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My name is Winnie, the coordinator for the Concert to Feed the HungryNYC on April 28 in Lower East Side. I started to volunteer at Concert to Feed the Hungry NYC a few years ago and find it fun working with different artists for good cause. This concert has changed the lives of thousands of women and children in India, Nicaragua, Haiti, Detroit, NY as well as many other areas suffering from hunger and crisis through job training and education. The concert will kick off in a week!

Through helping at the concert, I learned that hunger relief in developing countries is highly correlated with the empowerment of women. If a woman receives education and have equal access to opportunities, she can share the economic responsibility with the partner. The family can afford more food and education to the children. The whole family becomes stronger and healthier. The children will understand the women's rights by looking up to the economic contribution from his mother and sisters. The whole family will benefit from this intergenerational effect through women's education. Not only academic education, we also sponsor agricultural training and breastfeeding classes to women too. I hope that more women will take a brave stand for herself.

Our charity is run by volunteers. We're grateful to receive much support from the community and the artists. All artists and volunteers at the concert are non-paid. The expenses of this concert are printed materials, the friendly rental at the church, as well as the basic refreshments to the volunteers, the helpers from the church, and the artists.

It is tough to run a small non-profit in NYC because of the expensive living standard. Many small volunteering based charities in NYC have dissolved. From my experience in non-profits, it is because small non-profits are lack of the resources/ knowledge of social media. We can still manage to survive with our seeds planted years ago. However, we are striving but receiving more sponsorship applications ever than before and trying to help as many people as we could. However, we have very limited resources.

I have been volunteering as leadership roles in different charities and organizing different events for years. I hope this tread will draw support and awareness from the fellow Redditors on small non-profits. Reach out to small non-profits in your neighborhood: attending their concerts and events. Most of these events only cost you a few cups of Starbucks but your generosity will help them survive another year and more people will benefit from your sponsorship. AMA!!

Thank you very much for your encouragement and support! You can help us by joining our concert and walks. Each year we host the Concert to Feed the Hungry in NYC and around TEN Walks to Feed the Hungry in the States and UK. We need more people coming to our concert this SUNDAY! Please share our concert with your friends and families in NYC!! THANKS!! The cost of one cup of latte can feed a child!!

You can find more info about the concert:


Our charity is run by volunteers. For the projects and the financial statement:


When I opened this post, I expected most questions would be about the challenges of running a small non-profit or concert preparation. However, I am staggered by many criticisms on women's education. For those cares much about assistance to men, we do sponsor programs in helping homeless in NYC, farmers in Cameroon, as well as schools for both boys and girls. I respect the fact that everyone has different preferences in the groups they care for. I highly encourage everyone participating in the charities which focus on the good cause of any interest. Or even, start your own non-profits and share your experiences with us.

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N_Shaggy_Rogers65 karma

How exactly is the hunger relief helped by women education, and how are you educating them?

Winnie012349 karma

Thanks for asking. Many developing countries have the misconception of women being lesser because women in those countries have no education, no work, thus no financial contribution.

Our idea is that if we can give women an opportunity to start right livelihood projects to support their families by providing them with education, these women will become the breadwinner to a family. So the whole family becomes stronger and healthier. Her sons will treat other women equally by looking up to his mother and sisters. And the family will benefit from economic growth as well. To promote the education of girls and women is so essential in the struggle against poverty and malnutrition.

For example, in India, we partner Oxfam India. The project, funded entirely by us, aims to improve the food and livelihood security of women farmers in 25 villages, including five core villages, in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh. The goal of the project is to contribute to increased resilience and income of smallholder women farmers. Through the program, women farmers obtain increased access to government schemes and inputs and learn climate resilient practices for improved agricultural output. The project area is populated primarily by marginalized Dalit and poorly educated and landless people. Five farmers’ field schools (FFS) have been established in strategic locations to accelerate the spread of improved agricultural practices. This year 75 women farmers groups are being trained in different climate resilient practices to maximize production. The training is being provided in a cascade model by which 75 women farmers (one from each group) will become qualified as master trainers. Further, a women farmers’ collective of 1180 farmers has been formed in the project area, to be strengthened and supported for the establishment of a local market to sell their produce.


Wyzegy18 karma

How receptive are these local communities to the rapid change of women's place in the home? Do you see any pushback from their husbands or fathers?

Winnie012329 karma

We see many women have gained respect from their families and communities after they show the economic contribution. However, like your concern, there is still a big pushback and it takes generations to change a social perspective.

disdainfulsideeye5 karma

Fantastic job, keep up the good work. Plan to donate and send to family, so they can do the same.

Winnie01237 karma

Thanks very much!

DunkelDunkel53 karma

Why would you promote the feeding of one gender only? I do not understand why you would not promote the feeding of starving people. It seems odd. I have never seen an organization that set out to feed the starving men of Africa. Why are you discriminating so blatantly?

MathueB6 karma

Not op but, I believe there are a high number of women that are forced into a desicion of either staying in an abusive relationship or being homeless. These types of safety nets allow them to more easily escape their abusers.

Winnie0123-4 karma

You make a good explanation. Thanks very much!

Winnie01233 karma

We sponsor a project in Cameroon by covering the food cost to an education center for orphans and less privileged children (both boys and girls).


GadgetHacksaw37 karma

What percentage of your donations goes to the needy women and what percentage goes to your organization's salaries?

Winnie0123-5 karma

You can find the info by scrolling down the website or go to 'Publication' -> ' Annual Report'

TheColor0fMoney27 karma

For the lazy, their website has an MS PowerPoint style pie chart that says 'administration 4%'. But it's literally just a graphic, you can't click on it and it doesn't provide any numbers to back it up. And I couldn't find any numbers on their site. But they do have their 501 (c)(3) status linked, which is nice

SigueSigueSputnik20 karma

Actually, that's incorrect. If you go to this link and click on 2017 annual report, it says it clearly on the Statement of Activities on page 27.

What is curious though is why the June 30, 2018 report is not available. There is something wrong organizationally if annual financial statements aren't released almost 10 months after year end.

Edit: It's also a very bad sign that they have a negative fund balance, meaning negative equity, and massive operating deficits over the last two years that have wiped out the equity. I suspect that's the main reason for the delay in 2018 financial statements as the picture could be getting worse.

Winnie012323 karma

Thanks for the comment. It is because all of us is running as volunteering based and we can only contribute our efforts outside our job. I will acknowledge the related volunteers to update the statement.

And, it is tough to run a small non-profit in NYC because of the expensive living standard. I know many small volunteering based charities in NYC have dissolved. From my experience in non-profits, it is because small non-profits are lack of the resources/ knowledge of social media.

We can still manage to survive with our seeds planted years ago. However, we are striving but receiving more sponsorship applications ever than before and trying to help as many people as we could. But like you mentioned, we have very limited resources.

I hope this tread will draw support and awareness from the fellow Redditors on small non-profits. Thanks very much!

throwaway_yikes114 karma

Context: I've worked at non-profits in operations for 5 years and in non-profit accounting for almost 14.

It is very common for annual financial reports to be released up to a year after that fiscal year has ended. This is consistent with when tax returns are due. I'd also add that accounting (and other operational functions) are expensive for small non-profits. Preparing that 990 or annual financial statement alone comes at the opportunity cost of funding programs. The annual tax return (form 990) may not tell the full picture and I caution taking insights from these documents unless youve been trained on how to interpret them.

It is also very common for annual reports to only include a chart with % allocated to general & administration, fundraising and programs. Including a full P&L or balance sheet is often done by larger non-profits who can afford an audit, which costs 5 figures in most cases, especially somewhere like NYC.

OP - You're doing an awesome job. Keep it up.

Edit: fixed typos.

Winnie01236 karma

It's a challenging and meaningful commitment. Thanks very much!

Cole-18726 karma

do you think men arent hungry too?

stavd3-9 karma


Winnie0123-6 karma

Thanks very much! We try our best to help from our limited resources.

2soserius23 karma

"Give man fish, he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, he will never go hungry". Reflecting on this and knowing that most underdeveloped countries don't have stable, durable and effective projects to help the women, are you helping/pushing local governments to continue with such efforts and make it a priority?

Winnie012316 karma

Thanks for the question. We so far only work with local communities, especially the very small village in very remote areas which is not covered by any aid. We want to let the locals to spread the knowledge and to improve the community. Some girls in poor villages became social workers through our sponsorship, so they can help to push the local governments.

fuddydutty-6 karma

Social workers aren't helping remote poor populations much. Micro loans, business skills, farm tools, maybe a goat all help poor remote communities.

Winnie012328 karma

Social workers do help because they directly interact with the locals, understand their difficulties, and connect them to the necessary resources such as applying for loans. We also offer agriculture training to women farmers. You may be interested in our project stories.

magus67819 karma

Your website is rather thin, but I don't see the words "women" or "education" anywhere on it.

Presuming this is simply an oversight, wouldn't it be fair to let those donating/attending know their money is going to a specific segment of the population in a specific way?

Winnie0123-11 karma

You will find the details from reading our projects on the website.

magus67810 karma

Can you link the spot you are talking about?

I didn't see it, and I looked before asking the question.

magus67810 karma

I see. You are talking about a different website than your concert website.

Winnie01233 karma

I see. Sorry for the confusion. Please let me know if you want to know more about us. 😄

taistolaisuus15 karma

Hello Winnie!

As far as I’m aware, it’s nowadys the majoritarian view among people who study development aid, that food relief is among the least effective forms of it. For example Nunn and Qian (2014) found that US food aid increased conflict intensity.

So why do you think it’s a more effective form of aid than the more commonly advocated forms, such as supporting public infrastructure or funding basic income programs?

Winnie012312 karma

From our experience, there are different kinds of assistance applicable to different communities. We try our best based on our knowledge, resources, and experience. In South Darfur, we support the agricultural tools and trained in water harvesting techniques as well as suitable methods of vegetable gardening that enable farmers to increase production.

Friggieoto13 karma

New Yorker here, never ever heard of you or this. Can we get a picture of the permit you need to have to put this on? Please redact sensitive information. We only require that it be approved, possess the date of the event and the purpose of the event.

Location and other information is up to you.

Please and thank you.

_11098 karma

Not for this specific event, but the organization has provided links to their IRS TE and 990 forms at the very bottom of their website, here:


Winnie01233 karma

Thanks very much!

bonyponyride2 karma

Do you need a permit to have an indoor event at a church?

Winnie01234 karma

Yes, we are grateful to have the support from the church and got their permission months ahead.

Winnie01231 karma

Thanks for asking about the event preparation. I have hosted many different events and could give you a general idea. We first contacted the venue for confirming the time and the rental. The permit part varies across different venues, some venues are food allowed, some have strict time and maximum occupants management, some could provide audio and digital equipment for free. It all depends on how well you are connected with the venues and it takes years to build up the partnership. You have to discuss these concerns with the venue in the first place. Welcome to any more questions. :)

Winnie0123-13 karma

May I ask if you are asking to promote the concert? If so, what is your media platform? Thanks very much!

Nexiga8 karma


_11097 karma

I'm in no way associated with this group, but if you scroll down a bit here I believe some of your questions will be answered:


Winnie01239 karma

Thanks very much for reading through our website!

Winnie0123-7 karma

Thanks for reminding.

You can find the projects and the financial statement here:


MajorMid8 karma

Why are you singling out gender in regards to starvation instead of just helping starving people?

I know in this country (USA) the vast majority of people who are starving/homeless are men. Maybe this isnt so in the countries you are helping?

Either way...weird.

Winnie01232 karma

We also sponsor a program helping vulnerable people in NYC, many of them are homeless men. You can help these men by supporting our project too. The project is to provide communal meals for them. In addition, there is a monthly food gathering for 30 people during which they will either have a guest speaker. The workshops will be on education and will create an opportunity for participants to meet and encourage each other. Come join us!


Shaysdays4 karma

What program would you recommend to the people who are all worried about the guys who aren't being fed or whatever, where should they donate their money to or do volunteer work for instead, so as to make a positive impact on the world? (Instead of griping you're not already doing things the way they think would work better.)

Winnie01235 karma

You can help men too by supporting our project in NYC. The project is to provide communal meals for vulnerable New Yorkers both men and women. In addition, there is a monthly food gathering for 30 people during which they will either have a guest speaker. The workshops will be on education and will create an opportunity for participants to meet and encourage each other.

HereToBeProductive2 karma

Bless you for dealing the comments in this thread. I know it’s not easy and you’re doing a great thing. Unfortunately, it may take quite a bit of effort for some people to see past their noses and realize how difficult these issues are and how they affect people differently in countries other than their own.

Winnie01232 karma

Thanks very much for the support. I hope this thread would help them acknowledge the issues in other countries.

cwilk54 karma

how can i do this in orange county?? its all I've every truly wanted to do and what would be the best pathway to get this started?

Winnie01233 karma

Thanks very much for showing the interest. You can support us by joining the Walk to Feed the Hungry. We have around 10 charity walks in the USA and the UK every year. The walks in San Jose was March 30 and the next walk in CA will be San Diego on June 16. Support us with your friends and family there! :D

Details of the Walk to Feed the Hungry in CA can be found in the middle of the frontpage:


brownieee11123 karma

How can I get Involved in educating women locally in the US?

Winnie01233 karma

You can support our project in Easton, Pennsylvania. The food is distributed through the food-pantry system in the city as well as the West Ward Vegetables in the Community project in the West Ward and the farm stands at the Easton Urban Farm. The aim of this small project is to produce approximately 3,000 pounds of food for distribution to low-income families. The project provides about 200 seedlings for distribution to food-pantry clients. It engages approximately twenty volunteers in the production of food, providing a minimum of 100 hours of work, and provides other volunteer opportunities in the area. It will also enroll three South Side youth in the Farmer Education program and provide them with a $600 stipend. The project benefits 800 people, 600 of them women.


Reformed_Mother3 karma

First off I would like to commend you for your work. I know this is difficult, but of the you have helped, what percentage would you say no longer required assistance from you after receiving the help you supplied?

Winnie01235 karma

Thanks very much for your question. The answer is that it depends on the natures of the projects. For example, our project in Cambodia is to sponsor the girls to go to school. It means that the girls will leave our program happily after graduating from schools or colleges. However, for our project in Darfur, most of the recipients live under war-torn areas, sadly, we cannot guarantee how long and how safe they can stay in the areas. They may flee anytime for their safety. Our goal is to help them to survive as long as we/they can. We all want to see a 100% success rate. However, in reality, many people live in the turmoil that even can't guarantee alive tomorrow.

Project in Cambodia:


Project in Darfur:


Reformed_Mother5 karma

Honestly, none of us can guarantee that we will be alive tomorrow. Whether we live in a "safe" country, or a war torn province, all one needs to do is look at the news to be reminded of just how tenuous the nature of life is.

My belief is that even if the venture has little hope of success and is minimally effective it is far better to try than to stand back and do nothing.

I wish you 100% success and again thank you for your efforts.

Winnie01235 karma

It's a long way to go. Thanks very much!

thunderhritz3 karma

Have you ever seen opposition from the male members of the family, against women being educated and stepping out of the house?

Winnie01233 karma

Thanks for the question. I have met a few people (both men and women) stepping out from an abusive situation after receiving the assistance. They shared us with their stories on how the resources and knowledge have helped them equip themselves and re-settle their lives in better ways. These stories are the strives of our commitment.

alulubaby1 karma

My goal in five years is to teach overseas (i am in US). I have traveled to many countries as an instructor with a federal agency. I am going to school now for my degree in K-8 education. I also volunteer tutoring ESL and literacy. Do you have any thoughts/ recommendations on agencies with whom i should connect?

Winnie01231 karma

Many of my friends in college joined the JET program to teach English in Japan. Also, many Asian countries welcome native English teachers. Some of those are the well-paid jobs. Good luck! :)

lucasyyc1 karma

Why did you use Eventbrite?

Winnie01232 karma

You have better suggestions?

nihilive0 karma


Winnie01237 karma

May I venture to ask for the statistics of your claim of the 'majority'?

armenia4ever0 karma

Not a bad thing necessarily, but what about the starving and poor women and children HERE? As in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, etc?

Winnie01233 karma

Please check out our projects in PA, NY, and Detriot.


Funkydiscohamster0 karma

Shouldn't that be "women's" education? I knew someone who got a grant to go and tell people in Madagascar how to farm. Coincidentally there was a man on the same course as her that was from Madagascar and I asked him "do people in Madagascar need to be told how to farm"? He laughed and said "no".

Winnie01234 karma

Thanks for correcting the typo. I also need more education too. lol

I am not familiar with Madagascar. However, I can refer your question to something like asking... 'Do the people in America need to be told how to farm? Because the USA is the leading agricultural countries in the world.'

Actually, we sponsor an urban gardens program in Detroit. Nearly 40% of Detroit residents live below the poverty line and 21% of metro Detroiters are food insecure. In 2018–19, there are more than 24,000 Detroiters in 1,600 urban gardens and farms across the city benefitting with fresh produce through the program. These connections will result in 500 new families starting a garden. Families that start gardens will experience both increased access to fruits and vegetables and a reduction of household food costs. They will also be introduced to opportunities to earn supplemental income by selling produce.


la_rubia22-1 karma

Are you guys hiring??!

Winnie01235 karma

All of us are volunteers. You are welcome to join us by coming to our concert or volunteers. Thanks!

james-tm-7 karma

Why did you think that others were more deserving of this charity than the starving women and children of the USA?

Winnie01238 karma

Thanks for the question about the USA. We sponsor a few programs in the States, one of which is to provide communal meals for vulnerable New Yorkers. In addition, there is a monthly food gathering for 30 people during which they will either have a guest speaker. The workshops will be on education and will create an opportunity for participants to meet and encourage each other.


TerriblePigs-11 karma

Have you considered booking artists that people have heard of? My interest level dropped when I didnt recognize any names.

Winnie01231 karma

We work with different artists every year. :)