Hi, I’m Jodie Whittaker and I play The Doctor in the new season of Doctor Who. The new season premiered yesterday around the world and now I’m here to answer your questions now, Reddit. Ask me anything about Sheffield, aliens, and fried egg sandwiches!

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UPDATE: Hope you’re having a lovely day. And bye for now.

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gloebe104836 karma

Of all the Doctors you would do a multi-Doctor episode with, which Doctor would you most like to work with down the road?

BBCA_Official7646 karma

Doc Brown!

NETZI-14389 karma

You have 2 hearts now. How are you feeling?

BBCA_Official6958 karma

Full of love.

audreyt922574 karma

What was it like working on Black Mirror?

BBCA_Official3569 karma

It was brilliant and intense, if not a terrifying concept and one I hope the future doesn’t aim to create.

ToastedCupcakes2367 karma

Where were you when you found out you would be the new Doctor?

BBCA_Official4878 karma

In the final meeting with the grown ups when they broke the news to me and I wept.

TERRAxFORMER2285 karma

Hi Jodie! If you could meet any historical figure as The Doctor, who would it be?

BBCA_Official3716 karma

I’ve got a bit of a thing about dinosaurs. Even though a dinosaur isn’t a historical figure, just to see creatures of scale that you cannot comprehend now would be extraordinary.

UnwiseSensei2262 karma

How do you prepare for a role as strange as the Doctor? Did you have anything in particular you wanted to bring to the part?

BBCA_Official4025 karma

I wanted to bring a sense of childlike wonder and I really wanted to tap into that feeling I had as a kid when everything was a revelation and there was such joy in that.

As you can older, you can often as a human get a bit jaded or a bit cynical and I wanted to tap into the youthfulness of myself and my personality and bring that to the preparation of playing the Doctor.

mycroftstardis2023 karma

Hey Jodie! What is your must-have item in your trailer/on the set? Love from Wales!

BBCA_Official3809 karma

My glass Keep Cup. Because you’re not allowed drinks on set unless they’re contained in something safe and I don’t like the idea of chucking away paper and plastic every 10 minutes while I’m filming.

Bert2theSpark1735 karma

What’s your favourite biscuit?

BBCA_Official3091 karma

Custard cream. Or if I’m feeling really posh, a Fox’s Crunch Cream.

ChattyMattyYoutube1706 karma

Were you and Capaldi both on set during the Christmas special or did you do your part later?

BBCA_Official3149 karma

You aren’t on set at the same time. Peter had finished filming his season the week before I shot the regeneration. So unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet him straight away, but I’ve been lucky enough to chat to him since.

gamepopper1561 karma

What's currently the most fun part of working on Doctor Who at the moment for you?

BBCA_Official2582 karma

The banter between the cast and the crew. It’s at times hilarious, exhausting and ridiculous, but everyday we’re living our best life.

Draenor861349 karma

How easy/hard was it keeping it a secret when you were offered the role?

BBCA_Official2324 karma

It’s easy because I appreciated how ambitious the reveal video was and I didn’t want to be the reason that got leaked. But it’s hard because it’s such a huge part of your future. It’s strange to be with close family and friends and for them to not know anything about it.

Timelorder941284 karma

What ingredients do I need to make my very own sonic screwdriver?

BBCA_Official2959 karma

A dash of hope, a pinch of creativity, and lot of Sheffield steel.

NotAFanOFMilk1147 karma

Hi Jodie,

What’s the best life lesson you learned?

BBCA_Official2299 karma

Life is very short. But hopefully, love transcends all time and space.

nopol101116 karma

Hi Jodie! You made an amazing debut and I can't wait to see more! Here's my question: If you could pick a country to film the next series of Doctor Who in, where would you go?

BBCA_Official1946 karma

I’d love to go to Japan. I’ve never been and I think what an extraordinary adventure that would be.

Ab0ut47Pandas966 karma

Are you excited that you'll end up being an action figure?

BBCA_Official1592 karma

Yeah, of course! I’m a grown up child. Who doesn’t want to be an action figure?!

WhatAnIdiot1231935 karma

Would you ever go on The Chase?

BBCA_Official2369 karma

Absolutely not. I’ve heard the host is really difficult to work with.

Oh_god_not_you782 karma

How are you coping with being the new doctor? Has it really hit you yet?

BBCA_Official1321 karma

Yeah, I’m coping in the sense I’ve just had the most incredible 9 months and hung out with some of my favourite people in the world, so that wasn’t a lot to have to cope with. What’s wonderful now is getting to share all this hard work with everybody, but I feel like I’m in dire need of a holiday.

ameliapond11614 karma

What was your personal favourite part of the The Woman Who Fell to Earth?

BBCA_Official1342 karma

It never fails to make me laugh when Karl announces that he doesn’t like heights. It’s such a brilliant characteristic to have for a crane driver. That’s what I love about this - you can have the beauty in the detail.

marquisreef564 karma

What's some advice you'd give Jodie of 10 years ago, if you had the chance?

BBCA_Official1201 karma

Stop talking.

Lorcanmurphy550 karma

Hey Jodie! I’m a massive fan! My question is: Pineapple on pizza, yes or no?

BBCA_Official1607 karma

100% yes as my favourite pizza is rocket (arugula), pineapple, and chili oil.

Nicplaysps544 karma

Probably a stupid question. But how much of the crane sequence in the first episode of the season was real?

BBCA_Official1658 karma

The entire thing was real. Was it CGI? No it wasn’t. We were on a crane. Obviously, I did a stunt so there were wires and protection and things like that, because you can’t have someone jump between two cranes. But as far as it being on cranes and running and jumping - that was within the safety of a stunt. And yes. I was scared.

kaki94490 karma

Great first Episode! Loved it :)

And since you talked about it... how many eggs do you put in your fried egg sandwiches? :D

BBCA_Official1415 karma

Two. And loads of butter and loads of ketchup and it has to be on white bread. Because I’m a pillar of health.

chew-it-punchy487 karma

What did you have for breakfast this morning? What's your worst breakfast memory?

BBCA_Official958 karma

I had a cinnamon roll from Amy’s Bread in Chelsea Market in New York. It was beaut.

I’ve managed to block out any memory of a worse breakfast.

Catroinerz470 karma


Are you excited (or how do you feel) about the reactions you've gotten about your performance so far?

BBCA_Official1012 karma

Excited that the fans have responded so passionately to all this hard work. I think there’s a dangerous line for me to start reading what’s been said. Positive or negative, it wouldn’t have the best reaction to my soul.

2hood4you435 karma

Do you think aliens are real?

BBCA_Official1156 karma

Yeah. I just think, how can we be the only lifeform - HOW? It’s too - it being it, is too big.

wimpyroy414 karma

What’s your favorite shoe?

BBCA_Official1004 karma

I'm a huge fan of a Converse.

discocapaldi404 karma

Hi Jodie! How are you doing today?

BBCA_Official837 karma

I’m really good, thank you for asking. I feel excited that I don’t have to keep so many secrets because at least now I can talk about episode 1. On the flipside, I still have 9 episodes worth of secrets to keep, which is pretty exhausting.

MystExplorer397 karma

What is your favorite word?

BBCA_Official1000 karma


_frustratedesigner387 karma

Who are your own role models?

BBCA_Official1211 karma

I think I’ve always been inspired by ordinary heroes. It doesn’t take fame and a public voice for me to find inspiration from people, but on a public platform, I’m continually in awe and inspired by Michelle Obama.

iiTheDoctor368 karma

Hey Jodie!

Who is your favourite villain of all time?

BBCA_Official813 karma

Mumm-Ra’s pretty terrifying. And not someone I’d want to meet in a dark alleyway.

Colieoh341 karma

If you had a TARDIS for real, what would you do with it?

BBCA_Official1086 karma

Go to all my favourite gigs. My first stop would be Glastonbury 2014 with Arcade Fire headlining.

TheCoolKat1995331 karma

What is your history with Doctor Who? Were you new to the series when you were cast, like Matt Smith was, or were you already a fan of the show like David Tennant? If it's the latter, then what are some of your favorite episodes?

BBCA_Official670 karma

I’m definitely a new Whovian. Obviously, working in the industry and having some of my close friends being in it - some of which have been Doctors, I’d obviously got the context and seen it, but I wasn’t coming at it from a being a childhood Whovian. What’s so exciting about this new series is we hope for any fans out there, you’ll love it as much as we do. But also for anyone who wants to become a new Whovian, like me, it’s the perfect season to start with.

ow_NootNoot326 karma

If you could travel anywhere in time and space where and when would it be?

P.S. Loved you in the series premiere!!

BBCA_Official658 karma

I’d go to... I’ve said this before, but I want to go to Neptune. I want to know what our solar system looks like. Because now that Pluto’s been kicked out, I’d wanna go to Neptune just to have a sense of perspective.

AlisonBacon325 karma

What's your favorite tea?

BBCA_Official713 karma

Red bush tea or Rooibos depending on how you say it.

GauntletPorsche318 karma

How did you get your start in acting? And what was the journey leading up to this role like?

BBCA_Official565 karma

I always knew from a young age that I wanted to be an actor and I was very lucky that my parents never suggested that that was a silly or ridiculous pipedream. So when I was older, I decided to audition for drama school, so my way into the industry was through studying at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and then graduating and I was lucky to be given so many amazing opportunities throughout the industry, one of which was meeting Chris Chibnall on Broadchurch, hence now why I’m here.

22-Ninja282 karma

Do you believe in time travel? Do you think it’s possible?

BBCA_Official574 karma

I think I want to live in a world where we can believe anything is possible.

GilliganByNight257 karma

Hi Jodie! Growing up as a child, what were your dreams and aspiration? Did you imagine you'd be where you are now?

BBCA_Official427 karma

No, I didn’t imagine I’d be. But I dreamed and hoped that my life would be full of adventure. If I had the ability to go talk to myself, I’d say all that will come true, just be patient and be kind.

ificouldtellher235 karma

Hi, Jodie! Phenomenal first episode!

Would you ever consider going into directing? Maybe directing an episode of Doctor Who?

BBCA_Official398 karma

I’ve never thought about it. I would never say no to something but it is not where my skillset lies. I’ve worked with some phenomenal directors and I’ve never thought that I could do that, but I very often think 'how did you do that'?

UnknownNaiad235 karma

First of all, you are perfect!

What is the nerdiest thing about you? (Aside from playing The Doctor!)

BBCA_Official507 karma

Even when I’m not working, I very often like to play pretend.

SSVNormandySR1215 karma

At 19, did you know how to ride a bike?

BBCA_Official392 karma

Yes I did, because I’ve never struggled with coordination, but I’m not the most confident on a bike.

sio746171 karma

Where's your favourite place to eat in Shat? Mine's Solos

BBCA_Official231 karma

Mine too!

BlaiseSilver167 karma

Hello Jodie! How excited should we be for this whole season?

BBCA_Official355 karma

EXTREMELY! You’ve got an amazing adventure ahead of you.

GaydaLovelace149 karma

Hi Jodie, which do you think is scarier, Black Mirror or Doctor Who?

BBCA_Official243 karma

I think they both tick the fear factor box.

Craftycrafter12140 karma

What's your favourite place that you visited while on set?

BBCA_Official301 karma

South Africa. It was absolutely extraordinary. It wasn’t because the other locations weren’t as beautiful or as epic. There was just something so special about being in a terrain or an environment that was completely unfamiliar and awe-inspiring.

TheGardenOfRama127 karma

Could you say hi to my sister(Ella) and mom(Kelly) please? Thank you!

BBCA_Official261 karma

Of course I can. Hi Ella! Hey Kelly! Hope you’re having a lovely day. And bye for now.

JacksmackDave117 karma

If you had to choose only one meal to eat for every meal for the rest of your life what would it be? And what to you think would be the doctor’s pick?

BBCA_Official242 karma

So I would say the Doctor’s pick is a cuppa and a fried egg sandwich. And mine... If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it’d be steak tartare.

aitchisons63 karma

Do you listen to any music to get you into the headspace of playing the doctor?

BBCA_Official103 karma

I just generally listen to music a lot and actually, I don’t find it a distraction, if the music isn’t on a similar theme. But I have to say one of the albums that’s been amazing to listen to is The Race for Space EP by Public Service Broadcasting.