One of these guys:

If you watch this clip from Episode #51 from 5:20 forward, The last Putty Amy (Pink ranger) takes out, just before it zooms in on her face is me:


EDIT: Holy crap did not expect so many replies, Trying to get to them all.

EDIT 2: I get dropped at 4:50 in this clip: , such a fake kick, he didn't even connect.

EDIT3: Heading home now!, will try to answer some more questions tomorrow, and find some proof for this AMA tonight.

EDIT4: Good lord this thread exploded overnight!!! Gona try and answer some more questions.

EDIT5: I cant really find anything to backup this AMA, I don't have my suit anymore, or anything from the show. I was checking if i still had some pay stubs last night, but i don't. I have a bunch of action figures and stuff, but that doesn't really back it up. Sorry guys, I guess you'll just have to take my word for it, unless you can suggest something?

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Are you aware that dialing "3-3-2-3-9-3" on a touchtone phone is the tune for "go go power rangers" ?

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How many times has being a Putty gotten you laid?

putty31308 karma

0 :(

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We could fix that

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I used to watch you on my TV. AMA

putty31210 karma

Did i do a good job of getting my ass kicked?

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Did the super-putty's look down upon the regular putty's?

putty31329 karma

I got to be a super putty a few times, Yes, we tended to look down upon the lesser puttys.

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How come you were so easy to take out? Did Rita not provide you with enough training? Was it demoralizing being beat so easily, every time?

putty31143 karma

Yes :(

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Where did you do the filming?

Did you get to meet the green ranger? Was he hot in real life?

Did you have any kind of acting/martial arts experience?

How much did they pay you?

How old were you at the time?

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  • Filming took place in San Francisco most of the time.

  • Jason was an ok guy, pretty quiet on the set, TOTALLY hot.

  • Nope, My job was to look like a terrible fighter and get my ass kicked.

  • I was on Salary, $38,000/yr

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Did you get to meet the green ranger? Was he hot in real life?

Jason was an ok guy, pretty quiet on the set, TOTALLY hot.

For anyone that is confused and slightly upset (like I was), yes, the red ranger was named Jason, but the green ranger, Tommy, was played by an actor named Jason. I thought for a second the OP was mixing up his Rangers.

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Haha, sorry, yeah Im talking there real names...

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Were the Pink power rangers porn picks real ?

putty31114 karma

I doubt it :p She wasn't really that good looking without her makeup. sweet girl though.

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  • Can you remember any good backstage gossip?
  • What were the power ranger actors like?
  • Did you go to Thuy Trang's funeral?

EDIT: Thuy Trang instead of 'yellow power ranger'. Seems more respectful.

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Yes I did go to her Funeral :( that was a very sad day.

By Power ranger actors, I assume you mean the guys in the costumes? They were pretty cool, they made the big bucks, all trained martial artists.

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As a Putty, did you get good health insurance?

putty31112 karma

We got great benefits. We also had extra injury insurance.

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Jzhuuuugabaggabagga ding dong diddilywhop nipple-cannon.

putty31110 karma

Hell yes, it was so much fun. Although i don't think my back would take it anymore, haha, some of those throwdowns hurt.

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Giddy diddle-whop doppleganger swopswopswop bingo batman.

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I am a network administrator for a small company, I have put on about 40 lbds since my putty days :( and as your next question will probably be "Did you put that you were a putty on your resume" Yes, I did :)

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I thought the action scenes were taken from a Japanese show? Did they start making original action scenes at some point?

putty3178 karma

the early episodes were, they started shooting them in the US later on, the show was called Super Sentai.

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How many years did it take to get the theme song out of your head?

putty31118 karma

It is still there, I have it as the ringtone on my cellphone too.

Syndrome42 karma

Can we have proof? Something like a shot with you holding the helmet or something similar.

putty3169 karma

I knew this would come up eventually. We didn't get to keep the costumes, Ill try to find something as proof when I get home.

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First of all, thanks for doing this AMA. The original show was my childhood. I was absolutely power rangers crazy as a kid. Had a blast watching the episode you linked and remembering it all!

Do you keep in touch with anyone you met from the show?

Did anyone every get seriously hurt when a flip went wrong or something?

putty31109 karma

Me and a few of the other puttys meet for wings and pool on the weekends.

There were TONS of injuries during filming, nothing really serious though that I remember.

robot-rollcall35 karma

Were you ever allowed to play one of the Giant monsters and/or one of the Megazoids? Or were those guys just in an entirely other league?

Also, is it true Ron Perlman was a PR monster once?

putty3158 karma

Not too sure on Ron Pearlman.... No I never got to be a monster :( I was always jealous of the Megazord guy... You do know that the Megazord in 50-60% of the shots was just a tiny model shot using trick photography right? Kindof like star trek, the enterprise is just a model. In the fight scenes though its a dude in a costume.

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Does your spouse/kids know about this? If so, do they think it's the coolest thing ever?

putty3158 karma

My spouse thinks its awesome, I do not have any kids.

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holy shit, you did a forward flip! awesome!

putty3151 karma

That was the second take, a bunch of us fucked it up the first go around, I missed the flip.

gthermonuclearw20 karma

i thought I remember a satisfying metalic "CLANK!" sound effect when they kicked you guys in the head. I don't hear that in the video. Any explanation? Or am I just confused?

putty3130 karma

No, there was defiantly a clank when we got kicked, I guess the sound guys were asleep in that episode or something.

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David (Blue) Kicked me in the balls once by accident, He was supposed to roundhouse me to the stomach but missed. No, it never made it on air. We got hit on accident all the time, it was a daily occurrence, nowone ever got seriously hurt though, were wearing padding under the suits.

Logical_Phallusy17 karma

How much training did they give you to avoid injury? Were any of the putties ever hurt pretty bad from a fight scene?

putty3126 karma

We are all wearing padding under the suits, and blows are never really supposed to connect, hard anyways.