan: 100 tiny Jerry Seinfelds every time

Karina: i could take either easy

housegael2 karma

What are your feelings on potentially ANOTHER fire/fighting type starter evolution for gen 8?

DrawfeeShow5 karma

Nathan: I almost never go with the fire starter in Pokemon so they can make that bunny whatever type they like. Me and Grooky are going on adventure.

wrathofmagneto2 karma

Have you guys considered doing a video where you draw in other programs? Like Krita (my favorite) or ClipStudio?

DrawfeeShow3 karma

Nathan: I'm considering it right now!

lorgedoge2 karma

Karina: what makes McHanzo the best ship?

Nathan: Will you one day draw McHanzo? And on a related note, will there ever be an episode where the hosts pretend to be each other?

DrawfeeShow5 karma

Karina: i've been so deep down this mchanzhole for so long that i don't even know how to articulate it without ranting anymore but. look. they're both mean. and dangerous. but lowkey depressed and tragic. and with a sense of humor. and it is EXACTLY my SHIT.also i would be down to pretend to be someone else. i've already had to pretend to be nathan for a thing and i will do it again

Nathan: I'm sure on a long enough timeline, all of us will end up drawing McHanzo at some point. We've tried drawing in each other's styles for episodes. Julia and I also did great Jacob impressions in this episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qg6FHMsAPI

LadySolaris2 karma

Would you ever consider doing a weird drawfee tour? Go to different states and countries (england please) and draw weird shit for weird people?

DrawfeeShow4 karma

Nathan: I would love to do that! Hopefully some day that's something we will get to do

II-MooseMan-II2 karma

I’m kinda new to Drawfee lore, so, why the name “Drawfee”?

DrawfeeShow3 karma

Well, it started off as "Morning Drawfee" - like morning coffee + drawing. It was a way for Caldwell and Nathan to get warmed up for the day in the morning. That's why the logo is a coffee mug!