Hi! I am Bridgette B, your Spanish Doll! I have been in the industry for ten years and I have shot 400+ scenes! Ask Me Anything <3

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Thanks for hanging out and asking me some amazing questions! Love you all <3

Thank you to Bang.com for having me as their July Bang Babe!

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VeryFewLimits66 karma

What are the chances of a random guy like me having a remote chance at sex with you?

RealBridgetteB66 karma

Well, I am normal too! I am just your average girl next door. I am actually coming out with an app, it's in the works right now. -It's a guide for the average man to build the confidence he thinks he needs to reach the individual of his dreams. -I will just be me to begin with - and we will build from there :)

RooieDraad50 karma

What was your most shameful blooper during a scene?

RealBridgetteB72 karma

Hmm, that's a good one. There are so many bloopers on these set. If i make a noise and it sounds like it could be something else - everything in the room goes silent. I burst out into laughter and it's just fun!

Myu_The_Weirdo40 karma

When you go on dates, what's your date's reaction to your job?

RealBridgetteB57 karma

During my dating times, I have been in two relationships during this time. On the in between, I was pretty lonely. Both of my significant relationships have been with entertainers.

KevRents30 karma

Do you have any go-to favorite toys for alone time?

RealBridgetteB56 karma

Let me go look. I usually have it on me, it's an old school hitachi!

cy_ph3r25 karma

How did you come up with your stage name?

RealBridgetteB41 karma

Originally I was going to be a take on Pamela Anderson, and we were trying to figure it out. I had brown hair at that time, and then I swapped my hair to blonde that same week. We went with Bridgette Bordeaux, and it was going to be too long for a DVD cover so we switched it to Bridgette B.

HazeHendrix24 karma

What’s the best thing about your job?

RealBridgetteB58 karma

The best thing about my job is that I have found my niche. I wake up excited and happy to go to work! Life is too short!

aliassadyahya22 karma

Do you watch videos of yourself to see where you could've done better?

RealBridgetteB46 karma

Yes I do. Asa Akira taught me that. I took that and I really run with it. I want to see how my character develops!

tromboneracademy20 karma

Would you ever do a large gangbang? or are those types of scene out of vogue now?

RealBridgetteB26 karma

I do have a showcase coming out - we are starting to shoot it next month. Stay tuned to see if I tackle it ;) To answer the second part of it, I admire and bow down to those girls who are just handling it. It is one of those things that I look in awe! Everyone has their own thing going on, and I respect them so much!

EchtGeenSpanjool16 karma

Any favourite scene or star to play with?

Who is the nicest/most wholesome star you've worked with?

Does your family know and do they ever confront you?

RealBridgetteB23 karma

I get this asked a lot - who are my favorite performers and who are my favorite scenes. I don't accept any project or person unless I don't want to. If you are seeing it, that means that I love who I am working with.

RealBridgetteB29 karma

Does my family know? -I started in the industry when I was 27. I told them and was honest with them and they wished me the best! It's been almost 10 years now!

beachjn11 karma

Is it usually all an act while you’re performing? Or does it sometimes get “real”. And while at home does it feel like you don’t wanna have sex since you do it for work? I know I hate doing anything that has to do with my job while I’m not working.

RealBridgetteB27 karma

No, I do not get tired of having sex because I do it for work. I could have sex all the time! The body is so naturally meant for it! I do always want to be more creative with it! The set is natural, enjoyment and me wanting to share it with everyone.

Baresark10 karma

What hobbies or interests do you have when not working?

RealBridgetteB18 karma

I am super dorky, and I am very much a routine person. I love having set things to do - pilate, spinning, hiking, I love being outdoors. I love to cook and I am actually love taking cooking lessons! I am opening a pilates studio down the road. I love being a busy and active.

ATTBoxer9 karma

What is your favorite idea or fantasy to portray when you’re working?

RealBridgetteB23 karma

I really tend to delve into my scripts and the personas that I was hired to do. If my setup is a stepmom or a girl next door, I take that from beginning to end as that character. I really try to take the character and just roll with it!

megamuia9 karma

Does your job ever get tiring?

RealBridgetteB18 karma

I consider myself extremely lucky and grateful to have this career. I was born to entertain in some way, so I never consider it work. I love being on stage and I love being on set for features. I think the industry is full of hardworking individuals, and the teamwork is the best aspect of it.

Hideehodee8 karma

Who are the best performers you've worked with when it comes to respect and understanding of personal boundaries?

RealBridgetteB9 karma

My agent is awesome he knows my preferences and will always book me with someone that is respectable!

alinpantiru7 karma

Any embarrassing/off limits encounters with a fan that you can share?

RealBridgetteB3 karma

First off to all my fans, I am super grateful! Thank you guys. I have some of the most respectful and really nice group of fans. Going back to the whole idea of being a gentleman, I feel very lucky to have such lovely fans!

xxxwhoreloverxxx6 karma

Have you ever considered a bigger boob job?

RealBridgetteB39 karma

Hell no! I love them right now and that is as far as it goes! :)

hshirey16 karma

What are your plans for when you retire from acting? Are you looking to direct or start up your own company?

RealBridgetteB13 karma

I will be an entertainer for as long as I can! Shoot I would be a mime in Paris! I have looked into directing and the ideas in my head are exploding! I love feedback from the newer girls in the industry, so I am looking at going down that avenue!

cy_ph3r5 karma

Would you consider hanging out with a fan for a day?

RealBridgetteB17 karma

Absolutely! I was a part of a show on MTV a few years, where I was the fan of a cast member of Laguna Beach. I felt so great, and it really set the tone for potentially doing it in the future!

JSD454 karma

What is your breast size?

RealBridgetteB26 karma

My boobs are humungous! 30H!


What was it like to work with Kiara Mia?

RealBridgetteB7 karma

Hmm, I can't say that I remember it that well. I think we only did one scene together. I'm sure it was great and fine and fun!

analmeharder3 karma

Would you ever dye your hair brown again? Please do!

RealBridgetteB9 karma

I'm teetering on it, i'm not sure! I asked my question on my Instagram this weekend. Stay tuned ;)

Bimboacademygermany2 karma

Did you ever hear of the term "bimbofication", and if so, what do you think about it? Are you aware that you are one of the prime rolemodels and "bimbo goddesses" of that subculture?

RealBridgetteB11 karma

I am guessing that is a woman who wants to turn into a barbie? More power to anyone that wants to...but that is not me.

grandpajones2 karma

Any new or upcoming films we should know about that you are going to be in?

RealBridgetteB12 karma

Some of the newer films and projects I'm in always get mentioned on Instagram. I have been shooting so much recently that they take a bit to come out.

[deleted]1 karma


RealBridgetteB8 karma

Oh you are so welcome! I like to be unpredictable and organic. If it's on my foot, hey as long as it's natural!

treyisajedi930 karma

As a fan of porn I’m surprised I’ve never heard of you. What is something interesting about yourself that you don’t normally get to tell people?

RealBridgetteB10 karma

Nice to meet you! I am actually really shy, and I consider myself one of the shyest human being ever. My work and my career allow me to take on another light and it's awesome.

Im_Venom_Amr_Rmah-6 karma

im asking this cuz u r my favorite pornstar n sometimes I have some lusts about u have u ever fall in love during a scene or at least a lil bit emotional ?

RealBridgetteB9 karma

Yes, I fell in love and we got married! We met on set. One of the things that is so important for fans to understand is that it's not what most people think. It takes a special type of character to be able to separate sex from love. I pride myself on being very respectful :)

Ian_Gets_Right-7 karma

Hey Bridgette!!! I'm by far your biggest fan... As I'm sure you hear all the time. two questions.. 1. Will we ever get another picnic scene??? That had to be the most amazing swallow I've ever seen in my life and I dream that can be me one day lol 2. can I get a follow back on IG?

RealBridgetteB7 karma

Hi Ian! Thank you! Picnic scene, thank you! Comment on my latest post!