So apparently there was some curiosity about my miserable life as a hot dog guy in that frozen rock in the middle of nowhere called Iceland. I posted a video I recorded at work trying to kill myself and then running away on a bike around the country. Some dude ask me to do a IAmA, so here I am. That's the link to my video: And that's a the proof that weird dude is me:

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Jameswc2980 karma

Why did you move to Iceland to sell hotdogs? How did that opportunity arise? What made you leave Spain?

followyourbeans3816 karma

I was travelling for a year around Scandinavia playing the guitar in the streets and sleeping in a tent. I got to Iceland in winter and it was to cold to camp, so I got a flat and the first job I found. I was obviously broke, and selling hot dogs was the only choice. Then I stayed way longer than expected.

ShhHutYuhMuhDerkhead2233 karma

Do you speak Icelandic? If yes how hard was it to learn?

If no, what happens if a local wants a hot dog? Are they expected to order in English?

followyourbeans3261 karma

No, I don't. It's really hard. They have words with more than 20 letters and I can't barely pronounce anything without the locals laughing at me. I know some basic stuff, but I didn't want to go deep into it since I'm not staying here for too long.

I can take an order in icelandic, but most of the workers in customer service are foreigners. So yes, they have to use English instead. Sometimes they get offended and invite you to leave the country (but that just happens with old grumpy local men, specially the ones in a suit).

carsonc831468 karma

Do people in Iceland like anything weird on their hotdogs, what's so bad about Iceland, do you think you would have hated humanity if you were selling hotdogs in another country or is it only the people in Iceland you hate?

followyourbeans2632 karma

The sausage is made of lamb, pork and beef (all mixed) and they top it with raw onion and fried onion. The sauces are also Icelandic. There is some sort of brown mustard called sinep, something called remuladi and tomato sauce.

I had really shity jobs, but this one has been specially tough. Hot dogs in Iceland are pretty popular. Apparently Bill Clinton came to Iceland 10 years ago and said "this is the best hot dog I've ever tried". So you can image. I had huge lines of tourist everyday asking me for Bill Clinton and taking pictures and videos of me while I was preparing their food (they didn't even ask me).

It's not about dealing with Icelandic people, it's more about the whole touristy thing. You feel like you work in a theme park.

diegojones41461 karma

Why are you still there?

followyourbeans2320 karma

I ask myself that question all the time. I like to try new countries. In the last five years I've been living in Spain, Scotland and Norway too. It's really easy to live in Iceland, the wages are pretty big and I kind of like small capitals, but this is probably my last year, can't deal with the isolation anymore. I went on a holiday to England this summer and I felt like I just came out from a cave.

azuulada1398 karma

How is Iceland so terrible that it made you hate humanity? I thought it was some sort of paradise except for the cold.

followyourbeans2531 karma

That's the problem. Iceland is commonly seen as a fairytale country where all your dreams become true. The landscape is amazing, right, and there's no unemployment, but right now we just have 3 hours of sunlight (you can't see the sun anyway) and the wind drives you crazy. Maybe that's the reason why Iceland is the biggest consumer of antidepressants (per capita), and I can attest that myself: most of my Icelandic workmates are on pills.

stowawayhome245 karma

How's the bike ride going? It must be pretty dang cold inland!

followyourbeans359 karma

I already finished it three weeks ago. It took me a month but it wasn't specially cold, the struggles had more to do with the long distances and the darkness. At 5 PM it was already dark and there were a few times where I couldn't make it to the next town, so I had to do wild camping next to the main road. The rain and the wind were savage too, I'd to get rescued a couple of times by some tourist. The experience was awesome anyway, but I would not do it again, at least with this weather.

thcslayer44118 karma

I was just in Iceland a few months ago. Where was the hot dog stand you work at?

followyourbeans131 karma

Austurstraeti 20, in front of 10/11.

guyontheoatmealbox27 karma

Have you served a hot dog to Björk?

followyourbeans67 karma

I haven't met any icelander who likes Björk. She probably never leaves her castle.

Lord_Malgus15 karma

You a separatist?

followyourbeans91 karma

I just sell hot dogs.

faab641 karma

I am not sure, but you said you moved to Island because you like the Alps? Why not come to France instead?

followyourbeans2 karma

I'm not that bad at Geography, lol. I'm from Spain, but we have schools here. I said elves, : )

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