In 2013 I started my blog because I was annoyed with the old, tired stereotypes that exist about 'stoners' and I wanted to showcase (on my youtube channel ) my passion for the combination of cannabis and adventure and exercise. This culminated in a 2 year world bike trip around Europe, India/Nepal and Australia/New Zealand during which I was stoned most of the time. Ask me anything.

Edit at 6.43pm ET: I've been answering questions for eight hours straight now, I'm going to bed as it's 11.45pm here in UK. Laters.


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mdlewis118122 karma

Are you going to do it again, or are you a lazy stoner?

HealthySt0ner5300 karma

Haha! Well everyone's lazy sometimes aren't they?! I cycled 200 miles last week so still out on the bike but I'm settled for the time being. Adventuring does cost money and I'm working to get a sponsor for an American adventure.

DOGEweiner2206 karma

You should bike around Canada. Weed is legal and plentiful in our great nation

HealthySt0ner2279 karma

Is that an invitation? I would LOVE TO.

Jerommeke661094 karma

Biking while stoned. How much did you eat during a day?

HealthySt0ner22 karma

Sorry mate, seemed to have missed this. I ate whatever was local: Delicious salads throughout Spain, the food throughout France was of course amazing, delicious cheeses, breads. I always had porridge for breakfast on my stove. Italy with its delicious pastas, pizzas, more salads, fruit always and expressos. India was best for food, amazing food everywhere, I ate my way around. Mixed veg curry was my go-to but also paneers, all the delicious fruit by the side of the road, coconuts! Mo mos and Dahl Baht in Nepal. Australia was more difficult for food as I was out in the sticks so much I ate what I carried. Porridge, still, peanut butter and flat breads, pasta and a carrot in the evening. I did allow myself sweet treats sometimes, I was burning a lot of calories.

zexdout811 karma

Do you find that the amount affects activity levels? For example I have used it to get off opioids. I injured 4 vertebrae in my lower back, a couple in my neck, and tore three tendons in my left shoulder during military service.

The following three years through numerous surgeries and procedures I ballooned from my military weight of 167-180 up to 263. I started using cannabis at the recommendation of my pain management doctor. I've found that using the right amount vastly changes how active I can be.

HealthySt0ner851 karma

Hi mate! Firstly well done for binning the opioids, I've heard of cannabis being used for that and it's testament to the plant that it can do that for people.

As for the activity levels vs amount ingested I worked into a fairly constant routine on the trip. The Merry Jane article said I vaped every 20 minutes which made me laugh as I wouldn't have had time for much bike riding at that rate! It was every 20 miles, not minutes. Best wishes mate, wishing you a full recovery x

zexdout167 karma

Thanks and keep up changing opinions! I find it amusing when I tell me church friends how I kicked prescription drugs. They all have this mentality how weed is evil. I tell them it's probably because of Big Pharma that they feel that way!

Keep up the great work!!

HealthySt0ner49 karma

Thanks, and you!

FG39V9-1685 karma

I'm bike packing Europe in march, anything you forgot or didn't think of that you wish you had taken?

HealthySt0ner737 karma

I took way too much stuff, I'd do it lighter next time. Worth having a spare tyre I'd say. Europe in March will be unpredictable weather wise so make sure you have a range of clothing. Are you planning on camping? Northern or Southern Europe? It really depends on what weather you'll be encountering. Enjoy!

Captain_Florky623 karma

Do you remember that time when you biked over 19,000 miles while vaping weed to disprove the lazy stoner myth?

HealthySt0ner605 karma

Yeah... It rained on the first day, then the sun came out...

Captain_Florky112 karma

Do you think the weed impacted your endurance at all? I mean you’re obviously in very good shape to be able to bike that far while vaping pot, but do you think it would have been any easier if you did it sober? Also, do you think vaping made it easier rather than physically smoking it? I can imagine inhaling actual smoke would impact your lungs more than a vape.

leahcim435111 karma

Last time I climbed a mountain I was intermittently getting stoned. I noticed it made the aches and pains and lack of oxygen a little more bearable. I know there have been studies that indicated decreased work output when using marijuana, but I don't think it actually makes it harder. Perhaps makes it easier.

HealthySt0ner138 karma

I agree. For me spending hours in the saddle it made aches and pains melt away and took me mentally to a very 'blissed out' happy place as I peddled myself to wherever I was going that day. For me, as long as I have a plan as to what I want to achieve before I get high, I generally get on and do it!

Captain_Florky88 karma

That makes sense. I would think the whole myth about pot smokers being “lazy” isn’t entirely true. I think it speaks more to the general population. There is such a large portion of the population that doesn’t even get out and do much for activities regardless if they smoke pot or not, most people sit around watching Netflix when they aren’t working. That being said I do believe that being burnt out can definitely amplify an already lazy persons laziness even more.

There is only a relatively small percentage of people that even commit to regular exercise and I’m sure those that do wouldn’t have too much of an issue staying motivated while smoking pot.

For instance I love to smoke before I lift weights, I find it gets me in the zone and I am able to focus on the mind muscle connection a lot better.

HealthySt0ner107 karma

That's it mate. There's a spectrum of motivational levels in humans and it's got very little to do with whether they happen to enjoy cannabis or not!

elementboarder426 karma

How did you deal with the paranoia of being stoned in countries where it is illegal? Were you concerned that anybody would know what you were up to? Have you ever seen locked up abroad, and were you worried about legal issues? Thanks!

HealthySt0ner684 karma

Haha! I love 'Banged up Abroad' as it's called here in the UK. That was one of the main reasons I decided not to go through the Middle East, which I thought might be taking the p1ss a bit. With perhaps the exception of Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia (FYROM) and Greece, most other places have the classic split personality approach to weed: It's illegal but not high on their priority list. The countries mentioned turned out to be a bit strict but having contacts on the ground already helped! Also, I guess I was hiding in plain sight. Who would suspect an innocent bicycle tourer of being high AF on some sweet bud?

farmerjane353 karma

The Japanese would! It's practically a trope how frequently foreigners riding bicycles are stopped. The police believe that every gaijin on a bicycle is an illegal immigrant bike thief consuming and selling illegal narcotics and/or indecent pornography.

Then, they'll write you a ticket for not stopping at the intersection or a piece of litter...

HealthySt0ner141 karma

Good to know!

wick29116 karma

How did vaping affect your breathing? I'm not only talking about discomfort or problem but also the actual feel while doing this strenuous activity.

HealthySt0ner186 karma

Honestly, vaping did not affect my breathing, and if it did it was considerably less than the fact that I was exercising on a highway everyday, constantly breathing in vehicle emissions. Compared to smoking, vapings effects on the lungs are minimal imo.

Jalibut40 karma

I tend to agree with that, although it does still cause some problems for me. I vaped, nicotine for 2-3 weeks and I quit because I could feel my useful lungs becoming smaller (im a professional trumpet player), and then out of the blue I had an asthma attack. I thought I had grown out of it a year before that point. So I quit then and there, and made sure I did my breathing compressions exercise. However, about a month later, I tried smoking for the first time. Instant asthma. Definitely a difference, wouldn't say vaping is necessarily healthy though. :) This is just my experience.

HealthySt0ner48 karma

In an ideal world where cannabis was legal everywhere there would be a range of methods to ingest full spectrum cannabis. One day!

Pompous_Walrus47 karma

Did you bring along like a garbage bag of weed with you or did you have to stop and re-up? Any trouble getting weed on your trip?

HealthySt0ner74 karma

Haha yeah I just filled one of my pannier bags before I left with like a kilo of stink! I did think about doing that but borders would have been a problem. I found on the ground! France wasn't a problem, nor was Spain or Italy, and Slovenia! Wow I loved Slovenia, very liberal there. Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece were difficult but luckily some great people contacted me through the blog and showed me the underground cannabis scenes in those respective countries. I loved that. India/Nepal, it's everywhere, as it is in Australia. New Zealand was in the middle of a weed drought when I arrived, much to my horror!

adiabatic_storm17 karma

What's your favorite strain / type of vape for bike riding?

HealthySt0ner29 karma

I do like a nice Haze in my vape for cycling. There was a delicious strain in a cannabis cafe in Ibiza I frequented called Super Lemon Haze, that was delicious. That was a luxury though, it's not like I really got a choice most of the time as most of the countries I biked through still had prohibition firmly in place so, like back home in the UK, I got what I was given. Pure indicas throughout India, delicious hash in Nepal, and loads of 'Hydro' throughout Australasia and a mixed bag throughout Europe. Since being back in the UK I've gotten into edibles on a bike ride just because they last so long, really good if you need to do a lot of miles in one go.

hersheybar227 karma

Why do you vape weed?

How long have you been doing weed?

What's the craziest thing you've done while you were high?

What do you want people to know about weed?

HealthySt0ner13 karma

1) I vape weed because it's so much less harmful than smoking it. It'd be great if the UK could legalise and then we could have boiled sweets/mouth sprays etc.

2) I've been 'doing' (or appreciating?) weed since I was 18 years old. So 20 years now!

3) I don't really do crazy sh1t when I'm stoned.

4) I'm just trying to show people how I enjoy weed: with sides of exercise and adventure!

Whatofitpunk46 karma


"I don't really do crazy sh1t when I'm stoned."

Proceeds to bike the world for 2 entire years.

HealthySt0ner8 karma

Ha, ok well y' got me there!

Hotrodkungfury2 karma

Any opinions on RSO?

HealthySt0ner-2 karma


I think it's fantastic and provides medicinal relief to many, many people around the world!

soodisappointed5 karma

I don't understand why there is so much backlash over OP's accomplishment, why are so many people being negative? The man has a belief, he set a goal and did it! So what if you might believe it was a waste, it was his time and energy to do with as he pleases. I have no dog in this fight but recognize OP's accomplishment as something to be respected and encouraged.

HealthySt0ner5 karma

Thank-you, voice of reason.

oskar6695 karma

I could hook you up with some people interested in dispelling the opioid crisis myth. Are you in any way interested in shooting up heroin while holding a corporate job for two months?

HealthySt0ner3 karma

Not in the slightest. But thanks for the offer.

EatsRats3 karma

Do you find that biking high is more pleasurable relative to biking sober? Any big differences like lower ambition or maybe not pedaling as fast...anything like that?

I very much enjoy riding my bike after having some of the devil's lettuce. Well done, my dude!

HealthySt0ner1 karma

I love biking sober or high, it's not like I wouldn't go for a ride without weed. I'd generally have an idea of how far I wanted to go on any given day and if something happened that slowed me down I'd made a call and pitch my tent wherever I was. I love biking high because I find it lifts my consciousness from the physical discomfort of the exercise and the stress position that you're in when you're on a bike. Add the French countryside on a sunny day (for example) and you can imagine how good that is!

AndySlamsNerds3 karma

What are some of your favorite strains to use while exercising, or to recover with?

HealthySt0ner3 karma

I really enjoyed the Super Lemon Haze in Ibiza and the Nepali Hash was incredible.

Visualsound2 karma

Did you use different strains? Did some ‘help’ more than others? Congrats on doing the whole thing!

HealthySt0ner1 karma

Thank-you! It was difficult to know what the strain was but I really enjoyed the high CBD indica strains throughout India and the hashish in Nepal was outstanding. Australia has some fantastic growers.

imtriing2 karma

What's your favourite dry herb vape and what was your kit when you were out and about on the road?

HealthySt0ner4 karma

Well, if you check the youtube channel you'll see that most of time I opted for the Arizer Solo, Air and Solo II. They're solid vaporisers, low maintenance and high battery capacity.

Oh_god_not_you1 karma

Dear my hero :) what was your favorite get up and go strain ?? I ask because Barcelona Sour Diesel in Cold Water Crumble ( vaped on the back of a bed of sour diesel flower ) is my go to for getting up and going ??

HealthySt0ner1 karma

Ha, thanks dude! As above really, I really enjoyed a nice cerebral haze to ride to. It's not like I was able to pop into weed cafés and choose from a menu though, you find someone and you buy whatever it is they're selling! Good old prohibition!

The_Scrunt-1 karma

Why do you feel the need to self medicate?

HealthySt0ner0 karma

Why does anyone? Most people use alcohol to 'self medicate', (read: take the edges off of life, enhance experiences, have fun). I and many others like me chose a vastly less harmful substance like weed. Are you teetotal?