Hello all, a little over three years ago I did an AmA about my boating accident that was received well. Hopefully I was able to encourage a few people back then as well as encouraging new people today!

Just passed the 9 year anniversary from my accident a couple days ago and it made me interested in doing another AmA! Since my last post I have had two kids, another surgery, as well as months of additional physical therapy. There are certainly still daily difficulties, but nothing overbearing! Ask me Anything!

Picture Album [NSFW]: https://imgur.com/a/O7KGsZr

If you are interested in the previous post it’s here: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3o37k2/iama_boat_propellor_accident_survivor_ama/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app

Edit: linked the wrong album, several more pictures including the most recent surgery scar!

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Chich7278 karma

Do you feel sympathy for manatees?

not-the-popo158 karma

I connect with manatees on a spiritual level at this point in life.

piefordays67 karma

I never had any sort of major accident before. I’ve never even broken a bone. I’ve heard my whole life though, that when something like that happens, it happens so fast and it’s so sharp that you somehow don’t feel a thing.

How true is that? I know there had to be pain after the accident. But the actual second it happened plus the minutes after, could you actually feel it?

Thanks for the cool AMA. Super cool to see you’re doing well.

not-the-popo106 karma

I can confirm what everyone says, I knew that something hit me in the water, but i didn’t think it was the propellor. I was tangled up under the boat and had to get my shorts off to get above water. It wasn’t until i was treading water that i reached for what felt like a bruise or cramp and stuck my hand into my open wound. 15-20 minutes before the first burst of adrenaline wore off and the pain really set in.

SheriffBartholomew24 karma

Hmm, that's odd. I shattered three bones awhile ago and it was instant, blinding pain. The pain didn't get any better for at least a week. After surgery it was less pronounced, but still debilitating for at least a couple of weeks and still excruciating for at least a month.

not-the-popo30 karma

I have broken numerous bones as well. The pain from my breaks was definitely instant and intense. No reason why or how the body handles the situations differently.

maninbonita16 karma

How bad was the pain? 1-10? I ask cause why if you were out alone, could you still have been cognizant to get yourself help or is it blackout like pain?

not-the-popo21 karma

I am probably not the best person to ask for this because my whole life I have had an incredibly high tolerance for pain. To the point where I hurt myself more than I should. The body interprets pain as a “stop doing what you are doing” signal and because it takes more for me to get there, by the time I feel significant pain the damage is already done.

In the scenario it means I never went above a 6 or so on my personal 1-10 scale. Had I been alone I believe I would have been able to help myself, however significantly slower. The only thing that may have been impossible is getting up onto the boat. My buddy pulled me up by one hand even though i was ~180 pounds. Not sure I could have climbed up into it on my own.

ArielPotter1 karma

Are you by chance a redhead?

not-the-popo1 karma

Nope I’ve got blonde/brown hair, I do however have a red beard.

AsleepNinja28 karma

Have you considered zebra stripes tattoos?

not-the-popo91 karma

I would but i don’t know if zebras are black with white stripes or white with black stripes.... and at this point I’m too afraid to ask

mechanismen18 karma

They're black with white stripes, now go tattoo your whole body

not-the-popo8 karma

Seems legit to me

timusw27 karma

I just read the first few lines of your first AMA and cannot fathom WHAT THE FUCK went through that dude's head in order to actually try to "brake check" you. Disbelief.

Do you still enjoy boats? If you do, how was it getting out on one for the first time post accident? If you don't, do you see yourself getting back out on one ever?

not-the-popo26 karma

I would say I can definitely still enjoy boating, but just in general in life I’m a little “uneasy” in dangerous situations like heights or boating. Especially with my kids. Just always cognizant of the potential for what can go wrong. The first time i went boating after the accident i mainly just sat down and held on haha

Edit: Disbelief is the perfect word to describe how i feel about his decision

londons_explorer8 karma

If you read the manual for any boat it says all passengers should be seated and holding on while the boat is in motion... After an accident, I'd 100% be doing that lol!

not-the-popo29 karma

You can trust I will always be seared on moving boats from now on.

Edit: where were you with the manual when I got hurt? Honestly feels like your fault at this point.

CushyPolity10 karma

pineapple on pizza?

not-the-popo16 karma

100% yes

ElCaptainRon9 karma

How did this propel your life forward?

not-the-popo26 karma

I would say the accident help me really cut out the negativity and really severe my ties with the past.

not-the-popo8 karma

Edit: on mobile and I keep replying to questions as top level comments. Sorry I’m a dummy.

theoneprofessional8 karma

What injuries did you sustain? Any broken bones or just muscle/tendon damage

not-the-popo19 karma

There were no broken bones. The biggest issues were the hamstring being mostly severed, but the fascia damage I sustained has been equally difficult long-term!

theoneprofessional8 karma

Are you able to walk or even run in your current state?

not-the-popo20 karma

I am capable of both walking and running which is a blessing, but any extended walking and running leads to pain in various forms: tightness, shin splints, joint pain, etc.

hogiewan7 karma

Lots of people have shin splints and joint pain when running because they run with incorrect form. If you were interested, there may be a couple tweaks to your gait that would help you.

not-the-popo11 karma

I agree that my form is probably sub-par these days...the 40 extra pounds certainly doesn’t help either 😔

nabazz0 karma

Those 40 pounds prolly saved u from bone tbh. Lucky

not-the-popo10 karma

The 40lbs came after the accident, as a result of it essentially. My doctors did tell me my large muscle mass from long term weightlifting for football was the only reason I kept my leg!

Armaak8 karma

Did the bandaid help keep the wound closed?

not-the-popo13 karma

Clearly the bandaid was the only thing keeping her from bursting open! Also, once the bandaid is on the booboo goes away right?

rtwpsom27 karma

Do you feel a sense of camaraderie with the guy in titanic who fell and hit the propeller on the way down?

not-the-popo12 karma

I've been desperately hoping for a re-boot so I can fulfill my life goal of being "propellor guy" in the credits!

not-the-popo7 karma

There were no broken bones. The biggest issues were the hamstring being mostly severed, but the fascia damage I sustained has been equally difficult long-term!

SheriffBartholomew7 karma

How did you survive the massive blood loss until the paramedics arrived? Did your friends apply a tourniquet?

not-the-popo6 karma

I tied a makeshift tourniquet myself with a long sleeve t-shirt, but I’m not certain that’s what saved my leg. I think i was just fortunate enough to have no major arteries cut.

Navstar276 karma

What's going through your head when you see how bad it is?
What does shock feel like?

not-the-popo4 karma

I dint really know how to answer the shock question. I never felt like I was in shock. Maybe that’s from all the numerous times I’d been hurt before that I was just used to it. I was level headed enough to walk through with paramedics what happened and call my parents as well.

As far as how bad, i just remember the moment I felt the wound i was treading water and just called over to the boat that it was really bad. Once I was out of the water I could see the fat hanging down and the blood on the deck, but my friends faces were what really let me know how bad it truly was. I am certain they were in shock more so than I was.

firefly63455 karma

Whats your favourite type of boat?

not-the-popo24 karma

Ones without propellers ;)

firefly6345-2 karma

Which are?

not-the-popo24 karma

I guess that leaves jet skis and other in-board motors. I’m no expert though, I’m just the guy who gets hit by them.

hogiewan6 karma

in-board motors still have a prop off the back. What about sailboats?

not-the-popo6 karma

I’m all about the idea of sailing! Sounds relaxing. I’ve never been though!

hogiewan1 karma

My sister and bro-n-law have a sailboat and go almost every weekend. I have also never been sailing

not-the-popo5 karma

I’m not saying you should steal there boat for a joy ride... but I’m also not telling you not too..

firefly6345-1 karma

Are you secretly a boat masochist?

not-the-popo1 karma

If so I’m not so good at keeping the secret 😔

Yvonnedemarco4 karma

How's that bandaid holding you up?

not-the-popo3 karma

Only thing holding me together at the moment, honestly

_randomAsshole2 karma

We’re you able to keep your composure after you realized the extent of the damage? I feel like I would’ve freaked the fuck out. Sorry this happened to you 😢

not-the-popo8 karma

Yes I stayed relatively calm throughout the process. I was the one who dialed my parents to let them know. “Hey mom, can I talk to dad please? .... Hey dad, I cut my leg pretty badly and they are taking me to the hospital near the lake” at that point the paramedics informed them that the lifeflight helicopter was dispatched instead and would be picking me up at the lake. I’m sure any reassurance I gave them was instantly gone when they heard that the Lifeflight was requested by paramedics.

I finally broke down later at the hospital when some jackass doctor told me I would probably never run again. I’m glad to have beaten his initial prognosis and live a relatively comfortable life, but that just not something you tell an 18 year old.

YeahIGotAFace2 karma

Did it hurt?

not-the-popo4 karma

Initially no, surprisingly, 15-20 minutes after and everyday since, yes.

darthn3ss2 karma

Has anyone ever jokingly called you ceviche?

not-the-popo2 karma

Not that I’m aware, I’m not certain what that means.

[deleted]2 karma


not-the-popo6 karma

I can’t say for certain if it’s PTSD, but i definitely think about the accident every single time i see a pontoon boat. I still go boating, however, very infrequently. Likely a mix of avoiding boats just in general as well as just being in a different stage of life, not many opportunities to go boating these days!

AureliusCM2 karma

Holy cow that's brutal. What has been your favorite response from someone that just learned of your accident?

I also got sliced up by a boat propeller but not nearly as bad as yours. I have a 5-inch scar on my right hip from the driver starting up the boat not realizing I was still climbing back in. Similar to you I didn't know what happened at first until someone pointed out my bathing suit was shredded and covered in blood.

Glad you're doing ok!

not-the-popo2 karma

I enjoy the shocked reactions people get when they hear about my story! Nothing particular stands out though.

Windowguard2 karma

Have you returned to boating since your accident?

not-the-popo3 karma

I’ve been boating a handful of times since the accident. Nothing crazy :)

Justanun2 karma

Wow. This is crazy. I noticed the little blue band aid, did it help as much as you hoped?

I can’t imagine going through this. My whole body cried.

not-the-popo1 karma

The bandaid definitely helped! Without it the whole thing would have torn wide open!

ChunkyJamGoat2 karma

Do you still know the driver?

not-the-popo2 karma

I haven’t seen him in several years, so i would say not really. Just grew apart.

Windowguard2 karma

Do you have a made up reason or story you give people, just for grins (e.g. I was bit by a camel), who see your scars and ask what happened?

not-the-popo7 karma

I plan to scare the kids when they’re older “if you don’t behave mommy will do this to you too!”

But so far most people think it’s a shark attack!

Windowguard2 karma

Have you returned to boating since your accident?

not-the-popo3 karma

I have gone boating a few times, I don’t make it a habit though :)

not-the-popo2 karma

I have been boating a handful of times since the accident, I don't really seek it out though.

silenthanjorb1 karma

Was that on Gaston?

not-the-popo2 karma

Nope, Kerr lake

ericdavised1 karma

Someone else asked this but how is your movement after the recovery? Can you run?

not-the-popo6 karma

I can run, but the accident has left me prone to injuries like sprains and ligament tears (the hamstring ties in with your calf to provide support to the knee) a lot of that support is compromised in my leg. Add 40 extra pounds since the accident and it’s a recipe for disaster haha

Holden_D_Znuts1 karma

Would you recommend using a propeller as a pizza slicer?

not-the-popo7 karma

It depends how you like your slices, if mangled and messy is your style then absolutely yes i would recommend!

CelticCoffee1 karma

Do you still speak to the guy that ran you over?

not-the-popo5 karma

No I haven’t spoken with him in several years. We just grew apart, maybe it was related to the accident, but I’m not actively avoiding him. Can’t speak for him though.

Chayden1531 karma

What was your recovery like?

not-the-popo4 karma

To be honest it’s still ongoing 9 years later. Immediately following it consisted of twice daily changing of wound dressings, range of motion exercises, scar tissue management, numerous plastic surgeries to remove scar tissue, lots of PT. I was in the hospital for 18 days.

I still have to stretch daily and I regularly have to go to physical therapy still.

aegri_mentis1 karma

I haven’t read through all the questions, so forgive me is this is a reports, but were there any concerns about infection from the water you were in?

not-the-popo2 karma

They had me on every antibiotic they could get their hands on in the hospital, and let me tell you those will put a hurting on you.

klousGT1 karma

You're made of meat?

not-the-popo1 karma

It would appear that I am :/