Hi Reddit, we’re Domhnall Gleeson and Lenny Abrahamson, leading actor and Director of The Little Stranger, which is released in UK cinemas on Friday 21st September. Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPDA7Z1c-Eg

DG - hey everyone, thanks for being so nice and asking so many questions. Sorry we didn't get to everyone. Hope you like the film, I'm as proud of it as I could possibly be. Lots of love, be kind, peace out. Dx

Proof: https://twitter.com/lennyabrahamson/status/1040589752708284416

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DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS1050 karma

DG - Okay, apparently we're the second most popular AMA on reddit right now. Who the hell is first? I'm gonna start spilling Star Wars secrets in the next ten minutes, tell everyone to come here IMMEDIATELY.

Calvin_Uncle469 karma

Hello Domhnall.

I didn't expect 'About Time' to be as beautiful and great like it is. What a awesome surprise.

Did you have fun working with Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS355 karma

DG - I will love them both, forever.

eirachrome253 karma

Hey Domhnall, as a former leaving cert Irish student I must ask, have you seen cáca milis? And if so, what did you think of it?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS337 karma

DG - I have seen it! Thought it was great. My father plays the most annoying man in the world, and is worryingly good at it...

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS224 karma

DG - hey everyone, thanks for being so nice and asking so many questions. Sorry we didn't get to everyone. Hope you like the film, I'm as proud of it as I could possibly be. Lots of love, be kind, peace out. Dx

jellysmoker171 karma

Domhnall, is Oscar Isaac in your basement?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS340 karma

DG - is that a euphemism? If so, yes.

Otistetrax165 karma

Hi Domhnall. How come your da is so fucking good? Not saying you’re not, but honestly I think Brendan should be considered among the greatest actors of his generation. He must have been an incredible inspiration. What would you say is the biggest lesson he taught you?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS278 karma


A courtesy flush is SO important. That was a big one.

Sorry. That and lots of stuff about being a good person in the world. That kind of thing. I like him even more than you do, I guarantee. He's amazing.

MysteriousMacaroon8165 karma

Lenny - would you ever make a sequel to Frank?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS283 karma

DG - yes, Lenny, would you ever make a sequel to Frank?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS353 karma

LA - find your own work.

smallthunderfloth89 karma

Would you? Frank 2 - The Refrankening

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS157 karma

LA: Frank 2: This time it's personal.

beldarin47 karma

ah Frank.

I was *NOT* expecting to love that movie as much as i did, thanks for that

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS53 karma

Thank YOU

beldarin30 karma

No no, seriously, thank YOU

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS60 karma

LA: Delighted grin.

RN-1003140 karma

Hey Domhnall, what was your favorite thing about working on the Star Wars sequel trilogy and specifically how was working with Adam Driver?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS282 karma

DG - I love being a part of something that means so much to so many. That's pretty cool. Working with Adam is great. He's great. I'm trying to think of something funny to say but it's not happening. He's great. Yup.

bluevan129 karma

Hi Lenny and Domhnall, I’m a big fan. Question for Lenny: Has being nominated for an Oscar opened a lot of doors for you? Do you feel more free now then you did earlier in your career?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS189 karma

It definitely opened doors. And it's great not having to explain as much who I am. It feels like I've more of a free hand with the projects I make.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS297 karma

DG - that last reply was from Lenny, but he didn't put 'LA' in front of it. We've spoken, and it won't happen again.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS188 karma

SORRY - jeeze ...

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DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS171 karma


DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS184 karma


DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS92 karma

eh LA

smallthunderfloth41 karma

It’s hard, isn’t it?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS82 karma

I'll never learn.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS113 karma


Wodanaz_Odinn48 karma

Adam and Paul is a really special filum that I wish more people would see.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS64 karma

LA: thank you so much. In Ireland I meed lots of people who know it really well and can quote lines from it.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS46 karma


arstarz129 karma

Domhnall, did you give your moustache a name?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS297 karma

DG - why on earth would you give a moustache a name? Its name was 'Karl'.

HumphreyGo-Kart124 karma

Domhnall, what has been the best failed attempt at pronouncing your name?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS299 karma

DG - Tonio. I was simultaneously appalled and incredibly impressed

sympathyofalover119 karma

Domhnall- now that rom coms are coming back, do you think you would do another? I watch about time whenever I need a pick me up, it's perfection!

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS154 karma

DG - Thank you, I love it too. I would do another one if it had any chance of having the same meaning as About Time. Perhaps Richard Curtis could help.

superkickingart76 karma

Hi Domhnall and Lenny!!

For Domhnall: You are my absolute favorite actor! I loved you in GCR and Ex Machina especially! How is it to go from doing sci-fi movies like Ex Machina and Star Wars and drama pieces like GCR and Black Mirror to doing a gothic horror movie like The Little Stranger? Are there any other genres of movies you would like to do? Maybe even more horror centered pieces?

Thanks! <3

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS130 karma

DG - thank you very much! I love elevated genre but I don't really think of Little Stranger as horror - more a drama for grown ups like 'Remains of the Day' but with this really cool ghost element floating around it. I follow the filmmakers primarily, so if someone like Lenny ever wanted to do any kind of genre thing, I'd be all over it. I'm aware that looks a little desperate, but... I'm desperate. Lenny ,what are you doing next? Can I be in it?

toolsonparade68 karma

Domhnall, can you share any of the poems you've used to get into accents for characters?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS105 karma

DG - Aubade by Philip Larkin is a great one. I've used that a couple of times.

FourthMbarrMan64 karma

Hi Domhnall, About time is one of my favourite movies. What's your favourite Irish movie?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS72 karma

DG - Lenny's made a couple of them. Garage is stunning. I also like I Went Down a lot, and The General is very cool. No family bias, at all.

FiKiev64 karma

Domhnall - What makes you attracted to creepy scripts? e.g The Little Stranger, Black Mirror.
Lenny - Do you ever become so lost in films your directing that it takes time to get back to reality?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS58 karma

LA: It always takes me a bit of time after I've finished shooting to get back to real life. Making a film is pretty all consuming and for the months of the shoot there is a total immersion in the world of the film. It's weird being back dropping the kids to school or cleaning up after the dog.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS68 karma

DG - I just like scripts that keep me interested. That feeling of worrying what the hell is going to happen next, and being a little scared, they're good ways to keep momentum. I think it's as simple as that.

jellysmoker52 karma

Domhnall, I admire the work you've done for charity. Which skit from Immaturity for charity is your favourite?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS56 karma

DG - I love the Coke one. Thanks for watching!

ToriaGraceNY52 karma

Domhnall, do you have a middle name? Haha Asking for my sister. Really.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS145 karma

DBG - no

buffysunmers45 karma

domhnall, if you could play any part that your dad or your brother has played, which would you pick and why? i think all of you are really wonderful actors — calvary, frank, and phantom thread are three of my favourite films ever. so excited to see this one!

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS81 karma

DG - Phantom Thread, and In Bruges, maybe? Or Calvary. Ah God, there's loads.

eliamo10145 karma

Hi lads, lyons or barrys? Kings or tayto?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS44 karma

LA: Barry's and Kings. There is simply no discussion on this.

kezhfalcon11 karma

7up or tango

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS69 karma

Barry's and Tayto , but never together.

kezhfalcon41 karma

Any workout tips Domhnall? Need to get jacked. I'd ask Ryan Tubridy but he's busy.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS108 karma

DG - Myself and Ryan like to work the glutes, primarily. Filling out the back of your jeans is so important these days.

FiKiev41 karma

Lenny - If you could be stuck living in one of your films which one would it be?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS106 karma

LA: None of them are too appealing as worlds to be stuck in. Note to self: must make romantic comedy.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS144 karma

DG -I'll be in your romantic comedy if you like.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS141 karma

DG- Lenny?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS133 karma

DG - Lenny?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS138 karma

Dg - Hello, Lenny?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS135 karma

Dg - ....

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS140 karma

Dg - Lenny?

moby_dyckens40 karma

Domhnall, I am reminded of your brief cameo in “Mother!” with your brother. What was it like to act in an Aronofsky film in such a brief but memorable way?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS43 karma

DG - Unforgettable. Love t odo it again

ninjawasp39 karma

Domhnall, you were tipped for years to be the first ginger Doctor Who, would you ever consider the role in the future?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS95 karma

DG - anybody who tries to follow Jodie Whittaker is gonna have a tough time. She's ace. So, no.

ToriaGraceNY36 karma

You’ve already done horror and comedy together, if you were to do another movie, what genre would it be next time? :) love you both! Can’t wait to see The Little Stranger!

Correction: suspenseful atmospheric thriller - not horror! ;)

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS105 karma

DG - Erotica?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS90 karma

Dg- Lenny?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS81 karma

Dg - Lenny?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS80 karma

DG - Hello, Lenny?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS82 karma

DG - Lenny?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS78 karma

DG - .......

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS82 karma

DG - Lenny?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS66 karma

LA 🤮

jenna_jones_jr36 karma

Domhnall: How does a man with a lovely face like yours, and a whole body laugh, turn into such a believeable creeper even only in the photographs? Did you have your adorableness surgically removed for the filming? Thank you both!

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS82 karma

LA: I have his adorableness stored in a box and I'm not giving it back unless he pays me lots of money.

f-sonny35 karma

Domhnall, do you always keep any props after filming a movie ? if yes, what did you keep from TLS ? bisoux

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS56 karma

DG - I do keep props if I can but they're really strict nowadays. I kept a couple of his cards that said Dr Faraday, and I tried to keep his hat but... it didn't work out.

regina139131 karma

Hi Domhnall. Any particular horror film that you like? Why?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS50 karma

DG - The Innocents is pretty fantastic, but it's maybe not horror in the way that people use the term nowadays. Similar to Little Stranger, actually.

clementinesoul29 karma

Hello, I'm writing from Spain (I apologize for my bad English). I deeply admire your work. I think both represent the cinema that I love, the one that is not afraid to put their fingers in the heart of the story and twist them inside. I don't care what the American critics say. It took me 30 seconds to feel "the truth" of your wonderful movie.

My question for both is: after giving everything in a difficult scene and staying "empty", where do you bring out the energy to continue filming a new scene?Any trick or ritual?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS39 karma

LA: I'm always so impressed with how actors can find energy take after take, especially in intense scenes. As a director I try to schedule so that there is some time for recovery. Ultimately, I think experienced actors learn to manage their emotional resources.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS38 karma

DG - thanks for that, glad you liked the movie. The energy can waiver but a good director, good actors, a good Director of Photography - all these things bring you back. I love going home feeling tired because you put some of yourself into your work. That's what the good ones make you do.

mahouyousei24 karma

Hi Domhnall! I’m a huge fan of your performances. My favorite is General Hux but I love pretty much everything you’ve been in!

My friends and I had a few questions - feel free to ignore any of them haha

  1. We read in a review that you specialize in playing characters who cover their insecurity and desperation with ambition to the point where you may be typecast as such. What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Is there a character type you haven’t played yet that you would like to play? Is there a character type you think you wouldn’t be able to play?

  3. A goofy question: have you heard about Hux’s pet cat Millicent? It was a joke by Pablo Hidalgo on Twitter but the fans seems to really like it.

And one more for Domhnall and Lenny:

What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS57 karma

LA: Pastrami. Also, I hate mayonaise and it's on everything. Please can someone do something about this.

mahouyousei21 karma

I’m sorry Lenny. I love mayo. This might be my fault.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS64 karma

DG - So you're the person. If it is in fact your fault, I hope you suffer greatly before you meet your demise.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS73 karma

Dg - on reflection, this was a bit harsh. I hope you have a nice day.

mshaw0923 karma

Domhnall, if you could go back in time and relive each day, would you?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS54 karma

DG - I hope not. But there are some I'd like to have again. LIfe is so beautiful sometimes, it makes you want to cry.

smallthunderfloth21 karma

Howya guys ! Everything alright? Showed my boss the trailer at work and he asked “did this really happen?” So, question is - is this movie based on a real story? (I know, novel by Sarah Waters, read it, brilliant! But told Boss I would ask you this question, sorry about that.)

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS41 karma

DG - it's based, I believe, on nothing but Sarah Water's brilliant mind. Your boss may need a break.

StaticRaining21 karma

Hi Domhnall,

among some circles there are lively discussions concerning your character Dr. Faraday and a lot of people consider him queer-coded. Would you agree with that assessment or did you have another approach to the character?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS47 karma

DG - I'll be honest, and say that's not something that crossed my mind.

smallthunderfloth20 karma

How was it to work with dog talent on set? Was it a good boy?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS43 karma

DG - Fern was amazing, and female.

Jess149118 karma

What book inspires you in your life?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS25 karma

DG - Let the Great World Spin was good. Book of Evidence was amazing. The Outsider is fabulous.

Whatsername9215 karma

Hi Lenny and Domhnall!

2 quick questions for Domhnall. Firstly, was it you I saw crossing the road towards Leinster House at the start of summer? If yes, I'm sorry for staring quizzically at you like a gowl. If no, ignore the question.

Secondly, you did some amazing comedy skits with Immaturity for Charity and Your Bad Self. Is it likely that we'll see more collaborative comedy like this from you in the future?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS45 karma

DG - I don't know about question one, it may have been. If you stared at me quizzically, you are forgiven. But never do it again. Or I will haunt your nightmares.

Question two - I'd love to. I write sketches with my friend Michael Moloney, we have a couple hundred at this point and just looking for the right outlet. Some day!

moby_dyckens12 karma

Hello Lenny, your work on “Frank” was outstanding! What draws you to stories about eccentric characters? From the trailer, “Little Stranger” appears to deal with many outcasts.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS23 karma

LA: It's hard to say what it is because I've always been fascinated and moved by odd, lonely, eccentric people ever since I was a kid.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS19 karma

LA: I think we are all of us, at least in some aspects of our lives, terribly uncertain and separate, so there is something of all of us in these characters.

DarthBrimmy10 karma

Lenny, after Emma Donohue adapted Room to a stage play would you have any interest in adapting any of your scripts, or directing for stage in general?

Domhnall, similar question, but any plans to act on an Irish stage again in the foreseeable future?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS26 karma

LA: A Frank musical, perhaps.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS18 karma

DG - I'd love to. Finding the right thing after the Walworth Farce is very hard. It's a masterpiece.

Cookerfly10 karma

Both you guys have worked on so many genres of film. Is there any genre of movie you would like to work on that you haven't yet?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS27 karma

LA: I've always fancied making a Western.

Jess14919 karma

What is the best advice you've been given?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS21 karma

LA: Be kind.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS23 karma

DG - Agreed

BestBelgianBun9 karma

Questions for Domhnall: which character has been your favourite to play so far? And how do you prepare for each role? Thanks x

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS20 karma

DG - I loved Faraday in Little Stranger. I just loved the journey. I think it's my favourite. I prepare for each one differently, usually the character lets you know what he needs. Lenny on this was the main guide and the dialect coach Joan Washington was a massive help also.

lukebrab8 karma

Hi Lenny and Domhnall, huge fan of your work.

I was wondering have you found being Irish to be a benefit or hindrance when navigating the film industry? I've always felt it's been useful for me because of our nation's reputation as storytellers.

However, I get the impression that to be really taken seriously, it's required that you eventually move beyond into the British or American film scene.

Thanks for taking the time to do this!

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS17 karma

LA: I've always found people to be very positive about it in Britain and in the States and I've managed to stay living in Dublin but still work abroad which is kind of best of both worlds.

ninjawasp6 karma

Lenny, you said you wanted to adapt 'The Little Stranger' after reading the first page, what did this book have so early that other books don't?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS13 karma

A combination of atmosphere and richness of character, and it just kept getting more and more interesting the further into it I got. And Faraday - he's such and odd and sad, and strange character. I couldn't forget him and wanted to understand him.

BakerDog6 karma

Domhnall, have you ever graced the door of Coppers?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS17 karma

DG -I'm Irish, of course I have.

MysteriousMacaroon85 karma

Question to both - what's the best film you've seen this year?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS26 karma

LA: I liked BlackkKlansman a lot, and there's a film called 'Michael Inside' from Ireland which I hope gets seen widely because it's excellent, but Loveless, the Russian film is the one that hit me hardest.

f-sonny4 karma

Domhnall, you absolut legend, What's the more important thing you've learned from making the TLS?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS12 karma

DG - always work with Lenny when you get the chance

smallthunderfloth4 karma

Favorite on set snack?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS10 karma

LA: Everything

orangejulius3 karma

would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck? why?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS14 karma

Let's not shy away from a challenge - I want to fight 100 horse sized ducks.

smallthunderfloth4 karma

We talked about this at the beginning...? LA Or DG? Or teamwork?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS7 karma

DG - Jesus Christ, Lenny. I mean, bloody hell. How many TIMES?!

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS3 karma

Whoops - that was me, obviously.

Merrionst2 karma

Hi lads! Lenny: Obviously the script is very important in a film. But to what extent does casting affect the end product in films when you are directing? Does it differ for other Directors?

Domhnall: Is The Little Stranger the type of film genre you would like to do more of in the future? Does the process differ much as an Actor from making more conventional 'Hollywood' movies?

Cheers lads!

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS3 karma

Choosing cast is the single biggest decision, and I'd think that's how most directors feel.

HipsterXTurtle2 karma

Domhnall, I was wondering if you’ve seen your father in both In Bruges and Mr.Mercedes. If so, did you enjoy them both?

Also one of my teachers was an extra in the dance in Brooklyn, we slagged him when we found out and I thought you were brilliant

P.S Lenny don’t forget the LA!

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS4 karma

Thanks, I won't.

profatcats2 karma

So excited to see tls at the curzon Mayfair screening/q&a later on! How do you guys feel about the response the film has been getting? (Domhnall are you at the q&a? Irish film fest had you on their listing but you weren’t on the cinema’s one. Either way excited!!)

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS3 karma

LA: I've been happy that reviewers seem to get what we were trying to do.

Tffj2 karma

How did u become a director?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS6 karma

I started making things on video when I was a student (not studying film) and just kept going. At the beginning I really didn't know if it would lead anywhere.

AnnaMateja1 karma

Hi, will it be possible to see The Little Stranger in Poland?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS3 karma

DG- Yes, I believe so! Universal would be in charge of that release. Soon, hopefully.

Jess14911 karma

Can I ask you, have you ever been in the Czech Republic?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS5 karma

Dg - Sure, you can ask.

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS2 karma

LA: I made some commercials in Prague years ago. It's beautiful.

MidheLu1 karma

For Lenny: What's your favourite David Rice book?

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS4 karma

I don't know him. What should I read first?

MidheLu2 karma

Oops! I was under the impression you were friends with David Rice the author since you were at one of his book launches, maybe I'm mixed up

DomhnallG_LennyA_TLS3 karma

Sorry - of course. I love the one he just did about Reinisch. He's also the loveliest man.