A few months ago This post of my grandfather went viral, and after a lot of positive feedback, we've decided to do an AMA.

First a little about both of us:

My grandfather is a 90 year old Holocaust survivor who was in Auschwitz for 8 months when he was 15. He's from a village which was then Czechoslovakia but is now Ukraine

I am 25 and grew up in a family of 4 children to two American parents and all of my grandparents are European Jews who emigrated to New York.

Here's a picture for proof , ask away!

Edit: my grandfather is very tired and we're getting ready for shabbos (the Jewish sabbath) so we won't be answering anymore questions, but thanks everyone for listening.

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squid50s49 karma

To your grandfather:

How did you feel when you found out you were going to meet two other men from the holocaust, who were tattooed 10 numbers away from you?

To you:

What’s the most interesting thing your grandfather has shared with you concerning the holocaust?

thisnamesnottaken61761 karma

He knew one of the men beforehand, but mostly was pretty uninterested (I know not the answer you wanted to hear, sorry.)

As for the most interesting thing he's shares with me, it's hard to pick one because it really does blow my mind every time I think about it. But, I'd have to say the fact that he marched for 3 days straight without stopping while the Nazis were fleeing from Auschwitz from the Russians. I can't even imagine how he did it.

JanissaryLangur30 karma

How was you time in Auschwitz like? How were the SS guards? How did the other prisoners behave and what was conversation like? And how did it feel when you finally were free?

thisnamesnottaken61755 karma

It was from daylight to dark, I was at work. And we only got off one day on Sunday, that we were able to get a shower. The whole community, the whole block, shared a shower. I had no relationship with the other prisoners. We never got to talk to anybody

Naomi_now_me30 karma

What is your mother tongue? What language did you speak growing up? And do you speak any of those languages now?

thisnamesnottaken61746 karma

He said "In the house we only spoke Yiddish." He spoke Czech while outside but "I don't remember all of it... It'd come back in no time." He also speaks English and Hungarian.

littlesydle29 karma

To grandfather: have you visited Auschwitz since the war was over? What was that experience like if so?

To grandson: have you visited Auschwitz and if so how has that impacted you?

thisnamesnottaken617132 karma

Grandfather: It was very touching to go back. And very hard.

Grandson: I went to Auschwitz on a tour when I was 18. This might be weird but I think the strongest emotion I felt was pride that I come from such a strong family. An entire government and military tried to destroy my family and failed.

wts_in_a_name28 karma

What happened after you were released from the camp? Was there a home to go back to? What challenges did you face after the war?

thisnamesnottaken61748 karma

I found my older brother who was living in Budapest, he wasn't around when we were put in the camps so he never went in. I stayed with him for about a year, then I went to England for two years. I came to the states when I was 18

Lundemus26 karma

I am so happy you survived that hell hole (pardon my french). Do you still have your tattoo, or did it fade away? A "relative" had hers almost just become a black blob, and wondering if it's the norm, or if she's just lucky.

thisnamesnottaken61738 karma

My grandfather's tattoo is a little blurry, but still there and readable. I'm not sure how common it is for them to rub out

Ottomatik8023 karma

To your grandfather:

Leading up to your imprisonment, were you aware of any signs of what was going on; either of the concentration camps in general, or even specifically what was going on inside them?

As a follow up, what advice would you give to society to ensure that something this horrible never happens again?

thisnamesnottaken61764 karma

He had no idea anything was happening until he was being sent to the camps.

His advice would be "don't allow someone like Hitler into power."

My add-on to that, politics is important. Pay attention, be active, and vote

QwertySavior8 karma

So are we asking you or your grampa?

thisnamesnottaken6178 karma

Both/either - grandson

imbobbathefett4 karma

What do you think of the concentration camps popping up around America? Do you find it especially perverse that these camps are being run for profit?

thisnamesnottaken61756 karma

He said "I think they should be treated better. {The immigrants} are not here for fun. They're here because they have to be."

MaryMozer1 karma

Was your grandfather in a natgeo documentary? I believe I saw him in one.

thisnamesnottaken6171 karma

Not as far as I know