I’m Meg Myers. I'm on Tour this fall and my new album, ‘Take Me To The Disco’ (https://ffm.to/tmttd) is out today. Lets get weird. Ask me anything. Today at 2pm PST.

Proof: https://i.redd.it/0jsq7n3wcqa11.jpg

EDIT: Thanks everybody, I enjoyed answering your questions. I hope you enjoyed the album. I appreciate all your support and hope to see you all while I'm out on tour in the fall.

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passwordissilver51 karma

What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

MegMyers41 karma

I don't eat cereal.

Altdorfs32 karma

Fav pizza topping?

MegMyers85 karma


megmyersislife30 karma

  1. Who is that voice in The Death Of Me?
  2. Is the song "Im So Sorry" about when you moved back to TN?
  3. Did you cut all your hair off because of a relationship?
  4. Could you play at my future wedding?

Just wanted to say, I'm the girl that asked you to sign my arm at Mercury Lounge. I got it tattooed and every time I battle my anxiety, I look at it and think of that happy moment I got to meet you. Thank you for your music, and NEVER ever doubt yourself.

MegMyers42 karma

1) My producer Leggy Langdon

2) Yes that is part for it but it was also about the relationship I was in at the time and getting to place where I needed to be

3) I cut it off because I wanted to feel what it was like to have no hair and I wanted to do it while I was still young.

4) Where is the wedding?

Aww, thank you so much that made me tear up

bball-gurl19 karma

Hi Meg! My boyfriend and I were at your NYC show at the Mercury Lounge.. great show! We loved it! During your set, you looked in our direction and said "you look nice" I could've sworn you were looking at me, but I was too nervous to say anything back, so a guy in front of us took the cue to say something back to you. If you remember this incident at all, can you offer some clarification? Thanks and see you in October! 😍

MegMyers36 karma

I kind of remember seeing some people lol and thinking that you guys looked very nice and had great energy. I was feeling vulnerable in that moment and seeing that was comforting 🖤🖤

workingorange12 karma

Meg, you're awesome! Loving the album, specially I'm not sorry.

What was the most difficult song to write? Whether it was technically or emotionally.

COME TO SPAIN!!! Love ya

MegMyers22 karma

I love you too! Thank you

I think one of the most emotional songs on the album was "Some People" because it is about being in a relationship with an alcoholic, whether you view that with a family member, a lover, or friend which I was going through some of that at that time.

BreakingNews9911 karma

Good afternoon Meg! Do you like roller coasters? Would you ever sky dive? If you have did you like it? What’s something you like to do to feel like you’re living on the edge besides performing lol?

MegMyers20 karma

1)fuck yeah

2) fuck yeah, I never have but i would be down for that

3) Hiking up really steep mountains

trjn059 karma

Hi Meg, Ever been to Colorado and if so what is your favorite place or spot?

MegMyers13 karma

Yes I have for shows but unfortunately I haven't gone for personal recreation.

any recommendations?

I'll be playing on 10/9 at Cervantes Other Side in Denver hope to see you there

kailaren8 karma

Little Black Death is one of my favorite songs on this album right now (only beaten by Jealous Sea and Tourniquet), but I was wondering, what does "you could be my little black death" mean to you? I took French in high school so I already knew what petite-mort means (lol) but I'm still a little unclear on the actual meaning of the song.

Also, since people are already asking what your favorite song is on this album, what's your favorite song of yours that wasn't on this album?

MegMyers28 karma

It's the English translation of the French expression, Le Petit Mort, which means "the brief loss or weakening of consciousness" and in modern usage refers specifically to "the sensation of orgasm as likened to death"

VG_8 karma

Which artist or artists would you say were most inspirational in guiding you in your music career? Also, I'm seeing you in Chicago on your birthday. Let me buy you a beer!

MegMyers30 karma

I would say Enya has always been a huge influence. Also Sinead O'Conner, The Police, Nirvana, and Nine Inch Nails.

Phoebefobbs8 karma

Hi Meg!

It's awesome that you're doing an AMA, I can never find the answers i'm looking for in traditional interviews ! I've been listening to your music for a few years now, i stumbled upon "Desire" on Amy Lee's "Badass women" playlist on Spotify and instantly fell in love.

1/ I'm very excited for you new album and so my first question would be: do you have a favorite track from it? If yes, why ? (Mine is "tear me to pieces" for now, but i was working all day and i have only been able to listen to it once)

2/ I noticed that you use a much deeper voice in this album that you used to do, was that a conscious choice or is just how your singing naturally evolved?

3/ Your previous album "Sorry" has a very unique atmosphere, and has me fascinated. I would love to know all the secrets behind it but my most pressing question is : Where does the story from "The Morning After" come from? I'm not sure i understand it perfectly (english is not my native language, so getting all the nuances is difficult) and i probably made up my own interpration of it, but I just love it and I wish i could get your insight about it.

4/ Is there any use at all for me to wait for you to tour Europe? I'm in Lyon, France, and I have no idea about how many people would come to a show of yours here, but I would dance and sing so hard that I could be a one-woman crowd :)

All the best!

MegMyers27 karma

1/ Jealous Sea because it is a personal song for me and the first song I wrote for the album

2/ I used to sing deep when I was a teenager learning to sing but I stopped because I felt it was too weird but I decided to bring it back for this album because it's naturally a huge part of the way I sing.

merrow_memery8 karma

1.) What is your favorite sandwich?

2.) what is your writing process like? Do you start with the music or the lyrics or what?

Btw, I love your music, keep it up :)

P.s. why is your show in Brooklyn 18+???!?!?!

MegMyers18 karma

1) Turkey Club

2) I start with the music and then i add melody and then the lyrics come after that or during

borderlinegross7 karma

Have you caught the package thief yet?

MegMyers47 karma

Yeah actually they are in my basement right now.

passwordissilver5 karma

Where in the world do you want to perform that you haven't had chance yet?

MegMyers11 karma

a lot of places haha ! outside of America

adreonnn4 karma

Hi Meg!! love love love the new album. My favorite songs are Funeral, Tourniquet and Tear Me to Pieces. And your song Motel is awesome i really liked the Townes Van Zandt quote! Genius


This is what i wanted to ask

Do you have a favorite color?

Cats or dogs?

Cant wait for your Austin show in September!

  • A

MegMyers15 karma

Thank you soooooo so so so so much. Wow

My favorite color is blue! and I love dogs!

evensnowdies4 karma

Hi hi! How are you today? You drank my water in Kansas City, are we bffs now? If yes, then: -Will you cover NIN in Chicago for me? -How can I convince you to give up smoking?

Thank you for your magical music!

MegMyers18 karma


probably not but I love NIN and I would love to do a cover some day but not in Chicago at this time.

probably not. but I do appreciate the concern.

thank you for your water

xyesdarlingx4 karma

If you could be any inanimate object, what would you be?

MegMyers22 karma

a pair of scissors

sodashots3 karma

What was your last job before becoming a full time musician? Did you ever feel like giving up on becoming a musician?

MegMyers18 karma

I was a waitress for about 12 years - the last job was at The Brite Spot in LA

I got pretty down and definitely had moments when I wasn't sure what I was doing but I also had the internal drive to keep me going at the same time.

fartfacepooper3 karma

Have you ever seen a ghost?

MegMyers38 karma

No but I've seen energy when I'm tripping balls

ZachD82 karma

What was the first album you ever owned?

(I'll try to come down to Chicago to see you!)

MegMyers16 karma

i think it was Jewel "Pieces of You" cassette tape

try to come down to Chicago. email [email protected] and they can get you a pair of tickets

BreakingNews991 karma

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

MegMyers18 karma

I would like to collaborate with Enya.

TheRealPeterG1 karma

Hi Meg. I'm looking at different effects/pedals for my bass. What is your go-to?

Also, TMTTD is amazing.

MegMyers12 karma

Thank you! I don't really use that many pedals. Mainly distortion. I don't have too much knowledge in this area but am learning!

fiestymanatee1 karma

  1. When naming the first single of this album, were you paying tribute to your old band Feeling Numb? Or are they unrelated?

  2. What do you miss most about Tennessee?

MegMyers7 karma

1/ I started writing the song without thinking of that but halfway through, I realized it which was a cool coincidence!

2/ Cafe Roze in Nashville

AJKlicker1 karma

Question 1: If you could pick any musician to tour with, who would it be and why?

Question 2: Star Wars or Star Trek?

MegMyers9 karma

1) I would really love to tour with Nine Inch Nails. I've been the hugest fans of them for so many years. They are my go to band to listen to. I relate to them sonically and lyrically

2) Star Wars

Lizzardbreath9011 karma

Hello Meg. I’m Liz. Hi. Which song on this record was your favorite to write and which song is your favorite to sing?

My favorite so far is Constant :) love the album. Thank you for being an awesome artist!

MegMyers20 karma

Wow thank you so much for your support

I love that you love constant. I actually wrote that one by myself in the woods.

my favorite one to write was Tourniquet

my favorite one to sing is Jealousy.

-Lacuna-1 karma

How did the process of making your second album fare compared to your first? Was anything particularly easier / more challenging the second time around?

MegMyers12 karma

it was easier the second time around

this time I felt more connected to myself and I was able to connect more to the creative process because I was more confident in my views as an artist this time around.

danktrickshot0 karma

do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

MegMyers12 karma

No, but I'm open

kambel040 karma

What is your personal favorite song from the album? Also what's the weirdest thing you've ever done at a show?

MegMyers42 karma

my personal favorite is Little Black Death.

the weirdest thing I have ever done at a show is I pooped my pants.