Please try to ask questions that aren't answered in these two short videos of mine:

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kelsodeez722 karma

In my asl class, my teacher mentioned the backlash cochlear implant recipients endure from the deaf community. Have you experienced any disapproval from your other deaf friends? Are you worried about it at all in the future?

DeafGamer189335 karma

I have heard some from the adults, but none from the children. I think it's because Cochlear markets their implants poorly and says they will work perfectly for adults, when in reality you have to work in therapy for a long time to get it to work.

HoltbyIsMyBae61 karma

What happens in the meantime before it works? Do you not process/understand the input?

DeafGamer189256 karma

At first, everything you hear is noise at the same frequency. As therapy continues, you are able to discern different pitches and so on until you can discern speech. That's the highest level; most adults can't reach this because they're too old. Their brain has already gotten too conditioned to hearing nothing.

goofy_filmer205 karma

Does it stick out of your head or is it resting on it via sticky or magnet? How does that work?

DeafGamer189258 karma

I have a piece that rests on my ear, and a magnet that sticks on my head a little farther from the ear. The surgery is comprised of putting a magnet into my head so that it can connect to my cochlea.

Roaming_Data204 karma

What was your first reaction? Did everything seem loud? Has your speech improved?

DeafGamer189373 karma

Lots of annoying high-pitched sounds at first, but as I trained my ears it got better. It wasn't easy.

I got my first implant when I was ten months old, so about three years of speech therapy made it so that people couldn't even notice I'm deaf.

duckie2016135 karma

You mentioned in one video getting one implant when you were young. Why did your family decide to do that?

Do you also know some Spanish sign language?

Does your mom log extra steps on her fitness watch because she’s signing so much?

DeafGamer189210 karma

My parents wanted me to have an ordinary life, I guess. They had tried implanting my mom but since she was too old it never helped. I assume they didn't want that to happen to me.

ASL and SSL have very minor differences. I know a little bit, like Monday being signed with an L instead of an M, since in Spanish it's Lunes.

Your last question made me smile. Yes, she actually does. Signing often is good exercise.

CrnlButtcheeks117 karma

Before you got the implants, did you hear anything while you dreamed? If you did, how much different were those sounds in comparison to what you’re able to hear now?

DeafGamer18990 karma

As a matter of fact, I take off my implant now when I sleep and I still hear sounds almost perfectly when I dream. I can't tell you how they were before because I was implanted when I was ten months old.

guesting84 karma

Have you heard yourself fart yet?

DeafGamer18996 karma

Hate it.

ImbaZed65 karma

An elementary school friend of mine, got a cochlear implant and i witnessed the first time he heard birds sing. He was like "Whats that sound?" and it took us a while to figure out it was the birds singing. Then he cried a little and I myself and some others may or may not hace cried aswell :,)

DeafGamer18922 karma


MacBelieve64 karma

Do you ever find it overwhelming/annoying to have so much of your identity wrapped up in your hearing loss (e.g. deafgamer)? I find myself jabbing at my deaf friends a lot about their hearing not fully realizing that they probably get those comments all the time. The same way a tall person gets tired of people starting conversations with "wow you're tall!" Etc.

DeafGamer18980 karma

I've embraced my deafness, which is why I have it in my username and I have a YouTube channel all about it, AND I did an AMA about it. I wanna spread positivity and awareness about the deaf community, and what I'm doing right now will help.

longtimegoneMTGO47 karma

How nice is it to be able to just turn off your ears if there is something annoying you don't want to hear?

I can think of so many times I would have wanted to do that. Noisy neighbors, loud construction work, people you don't want to have to listen to, the list is endless.

DeafGamer18964 karma

It's great, but I don't usually do it anyway just in case there's an emergency and someone calls me from another room. Just being oblivious to that would be a bad idea.

Noahistheguy28 karma

Isn’t there like a big stigma in the deaf community about getting the implant? I mean obviously you did what you wanted which is awesome, but are there other dead people that you know that are upset about you getting one?

DeafGamer18945 karma

The majority of deaf people I know are implanted, so there's nobody I personally know that is against it. I mean, the technology is there, so why not use it?

erasmause26 karma

Sorry if this is insensitive, but I noticed you didn't refer to yourself as "capital D Deaf." Was that intentional? Incidental? Do many deaf people make the distinction in writing? Or at all? Is there a correlation with its usage and the formality of the writing?

Edit: Also, I just watched the videos and was quite impressed with your clarity of speech. Would you say that's typical of someone who's had a cochlear implant as early/long as yourself? Btw, my mom's an audiologist, so I'm not entirely unfamiliar with this subject area, but my (possibly outdated) impression of cochlear implants was that the sound reproduction was limited. Is that still the case, and how much does it vary from patient to patient?

DeafGamer18924 karma

For the first question, I sometimes capitalize deaf, I sometimes don't. When I do, I get comments appreciating that I capitalize it, so I should probably do it more often. Though I don't really see a logical reason to use it.

I've met a lot of people my age who were implanted very young, and they have the same speech I do, and it's because of therapy. I had three years of speech therapy.

DJDialogic25 karma

What kind of music do you listen to?

DeafGamer18933 karma

Rock, dubstep, and a little bit of J-pop

Ytee319 karma

Are you shocked that porn is so loud?

DeafGamer18934 karma

I was surprised there's usually no music in the background.

ButtsexEurope18 karma

Have you dealt with any deaf fundamentalists yet who’ve yelled at you for your decision?

Also, I’ve heard that deaf people actually like music because they can feel it. Have you listened to your favorite songs yet? Are they still awesome or are you disappointed with how they actually sound?

Also, how do you trash talk in ASL? For example:

git gud, scrub

Get rekt, son

1v1 me IRL, bitch

DeafGamer18918 karma

I don't know anyone who's against implants. Besides, the technology is there, so why not use it?

I've never used ASL in a competitive scene, mostly because I play video games and the people are somewhere else in the world.

Pedropeller17 karma

To lose my hearing would be such a great loss. Do you listen to music? Can you recognize different pitches? Are you musical? What do you enjoy/not enjoy about music?

DeafGamer18932 karma

I listen to music regularly, and one of my friends has been trying to teach me how to sing. I don't know if it's because of the limitations, but I haven't been able to learn how to sing very well. I can at least recognize different pitches.

WithOneSipOfTea13 karma

What is something you would like us to know being a new recipient of both hearing and those cool implants? :)

DeafGamer18929 karma

If you ever have a deaf kid, implant them as soon as possible. It's way better in the long run.

BlameItOnMemphis10 karma

Do you think you will have children knowing you could pass this on?

DeafGamer18925 karma

My mom is deaf, so considering she had children (duh) I most likely will.

thedoctorisonfire9 karma

Do you take your cochlear off whenever you go to the bathroom? I always do haha, What brand cochlear do you have? I’m Med-El :D (also if you use disposable batteries always let them chill for a minute before you put them in your cochlear, it helps prolong battery life! I always pass this on to every cochlear user, surprisingly not many people know)

DeafGamer18912 karma

I definitely take it off when I take a shower! My model is the Nucleus 7. And yes, I've known that little tidbit about disposables! I'm surprised people didn't know this.

I4G0tMyUsername8 karma

Now that you can hear, what did you “hear” before you could? Is it even describable?

DeafGamer18911 karma

I could feel things, but not hear. I'm profoundly deaf.

bebangs8 karma

who's voice are you hearing when you read this question just now?

DeafGamer18925 karma

The voice in my head. It's like a femboy kinda voice. It's weird

zkbthealien8 karma

My wife has the bone conduction Baha system and gets feedback often. With double implants does that happen for you?

DeafGamer1899 karma

None at all.

Idleworker8 karma

What is the highest and lowest frequency your implants can pick up?

DeafGamer1898 karma

I'm actually not sure, but I can test it out. I'll probably forget to tell you lol

TedTheodoreMcfly6 karma

Is it hard to wash yourself without getting the implants wet?

DeafGamer18916 karma

I take it off.

awiseoldturtle5 karma

How’s your local deaf community taking the news?

I took a couple semesters of ASL and I remember one of the things my teacher taught us is that the deaf community doesn’t like the idea of being “cured” and many resist Cochlear implants for children, among other things. It was a few years ago now so my memory is fuzzy

DeafGamer1898 karma

For my local one, lots of them already had an implant, which was partially why I made the decision.

bewilderedcephalopod5 karma

How do you feel about it?

DeafGamer1899 karma


tinytom084 karma

If a tree falls and only a deaf man is around to see it, does it make a sound?

DeafGamer1896 karma

play xfiles theme

jone70073 karma

What difference have the implants made in your life?

DeafGamer18910 karma

Vast. Mostly that I can make friends way more easily and listen to the music they rave about all the time.

Pumpdawg883 karma

Have you tried whistling yet?

DeafGamer1896 karma

It took me a while to learn, but I did.

acewavelink1 karma

Has your family noticed a difference in your voice or sounds you make?

DeafGamer1892 karma

Early on, when I would take my implant off and talk, my little brother would tell me I sounded like Astro Boy. When I put it back on, he wouldn't. Now, there's no difference in my voice whether I have it on or not. I was first implanted when I was 10 months old, so I didn't have much of a voice back then.

dankestj19051 karma

What kinda music are you getting into? Is it just wonderful? I couldn't imagine life without it.

DeafGamer1892 karma

Me neither. I listen to heavy rock, Dubstep, and a little bit of J-pop.