Hey there, Reddit! I’m voice actor, comedian, and Burbank dad, Carlos Alazraqui. You might recognize me as "Deputy Garcia" on RENO 911!, or maybe recognize my voice as the Taco Bell dog — “Yo Quiero Taco Bell.” I’m also the voice of the little wallaby, “Rocko” from “Rocko’s Modern Life,” which is making a comeback this August on Netflix! Many people’s favorite character I’ve done is “Denzel Crocker” from “The Fairly Oddparents!”... FAIRIES!!! 

Some other roles I’ve voiced are “Lazlo” in “Camp Lazlo”, “Bane” from the latest “Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie, “Mike Wazowski” in the new Kingdom Hearts III game, and “Uncle Carlos” from The Loud House spin-off “The Casagrandes” on Nickelodeon.

I’ve been a standup comic for over 25 years, and still do shows around town from time to time. Just recently I’ve finished my latest project as producer on a full-length feature comedy/horror movie called “Witness Infection,” along with a bunch of my comedian and voice actor friends. Can’t wait to show that to the world!

Here is my proof: https://twitter.com/carlosalazraqui/status/1151537096512815106  

This is my first AMA! Ask away!

EDIT: Thanks everyone! Going to call it a night. This was really fun, and a great first experience on Reddit and for my first AMA. You all asked some great questions, and were so kind! Sorry I couldn't get to everyone's questions. I may come back and answer a few more. I'd love to connect with all of you! You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @CarlosAlazraqui and I have a Facebook Fan page @CarlosAlazraquiOfficial.

I hope to see you at the upcoming conventions, and don't forget to watch the Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling special on Netflix! August 9! See ya!

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feraltea1126 karma

When I asked my husband if he knew Deputy Garcia was the same actor as Rocko, he said he doesn't know what Rocko's Modern Life is. Should I divorce him?

CarlosAlazraqui1163 karma

Let's just start with a having him sleep on the couch. If this continues, consider counseling. #SavedByReno

Slylock565 karma

This is amazing. I grew up with your voice and now my kids can't stop laughing anytime Rocko says "Spunky" They have a photo framed in their room with Rocko. They have a stuffed Rocko that they make me try to talk with an Australian accent.

Well, I guess I should ask a question.

Have you ever tried Gumbo?

Edit: Proof!

Proof! https://imgur.com/gallery/3q7DjHJ

CarlosAlazraqui348 karma

That's so cool. Now, if I could only get my girls to watch it. :/ Yea. Love gumbo! It's like New Orleans paella!

Slylock71 karma

Thanks! That Plushie is my prized possesion, I won it out of a claw machine. I'd love to ask permission for your John Hancock on it if you have any type of fan clubs that do that kind of stuff!

CarlosAlazraqui75 karma

So cool! That's wonderful.

Sinixt485 karma

Will the new Rocko's Modern Life be as dark/real as the '90s or did they get soft?

CarlosAlazraqui914 karma

Yes. It is dark and it's real, and it's woke.

rykochristie307 karma

RENO 911! has been one of my favorite shows for a while now. who would you say is the funniest cast member?

(my money’s on Thomas Lennon)

CarlosAlazraqui322 karma

Mine too! It's hard to judge who the funniest is, because all of them made me laugh. But, it was hardest to keep a straight face with Cedric Yarbrough, David Koechner, and Niecy Nash as "TT." All just brilliantly funny!!

KiltedScott267 karma

You're scheduled to do a Comic Con in Detroit in August. I'm planning on attending. Can I bring you anything?

CarlosAlazraqui401 karma

Tea. Green tea.

GenericBulbasaur258 karma

What is your favorite 90s cartoon to watch?

CarlosAlazraqui515 karma

Rocko's Modern Life! (and Ren and Stimpy)

jjc927236 karma

How did Rocko's Modern Life get away with so much of its content? Is there anything you can remember that Joe and the writers tried to include but didn't make it in an episode at all because Nickelodeon refused it?

CarlosAlazraqui520 karma

I think the for the word "Hell" we had to say "H-E-double hockey sticks." At a certain point, all Nick shows couldn't use the word "stupid." But definitely Seasons 1 and 2 we got away with a lot, including "Chokey Chicken" the "phone sex operator" scene, and Heffer being hooked up to a milking machine. I'm pleased to say that the special hearkens back to those first two seasons.

steppenweasel181 karma

OMG You are the absolute best. I wish I had a question prepared...what's your favorite "bust" of all time from Reno! 911?

CarlosAlazraqui303 karma

Thank you! Favorite bust on RENO! Gosh....I would have to say... hmm.... When we finally caught Ben Grant who played the naked bird-house rapist! lol.

LuKsC154 karma

How do you become a voice actor?

CarlosAlazraqui381 karma

There's many different paths. You can get noticed from stand up comedy like I did. You can make your own animated project on Youtube, take Voiceover classes, meet casting directors, but the real training is with taking improv classes and acting classes. Dee Bradley Baker is a really good source for answering that question. He's even created a website with everything you need: iwanttobeavoiceactor.com

DarthVenti105 karma

Any plans for a Reno reunion or reboot?

CarlosAlazraqui229 karma

A few of us in the cast just recently reunited to do a RENO 911! New Year's Eve special. We certainly would want it to happen. If we can get all the schedules aligned it's a strong possibility!

Fapreeka102 karma

Hey Carlos! Did Tom Kenny do all of Rocko's screams throughout the series? Some of them are very Tom Kenny-esque. Also what's your favorite band/artist?

CarlosAlazraqui256 karma

No! I did all the Rocko screams! We each did the screams for each of our characters. My favorite band of all time is Pink Floyd, because Dark Side of the Moon still resonates with me whenever I play it. Most recently in my car, I really like listening to The Kooks and The Fratellis.

AdministrativeCamp084 karma

Does the future of Rocko ride on the success of the special, and is there any chance of the movie coming to DVD?

CarlosAlazraqui116 karma

I'm not sure that the future of Rocko is a guaranteed thing regardless of how well the Static Cling special is received. It surely would be a dream if it is widely watched - that Nickelodeon would reconsider rebooting the series. I suppose it will come to DVD, but not sure!

DucktorPhil76 karma

Is the cheese better than both the salami and the bologna combined?

CarlosAlazraqui99 karma

Ah. I still say Betty Bologna is the star of Wacky Deli and NOT Filburt's cheese. How DARE YOU!

broodydonut76 karma


Is being a voice actor as awesome as it seems?

You've voiced so many characters from so many shows I love. You're fantastic.

CarlosAlazraqui110 karma

Yeah! It's really cool! I distinctly remember watching in awe my fellow cast mates on The Fairly Oddparents when Crocker didn't have any lines -- and also getting to record with Doug, Charlie, and Tom all in the same room again for the Rocko's Modern Life special was INSANE.

tugfaxd5566 karma

Im mexican, so most of the time I heard Carlos Iñigo's as Rocko in that show.I would like to ask you if you heard any dubbing from any other country and if you liked the voice/job. No problem if you havent, but Im curious about. Also thanks for awesome memories and for this AmA. Sorry for the english cause Im not that good.

Also last question: Your favorite all time cartoon?

CarlosAlazraqui121 karma

Muchas gracias por su participacion me haces feliz, y mi caricatura favorito es Rocko. I've heard Crocker for Argentina, and it was very close. Sorry for the bad Spanish!!

JEAFCommander64 karma

how did Nickelodeon get away with Rocko working at an adult hotline?

CarlosAlazraqui123 karma

Basically - I think it's because Rocko was so sweet. And we drugged them -- haha jk.

Heythereimanewbie63 karma

What is one line from Rocko’s Modern Life that was heartwarming to you? Also not really a question but keep doing what you do best and never let anyone drag you down, you’re an amazing person!

CarlosAlazraqui118 karma

When Rocko picks up his favorite childhood toy in the garage, and says, "I love you Mr. Onionhead.." Thanks for the encouraging words!

iVeryAm59 karma

Carlos, you told me how much you love your Tesla Model 3.

What improvements do you want to see in Tesla?

CarlosAlazraqui87 karma

Yes! Hopefully, the climate app can be a little bit more efficient. I would love to see them apply a vinyl coating to their door handles, because they get scorching hot. Right now it's an after-market expense. Other than that love the car!

Candhfan62156 karma

How much did all of your screaming bits as Rocko strain your voice?

CarlosAlazraqui95 karma

Quite a bit. Because I was young and green, and didn't know how to protect my voice as much as I do now!

jjc92748 karma

Hi Carlos, I grew up with you voicing Rocko and Crocker and have always loved your work! Thanks for doing this AMA!

Is there an official reason why the Static Cling movie was delayed for so long and ultimately sent to Netflix rather than airing on Nick? Did it have to do with the ratings for the Legends of the Hidden Temple and Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie not being what Nick wanted? Can't wait to finally watch Static Cling after three years of waiting!

CarlosAlazraqui59 karma

Hey there! Thanks for watching! I couldn't really speculate or know for sure -- But it might be that Nickelodeon really wanted to get the most views with BOTH Rocko AND Invader Zim and perhaps found that Hey Arnold! could have gotten more in this fashion.

jjc92746 karma

Is there any chance Taco Bell brings back the Yo Quiero Taco Bell dog?

CarlosAlazraqui128 karma

No... especially given the current climate where we are socially. It would be pretty difficult.

TylerSpicknell43 karma

Hey Carlos, remember me? I'm Tyler Spicknell, the aspiring voice actor you met at Indiana Comic-Con 2018.

You'll be happy to know that I've already made my VO demo tapes and all I need is to try and apply to a local talent agency to start off on my career.

CarlosAlazraqui66 karma

Hey Tyler! That's awesome. Submit away, and good luck! If you have a link, DM me on Twitter! I'll take a listen.

TylerSpicknell26 karma

Could you follow me so I can direct message you?

CarlosAlazraqui54 karma


metalslug12336 karma

Hi Carlos! I'm a huge fan of Rocko's Modern Life. I can't wait to watch Static Cling!

What was your favorite episode to record? Have you met a real life wallaby?

CarlosAlazraqui62 karma

My favorite episode to record was "You Can't Squeeze Cheese From a Cheese Log." I loved it because it was so sweet and Rocko embodied what it is to have the true Christmas spirit. I've never met a wallaby. I've met a kangaroo and a koala bear, although I've SEEN a wallaby from a distance!

jjc92733 karma

Will Witness Infection be similar to the Scary Movie franchise or it more in the line of a traditional horror movie but with comedy?

CarlosAlazraqui59 karma

That's a great question! While the title sounds like it might be a parody film like the Scary Movie franchises, it's more along the lines of "Shaun of the Dead," with the Italian mob family as a backdrop, and infected sausages. There is a story that follows three characters... much like watching Harry, Ron Weasley & Hermione going on a journey -- only they're a little bit older. ;) Stay tuned!

jjc92726 karma

Do you have a particular favorite character that you've voiced? How do you come up with the voice for each?

CarlosAlazraqui70 karma

Rocko is still my all-time favorite. He's just he first one, nearest and dearest, and sweetest. Sometimes coming up with the voice is just a lucky guess based upon the physical appearance of the character. But, for example, with Mr. Crocker I collaborated with director Butch Hartman and pitched the idea of a voice that was a mix between Gene Wilder, Montgomery Burns and Richard Dreyfuss. He just helped me to refine it and add more crazy.

DeterministDiet25 karma

Oh my god, you are a legend!!!! I love all of those things lol. What are you up to now?

CarlosAlazraqui58 karma

Thank you thank you thank you! Working on a couple of new series' for Netflix coming out soon. And also in post on my movie WITNESS INFECTION, which you can check out details of here, and of course working as Carlos and Sergio on The Casagrandes for Nickelodeon. I'll be busy in August with some cons and other than that -- being a dad, swimming my laps, playing tennis, and drinking whiskey.

space_moron24 karma

I adored Rocko's Modern Life!!! It was truly brilliant writing ahead of its time. What was your favorite episode, and did you improvise any lines or take part in any of the writing?

CarlosAlazraqui46 karma

My favorite episode as mentioned elsewhere was the Christmas one, "You Can't Squeeze Cheer From a Cheese Log."

I wrote the premise for the the bowling episode when one of the pins was shaped like the Norwegian Edvard Munch painting "The Scream."

CrazyDuck12321 karma

Hello!! Can you please confirm that rocko worked in a hotline? And also, can you say to my brother Raymundo to go fuck himself? Thanks!

CarlosAlazraqui42 karma

I can confirm that Rocko worked on a hotline. I can say for Raymundo to "go stuff yourself." Will that work?

lr10944221 karma

Been a big fan of Rockos Modern Life, Camp Lazlo, and a bunch of your other roles, but what was your favorite least known project that you worked on?

CarlosAlazraqui34 karma

Ohhh...gosh. I would have to say Mucha Lucha, just because it was short lived, and WB didn't promote it as much. Also working on El Tigre with Jorge Gutierrez was amazing.

jjc92719 karma

Who has been your favorite voice actor to work with?

CarlosAlazraqui43 karma

Oh gosh. That's a tough one. I love the whole cast of Rocko -- the whole cast of Fairly Oddparents. I have to say it was really fun to work with Candi Milo and Kimberly Brooks on Mucha Lucha. The three of us had a blast!

MagmyGeraith17 karma

Do you have a faovrite memory of recording voice lines for Rocko's Modern Life?

CarlosAlazraqui34 karma

Well, I think it was recording the original pilot at Poolside Studios in 1991, which was located on Lombard and Steiner behind a Mel's Diner in San Francisco. I recorded the whole pilot by myself and it was really my christening into the voiceover world.

arealreadydead16 karma

what is your favorite nicktoon besides rocko's modern life?

CarlosAlazraqui43 karma

Ren and Stimpy!

iVeryAm15 karma

Carlos, is it true that you proposed to your then girlfriend in Rocko’s voice or I’m just making that up?

Lazlo’s or Clam’s voice would also be accepted.

CarlosAlazraqui28 karma

You're making that up. But not a bad idea, if I want to re-propose to my wife!

Jennifer19Graham14 karma

What are you looking forward to with Rocko returning to the screen and getting to work with old friends?

CarlosAlazraqui29 karma

Well, since we already recorded it, I get to look back on how much fun we had recording it! What I'm looking forward to is how the old fans react as well as how new fans who've never seen it react, including my two daughters.

tubco14 karma

Definitely a fan!

Were there any characters you were turned down for?

CarlosAlazraqui27 karma

Oh sure. Probably too many to count. I remember auditioning for Spongebob for all the male characters and not getting those. So, yeah there have plenty I've been turned down for, and there will be plenty more to come. Voice Acting is really like fishing. Every once in a while, you could get a bite and it could be a big one!

FriendsWitBenedicts14 karma

What’s your favorite color?

CarlosAlazraqui15 karma


iVeryAm6 karma

Carlos, how’s Blue? Is she still around?

CarlosAlazraqui16 karma

Blue! She is alive and feisty as ever. I have the scars on my arms and ankles to prove it!

sushiandtacos13 karma

Hi Carlos! I have plenty of questions for you as an aspiring voice actor but for now i'm sticking With one: Do you believe voice acting talent is innate (something you're born with) or something that you can develop over time?

CarlosAlazraqui32 karma

I think it's both. I think there are the people that don't realize that they are able to manipulate sounds and their voice, and others just come by it naturally. In both cases, you have to work on acting, and work to get better at it all the time.

Ubuntaur13 karma

What’s the most fun you’ve had during a recording session?

CarlosAlazraqui25 karma

I think I would have to say recording with Tom, Doug, and Charlie again doing Static Cling because it was rare when we originally did it that we were all in the same booth.

TorriderTube512 karma

Do you enjoy eating taco bell?

CarlosAlazraqui19 karma

On rare occasions, yes. Four tacos with hot sauce.

-SandorClegane-11 karma

I'm actually curious about JJ Hightail. Did you create that character for Direct Auto? If so, do you get any kind of royalty payments even though there's a poser in their TV ads now?

CarlosAlazraqui13 karma

JJ Hightail! No -- Direct Auto came up with the character. I was lucky enough to play him for 4+ years, and my contract was pretty good for those 4 years. But no - not collecting residuals.

UltimaActFour10 karma

I started watching Rocko's Modern Life and I'm loving it! What made you get into Voice Acting?

CarlosAlazraqui17 karma

It happened quite happily by accident from my standup comedy career. I just got an opportunity to audition for this project called Rocko's Modern Life. I showed up, and I had the right voice at the right time and the rest is history.

DucktorPhil10 karma

Rocko seems like a guy with good hygiene and is often neat and self-conscious. Why does he often keep his house such an awful mess?

Also, which state is O-Town in?

CarlosAlazraqui15 karma

I would guess it's a mid-western state somewhere, it seems like such a friendly place.

I think you can blame the messiness of Rocko's house on Spunky, Heffer, and Filburt because they are not want to clean up after themselves!

ISaidThatOnPurpose9 karma

Voice Acting is such a rough gig to get into, how did you start and do you have any beginner tips for an up and coming voice actor?

CarlosAlazraqui13 karma

I started out of standup comedy and was lucky enough to have the right voice at the right time. I got better working with guys like Charlie Adler and Billy West. I would say for a beginning voice actor, watch "I Know That Voice" the documentary by John DiMaggio and go to Dee Bradley Baker's website, iwanttobeavoiceactor.com, and study voice actor interviews.

Mrs-Addams9 karma

Any hard feelings on how your time on Reno ended? I quit watching when you and Wendi left because it just wasn’t fun anymore.

CarlosAlazraqui24 karma

At first it was really hard to depart in the manner we did, but since then, I've done more than a few live events with Ben, Tom, and Kerri and some of the other cast. To me it's water under the bridge. I hopefully look forward to some new possibilities with this new crew.

Mrs-Addams6 karma

Good to hear! I met you at a club in Georgia about 12 years ago, and you were lovely!

CarlosAlazraqui5 karma

Ah Thanks! Probably out for ATL Comic con! We had a great time.

MattDLD9 karma

I just want to say that I am a huge fan of your work. Deputy Garcia was played perfectly. Who was the actor that played the German acrobat with the huge nose in Reno 911?

CarlosAlazraqui8 karma

Thank you! Oh!! I can't remember. If I do, I'll come back and do an edit.

iVeryAm9 karma

I believe that was Matt Winston.

CarlosAlazraqui8 karma

You are correct!

levyanime7 karma

Lemme start off by saying that you're one of my favorite VA's of all time and that your performances in Camp Lazlo as Lazlo, Clam and many others, are among my favorites!

That being said, do you have a favorite/memorable line in particular that you can recall from any of the characters you've voiced from Camp Lazlo?

CarlosAlazraqui7 karma

"Clam!! Come back!" (Lazlo)

latentprophecy7 karma

Can you still do "SPUNKY!!!" and does it sound the same as it did?

CarlosAlazraqui19 karma

I can still do "SPUNKKYYYY!!!" It hurts just as much, and I would say it's a little bit more weathered. It's almost harder than Crocker's "FAIRY GODPARENTS!!"

SaburoDaimando7 karma

How did it feel to be apart of Batman vs the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

CarlosAlazraqui13 karma

It was really cool. Always honored to be part of any Batman franchise, especially getting to do the voice of Bane!

bluepenonmydesk6 karma

What kind of watch are you wearing?

CarlosAlazraqui11 karma

Tag Heuer!

eggheadlookinass6 karma

Hello Mr. Alazraqui! I grew up watching cartoons you were in (and developed crushes on some of your characters) and you are one of my favorite voice actors!

I wonder, do your kids ever watch the cartoons you're in? Have you ever used different voices when reading books or playing with them?

CarlosAlazraqui17 karma

My kids have seen Elena of Avalor for sure. My youngest daughter spotted me as a pirate on Teen Titans Go! and at Nickelodeon they got to see a screening of an old Rocko episode. They were slightly impressed. ;) They're more impressed that I know Tara Strong, Khary Payton, and Scott Menville from Teen Titans.

YES! I read to my oldest daughter the Harry Potter books. I create all the character voices. Hagrid is my favorite!

Wolf-Moon234 karma

You are fantastic as Rocko, he’s been one of my favorite childhood ever since. ^ I wanted to ask will you be attending at Los Angeles Comic Con this year? =)

CarlosAlazraqui8 karma

As of now, I am not slated to attend LACC, however that can change. The cons I WILL be attending so far are: Tampa Bay Comic Con Aug 2-4, Michigan Comic Convention in Detroit, MI Aug 16-18, and FanExpo Canada Aug 23-25. Hope to see some of you there!

ChickenFingerBasket4 karma

Can you remember all the words to the recycle song?

YamiYrral5 karma

Wait, Rocko never made it to rehearsal

CarlosAlazraqui8 karma

That's true. @ChickenFingerBasket I remember MOST of the words to the RECYCLE song, and occasionally, I run into Swampy Marsh, and we are compelled to sing it!

amarubud4 karma

You going to the taco Bell hotel?

CarlosAlazraqui7 karma

I think I'll pass on that one. My affiliation is long since gone... :)

TheGoodSirRyan3 karma

Hello, sir. It is an honor to meet you. A few questions.

  1. What is your favorite comic?
  2. What do you think makes The Loud House so appealing.
  3. What do you say to those who doubt the success of The Casagrandes?
  4. Which state is Great Lakes City located in?
  5. What are your thoughts on Ronnie Anne×Lincoln? Ronnie Anne×Sid?

CarlosAlazraqui6 karma

  1. Really the only graphic novel I remember reading is "The Watchmen," because the characters are vulnerable and more human than super hero.
  2. I think The Loud House is so appealing because it feels like it's a real family. They don't try to get too clever with the dialogue and let the characters (and actors) bring the funny.
  3. I say I think they're going to be pleasantly surprised about how good it is, and what a great companion series it is to The Loud House.
  4. I'm not sure. My guess would be upstate New York. (I think they make a great couple.)

[deleted]1 karma


CarlosAlazraqui8 karma

I hope so!! That, of course, would be determined, by ... I guess Nickelodeon, Netflix, and Joe Murray? Hopefully, the more fans that watch means the more chance of that happening? Fingers crossed!