Tony Cavalero co-stars in THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES, the upcoming Danny McBride series for HBO and previously starred in and directed an episode of the Emmy-nominated SCHOOL OF ROCK as Dewey Finn . Other credits include MODERN FAMILY, LIFE IN PIECES, NEW GIRL, ANGIE TRIBECA and DOG DAYS to name a few. Cavalero can be seen in the memorable role of rock icon Ozzy Osborne in the Motley Crue biopic, THE DIRT. He’s an Eagle Scout, a Black Belt, and a graduate of VMI. Tony is crazy in love with his wife, Annie, and their three rescue pups, Lucy, Tippi, and Maggie!


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Chtorrr32 karma

What is the very best cheese?

TonyCavalero45 karma

My fave is Jarlsberg!!!

Percolator853 karma

I’m afraid we’re fresh out of Jarlsberg, Sir.

StinkStar4 karma

Oh, never mind, how are you on Tilsit?

TonyCavalero2 karma

Love that too!!!

TonyCavalero3 karma


Haute_coffee23 karma

What can we expect to look forward to in Gemstones?

TonyCavalero42 karma

Oh man, wait until Walton’s character comes in. It stays just as dark and hilarious, but takes you on crazy twists and turns. I think you’ll LOVE IT! This show is so cool because I feel like it crosses so many different genres. It goes from hilarious to full on thriller in the pilot and expect more crossover as the season continues! Thanks for watching!

IGotDibsYo13 karma

Walton Goggins? That guy is awesome

ericisshort2 karma

He also has one of the best names ever invented - Walton Goggins. It's just so fucking fun to say. The name should live on forever.

TonyCavalero5 karma

You bet your goddamn right he is!

guyute211218 karma

Hi! Loved the first episode of Righteous Gemstones last night! Huge fan of Danny McBride’s various HBO series. What was the audition like for the show? Did you have to audition or did McBride or anyone else have you in mind? Also, were you a fan of Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals before getting this role? Thanks!

TonyCavalero14 karma

I am a huge fan of Danny‘s as well! The audition was so surreal. Like you, I was a huge fan of his for many years and it was a dream come true to get to go in for this project. My wife helped me craft the character, I made a big choice, and still had my mullet from playing Ozzy; so it worked out! I had never worked with them before so it was true synchronicity.

TonyCavalero14 karma

THANKS EVERYONE! Hope you had fun? You can always ask me anything on Instagram or Twitter!

MrsJanneyShanahan3 karma

I just finished your We Are Live interview like an hour ago. Good luck on the new show, the first episode was fantastic

TonyCavalero1 karma

Thanks! 🤘🤘🤘

professor_geebs6 karma

did you snort a line of ants leading away from a popsicle stick on the ground to prepare for this role?

TonyCavalero16 karma

Ha! I did plenty of preparation when I first moved to Los Angeles. Funny story though, when I arrived on set I was under the impression they would have live ants. However PETA rules were against it (I agree) and so I sniffed air and wished I could’ve done the real thing secretly!

killrickykill2 karma

Google it but I think some kid died from doing that, what I’m saying is don’t go out in the yard and think it’ll be fun to snort some ants since you missed out on set

TonyCavalero8 karma

Haha I won’t! Thanks for the heads up and prayers to that poor kid!

Hustler-Two5 karma

Hi! What time period or periods are involved here? Curious as to which version of Ozzy we will be seeing.

TonyCavalero22 karma

Check out THE DIRT! I believe it’s 1984, so it’s young, shitfaced, but still “there” Ozzy! And by “there” I mean he coherently licks up piss!

delirium_35 karma

How was it working with Danny McBride and John Goodman?

TonyCavalero1 karma

Totally incredible! The most down to earth, kind, and brilliant people!

pigdestroyer13 karma

How did you like your time in Charleston? Any favorite bars or restaurants you enjoyed while you were here?

TonyCavalero3 karma

We want to live there! My wife and I hit so many spots. Some of our favorite restaurants are little jacks, Leon’s, Renzo, Obstinate Daughter, and Lewis BBQ!!!

AngeloSantelli2 karma

Was Ozzy ever really a satanist? Pretty sure all those guys in Black Sabbath were Christian, with a couple overtly religious songs

TonyCavalero1 karma

You’re correct!

ohwowhoworiginal2 karma

Did you think School of Rock would do well? Do you think it has done well?

TonyCavalero8 karma

Well it was a huge undertaking creating a show out of such an iconic film! With such an amazing writing staff and Cast, of course I thought it would do well! I thought it was an amazing experience, however we didn’t get nearly as many episodes as the other Nickelodeon shows and I think that hurt us getting traction. We still got nominated for a couple Emmys and it was one of the best experiences of my life! It was a total win in my book!

ohwowhoworiginal5 karma

Do you feel you’ve been typecasted as the rock and roll guy or do you actively seek out those roles?

TonyCavalero9 karma

Ha! I think my own personality can lend itself to high-energy characters which in turn allowed for Mr. finn in school of rock and Ozzy Osbourne in the Dirt. But those two characters are so different! Honestly I think my long hair plays a part in it as well. I’m really excited for The Righteous Gemstones because my character Keefe is real different then any other character I’ve ever played.

ohwowhoworiginal3 karma

Is there any role in the history of film/tv you would have loved to go back in time and audition for?

TonyCavalero8 karma

Jack Burton in Big Trouble In Little China. Any of the guys in Arnold’s platoon in Predator. Those are the two “meathead” quick answers!

Rock_Strongo2 karma

Cavalero can be seen in the memorable role of rock icon Ozzy Osborne in the soon to be released Motley Crue biopic, THE DIRT.

Is this just copy/paste from some other interview you did? Cause THE DIRT was released months ago.

Anyway... I guess my question is how did you feel about the end product of THE DIRT and how do you think THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES will compare/contrast?

TonyCavalero5 karma

Thanks for catching that! I just went and changed it. I think The Dirt is so fun and it was really cool that the actual band was involved with the creative process. They told the story they wanted to tell and it rocks! One is a feature and the other is a tv show, but I think there’s some similarity in the darkness that both projects share. There is some really dark subject matter that ends up being hilarious. I think the big difference is that Motley Crue portrayed themselves as these party guys and in real life they were even crazier, but The Gemstones present a “holier than thou” lifestyle but they’re really assholes!

DIABLO258-2 karma

So, was this just a copy paste from an interview you did awhile back? The Dirt released months ago.

TonyCavalero3 karma

No. It’s a bio or use for most

IamStDank2 karma

What liquid do you actually lick off the ground in “THE DIRT”?

TonyCavalero6 karma

Water with yellow food coloring! But The fake pool floor I had to lick it off of had just been painted with some stucco like material and that was gross!

collectANDsell2 karma

Why was school of rock cancelled?

TonyCavalero6 karma

We never got an exact reason, but I would think that it was a very expensive show and we had a hard time getting traction because we consistently had less episodes then ever other Nickelodeon show. With music licensing, the co-production with Paramount TV, and the big name producers that had to get paid; SOR was probably MUCH more expensive than any of their other shows. Always comes down to $$$

luckyfucker132 karma

Have you gotten to meet Ozzy Osborne or Jack Black, and if so, how’d they respond to your performances?

Also, I thought you were great as Ozzy, totally nailed the swagger!

TonyCavalero8 karma

Thanks so much 🤘 I got to meet Jack and he was so kind and complimentary! I wish he had been involved with the TV show and it still boggles me that he wasn’t. I have not met Ozzy but I hope he would have like my portrayal. I heard his wife Sharon wasn’t too pumped to have that scene in the movie!

AlexanderTheJustOk1 karma

Seriously? You think Ozzy is know best for being an ex Satanist?

TonyCavalero1 karma

No, not seriously. Ozzy and an “ex-Satanist” are 2 characters I’ve played. Was Ozzy really a satanist ever?!?

Sixersleeham1 karma

Hey man I loved the Dirt and thought you was great as Ozzy. What music was you listening to growing up?

TonyCavalero1 karma

Thank you so much dude! I was always jamming out to whatever rock my dad was listening to. Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and some Steely Dan :-)

Pussolini1 karma

Ozzy is a Birmingham legend, have you ever made it to Birmingham on your travels to the UK?

TonyCavalero3 karma

No, but I hope so one day! I’ve only visited Wales and London. NEED A UK VACAY!

DickLick6661 karma

Why did they choose that name for you?

TonyCavalero2 karma

Haha that’s a good question! I’ll ask Danny and get back to you! It’s hilarious though right??

acornstu1 karma

Pineapple on pizza or nah?

TonyCavalero2 karma

Rarely, but mostly nah!

magistrate1011 karma

How does the actual Ozzy Osborne feel about this?

TonyCavalero2 karma

Good question!

jamisonglory1 karma

Have you ever been weinsteined? Or similar?

What's the worst shit you had to do for a role you wanted/needed?

TonyCavalero30 karma

I am so lucky to never have experienced anything like that! But it’s awful that that shit happens. Despicable!

Honestly the worst thing I think and it’s actually more funny than scary, was having to do a Skype session with the director and producers for the dirt. I had to do that full and very explicit scene from the movie in a hotel room right next to my in-laws. Of course they wanted to watch it afterwards and I was like, “are you sure?” They saw the whole kit and kaboodle.

probablynotyouruncle1 karma

How do you prepare a fillet mignon?

TonyCavalero2 karma

I eat it RAW DOGGY!

GoT_S8_Was_Great1 karma

What was it like working with Danny McBride and Adam DeVine? They are two of my favorite funny actors

TonyCavalero3 karma

Sam here! It was a total dream with lots of laughs pouring out of everyone!

cloroxismydrink1 karma

What is your character story? I just watched the pilot and I get that you used to be a satanist but why are you living with the gay minister?

TonyCavalero3 karma

🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ you’ll have to watch and see.... why is he living with that other dude?!?

-Nitrous-1 karma

Who wrote your post? Is it from IMDB?

TonyCavalero1 karma

It’s from the Groundlings! Sorry I blew it and missed that edit!

creehiker161 karma

For someone trying to get into acting, what advice do you have?

Want to help me out? :)

TonyCavalero4 karma

Be a nice person always! Be someone that’s easy and fun to be around. Be persistent and work nonstop. Find a group of creative and inspired friends and NEVER stop making stuff!

Fake_Slash0 karma

What is that feeling to be Ozzy Osborne,you really good act him because he is specificall!?

TonyCavalero2 karma

It was incredible! He’s such a unique guy and I did my best to do him and the film justice. The whole experience was dark magic!!!

OriginalIronDan1 karma

My son used to watch SIR religiously, and at 14, is already intending to pursue a career in acting. As for myself, I do an Ozzy impersonation, but current day, because I’m pushing 60. If anyone needs “old Ozzy,” have them DM me!

TonyCavalero2 karma

Aw man, thank you guys so much for watching! I bet your impression is SPOT ON! Take care!

zennyc0010 karma

How did you not learn that Ozzy was never actually a Satanist while preparing for the role? Seems kind of lazy.. or did you just right a shitty click baity headline? Im not going to watch the movie now.

TonyCavalero2 karma

I am lazy! But I meant for it to read differently! Those are three different characters I played! I LOVE a a good shitty click baity headline though!!!

punkmucker1 karma


TonyCavalero1 karma

My. Response.

punkmucker1 karma

ah, so maybe add "also" in that title

TonyCavalero2 karma

Yeah, but again, I’m lazy 👻