Hi Reddit. I'm Harley Rouda, businessman, husband and father of 4.

I'm running for Congress in California's 48th district against Dana Rohrabacher (R).

No matter if you support Democrats or not, make sure you get out on November 6th and exercise your right to vote.

The PSA out of the way, let's get to it! Ask Me Anything!

Edit: proof (no Ruffalo): https://imgur.com/a/4761dtk

Edit 2: Lots of questions about donating and volunteering: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/harley-rouda-for-congress-ama?refcode=ama . https://events.mobilizeamerica.io/roudaforcongress

Edit 3: Thanks everyone! This was fun. I'll try and swing back later to answer a few more. I have to run as my End-of-Quarter fundraising deadline is this Sunday - and I'm up against millions of dollars of GOP dark money - I appreciate any help I can get.

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flavorflash52 karma

Why won’t Dana Rohrabacher debate you?

Harley_for_Congress161 karma

Either he's scared or there are no Russian translators available.

captainslowww36 karma

Hi Harley-

I was at your town hall last night and remain very impressed and committed to helping you win in November. Curious if you've given any thought to preferred committee assignments when you're elected?

Harley_for_Congress42 karma

I'm mostly interested in 2 committees - Judiciary and Intelligence. Both speak to preserving our Democracy. I'd also like to join the SEEC (Sustainable Energy and Environment Caucus). Also, the Small Business Community to focus on job creation and the economy in our district is interesting to me.

rattledamper34 karma

Hi Harley! Thanks for this - and for running against Rohrabacher. I grew up in Huntington Beach and have LONG wanted to see Rohrabacher booted from his office. I now live in Culver City, which is in the very safe CA-37 - what is the best way for me to support your candidacy from outside the district?

Harley_for_Congress27 karma

Making a contribution here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/harley-rouda-for-congress-ama?refcode=ama . We would also love your help as a volunteer - register here: https://events.mobilizeamerica.io/roudaforcongress

Thanks Rattledamper. I appreciate it.

Mellybrown1124 karma

Do you believe Dr. Ford?

Harley_for_Congress44 karma

Yes. I was moved by how articulate she is, how credible she is, and how authentic she is. Her bravery and courage are an example for us all. How anyone on that committee could approve this nominee after her testimony is beyond my belief.

Bucks202016 karma

Thanks for doing this! What are your views on voting rights in America and how could it be improved?

Harley_for_Congress50 karma

I'm concerned about the erosion of voting rights for some Americans. Voter ID laws are subject to abuse. We need to make it easier to vote for ALL Americans. First, automatic registration at 18. Second, make election day a weekend or national holiday. Third, extended poll hours with early voting. Fourth, use mail-in-ballots whenever possible. Fifth, make sure our voting systems are cyber-secure.

Thanks for the question.

_sockinthemachine_12 karma

What are your views on Dana Rohrabacher's ties to Russia, given the developments concerning the President? Do you think this is one of the more important issues in this campaign for voters, or are more "substantive" policy issues the focus of your campaign?

Harley_for_Congress34 karma

In spycraft terminology, you are either a spy, an asset, or a useful idiot. Where Dana may or may not fall on that spectrum is yet to be determined. Perhaps Mueller will let us know.

Where it lies on the scale is hard to answer, but it is clear it is growing significantly as more voters realize we are under attack.

cydereal10 karma

I live in HB and supported you in the primary. What a close race!

In 2016, Democrats seemed to run on a "look at how bad my opponent is" strategy that didn't drive turnout. I'm concerned that in 2018, pointing out obvious facts like Dana is trash or Russian interference is bad will be used as the same proxies. "Aren't you outraged, vote for me" is not going to get 18-28 year olds out to vote.

How prepared are you for making Dana look like a dinosaur on global warming, on student debt, and on the ever-rising cost of housing?

Harley_for_Congress18 karma

Our campaign has been focused on the issues since Day 1. That's why I've held over 15 town hall events. I've tried repeatedly to get Dana to debate me so the differences in our positions can be made clear.

DontEatFishWithMe9 karma

If elected to Congress, what kind of safeguards will you put in place to prevent hostile actors from interfering in our elections? What should be done to prevent people like your opponent from openly grifting off of Russia or other countries?

Harley_for_Congress19 karma

Making sure voter registrars have access to state-of-the-art technologies, AND the money to buy them, to prevent fraud and foreign intervention.

Good question - several points. First, Dana has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from SuperPACS, including the gun lobby, Big Oil, and Big Pharma. Second, help get me elected to address the issue directly. Third, I am committed to campaign finance reform and extending that reform to lobbyists. Fourth, I promise I will never take a campaign contribution from convicted felon Paul Manafort like Dana Rohrabacher has. In fact, my campaign has never taken one dime from any corporate PAC.

keanoahiahi9 karma

Hey Harley! If you could go to dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Harley_for_Congress39 karma

My Dad. I'd like to see him again.

bo7148 karma

Hey Harley, Whats your favorite local brewery?

Harley_for_Congress10 karma

Gamecraft Brewery. Scott Cebula. Laguna Hills.

bblades2628 karma

What's your view on the second ammendment, specifically the magazine capacity limits and AR15 ban in the state?

Harley_for_Congress13 karma

Hey bblades262. I support the Second Amendment, but as Justice Scalia said, "it is a limited right". We do need to ban high-capacity magazines, and I support the AR15 ban. It is a weapon of war, and should not be on our streets and homes.

Thanks for the early softball! :)

aka_ai7 karma

What's you're favorite place to eat in Huntington Beach?

Harley_for_Congress18 karma

Slapfish. The burritos. Go.

patents4life6 karma

What actions are you taking to get undecided voters or typical non-voters motivated to register, get to the polls, and vote for the guy they haven't heard of before? What actions are you taking to reach out to the Spanish-speaking voting population here in CA-48?

Harley_for_Congress15 karma

Our volunteers have been tirelessly knocking hundreds of thousands of doors throughout the district, and our team has talked to thousands of nontraditional voters, registering hundreds of first time voters this month alone. I am humbled by the over 3000 volunteers who have helped our campaign. Our team is going into our largest Spanish speaking precincts with literature in both English and Spanish in order to reach our voters where they are. Voting should be an easy and painless experience for everyone, regardless of what language they speak.

If you're interested in reaching out to our Latinx voters, visit our website and RSVP today: http://harleyroudaforcongress.com/events

aeneus895 karma

Harley, thx for doing this. What will you do to make college more affordable? I want to go to SC next year but not sure my family can afford it. I am from Westminster.

Harley_for_Congress19 karma

We need to move from the concept of K-12 towards P2C (preschool to college). I support tuition-free college attendance for the most in need, then a graduated scale based on ability to pay.

Tennessee has a program similar that has been successful.

b37h5 karma

What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have a favorite band or performing artist?

Harley_for_Congress12 karma

The Who. They captured the angst of rebellious youth.