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sluuuurp1 karma

What's your opinion on Seaworld keeping dolphins in captivity for entertainment?

itrainanimalsandshit2 karma

See this comment.

And I also feel I should add that it's not "just for entertainment." Zoos and aquariums contribute a ton to conservation efforts, and the animals at these facilities are ambassadors for their species to make people care. Reading about dolphins and whales and saying we need to help them is fine and dandy, but actually getting to see and interact with them in person and then hearing about their problems with pollution or whaling or what have you is a whole different level. People need to see how amazing these animals are and connect with them in order to get excited about conservation.

dartleader0 karma

Are you a fan of Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2?

itrainanimalsandshit1 karma

Never played it

fromRUEtoRUIN-5 karma

Do you think it's good opsec, whether classified or not, to advertise things like this?

itrainanimalsandshit8 karma

I haven't said anything that isn't already available on the Navy's own website or news articles/documentaries