Aubrey Huff here. I played Major League Baseball for 13 years with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Houston Astros, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers and won 2 World Series with the San Francisco Giants. I was a left-handed hitter and a right-handed 1st baseman who is probably best known for being the rally thong jackass. I was addicted to Adderal in my heyday from 2009-2011. In 2012, I got clean, then had a panic attack and my career ended.

Retiring at age 37 was actually harder than making it to the Big Leagues. I dreamt of being a professional baseball player from a very young age. For 30+ years, my entire life revolved around baseball. When I retired, I felt like my identity and purpose was stripped away from me. I went from having adoring fans screaming my name, the VIP treatment everywhere I went, first-class flights and hotels and being treated like a hero to feeling like a zero. I missed the game, my friends, the camaraderie, life on the go. I had so much time on my hands, it made my sense of worthlessness even greater. I fell into a deep depression and had crippling anxiety. It got so bad I sat in my dark closet with a .357 Magnum aimed at my head, ready to end it all. (You can read more about this on my blog:

Luckily I found my way and was able to let go of "Aubrey Huff the baseball player" and become "Aubrey Huff the proud father" raising my two sons to be remarkable young men. Looking forward to your questions. Ask Me Anything.


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Darth_Deckard2342 karma

You accomplished rarer feats than 99.9% of people. Good for you for turning the corner and being there for your family.

Was adderal use widespread in the locker room around that time?

AubreyHuffOfficial1155 karma

It sure seemed to be towards the end of my career. I will be writting about my adderall abuse in a future blog.

Nolan-1145 karma

Do you realize you misspelled your own first name immediately or have we been wrong this entire time?

AubreyHuffOfficial1504 karma

Holy shit I didn't notice. Hahaha I have a girls name no matter B or D so oh well lets just go with it. hahaha

nightbirds_926 karma

Hey man, kudos to you for being so upfront about your struggles. Who has the biggest dick among MLB players that you've seen?

AubreyHuffOfficial1152 karma

Well I think that may be myself! haha All seriousness I have really yet to run into a true dick in all my years. I've heard stories of some real beauties on other teams but I never make judgments on people If I haven't met them myself.

IAmCastetter766 karma

Best pitcher you’ve ever faced?

AubreyHuffOfficial1709 karma

Pedro Martinez hands down!

Leftfeet576 karma

Have you considered coaching or management now that you're retired? As a player you seemed like a team leader everywhere you went.

AubreyHuffOfficial1127 karma

Thank you for the compliment. Yes I have considered it highly. but I was raised without a father, and my most important role on the planet is raising my two boys 10 and 8. If I coached baseball I'd be away more than when I played. So no I feel that window has passed me by.

Leftfeet346 karma

Little league coaching is a ton of fun, I highly recommend it. My son's team had the pleasure of a former AAA player coming to work with them a few times and the kids loved it. I appreciate the dedication to your family.

AubreyHuffOfficial517 karma

Thanks I take great joy in coaching my boys many sports teams. Soccer, baseball, football, basketball, whatever....

axpmaluga488 karma

What do you think MLB could do better in preparing players for transitioning into retirement?

AubreyHuffOfficial741 karma

Good question. I think more ex players need to be more transparent, and open about the realness of transitioning. I myself are going to begin public speaking to athletes of all sports and ages on this very delima. I think every spring training the league should have a former player come speak to the teams.

najing_ftw395 karma

Do you have enough money so that you never need to work again?

AubreyHuffOfficial1175 karma

Yes I do thank God. Although the ex wife just took a nice chunk out. Thank God I had a nice pre nuptial agreement. That saved me. hahahaha

AubreyHuffOfficial306 karma

Hey guys thank for showing up. Loving the questions here till 10 am. I'll answer throughout the day as well. Some of the questions you guys are asking are also answered in my blog site:

Thanks for logging in guys!


SeismicInfluence100 karma

Wanna smoke a joint at McCovey Cove with me before a game this season?

AubreyHuffOfficial291 karma

I got to be honest every time I smoked weed I panic like a mother fucker! I actually almost called the ambulance once. hahaha. Funny thing is I can take adderall back in the day and absolutely love that shit, but panic on weed. Go figure. hahah

Whatever_Will280 karma

Is it difficult managing money once you are away from the game?

AubreyHuffOfficial706 karma

No not really because I'm a cheap bastard. It was pretty difficult when I was married, because man that ex of mine could really shop. hahah but now since all the glamour and bullshit materialism the game brought I have toned down my life very simply today.

CrazedVGKfan246 karma

How comfortable was that rally thong in 2010?

AubreyHuffOfficial673 karma

The first three days I got a little red rash down my crack and itched quite a bit. But after my ass got used to it, it felt pretty sexy to be honest.

BoominLumens231 karma

How do you feel about players that have used steroids or failed similar tests, like Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera, and Robinson Cano?

AubreyHuffOfficial575 karma

Pisses me off. Some of my best years were that of the steroid era when guys were hitting 40 plus home runs regularly. I hit 30 a couple times and would have made me an MVP type player before all the roids. So yes it took money off the table for me. Fuck all those guys who used steroids. However Adderall got my ass late in my career, but I did have a Therapeutic Use Exemption.

BoominLumens139 karma

'Got your ass' meaning what? Did you have an actual medical reason for using it or was it to give you an edge? I ask because the rate for "ADD" and similar cases is waaaaay disproportionate in the MLB as compared to the rest of the US.

AubreyHuffOfficial320 karma

I honestly took it to get the edge everyone else seemed to have. Believe me it wasn't hard to get. After 162 games everyone is tired and broken down looking for any kind of pick me up they can get. Trust me coffee just doesn't do the trick.

whootang176 karma

Pat Burrell was such an insane character especially in the 2010 run, and his known antics are legendary. Can you tell us a funny story about Pat Burrell we haven't heard before?

AubreyHuffOfficial256 karma

Not that I can type for the world to see! hahahahaha He certainly is legendary.

Cccret85175 karma

Hi Aubrey, did you like SF?

AubreyHuffOfficial442 karma

Hell yeah I did! It was the only organization I actually felt like a big leaguer. The city itself was awesome. great restraints, and fans were as first class as they come.

KING_CH1M4IRA131 karma

When you were with the Giants, was there anyone who stood out, head and shoulders above the rest, as the most athletic and/or talented? It feels like a weird question since they're all professional athletes. Also, who had the most wild personality?

I loved watching you and the Giants win, and I'm glad to hear that you're doing better.

AubreyHuffOfficial369 karma

Buster Posey by far. Not so much athletic ability, but his character and natural leadership ability. I mean shit he was a rookie in 2010 and by the seasons end I was looking to him as a leader. Guy really has that Jeter quality about him. Wild personality isn't even close. Brian Wilson by far. Guy was a strange cat, but an amazing teammate.

dudenotcool96 karma

What did you like most about Houston? Also, reddit should let you fix typos, dont you agree Audrey?

AubreyHuffOfficial225 karma

I honestly didn't care for the city much. The traffic is the worst in the country, and the weather is hot as hell. I however loved the organization and the guys on that team for only the 2 months I played there.

pm_me_your_last_pics90 karma

Recently saw some of your tweets, why are you so agasint advanced statistics and sabermetrics?

AubreyHuffOfficial464 karma

Because I feel like these stats, and technology is ruining the game. Not to mention social media. I mean shit guys are doing interviews during all star games. There are iPad in the dugouts, and guys are tweeting during games. Just all the nerdy bullshit is so annoying to old school players like myself. I mean honestly I never once in my life thought about a launch angle when I hit or the spin rate of a pitcher. My philosophy was simple. See ball hit fucking ball.

Mattbaquiran68 karma

Former college baseball player here, our budget is tight, we live in rural area, travel club charge 400-600 per month, just ridiculous, my 10 year old son dreams of playing college and pro, he’s also crazy focused, which is good, curious your thoughts on specialization, development, travel, and beating the new travel system?

AubreyHuffOfficial159 karma

Great question. I say have your kid play many different sports and don't specialize in something so early as 10. If he wants to do travel when he's 13 or 14 by all means. I have an upcoming blog post where I touch on this very talked about subject called "Don't fall for Travel Ball." It will come out on Friday on my blog site

cheekybastard102962 karma

What was your favorite restaurant to go to after games and what was your favorite thing on their menu?

AubreyHuffOfficial159 karma

I really loved the Slanted door in SF! Great atmosphere, and the food was absolutely amazing. My favorite thing on the menu was the grey goose dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives! hahaha

BoominLumens61 karma

Aubrey, how do you feel about having the same first name as Drake?

AubreyHuffOfficial263 karma

Who the hell is Drake?

BoominLumens143 karma

Wow I'm an Aubrey Huff fan now

AubreyHuffOfficial86 karma

Thanks my friend.

SeismicInfluence45 karma

Just dont forget about Dre

AubreyHuffOfficial88 karma

hahah as Slim Shady would say! haha

AltruisticGate59 karma

Hey Aubrey, do you think a new stadium in St.Pete or Tampa would help the Rays?

AubreyHuffOfficial180 karma

I honestly think they need to move. I just don't ever see a true fanbase developing there. To many transplant Yankee, and Red Sox old timer fans there.

NBogovich58 karma

Thanks for sharing your story - kudos to you for turning your life around.

Looking forward, how do you envision leveraging your difficult life experiences for others in and out of sports who may be going through difficult times of their own?

AubreyHuffOfficial72 karma

I am writing transparently through all my past struggles in a blog site I just opened up 3 months ago, check it out I also will be embarking on a public speaking career.

N_Shaggy_Rogers55 karma

Did you ever play against Bartolo Colón?

AubreyHuffOfficial156 karma

Of course the guy is like 60 years old! hahahaha. I think my second career home run was off of him.

billbixbyakahulk55 karma

Do you feel like you miss the fame more, or the game? And have you considered something like a coaching or commentating position?

AubreyHuffOfficial138 karma

I miss the identity of being a baseball player. not so much the game but the comrade with your teammates, and the adrenaline of the crowds. Life outside the game is kinda slow and boring if I'm being honest.

cptcold49 karma

How does it feel to be a World Series winner, and at the same time, a normal dude? What insights does it give you into the concept of winning?

AubreyHuffOfficial201 karma

You know I worked my whole life to be a WS champion. And then it finally happened it felt like a dream as we celebrated. But the next day I woke up surprisingly empty. I looked at my wife in bed and said "huh, now what?" I had accomplished everything I've ever wanted by 35 so had no idea what goal to chase anymore. It was weird. Winning is awesome but it cant be the end all be all. The joy is in the journey, not the destination. Enjoy everyday, even the grind. the grind is what I miss the most.

Codetwinmom2742 karma

Are you still involved with the coffee company?

AubreyHuffOfficial71 karma

No, I had a falling out with a business partner.

DistinguishedTrout41 karma

Favorite memory from the minor leagues?

AubreyHuffOfficial203 karma

Well I was single at the time so my favorite memory was Durham North Carolina when I would go out after games around the college bars. hahahahaha

rhiandmoi33 karma

Loved having you here in SF!!

So glad to hear of you doing well. Would you be open to working with the players association to help more players use mental health treatments and use time on the injury list to get the help they need?

Do you think the players association should do outreach to college, HS, and little league to help improve mental health amongst players at all levels?

AubreyHuffOfficial54 karma

I actually talked to people in the players association the other day about speaking to guys about the future after the game. It's the hardest thing I ever had to do, transitioning out. If I'm honest I stilll struggle today, but it's not as bad as it used to be.

adamantsteve30 karma

Hey man congrats on the WS titles and glad to hear you're feeling better. First question: can you give us some insight on Pat Burrell whilst w/ the Giants. I always like to think he is smiling knowing he has 2 rings while the majority of the '08 Phillies only have the 1. He was let go by them much to my chagrin. Also, thoughts on the DH in the NL? I was against it for awhile but it seems like a huge benefit to have that extra bat in the lineup. Finally, would you like to join my fantasy baseball league? We'd be honored. Cheers!

AubreyHuffOfficial56 karma

Pat is one of my greatest friends and teammates over my playing career. He is still very fond of Philadelphia as he still speaks often about it. He loved playing there and was proud to be a Phillie. I don't do fantasy baseball.

Leftfeet29 karma

Looking back did you see it as an honor to be one of the first draft picks for a new team? Or were you just thrilled to get drafted?

Also having played with some of the greats that you did, who was the best to play with and who's routine did you try to follow?

AubreyHuffOfficial92 karma

I was just stoked to be drafted. As a high school senior I hit .300 with only 1 homers. I walked on to a regional Junior college and something just clicked. Hit .427 with 17 hR and went to University of Miami and made all american both seasons. All happened so fast. I never had a routine. I just showed up to play.

drew639722 karma

What was your favorite memory in the big leagues?

AubreyHuffOfficial121 karma

Obviously winning the 2010 world series in Arlington Texas in front of all my friends and family. I grew up in Arlington and was a die hard Rangers fan.

AubreyHuffOfficial21 karma

Thanks so much everyone for all the great questions. I have to get going but will be coming back later today to answer any questions unanswered. In the meantime please check out my blog site that answers many of your questions and follow me on Twitter: @aubrey_huff Instagram: @huffdaddy76 Facebook: Huffdaddy Dog @aubreyhuff19

Codetwinmom2719 karma

Do you still have the same publicist from August 2017? I wanted to get your book signed and you sent me the sdtess. I m hoping to have some extra money so get it sent out soon. Thanks! PS. I was your 2nd contributor on the book. Love my coffee sleeve.

AubreyHuffOfficial35 karma

No more publisist, and I don't really push the book anymore. It kinda was a problem in my marriage brought back to many old memeoies for my ex. I wish I didn't write it now. but we live and learn.

benrocks929117 karma

What was going through your head when you won your first world series?

AubreyHuffOfficial53 karma

I won it in Texas where I grew up watching the Rangers and idolizing Nolan Ryan. My first thought was how down the highway just 45 minutes away I grew up hitting 200 balls daily in my back yard cage. It was really a surreal moment.

AubreyHuffOfficial15 karma

Thanks for your questions! I'll be back later this afternoon or evening to finish up.

SfGiantsfnatik8 karma

HuffDaddy! Good to hear everything is on the right track now! I too live in San Diego and will be retiring from the navy next July. We should go play some golf sometime, no?

AubreyHuffOfficial29 karma

Thanks I appreciate that. And thanks for your service buddy. And I fucking despise golf. yuck

jazpermo3 karma

What are you thoughts on the MLB potentially implementing a Pitch Clock during the regular season? I understand they are now testing it this Spring Training, in a passive way. Do you think the game really needs to speed up?

AubreyHuffOfficial18 karma

Every thing the game is becoming today is pissing me off. Time clocks, replay, social media, analytics, spin rate, launch angle, pitch track. I mean seriously who gives a shit! I'm a die hard traditionalist. I love the way the game used to be, when guys got knocked down when they pimped a homer. Now it's an art, and praised.

Codetwinmom272 karma

How many tattoos do you have?

AubreyHuffOfficial8 karma

I have 7 tattoos all of which 3 I didn't have still! We all live with some regret right? haha

bballfinatic241 karma

Lifetime Giants fan here. Thanks for 2010, when did the rally thong make its first appearance?

AubreyHuffOfficial4 karma

September 1! Had it on all september. Claimed to team I would wear it all month, and if we went 20-10 we would make the playoffs. Last game of the season we were 19-10. We beat SD to go to playoffs. Rally Thong baby!