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Droomridder13 karma

How can artisanal (handmade) shoe making provide you with a living? Is there a large demand in Russia and are people willing to pay for it?

Donkirleone35 karma

Thx for question. Russia is poor country and people have not money for hande made shoes.Only at big sityes(like Moscow). Now it is more popular,than 3-5years ago. I hope that leather school will help me.

For exaple of prise- my prise is 7000-15000rub,it is 100-250us dollar for pair. At the shop not leather boots starts from 15us dollars

hkubota7 karma

Do you think it's possible to create hand-made shoes "online"? So I send you some data about my feet (think: 3D scan) and you can create shoes which fit perfectly?

Possible? What's missing to make this possible?

Zozo tried that for clothes (with mediocre results).

Donkirleone8 karma

Yep. When i making shoes-we have 2way. 1)I will use my shoe block(it is right name)? And all what i need-size of your leg and photo/paint what you want 2)i will show to you how make model of your step and i will order shoe block at special factory. After work shoe block will sent to you with shoes

Oh-so difficult for me use special word for shoes making)))

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Do you have another job? Or do you live from shoe making?

Donkirleone16 karma

Now i have another job.but at last i live from shoe making.And at future i want live from shoes making again:)

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Whats the best part of Russia for a tourist who doesnt like big cities to visit? A "non touristy" place if you will.

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Do you like nature or not big sities?

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I like mountains. Not hard but very nice place-it is Sochi ( Красная поляна)-There is nature reserve and it is really nice place with wild animals(bears),montains with ice had and many lakes.

Baikal lake,but it is faaaar from Moscow.

Russia-is big country.What place is more interesting for you?

If you want go to russia-write to me. I will thing about places for you.

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I think that sounds great! Id like to go far from Moscow and St. Petersburg

Donkirleone10 karma

Really touristikal places it is Moscow,St Petersburg and mb Vladimir...at another places people doesnt know english. it will be difficult to speak.

If you need-i give to you my FB and you will ask me there

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oh i dont have facebook haha

Donkirleone2 karma

When you planing go to russia?

novadelfuego1 karma

Im not planning on it, I just want to. Definitely wont be in the near future.

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I thing that Russia is difficult country for tourism(if you are going not to moscow or st petersburg)-many people doesnt knew english. politicians says that USA and Europe is evil and many people believe them:( many people is really aggressive and can attack you if they will drank :( Of course-it is just my view of situation

If you will go there-write to me and we will thing about places for your trip

Gurplesmcblampo9 karma

What is your theory about dyatlov pass hikers?

Donkirleone7 karma

Wow! I think it was something mystical. Not just snowfall.

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When I am shopping for nice shoes, what should I be looking out for? How can I tell if a shoe is quality?

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1)materials- natural leather or cotton-good. artificial leather-not good. Your legs must breath!!! 2) fastening of the sole. the sole should be soft and well cured (vulcanized or stitched) 3) heel must be tight 4) anatomical insole

I liкe Ecco shoes-they do it from leather.But it is expensive prise

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Heya! I've gone through your responses and you seem like a real nice guy! Thank you for doing this AMA and welcome to reddit 😊 Just a bit of advice, be careful when sharing your personal social media accounts here, not everyone is pleasant. Perhaps make one just for business? Anyways, if you are ever in Portugal let me know! Cheers

Donkirleone2 karma

I never been in Portugal.But every year i am going to Spain and i have dream have trip by car from Valencia to Portugal And thx

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Your shoes are very nice! What is your ultimate guide when it comes to shoemaking?

Donkirleone9 karma

Thx!Sorry-my english is bad and i can not understand last question. Can you make question with another words?sorry

LanceCorporal3 karma

Он написал <<какое у вас руководство чтобы делать туфли?>>. Но, наверное я пишу не очень хорошо по-русски (на русском?).

Donkirleone2 karma

Я вас понял:)имеете ввиду руководство,типо мануала,как сделать обувь? Тк я понял,что спрашивался главный совет,что я могу сказать про изготовление обуви. Я ответил,что у меня всегда спина болит! И да-спасибо,что добродушно встречаете и помогаете освоиться

LanceCorporal3 karma

Ну типо вообще совет и как вы сами делаете обуви. Я стараюсь правильно переводить хаха

Как ваш собственный мануал или процесс/процедура

Donkirleone3 karma


LanceCorporal3 karma


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Вы словно мой личный переводчик:) Еще раз спасибо за помощь и подсказки! Публика тут дружелюбная А сами вы где живете?как язык выучили?

LanceCorporal2 karma

Не за что! Я живу в Амермке хаха. Но проводил 6 месяцев в Молдавии чтобы выучить русский язык. Я тоже был в России 3 недели.

Donkirleone2 karma

Вам удобно,что я пишу вам по-русски? Мне дико интересно общаться с человеком с другой культурой и с другой стороны земли!

RUST_LIFE2 karma

What is a good lesson you can tell us about shoe making?

Donkirleone12 karma

If you will shoemaker- your back will hurt)))

DANarchy19193 karma

I am not shoe maker but my back is hurt! Ha ha

Donkirleone3 karma


Donkirleone5 karma

I will make little post with process “how i made shoes”.but some time later

hkubota2 karma

That would be highly interesting to see how you make shoes from start to end!

Donkirleone3 karma

I will make post at future

Hinkerdurrr3 karma

Have you visited other countries ?

What is your dream ?

Donkirleone15 karma

Yes,i am travelling a lot. All Europe,some asian countrу(vietnam,indonesia),Egipt,Cuba... But never been in Amerika(how i understend-most people at reddit from US)

My dream- peace in the world =)))

I_highly_doubt_that_3 karma

What types of leather do you use to make the shoes? Cowhide, snakeskin, crocodile... ?

Donkirleone3 karma

Cow,horse,pig,sheep Most popular is cow and pig

Grandaddyspookybones2 karma

How’s life?

Donkirleone9 karma

spring has come and the soul is singing

Cgimarelli2 karma

What first interested you about shoe-making, why pick that for your hobby?

Took a look at your Instagram & your shoes look really nice! Have you considered selling them online? Considering you started with historical shoes, I think you'd probably find a really great market out there on sites like Etsy!

Donkirleone4 karma

Hello! I dont know what take my soul at shoemaking,but it is really my fun!i am started work with leather and at the end i have nice pair of boots.When people take my shoes and said that it is so beautiful -i am happy

About Etsy-thx for idea!i will try there. I am sell boots online,and now i want try do it at all world.Now i opened learher school and making website for it.it takes many times+now in russia is april-it is tradition time for cleaning and repairing at village(my workshop)

Cgimarelli1 karma

I think that's just the best, seeing people enjoy your work & watching them be happy :)

I wish you all the best!

Donkirleone1 karma

Thx a lot! Your feedback is really motivated for me

Not_Wordsmith2 karma

Hello from Oregon, U.S.A.! Does your workshop have a storefront? How many different types of shoes do you have on display? How many people do you employ?

Donkirleone2 karma

Hello from Moscow,Russia!:) I have not shop. I am selling at internet.at last i have site,but now it close and i makes new for my leather school. But i have instagram-some foto with shoes i posts there. https://instagram.com/goody_kirill?r=nametag most pairs are made in one copy. according to the customer’s wishes or my(we paint it) I am working alone

pdwHu2 karma

What do you think about expensive shoes (100-150USD, like yours) that you can buy in big stores? Are they good?

Donkirleone3 karma

Not all.But some of them is normal or good. If it real handewalted-good

horog1 karma

I took a look at your Instagram and you should definitely start selling your goods online! I'd love to buy a custom pair of shoe form you. What's your favourite style or shoe and why? Since you mentioned that ecco is on the expensive side, how much do formal dress shoes cost in Russia? Also, how do you choose to price your shoes, is it a constant cost on top of material cost or depend on the amount of hours you spend on a shoe? Sorry for the questions, because I'm super interested in shoe making. Thanks!

Donkirleone2 karma

Hi!thx for your words:) I will make:) About my favorite stile-it is “retro” and classical shoes and shoes for workers,like Red Wings It is moooore place for art

ryangaming141 karma

I always wear out the balls of my shoes because I walk like a penguin, do you have any tips ?

Donkirleone3 karma

I did not quite understand the question. probably you have flat feet? You need a special insole for shoes to support the foot

G01ngDutch1 karma

Hi there! I have a question about Russia and I hope it doesn’t offend: I’d love to visit but am put off because I’m mixed race (imagine like South American-looking) and I hear people can be pretty racist. Do you agree? Would you recommend particular areas to visit or avoid as a brown person? Thanks!

Donkirleone4 karma

Hi!Yes,you are right. More safe place for tourist-it is Moscow,it is really good for you-many international people,special “tourists police”at centre of city.MB St.Peterburg,Vladimir-all place is +- safe for you if you not alone(for example-tourists group). At FIFA was exxxtra safe.now is less Another country- if get lucky. people are hospitable, but a lot of alcoholics and cheaters. I thing that it is like Brazil or Mexico-Big city at central with police is ok,but another place- mb danjer or mb not:( I hope you are understand my bad english;)

irrevelantspeltwrong1 karma

Your Instagram is very nice! I'd love to visit Russia one day.

Are you already taking orders from another countries or are you planning to sell your shoes internationally?

I think there would be great worldwideinterest for your Russian originated products!

Or is transport and shipping to the EU/US a problem in Russia?

Donkirleone3 karma

Thx for your feedback!i am sell my shoes on internet,but from another country order is very low-now i have not special site for it,because i making site for my leather school.Last was from Norway.My dream-it is internationals orders:)

Shipping-not problem.It takes near 1-3weeks at Europe.At US i never sent it:(

Taikatohtori1 karma

How do you make a shoe that lasts long? The shoes I buy from the store break fast, but a pair I bought for ~200e from the internet has lasted like 2 years!

Donkirleone2 karma

Live long time-all materials is nature. For example-my first shoes is alive.it was 5years ago I mean that only problem-the sole is erased. but it can be replaced easily