The Eagle Eye staff is excited to be here for our first ever AMA.

As a student publication, our newspaper strives to not only teach students about the importance of journalism, but also empower them to use their voices - their words - as catalysts for change.

We welcome you to speak with a few of our editors: Hannah Kapoor, Rebecca Schneid, Nyan Clarke, Dara Rosen, and Leni Steinhardt.

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u/Hannahkapoor - Hannah is a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and is Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Eagle Eye

u/Dararosen01 - Dara is a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and is a copy editor for The Eagle Eye

u/Nclarke2 - Nyan is a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and is the Photo Editor of The Eagle Eye

u/Lenisteinhardt - Leni is a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and is the Multimedia Editor for The Eagle Eye

u/Einavc - Einav is a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and is the Managing Editor for The Eagle Eye

u/Rpschneid - Rebecca is a senior at Marjory a Stoneman Douglas High School and is Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Eagle Eye

u/Mfalkowski; Melissa Falkowski is the faculty adviser of The Eagle Eye and has been teaching at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for 15 years

This AMA is part of r/IAmA’s “Spotlight on Journalism” project which aims to shine a light on the state of journalism and press freedom in 2018. This AMA is part of our "Future of Journalism" endeavor featuring high school newspaper journalists. The project ran throughout the month of October 2018 and ends today, having encompassed dozens of AMAs.

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stealthtrading52 karma

Why do you feel like you’re an authority on activism, journalism and gun culture in America?

hannahkapoor6 karma

We don't necessarily view ourselves as an "authority" but more like a voice. Our school and our staff have had a first hand witness to the horrors of gun violence. Instead of being victims, we've chosen to channel our anger and grief into something productive.

shiruken33 karma

What are your thoughts about how fringe online communities are radicalizing young men all around the world? Have you encountered this at all during your time in school?

Do you think social media has been a good or bad influence on your generation?

hannahkapoor22 karma

Bad influences are everywhere. Hatred and radical thought will always attempt to creep through communities, but as a society, it is our duty to empower and teach people from a young age to reject and prevent such thought. Yes, social media has accelerated the spread of such negativity but it has also empowered ordinary people to speak out against wrong doing. To me, this power outweighs any influence a radical community may garner. In many ways, social media is a necessary evil and that is what the world saw from MSD's response to the shooting. If used properly, it has the potential to do more good than harm.

cahaseler17 karma

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for doing this.

I know many of your classmates have been focusing on voting drives recently, what's next for you all after this election? Do you have goals to pivot to beyond next week?

hannahkapoor11 karma

Civic engagement is a far-reaching subject, and voting is only the first step. Our main priority is awareness, not just towards school shootings, but societal flaws in general. It has become far too common for Americans to take their democratic rights for granted without a genuine understanding of what truly is going on. As young people pursuing our education, we will continue to live by our newfound awareness about our responsibility towards our community and share that with others. Right now it's only voting drives, but we will continue to do whatever it takes.

cahaseler2 karma

As a millennial, I'm super happy to see your generation stepping up and pushing the boundaries even further. It's frustrating how many of my generation don't care to vote, I have high hopes you guys can improve on it.

hannahkapoor18 karma

Thank you for your supporting words! If you want to read more about MSD and what we've been working on, please visit!

dragonscale768 karma

What advice do you have for other student/school publications that are interested in promoting activism and keeping people in touch with their civic duties like participation in the election process and community engagement?

hannahkapoor15 karma

The key is to delve into issues your staff cares about. Don't be afraid to explore issues that directly impact your community or ones that they may not necessarily know about. As a local publication, you have the powerful ability to both educate people and reach out to them directly. At the Eagle Eye, our story ideas are never limited to what is "easy" or even what represents the school in the best light- and that's probably what I love about our publication the most.

professor_max_hammer6 karma

Hey from class of 2000 Douglass alum. I just want to say how proud I am of you all & how you handeled yourselves after the shooting. Keep up the amazing work & keep making us proud!

hannahkapoor11 karma

Thank you for your support! It's good to hear from another eagle!

CapitalZ23 karma

  1. What role, if any, have the MSD teachers played in continuing to facilitate student activism as the shooting becomes less of a national discussion topic?

  2. What do you think is the most obvious, least controversial "step 1" of reducing the probability of mass shootings?

hannahkapoor22 karma

  1. Our school is full of both conservative and liberal teachers. As educators, they encourage us to research, define our own opinions, and become civically active citizens. They care for their students and strive to empower them. While opposing views are no doubt in existence, our community has a newfound respect and understanding of one another after the tragedy and teachers never try to project/sway the opinions of students.
  2. Mental health is probably the least controversial step. However, the warning signs can't always be identified. It is a great and vital start, but not a complete solution.