I’m musician and lover of life Sammy Hagar, here to talk to you about my new album with The Circle “Space Between”, my Beach Bar Rum and Santo spirits, Season 4 of Rock & Roll Road Trip, or whatever else you want to know!

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MrDudeWheresMyCar294 karma

Hey Sam, I've been a fan for years.

Do you ever get tired of talking about Van Halen? You've had a great career in and out of that band. Your solo stuff, Chickenfoot and now with The Circle, but Van Halen seems to still be all the media asks you about. Does it ever get frustrating.

I got a chance to check out Space Between today. Another great classic rock record. Glad to see you're still rocking hard.

sammyhagar_redrocker538 karma

Hey MrDude, I never get tired of talking about how great the band was and how good the music was. But I'm over the talk and the rumors about a reunion, because it ain't gonna happen. I get plenty of satisfaction playing those songs with Mikey and The Circle.

crudedrawer236 karma

Sam I'm a fan from way back, I got in trouble at school in Dallas for wearing a HAGAR KICKS ASS t-shirt lol. My question: you've collaborated with so many great artists live and on your show - who's left that you really want to do a track or set with?

sammyhagar_redrocker341 karma

That was my biggest selling tshirt in those days and broke all records in every arena I played in Texas. I love that shirt!

I'd love to collaborate with Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton & Keith Richards. You can add a Rock & Roll Road Trip to each of those guys as well.

sammyhagar_redrocker202 karma

Thank you everyone for your questions and for your support of the new Space Between CD and Full Circle Jam tour. Forever grateful, at your service, Sammy.

OlyNorse200 karma

What was your first guitar?

sammyhagar_redrocker586 karma

It was a Sears & Roebuck guitar in a case and the amplifier was in the case too! $39.95 1965, my mom made payments on it for me. I took care of her later, though!

Holydiver71169 karma

Heard the band on Howard Stern and bought the new LP. How long did it take to record the masterpiece Montrose debut album? What do you do to still sound like you did in the ‘70’s, 80’s and 90’s?

sammyhagar_redrocker293 karma

holydiver71--- The Montrose album was recorded in around 6 weeks... it went really fast because we went in rehearsed, prepared and anxious to get on the road.

I've been singing my whole life and I don't know how or why my voice hasn't changed that much, and I actually like the way it sounds now more than ever. It's got 50 years of seasoning!

16mrclean154 karma

Sammy I have a legal question, I have a ROTH IRA that I'm trying to convert into a 529 College fund, the problem is I'm trying to get the biggest tax benefit. Anyway, who is your dream guest for Rock & Roll Road Trip?

sammyhagar_redrocker215 karma

We all have to die and pay taxes, dude-- out of my legal expertise.

My dream guest is Little Richard - I got a feeling that would be some good entertainment. Him, or David Lee Roth...

fonta_castro140 karma

sam I grew up in Fontana, a block from you. do you remember Joe " pep" Castro? he was like an older brother to me and told me you were friends? Donnie

sammyhagar_redrocker190 karma

I remember the Castros - those brothers were fighting fools, bad asses always in trouble. You would never mess with them - all four stuck together. It's good that he was like an older brother to you!

IHeartRadiation138 karma

Hey Sammy! What is your favorite winery in the Sonoma/Napa area?

edit: Also, same question, but for the rest of the world? =)

sammyhagar_redrocker261 karma

Locally, The Setting. Very small winery with a world class cab and sauvignon blanc.

For the world - Vega Sicilia in Spain. Absolutely favorite one in the world. Try the unico - to die for!

TheKanataThrilla78 karma

With Mother's Day coming up, what was your best Mother's Day present you ever gave? What was your worst present?

sammyhagar_redrocker232 karma

My best present was a few years ago ... I bought Kari a red Ferrari convertible for mothers day... that went over pretty good. Around '99 I bought my mom a new house next to my sister for mother's day and that made me as happy as it made her!

My worst present... I bought Kari a vacuum cleaner!!!

The Ferrari gets used more than the vacuum cleaner... just sayin'

sydneyt_5573 karma

In “Can’t Stop Loving You” you have a lyric that says, “Hey Ray, what you said is true”. Who’s Ray?!

Bengoris89 karma

Ray Charles!

sammyhagar_redrocker138 karma

you are correct, sir!

Chtorrr59 karma

What are your feelings on pineapple as a pizza topping?

sammyhagar_redrocker242 karma

I hate pineapple on pizza! You put pineapple on my pizza and it goes in the trash (even in Hawaii!) I'm a straight up margherita guy - extra thin!

Samsg12355 karma

Have you been to A Dead and Co show yet?

sammyhagar_redrocker127 karma

Of course -- I love those guys. I love the addition of John Mayer and what he did with them. I love the way they are so progressive and always have great players around them. Bob is a true dear friend.

choochie3348 karma

My Favorite ever, sammy hagar----where did Free Money come from and why don't we ever get to hear it? Such an amazing song!!

sammyhagar_redrocker103 karma

Patti Smith wrote that song and I recorded it in 1976 on my Red album which I recorded in Abbey Road Studios with an orchestra. I liked that song a lot too but since it was done with an orchestra it doesn't lend itself to a live performance-- I don't think I've ever performed it. At the Hall of Fame induction, Patti asked me why I recorded that song and I said my producer brought it to me, without me knowing it was hers. I liked the song and recorded it!

raidereric42045 karma

What are some of your favorite songs from more recent artists, rock or otherwise?

sammyhagar_redrocker149 karma

A Perfect Circle - I'm a Maynard fan. I can't wait for the new Tool record. I mostly listen to old blues and R&B records more than current rock and I worked for nearly a year on the new Circle record so wasn't listening to much. Chris Stapleton's song "Millionaire" did get me though and my son Andrew's new song "Lucky One" from the S.o.S EP "From The Other Side" us one of the best songs I've heard in years.

theghostwhorocks34 karma

Hey Sammy! Big big fan of all your work. I have 2 things to ask.

1) Of your solo albums, which is you personal favorite and why?

2) Some fans can be divided on you and DLR, but we can all agree on Michael Anthony kicking ass. What do you think of this Mikey meme my uncle and I created? https://i.imgur.com/cWqrNSy.jpg

sammyhagar_redrocker81 karma

Hey theghostwhorocks, SammyTheFriendlyRocker here (as in Casper) ... my favorite record -- not trying to be funny, but without a doubt, Space Between.

(2) Not true, because tequila can be good without the lime and for me, Mikey is required!

GaryColemansRevenge21 karma

Does Michael Anthony give good foot massages? I bet he does.

sammyhagar_redrocker43 karma

I have no idea. Ask Jason? hahaha

river-rat-7220 karma

Hey Sammy

Any plans on future Beach Bar & Grills or Cabo Wabo Cantinas?

See you in STL!!! Hope you sign my print from Aaron🤘🎸

sammyhagar_redrocker64 karma

A possible Cabo Wabo in Times Square, NY in the next year, a few Beach Bar & Grills to be popping up in the next year in airports. I am so grateful the way this has worked out with the Beach Bar & Grills where you have a meal and good drinks and I support local charities like food banks and children's hospitals with the profits. Thank you!

2CousinsDrinking20 karma

You've conquered the worlds of Tequila and rum, what will your next alcohol adventure be?

sammyhagar_redrocker50 karma

Santo is my new adventure with Guy Fieri and we are coming out with a blanco tequila. But mezquila -- half mezcal and half tequila - is an original new & exciting agave product. Just when you thought it has all been done! It's like a higher spirit - taste it (salt and lime required) and decide for yourself.

2CousinsDrinking19 karma

What's one alcoholic beverage you can't stand?

sammyhagar_redrocker34 karma

Not really.... but I do prefer clear spirits over brown. hahaha.

deadline24716 karma

Hey Sammy! Do you have any particular secrets or advice for aging so well? Do you follow any particular diet or health regimens? Or is it just great genetics, great rum and a lot of sunshine? Thanks!

sammyhagar_redrocker52 karma

Hi deadline247 - It's got to be genetics, rum, tequila, rock&roll and sex. I don't do anything different than anyone else. I will say, being happy doesn't hurt.

Reddrum515016 karma

What’s your favorite chapter off the new album? ( mine is affirmation). Santo or beach bar rum?

sammyhagar_redrocker27 karma

Maybe chapter 6, Bottom Line, I'm starting to love that song. It's just so hooky and it rocks you! When you're done listening it sort of exhausts you - so relentless, almost danceable. btw, I love that you said "chapter"...

Jenn515015 karma

Did you ever think about doing something like the High Tide Beach Party on the East Coast? South Carolina is a great location!

sammyhagar_redrocker23 karma

Very interested in doing that.. I love South Carolina coast. It's in our discussions for long term plans doing a coastline tour. What's the best spot?

-Rayn-13 karma

Montrose or Van Halen? Who kicked more AXE?

sammyhagar_redrocker45 karma

I can't say anything bad about either of those bands, but VH certainly played for a lot more people and lasted a lot longer. That's a lotta AXE!

q-bert_9 karma

Hey Sam - what’s your favorite food thing to order at the Cabo Wabo?

sammyhagar_redrocker36 karma

Hey q-bert_--- In Mexico, Jorge makes me chicharron tacos with a chile verde sauce and oaxacan cheese... recipe is in my cookbook "Are We Having Any Fun Yet?". In Vegas, it's the huevos rancheros are the best on the planet. Thank god they serve them all day.

swiftiemum8 karma

I can’t see you .. are you still there Sammy? Will you be playing your whole album on tour? Need to hear “can’t hang” love Mikey’s vocals with you .. .. cu front row hopefully in Lewiston .. listening and loving your new album .. congrats on your new album, you deserve the best xoxo

sammyhagar_redrocker17 karma

I think I'm still here! We are playing 5 songs from the album on tour -- come see which ones for yourself!

Glad you're enjoying the record. As you listen from beginning to end have you noticed the hidden message?