Hi reddit. Zachary Quinto from STAR TREK, HEROES, and the new HISTORY show IN SEARCH OF here. Right now, I’m on Broadway in THE BOYS IN THE BAND:

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/3b8lyd2

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Did you research any real serial killers for the role of Dr. Thredson in American Horror Story?

Asylum was my favorite season because much of the horror is from humanity an not supernatural.


I did research into Ed Gein, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer and the psychology of serial killers throughout history.

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When you were approached for a role in Star Trek, what were your thoughts on taking over the iconic role of Spok from Leonard Nimoy?


I was so excited to be a part of the iconic franchise, and so happy that Leonard was so supportive and available to my process. I could never have imagined that we would have become such close friends but that was the most rewarding part of it all.

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Do you think aliens exist?


I certainly feel like we would be arrogant to think we are the only intelligent (using that term generously) life in the entire universe. But the scope and scale of what that comprises makes it almost impossible to fathom ever locating extra terrestrial life anytime soon - unless they want to be located.

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Huh I’ve never caught an AMA at the beginning before, I don’t even know what to ask! Uhhh, hows your day been? Anything peculiar happen? Love your work by the way.


Haha pretty normal day so far. This is one of the first things on my schedule after walking the dogs. Then doing a play reading this afternoon and performing on Broadway tonight...

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How much skepticism or myth-busting do you introduce in the new series? I don't remember any in the original. With so many cameras everywhere now, there seems like there hasn't been an increase in the quality or quantity of the evidence of the supernatural.


I would say we try to maintain objectivity as much as possible. I interview scientists and experts in each field - and also people who claim to have experiences with each of the topics that aren't necessarily backed up or substantiated by scientific proof. The nature of the show is really the convergence of these two worlds - and the idea of presenting the space in which they overlap.

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Is there any news on a Star Trek 4?


There's a script (which I haven't read). A director - SJ Clarkson (with whom I've had the pleasure of working on a few episodes of Heroes back in the day) and that's where we are. No the rinfo to report at this point...

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What's it like working on American Horror Story? Will you be in future seasons?


It was dark, but fun. Not sure about future seasons though. Have a lot of other things in the works.

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Favorite or most used condiment? Thank you.



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Oh man, the original In Search Of got me through a lot of days in college when I should have been in class instead. I'm psyched to see it back, and love that you're hosting.

What topic are you most looking forward to covering on the show?


It was important for us to honor the history no pun intended of the show but also move it in a new direction. Considering all of the advancements in science and technology - it was important to include topics that either didn't exist or were not as relevant when they were producing the original series. i was most interested in Artificial Intelligence and Life After Death but also was interested in Aliens and somewhat surprisingly Sinkholes.

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Sinkholes really give me the willies. That'll be a terrifying fun episode for sure!


It was the most surprising of all the episodes. I went in a little resistant to the idea - as I wasn't sure how it fit into the mysterious nature of the other episodes. But while a lot is known about what causes sinkholes - almost nothing is known about where or when they are going to open up. Or how severe they might be when they do. The notion that the very ground under your feet could simply collapse and swallow up anything that happens to be on top of it is really quite unsettling...

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What are your guilty pleasure films? Any that you love in spite of them?


The Heat Ibiza Grand Design (TV) Great British Bake Off (TV)

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What interests you most about outer space and the unexplained?


I think the sheer magnitude of the unknown and the scale and scope of the galaxy is so endlessly fascinating to me.

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Whats your favorite aspect of Pittsburgh? Side note if I remember right I think you grew up in the same township as I did.


Pittsburgh is a great city for many reasons. Architecture, people, culture, education, medicine, technology. I'm grateful to come from there. And always enjoy going home to visit!

Hobzy72 karma

What drew you to being the host of "In Search Of"? Are you concerned that it could increase conspiracy theories in lieu of science/history? Thanks!


I was excited to dive into the world of the unknown and unexplained - but i wanted to change the format from the original so I was actually on the ground conducting the searches and traveling around to interview thew subjects. It was so rewarding for me to be able to be the guide through which the audience will experience these mysteries. I don't think it will increase conspiracy theories as we approach each topic from the standpoint of scientific experts as well as human experiencers. The balance is the key of the series.

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Is it smarter to buy cheap seats for 2 different Broadway shows, or a great seat for one?


That's a tough one. In a way I'd say see two shows because then you have a diversity of experience. I know how expensive Broadway tickets can be but any well-directed show should give you a satisfying experience no matter where you're sitting.

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Hello Mr.Quinto, what would you say are your top two live music shows you've attended? And are there any you are looking forward to seeing? Thanks


I got to see Joni Mitchell at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles around 2000 or 2001. That was amazing. Also Alt-J in Vancouver was an awesome show - mostly because we watched from the side of the stage so it felt like we were almost a part of the show itself.

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Early in an acting career, I guess you have to say yes to more or less any job you get offered? How does it feel at that stage, having your career controlled by others and what they offer you? It must be so gratifying to be able to rise out of that and get some control for yourself, when did you start exercising real control over your own career/image?


Yes. I started my production company Before the Door Pictures once my career reached a certain level - so that I could have a hand in the stories that I am a part of putting into the world. Even if they don't involve me as an actor - I can still shape the narratives that I am a part of amplifying.

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What's your favorite type of cheese ?


Manchego or Feta for sure.

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How are you doing?


Great thanks for asking...

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Are you going to focus on mysterious things like Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of did?


We try to honor the spirit of the original to a certain extent with episodes like Aliens (our premiere) and Monsters of the Deep and Lost City of Atlantis. But we also head into new more currently relevant territory with episodes like Artificial Intelligence and Life After Death and Mind Control. We do Superhumans - Time Travel - and Sinkholes as well! There are ten episodes in the first season...

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Hi Zach, are you a gamer? If so, what are a couple of games you are currently playing these days?


I'm not a gamer

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What would you say to people or young aspiring actors/actresses that want to make a break in the business and want to stand out?

Love your work!! (Sorry if my question is probably commonly asked!!)


I'd say perseverance is the most important aspect of pursuing a career in acting. It can be so challenging to be confronted with the amount of rejection that is inevitably a part of the pursuit. But it is in weathering that and having faith in yourself even when it feels like no one else has faith in you that will lead you to a place of opportunity.

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Hey Zachary, are any of the "In Search Of" shows going to cover topics that Leonard Nimoy covered but with up-to-date research or are all the shows on new topics so far?


The whole nature of the show is about utilizing the advancement s of science and technology from which we have benefitted in the past 40 years since the original show aired. We want to maintain the spirit of curiosity and adventure that was the hallmark of the show - but with a new sense of what's possible and what still remains unknown.

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You're currently in Boys in the Band on Broadway - which do you love most - hosting for TV, acting in films or performing live on stage? Congrats on the new show!


I love the fact that I have diverse experiences and I love moving between the mediums. Theater is there most rewarding for me though. I always make a point to come back to the stage as often as possible.

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Do you miss Galway?


Love Galway! Went back a few years ago and it was incredible to return to a place that I had such an incredible experience in at such a different time in my life!

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will it still have the awesome theme music?


It's new music. But awesome still...