The 5th season of BOSCH is now streaming on Amazon Prime! Time to binge watch! I also just completed my feature film directorial debut, A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD. I'm cutting episode 1 of THE UNDEAD SERIES & staring a new movie soon! In the meantime, ask me anything! I can't wait! :)


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Rolltosit36 karma

I guess this is a two parter...

One of your more iconic roles was Dru on Buffy. I was wondering what was the coolest/most endearing fan moment you had from that role? And the follow up, have you ever met any fans who were shocked or taken aback by the fact that you are not as crazed as the character?

JulietLandau38 karma

Luckily I am not as insane as Dru! Yes, sometimes people are surprised at how different I am from the character in every way... I've had SO MANY amazing fan moments!!! It's hard to pick one. Buffy/ Angel fans are awesome!! I did "propose" once with an autographed photo for a couple and that was really moving!

JulietLandau21 karma

Thank you guys for coming and hanging out and asking awesome questions!!! :) I look forward to seeing you here again in the future and in the meantime on social media and in my projects too!!!! I had fun. I hope you did too!!

Giles-TheLibrarian19 karma

Would you have played a role in Game of Thrones? If so, who? You would have nailed Melisandre IMO!

JulietLandau25 karma

I would have for sure! I agree about Melisandre!!! :)

Conservativeguy2211 karma

"For the night is dark and full of terrors" ;)

JulietLandau10 karma


Giles-TheLibrarian19 karma

Hey Juliet, just wanted to let you know that you were the reason why i couldn't sleep at night when I was a kid. To this day, at the age of 23, whenever I'm alone in the dark I hear you whispering "Run and catch... Run and catch." My question is, how does that make you feel? (P.s love your work)

JulietLandau29 karma

Oh my gosh! I love that... "The lamb is caught in the blackberry patch!" :)

krissyjump19 karma

Your performance as Drusilla was so ethereal and bewitching, you imbued the character with a presence that made every appearance in Buffy and Angel just so starkly memorable!

Did playing Drusilla ever present any challenges that you felt made you a better actress?

What did the experience of playing Drusilla mean to you?

JulietLandau19 karma

Thank you! I loved playing Drusilla. She was such a multi-dimensional character. I feel like I learn from every role I do and getting to "live" with Dru over the course of many seasons, made that very rich. Would you say your more of a Buffy or Angel fan, btw?

krissyjump13 karma

Buffy came first so it will always be first in my heart but both mean the world to me. Buffy mythologized the experience of growing up and coming into your own in a way that speaks volumes to me, while Angel really captured the challenges and moral ambiguities of being an adult that I face now.

Both shows made me ask questions about the world and myself. As a result I've really learned about who I am, who I want to be, and what I believe in. Thank you so much for being a part of that!

JulietLandau11 karma

That is awesome!!!!

PowayMermaid14 karma

Hi Juliet!! Love you and LOVED Dru, she'd actually give me chills at her creepiest!

My question is this: Did you always know that you'd be part of 'Angel: The Series', or was that a pleasant surprise for you? Did you feel differently with your performance as Dru on either show?

JulietLandau17 karma

It was a pleasant surprise! The Buffy and Angel sets felt like one big family and many of the crew on Angel came from Buffy, so even though we shot in different locales, it felt much the same.

mconte2212 karma

What was the best part about directing your first film?

JulietLandau19 karma

I loved every minute of it. It was amazing to work with my husband Dev on every aspect... We raised the financing, co-wrote, attached the A-list talent, produced and did all the post production together. We put together an incredible team of people. It is wonderful to bring something from fruition to completion! Thank you so much for asking this awesome question!

Rolltosit11 karma

One more question...

What details can you give us about A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD?

JulietLandau23 karma

The movie is all about the repercussions of growing up under the sway of narcissism and evil. It is an extremely personal film. As they say... the more personal the more universal. The point is to provoke a broad conversation and it is doing that beyond my wildest expectations! We have had such powerful and beautiful response at our in house screenings! I truly have never experienced anything like it after a film!! I star and we have what I like to call cameos on steroids, cause they are much larger than traditional cameos: Gary Oldman, Ron Perlman, Robert Patrick, Lance Henriksen, Joss Whedon and best selling author Anne Rice, appearing for the 1st time in a movie.

JulietLandau14 karma

Also the film is crafted in a revolutionary way: part fact, part fiction, part fantastical. I could go on and on about my baby! Lol.

fingerkuffs239 karma

What other projects and people would you love to work with in the future? And could you ever see yourself taking part in the Marvel or DC cinematic universe?

JulietLandau9 karma

That would be awesome! I truly love getting to do a range of roles in different genres!

Conservativeguy228 karma

Would you ever reprise your role as drusila? And have you ever seen Romeo and Juliet?

JulietLandau14 karma

Yes and yes! I am named after the play too!

MightyChernabog6 karma

Big fan from Denmark here.

I have three questions.

  1. You have worked with horror legend Tobe Hooper on Toolbox Murders. What was your impression of him? How was he as a director?

  2. You also had a big role in the notoriously big flop Theodore Rex. How was it working on that film? From what I have read it seemed quite chaotic.

  3. You have worked with some of very iconic directors (Burton, Whedon, Hooper, Frears) and now you are a director yourself. What have you learned from these directors that you could use as a director on your own film?

JulietLandau9 karma

I loved Tobe. He was a lovely man and a master of horror. He and I clicked immediately. He was phenomenally talented. Theodore Rex was definitely chaotic. Whoopi agreed to do the movie and then tried to get out of it to do another project. The producers sued her to do the film... not a great start! Then when she was back onboard they rushed the animatronics for the dinosaurs to get them ready in time. It was nuts! I learned so much from Tim, Joss, Tobe and Stephen. You get to see what really works and take those golden nuggets onto your own set. All of the people you mentioned create and foster an atmosphere of creativity and focus. It's inspiring and engenders a sense of openness, which makes people want to bring there A-game.

RedWarlock146 karma

Skittles or M&Ms??

JulietLandau14 karma

M&M's all the way!

DeadlyDancingDuck4 karma

Hi Juliet. Huge fan from Buffy, you were a delight to watch. With the new slayer, same world continuation series in the works soon will be seeing you don the vampire teeth again?

JulietLandau12 karma

Thank you so much! I'm not sure about what is happening with the new reboot but it would be fun!

Cybertronax3 karma

I have a question, cake or death?

JulietLandau11 karma

Cake and lots of it!

squeakymayotoes3 karma

Such a pleasure to have you here! I can't wait to check out A Place Among The Dead. Oh my goodness. Thank you for doing this AMA!

May I ask you...

Is there a memory (favourite, weirdest, most surprising at the time) that comes to your mind from the set of 'Ed Wood'?

Is there anything in our modern world that you want to see Drusilla interact with in the reboot? I imagine she'd delight at/be very confused by Twitter lol

Can you recommend me a song to check out? :)

JulietLandau6 karma

Thank you so much about A Place Among The Dead. I can't wait to share it with you! Working with Tim was sooooo much fun! One of the things about playing Loretta King in Ed Wood was that events, which seemed most far fetched or strange, actually occurred. The movie is based on a book by Rudolf Grey called Nightmare of Ecstasy. Apparently Loretta really said she didn't drink liquids! I'd have to think about Dru's role in the reboot. Any ideas?! She would definitely be amused by Twitter!

squeakymayotoes5 karma

I will be keeping my ears and eyes open for when it's available. Am very curious to see your work behind the camera, no doubt it will be amazing and enjoyable. I'm really pumped for it.

I imagine Dru would become hooked on using Tinder as her own personal Seamless/GrubHub service lol.

Are you keen to continue directing in place of acting or would a combination of the two be your preference?

Much respect and happy love to you from Ireland

JulietLandau5 karma

Yay! I can't wait to share the movie with you! :) That's hysterical re: Dru. I guess she'd eat the delivery people! I really love doing both. With A Place Among The Dead I acted and directed at the same time. It's wild to be objective and subjective on the same project. Also I appear in The Undead Series, which my husband and I are directing. I'm in the midst of editing episode 1 right now. I did my pass, which I did on the movie too, and am now working again with our Bafta nominated editor, Patrick. I like both in different ways... Differnt kinds of creative expression. Love from Los Angeles to you in Ireland!

JulietLandau5 karma

Hmmm... didn't see the song question before. I am listening to so much varied stuff for my temp music for episode 1 of The Undead Series. I just met with our composer and spotted through the show explaining why I picked what I did. At the moment I have a few pieces from Fellini movies lodged in my brain!

Verdiana832 karma

Hi Juliet, I follow and admire you and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! What is a suggestion you’d give to people who would begin their career in this complicated and wonderful world of yours? Thank you and good luck for everything

JulietLandau6 karma

I'd say work on your craft. Get as good as you can at what you do. Develop relationships with people in the Industry. Be tenacious. Also create your own content. Make projects that are about something you really want to explore / talk about.

Verdiana831 karma

Thank you so much! I understand: work hard and Never give up

JulietLandau5 karma

For sure! If it's your true passion do all you can to be the best you can at it! And have the work ethic to try all avenues to get opportunities.

Chtorrr2 karma

What is the very best dessert?

JulietLandau15 karma

Chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, chocolate waffles, chocolate bars... anything chocolate!

blorpblorpbloop1 karma

Any plans to do a Bosch Power Tools tie in with season 6?

JulietLandau4 karma

He he! :)

demon1x1 karma

What do you expect people will ask you in this AMA?

JulietLandau8 karma

Hmmm.... I don't know! The anticipation is killing me! :)

demon1x5 karma

What would you say is your top creative inspirations? I know it's hard to choose but maybe a top 3?

JulietLandau9 karma

Filmmaking-wise I would say Francis Ford Coppola, Stanley Kubrick, Nicolas Roeg, William Friedkin among others. Actors, Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Sean Penn, among others. Many authors, artists and musicians too!