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thank you so much for all the marvelous and thoughtful questions guys! sadly I have to get out of this bathtub and into a giant green Rumple Costume so im not late for the next stop on the tour. Sending you all my love!



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youre my favorite character on Criminal Minds. And thats hard to say with a fantastic cast like that.


If you are alone at home. Saturday morning. Your plan is to stay at home most of the day.

What does Mattew Grey Gubler prepare for himself for breakfast (the ideal perfect breakfast). And what do you do while eating that breakfast?


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great question!

to be honest when I wake up I usually don't eat for about 3 hours

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I have a cup of coffee, try to make something, and then I might have a hard boiled egg, or a banana

it sounds like im trying to cross promote bananas with this book, but Im not

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Lets get this party started

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Do you have any advice for someone who wants to do a lot of things but also has a hard time doing things because of mental illness? I want to get far in life but my brain doesn’t want me to.

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im so sorry to hear that, but I like to think that everything that makes us different is also kind of like a super power that gives us unique abilities or magical perspectives that other people don't have. your brain loves you, and I think it wants you to be as happy and "go as far" as you possibly can, just maybe in a very unique and original way.

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this might not relate directly to you, but one of my favorite artists was a folk painter named Grandma Moses. She was a very talented with knitting and textiles, but as she got older she got crippling arthritis and she could no longer do what she was "best" at in her mind. so when her hands gave up on her she decided to start painting instead since it was easier on her knuckles. and the result was that she became one of the most celebrated and respected outsider artists in the world. (also very late in life) I think she was like 70 at the time. I just saw one of her gorgeous paintings at the Whitney museum

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how do you take your coffee? this was asked during the live signing yesterday, but you just went on a cute tangent about how you've never said no to a cup of coffee and didn't answer it ahaha!

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hahahha I like how persistent you are with this question! I was so hot in that costume that my mind was flying everywhere in an attempt to stay alive! I LOVEEEEEE COFFFFFFEEEEEE I actually take it with a little bit of honey and a tiny bit of heavy cream. I also make it strong enough to singe a brick.

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just kidding

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Please- go on about the dinosaur you helped unearth? Consider my interest piqued.

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oh man!

it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I got to go to this tiny town in Alberta Canada and help unearth a GIANT pachaseflarinosaur (check the spelling on that) with Philip J Currie.

he's the paleontologist that jurassic park is based on

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Hi Matthew! I love you and your extraordinary way of seeing the world so much. I wish i could meet you one day. My question is: What is Rumple's biggest wish?

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awwwwwwwwwww I love this question!

rumples biggest wish is just to see everyone in the world smile

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how does a girl catch your eye??? also do you remember anyone specific from yesterday?

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sense of humor!

or if she's on fire that would also probably catch everyones eye


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if you could portray any other character on criminal minds besides reid, who would it be? ps i love you a lot

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shemar's eyebrows

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What is your favorite hidden gem from your hometown?

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my parents

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Why does Reid wear his gun in a different position than everyone else? Always been curious about this!

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I LOVE THIS QUESTION!!!!!! its kind of a 2 part answer

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the director part of my brain told me to wear it like that because I wanted him to always look slightly awkward with gun, like it doesn't quite belong on him. but the actor "Reid" part of my brain wears it like that because that is actually the way the best gun fighters used to wear their guns. the reason for this is bacuse when you pull it out from that angle you are naturally a thinner and harder to hit target. beacause you are sideways. (I can demonstrate better in person) I think Reid loves this fact, and also loves the history of it.

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thank you so much for all the marvelous and thoughtful questions guys! sadly I have to get out of this bathtub and into a giant green Rumple Costume so im not late for the next stop on the tour. Sending you all my love!



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Do you think JJ really loves Reid or was it actually just for show?

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my hope when we shot that scene where Reid asks her if she was lying or not, that 50 percent of the audience felt one way and 50 parent felt the other.

what do you think?

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will you be doing a bigger book tour soon? i’d love to meet you and have been a fan for so long !

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yes! this first one had to be kind of paired down because Criminal Minds ended up combining 2 seasons into one season and we are shooting later into the year than we usually do, but we didn't know that was going to happen when we picked the original release date for the book, or else this tour would have been 3 weeks long. I just have 5 days quick days to meet everyone because I need to get back to shooting the final 4 episodes of CM. which im also very excited about

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What was your favorite episode to film and why?

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good question

my favorite one to direct was probably "the lesson" the one about the man turning people into marionettes

my favorite one to act in might have been the Reid in prison ones

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What is your next book about?

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oh man im so excited about it!!!!

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I just finished the rough draft. I want to share some details but im going to wait. I want you to be surprised

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What inspired you to write a children’s book?

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I actually just set out to write a book that I wanted to read, and this was it!

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You were phenomenal in hot air and my mother and I are huge criminal minds fans, my question is what are your current projects and passions ? Anything neat coming up?

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thank you! tell your mom hi for me! I have a new book im working on, some fun films I plan on making with friends, a movie im going to direct, and IM BRINGING BACK NEW EPISODES OF MY UNAUTHORIZED DOCUMENTARIES from a while ago. if you don't know what they are google Matthew gray gubler the unauthorized documentary. im so exited about this!

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What a is the very best cheese?

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I actually never met a cheese I didn't love

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do you have a favorite kimono?

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whichever one I am currently wearing

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What's it like being you?

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very gubler-ish

gublergublergubler38 karma

and goobely

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What was it like, playing such an iconic character like Spencer?

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oh thank you for asking...its an incredible honor, and he's become like an imaginary friend I look up to and love dearly. I feel very very very lucky to have gotten to help bring him to life for so long and i hope he continues to live on in everyones mind, heart, and imagination the way he will always live on in mine

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How's your bath?

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getting kind of cold and they are telling me I need to wrap it up sadly, (the AMA, not the bath)

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how tall would Rumple be in reality? 🤔

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such a good question!! he is roughly the same height as an 10 year old in converse.

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what is your favorite color? mine is orange but I like all colors

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which do you prefer most: writing, directing, or acting?

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I love it all! and in my head I don't differentiate any of it. In my head I am just a storyteller, sometimes I use a camera to tell the story, sometimes I use my face, and sometimes I use melted crayons

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what was the most interesting part of the book writing/creating process?

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realizing that the slightest adjustment of a small detail on Rumple's face, (like the size of his nostril, or the direction his hair is blowing) could relay an entirely specific emotion

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Hey Matthew! I’m the owner of the three guinea pigs on Instagram! I just wanted to know if Rumple would ever get a guinea pig himself? And what would he name it?💚🐾🍌

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I love all the Rumple posts so much!

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What do you like to do in your spare time?

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I feel like all my life is spare time! I just like to make stuff

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How are you today?

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so great! im currently in a bathtub, last night was amazing and I was so touched by how many sweet people came all the way out to celebrate Rumples Birthday. Our signing at the bookstore ended up going 4 hours longer than anyone expected and we didn't close the book store until 1 am. but most importantly everyone there was so kind hearted and sincere.

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How has your book tour been going so far?

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and I can't get over all the amazing Rumple themed costumes and art I am seeing on this tour

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If you had to choose a single condiment to use for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

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is salt a condiment?

I put salt on everything (even this bath im in right now)

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So, i see you're always in Japan, thats cool and all but when are you coming to Brazil? you should do a book sign here ;)


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I would love that!

hopefully soon. I want to go everywhere in the word!!!!

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Question for Rumple: What’s your favorite snack?

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left over root beer!

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What are your thoughts on hummus? Also, what's inspired you to write Rumple Buttercup?

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I love hummus, I also love humans which I why I wrote rumple buttercup

juliassimulation8 karma

Which character traits do you share with Rumple?

gublergublergubler26 karma

all of them! (except I have more teeth)

uhxohkristina8 karma

What is your favorite ice cream?

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such a good question, I got to meet one of my favorite authors Ray Bradbury a few times, he is also a professed ice cream lover and I asked him this same question

gublergublergubler34 karma

his favorite was peppermint, mine is butter pecan

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Will Rumple ever come to Europe?

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emsegrest5 karma

Of all of the characters you've played in movies and tv, which is the most like Rumple?

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I had this massive realization recently that while every character I play or create is very different, rather its Spencer Reid, or Rumple Buttercup, or Raymond from suburban gothic, or Simon the chipmunk, or Kyle Orfman in life after Beth, they are all outsiders who don't fit in with the normal world. I feel very humbled and honored to get to continue to create/play people like this because my only goal in everything I make is to help outsiders feel like they belong.