For the last two weeks I have been participating in protests in front of La Fortaleza in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am so proud of my people and how they have united for a common goal. I was also there during the National Strike. It has been a crazy couple of days, but we did it! Ask Me Anything!

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What is it like being a part of a successful mass political movement like that? What were the ups and downs, what was it like day to day, is anyone being negativity impacted because of their participation in the protests?

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Being a part of a successful mass political movement is definitely something I will tell my children about one day. There was honestly no stopping us. The down for me was the day he resigned while we were waiting. My body was so tired I had to go back home, eat something and come back to celebrate. A lot of people's health has been affected, my girlfriend fainted at work because of heat exhaustion and my feet have blisters. But it was ALL worth it!

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Good for you!

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I wish the rest of the U.S. had your courage. Be proud, you've helped change the world for the better.

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Thank you! It's not as hard as it looks. You just have to go outside.

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Why did you choose to go out and protest? Where you scared or concerned about what would happen?

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I chose to go out and protest because I felt it was the right thing to do. There were concerns but I knew that any harm done to me would not be in vain.

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Wepa! #Rickyrenuncia Truly an amazing moment in US history! My question is, what is the overall feeling on Wanda Vazquez, Gov Rossello's replacement? Do you feel she'll be any better, or is she considered to be part of the current corruption? Thank you!

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She is the worst. We'll have to see what happens. Maybe a #WandaRenuncia tweet storm in a couple of days. Also, this is not US history this is PR history. I understand where you are coming from and I appreciate it, but the US doesn't want PR to be a part when they have to help with federal funds but now all of the sudden we stage a revolution and now the US is claiming PR as it's own. It is always out of convenience. Don't mean to insult but it is adding insult to injury. Still, thank you for your support!

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I get your point of view on it and I appreciate your explanation. I made sure to say US history though because too many people I know don't even realize PR is part of the US. And the feds certainly have not acted that way, which is shameful (a lot of our family is in PR and we personally sent 1000s of dollars in supplies right after Maria - not bragging, just letting you know). However, I definitely support PR choosing it's own way to go, whether that is becoming a new state or becoming its own sovereign country altogether ( and I know that's also a controversial discussion).

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Yes! True. Thank you for understanding. Hope your family is doing ok after Maria.

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What do you hope will happen now with the leadership? Separately, do you think PR should be independent/a US state/stay the same?

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We are waiting to see who is appointed as Secretary of State (who is the next in the line of succession). I dream of a Puerto Rico that is part of the United States of the Antilles.

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I dream of a Puerto Rico that is part of the United States of the Antilles

Sounds great, ¡suerte!

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So you are a nationalist. May I ask what is the "trend" on these protests: either for PR to become an american State, or to become an independent republic?

Saludos desde España

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I'd say the trend of the most vocal at the protests is to become an independent republic. But honestly, I would estimate that the mass wishes to remain the same. Saludos hermano! Gracias.

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How popular is Miguel Cotto in Puerto Rico?

kbrouter17 karma

Pretty popular but NEVER as popular as Tito Trinidad!! TITO TITO TITO TITO!!

IdentifyingString3 karma

What was the turning point? Did the military no longer support him? The banks? How did people marching trigger the resignation? For example, Trump seems to care about nothing and a march would never inspire him to resign.

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The turning point for the people was the chat where he mocked the people that died in Maria. Our military is the US military, so they didn’t have a say in the matter, but the state police very strongly supported him and beat up protestors. I think he was triggered when the day after the march, every newspaper in the world had put the story on their front page. This was very embarassing to him. Then that same day, the family that owns the largest shopping mall in the island (a strong ally of his party) asked him to resign. They did this due to the economic pressure if having to close the day of the march. The economy lost almost 1 billion due to protests and marches (from cruise ships to shopping centers closed). Hitting them in the pockets really hurt them.

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Being a Puerto Rican that has lived on the mainland and visited family in Ponce every year since birth I just don't see how it will get better any time soon. It's been a crap situation for decades there. My question to you is, what do you think would be a viable option moving forward to progress the island? Getting the people to stop depending on the govt. I know the jones act doesn't help us any but if PR was to go on their own how do you forsee that happening? After maria the mass exodus moved to Forida, Texas or New York and many have yet to return. I commend you on your courage to get out there and oust someone who didn't have the island's best interest but i do think it'll be a tougher time getting the island back to business.

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One day at a time.

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do you want to secede from the US?

kbrouter13 karma

Yes and join Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and all the Lesser Antilles in creating the Antillean Union. If they wish to of course. But that is my dream.

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Work on that next then...

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That could take generations, but I'm going to try.

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Good luck! I wish nothing but the best for Puerto Rico, whether it's as part of the US or as something else!

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Thank you so much!

kbrouter11 karma

Thank you!

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I bet you change your mind when you see how poor those countries are. Jamaica has almost your population and 1/6 your per capita GDP. The former West Germany is still paying to bring the former East up to modernity, and that was a temporary separation.

kbrouter11 karma

There is strength in unity. We would tax any vessel coming into the caribbean and share the profits.

grenudist1 karma

Income's not (directly) the problem: Germany had that. It's more that you'd have to share with millions whose culture hasn't prepared them to help generate that income, and whose need is much worse than yours. Would anything be left for the rich (Puerto Rico) or would it all go to improving the lot of the poor (Haiti, Jamaica, even Cuba)?

If you don't mind having all your money go to essentially charity, why not start by donating it now?

kbrouter11 karma

The money would be used to educate and create jobs.

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What do you like better, burgers or pizza?

kbrouter13 karma

Pizza! But burgers are good too.

PescespadaIsland2 karma

I agree completely. There is just something about pizza that really triggers happiness.

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Pizza empanadillas are the shit though. Have you tried one?

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Mire cabron fuiste al perreo el miércoles? Tuvo buena la cosa alli

kbrouter13 karma

Obligaooo. El perreo intenso acaba de comenzar

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Yo me quedé con las jodias ganas de ir mano

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El que tenga miedo a morir que no nazca 😂✊

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Mano pero que fucking orgullo más cabron uno siente al sentirse escuchado. #RickyRenunció

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Que qué!!!

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How do you not go broke or get fired or run out of food during something like this?

kbrouter13 karma

I was super lucky because I’m a freelance copywriter and the agency I was working at a few days out of last week is in Old San Juan a couple of blocks from La Fortaleza. On the other days I wasn’t working. Food is readily availabe everywhere. Hot dog vendors in San Juan were super happy with the crowds.

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I’m interested in pursuing copywriting. Would you mind sharing how you got into it?

kbrouter11 karma

Hi! I started at an agency almost for free just to learn. Find someone who works at an agency and tell them you want to learn.

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Regardless of your opinion of Trump himself, is he right about Puerto Rico’s politicians?

kbrouter12 karma

Not about Yulin.