Hi I am MILF star Brandi Love! I love creating sexy content for all my #LoveTroopers!

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spentmiles5613 karma

I imagine there's a lot of queefing on porn sets, changing positions often and all. Do you find some days worse than others, like "oh man, I've really got the queefs today."?

realBrandiLove5944 karma

Every day is a little different. Everytime you put your face down and your booty up, you know what will happen. I guess if you have three girls one guy, it's almost like a symphony! It depends on the type of sex you are having and the position changes.

maglen695425 karma

What's with all the incest porn now? I mean I get it, it's searched for, but it's like they take any vid now and just slap step bro or sister on it for clicks.

Edit: Great, one of my highest comments is about incest porn. I regret nothing.

realBrandiLove4992 karma

Yeah and sometimes it goes even deeper. Sometimes it goes from step-mom to half brother etc. It is just the 'next biggest thing' currently. I wish I understood why - maybe the taboo nature of it?

interwebbed5250 karma

How do you deal with your children and your career? To what extent do they know and how do you think you'll deal with it once they get older?

realBrandiLove6945 karma

Totally know and totally supportive. When they were little I taught them to be themselves. When it came out to the fullest, they were completely accepting. They are protective and understanding.

Splintzer4442 karma

Faster or harder?

realBrandiLove5857 karma


bangsteve4146 karma

do you ever bang in the houses you're selling or flipping before giving them to the client?

realBrandiLove7802 karma

100%! That is an interesting question. I know there are bizarre cases of homes in LA/Vegas that people discover that they were being used for adult sets and it is frowned upon. Every house has sex in it - and if it doesn't then that's a sad home!

Elble4009 karma

What is your favorite type of sandwich?

realBrandiLove8369 karma

Spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's!

greensploge13385 karma

What's the most awkward encounter you've had with a fan? The creepiest?

realBrandiLove8411 karma

I was in Italy and I was hiking. I heard this tractor coming up behind me and I took my earbuds out. I didn't have great cell service so I was a little freaked out. This jolly farmer jumps off his tractor and says "Brandi Love". I don't speak Italian so it was a bit of a language barrier. He grabbed me and gave me a few kisses on my face!

BeautifulMindz3321 karma

Hi Brandi! Does your husband watch and enjoy your videos?

realBrandiLove6126 karma

You know I find it incredibly hot that he does watch my videos! When I'm shooting them I only think about him watching me.

HylianHero953297 karma

Where do you have the most fun making movies? Do you like being outside, in other countries, inside a big house, a hotel room?

realBrandiLove4535 karma

I only shot one movie outside of the country and I went to London. It was an incredibly unique experience. I would say that I prefer outdoor settings because there is an element of craziness that takes the sex to the next level.

petitefenetre3268 karma

Have you ever felt taken advantage of by the adult entertainment industry?

realBrandiLove4593 karma

I have an amazing 15 year career thus far. Bad things happen in any workplace, but I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by incredible people. I have never felt taken advantage of.

ourmanflint13132 karma

What's the most awkward time you were recognized?

realBrandiLove6146 karma

Hmm. The most awkward was when I was with our child who was under 18 and the person was a pilot of a plane for a major carrier. He slid me a note and asked for an autograph, but it just wasn't the time!

AlADDIN164002535 karma

Where was the craziest place you had sex?

realBrandiLove5714 karma

The craziest...hmm...Idk how crazy this is because it wasn't upside down on a roller coaster or anything. My husband and I were on our honeymoon in Cancun and we fucked on the balcony for all the gardeners to see!

Adkjarod2345 karma

What is the darkest secret of the industry that everyone knows about but doesn’t talk about?

realBrandiLove2600 karma

Holy smokes. Apparently they haven't talk to me about it either. I don't know of anything that is Earth shattering or dark to be honest.

bright_shiny_objects2090 karma

Is there anything the fans do that annoy you?

realBrandiLove3401 karma

Yes, ask me when I'm going to do anal. Haha it's an inside joke and my fans will attack for me now!

Superhornythrowawayy2075 karma

Are you more attracted to men or women? You seem to enjoy both equally in your scenes, but I'm wondering if you have a slight preference.

realBrandiLove3109 karma

The genders offer such different and unique experiences. I am married to a man, although I absolutely enjoy women too!

fereck12051 karma

Do you feel your Wikipedia article is accurate?

realBrandiLove3432 karma

I have to check it monthly just because of how WikiPedia works. I am constantly trying to rectify false information. I would say 60% of the information is accurate.

fraybentos61961 karma

What is the best thing about your job?

realBrandiLove3188 karma

The freedom. Financial freedom, time freedom. You are the boss of your financial future and your body. It is a great opportunity that I love!

fartfacepooper1602 karma

What was the worst experience you've ever had on set?

realBrandiLove4996 karma

That is a very interesting question. I have heard some great horror stories and I've been wondering when mine will happen! I had one recently where I left set to run some errands because we were waiting on the male talent. I came back and the producer was fucking the female talent! I was actually playing the mom that was catching the teen daughter!

chengiz1415 karma

You have a killer body. What is your workout routine like?

realBrandiLove2309 karma

Thank you so much! It does get a but tougher as the years go by, but I try to work out 5 days a week. I don't diet, I primarily follow a low-carb Keto plan and intermittent fasting.

yes_its_him1228 karma

How are high school reunions?

realBrandiLove1683 karma

I actually have not been to one. Right after college we moved, and we have moved ~5-6 times since then. Neither one of us (my husband and I) have been to one.

fiachra121134 karma

Has there ever been a moment where you thought about quitting? If so, what changed your mind?

realBrandiLove1303 karma

No, not yet. People have asked me if I will retire, there will be a point where I will move on from adult but when that time is I have no idea.

westcoasttoast3847 karma

What's it like being a top 5 pornstar on PornHub?

realBrandiLove1313 karma

It is amazing! Those numbers started about 2 years ago and I found out via Twitter. I didn't believe them until I looked! It is one of those moments where you think WOW we did it!

rdanks25839 karma

Hi Brandi, I just want to say that you always come across as the best actress in any of your pre-sex scenes in that your delivery isn't stilted.

Have you had any training as an actress or do you just know how to make the stuff you're saying not sound like you're reading from a cue card? Also, what's the silliest scenario you've ever had to act out in a scene?

realBrandiLove917 karma

I am very flattered! I do not have any formal training! 90% of the characters I play are an aspect of me. I'm not trying to "be" someone else, I think that it comes out naturally! I have so much fun playing roles that are a part of my personality.

Silliest scenario? There hasn't been anything that has been too crazy, maybe someday I will be given that opportunity!

Strawberryweeb772 karma

What's your favorite other pornstar? Is it someone you worked with?

realBrandiLove800 karma

Omg there is no way I could just pick one! It would be almost impossible for me to pick just one!

NerdBroMan663 karma

What advice would you give to anyone starting out in your industry?

realBrandiLove2101 karma

Two things: 1. Love sex. Be comfortable in your own skin and love having sex. 2. Delayed gratification, financially. You have to save financially for those times when you can't work. More than 50% should be saved.

Br0barian662 karma

Hey Brandi, 2 questions:

  1. How did you get started in the adult entertainment industry?

  2. Are there unions?

realBrandiLove837 karma

They are currently no unions in adult. I know there are groups that have tried, but I do not believe there are any. There are advocacy groups that work on our behalf.

PiscesPlaya604 karma

You made that Pizzazz video. What was it like working with the greatest rapper of all time AKA Yung Gravy?

realBrandiLove640 karma

We connected because he mentioned my name in his video, and it was an absolute blast to be on set for a music video.

Mikesims09396 karma

Have you and your husband tried swinging or have an interest in such activities?

realBrandiLove553 karma

Yes we were swingers before BrandiLove.com was born. It has always been a part of our lifestyle.

RoboFeanor341 karma

What porn plot is your favourite to act out?

realBrandiLove668 karma

Oooh. The truth is, when there is no plot - when the focus is really great sex.

zaboomerfoo306 karma

Who's making blacklight porn and is it a thing?

realBrandiLove352 karma

You know I haven't shot blacklight porn...A scene or two could be amazing.

coolcrushkilla249 karma

What do you think about people who wear socks to bed?

realBrandiLove493 karma

I think they probably have poor circulation and their toes are cold, haha! It doesn't bother me. I personally sleep so hot that I have to sleep without socks.

MrUnoDosTres202 karma

Who is your "secret" celebrity crush?

realBrandiLove395 karma

I have a lot of them! It won't be secret if I tell you ;) I have a thing for Tom Brady and Giselle.

AlADDIN16400146 karma

Do you prefer just doing Milf scenes or adult scenes?

realBrandiLove198 karma

I like it all! The MILF scenes are natural, fun and I get them. We can just roll with it and have fun. I also like when someone throws a script at me that is challenging and fun! I love doing them all.

liliron135 karma

Hi Brandi, what's your favorite Christmas movie?

realBrandiLove246 karma

Oh there are so many! It's a Wonderful Life is great, but my absolute favorite is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

andygfuller125 karma

Your VR stuff is amazing.. Do you enjoy shooting VR stuff most or conventional film?

realBrandiLove188 karma

I like them equally for different reasons! I love the contact in conventional porn. When you are shooting VR you can't touch your partner. You have to have a really strong mind for both of the partners to be into it! The VR is more of a challenge.

palacfap86 karma

Will you be at the AVN Expo in Vegas next month?

I'll be celebrating my bachelors party and would love to meet you! gotta shoot your shots lmao

realBrandiLove184 karma

I will be there! I am there from the 24-27. I will do shots with you if you come to the expo!

godzingisthagod68 karma

Can I take you out to a nice steak dinner?

realBrandiLove336 karma

Blushes who doesn't like a nice steak dinner! It sounds like a date, and I won't date, I will only fuck you. I am happily married.

tryl8er35 karma

Hey Brandi! Always been a huge fan! I only have a couple of questions.

  1. What are your views on the latest FOSTA laws?

  2. With the relatively recent news of Stormi Daniels and Trump, is it common for performers in the adult industry to meet secretly with high profile business men/politicians/etc? What are your views on those types of arrangements?

realBrandiLove154 karma

  1. Sex trafficking rings, consenting adults etc, not knowing about the intrinsics of the laws I would be hesitant to say anymore.
    I do believe there needs to be stringent laws about sex trafficking.

  2. I have zero views about those arrangements because they are arrangements between two adults. I don't care what two consenting adults are doing.

madd749 karma

There's a bomb on a bus. Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up. What do you do?

realBrandiLove37 karma

Drive 50mph. The movie Speed, right? ;)

RickHasselhoff2 karma

Would you encourage more young women to pursue a career in porn over other more traditional careers?

realBrandiLove9 karma

Encourage, no. I encourage women to do what they want with their lives.

jeffkeyz1 karma

Ms Brandi, do you miss anything about Raleigh?

realBrandiLove1 karma

I am not bothering.

NecronomibroR1 karma

What makes you really happy ? Need some advice .

realBrandiLove2 karma

Soul searching - find out what makes you happy and do it! We only have one life to live, so do things that make you happy!!!