Starhunter REDUX is a never-before-seen cut of this much loved but underexposed Sci-Fi series, with over 5500 spectacular new special effects*, a new edit and new sound. Now available in HD.

"The Good, the Bad and the Fugitive. A cross between ‘Wild Wild West’, ‘Lost In Space’ and the edge of ‘Blade Runner.” - Expose Magazine

(TRAILER) New, Never Before Seen Episodes air TUESDAYS on the Robert Rodriguez Created and Curated El Rey Network

Starhunter: REDUX - 3 Minute Trailer

Behind The Scenes Of Re-Imagining A Sci-Fi TV Series (Mini Documentary)

"It’s a time when humans have spread across the solar system, colonizing planets and building new worlds. Rule of law has broken down on this new frontier, leaving justice in the hands of dangerous men and women who offer their services for hire. 

The series follows bounty hunter Dante Montana (Michael Paré) and his crew, who hunt criminals in deep space while searching for Dante’s lost son who was taken by a clan of outlaws years ago. The crew also struggle with their tormented pasts as the universe changes around them in ways yet to be understood." - Use the El Rey Network Channel Finder and Find Out how to watch Starhunter: Redux, every Tuesday! (USA Only) - Stay tuned for more Territories and Broadcast Windows coming soon! Episode Four Airs This Coming Tuesday, and Episodes 1-3 are available ON DEMAND.

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UPDATE NUMBER 1! - 1320PM EDT - Series Composer DONALD QUAN Joins Us! Donald did the music for REDUX, and Season 1 of the original Starhunter! Ask him anything about the challenge of re-composing an entire series of TV 20 years later!

UPDATE NUMBER 2! - 1615pm EDT - Percy Montana herself, the one and only Tanya Allen has joined us! - And after a brief break, Philip Jackson is back too!

UPDATE NUMBER 3! - 1730pm EDT - One of our key editors, Jeffrey P. Nesker of "Ocular Nutrition" has joined us. Jeff was instrumental in the Re-Editing and Coordination of REDUX. Direct all technical questions to

UPDATE NUMBER 4! - 2130pm EDT - Wow! Thank you Reddit Community for the overwhelming response. We all had a blast. Please keep the questions coming and we'll keep popping back in to answer. And of course PLEASE tune in every Tuesday at 8pm EDT to Robert Rodriguez's El Rey Network to catch the all-new episodes of Starhunter: REDUX! to find out how you can get El Rey. All episodes of Starhunter that have aired are available ON DEMAND! Thank you and good night! (Even though we're still here, and will keep answering questions)

*All New Special Effects done by the incredible team at Eggplant Picture & Sound (A division of The Eggplant Collective - Toronto Based Post Production Facility who also did the new Sound Design, and so much more. Magicians and Geniuses, every one of them.)

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MichaelDantePare18 karma

I hope all the Starhunter fans enjoy this new and improved release of STARHUNTER.

altunivurz6 karma

Hey Michael, I join you in that wish, fans, friend, audiences supporters of all kind are why we live and breath! Do people approach you much about Starhunter REDUX now that it's on air?

MichaelDantePare5 karma

yes, there is a lot of awareness now we are on EL REY! Starmeter is rising too! Classic action adventure is back!

StarfieldIndie8 karma

That's great to hear Michael! And yes, let's bring Classic Action Adventure back!

Many great films in the Starfield Indie Back Catalogue starring Michael Paré - and many new projects in the works!

brittersbear14 karma

What has been the greatest challenge so far on the show?

What has been the most fun?

MichaelDantePare12 karma

The most fun was doing the green screen with Phillip and Tanya to sneak Dante into the second season, Very creative writing and fantastic concept for hyper space. Working with Tanya again was very cool, I loved our relationship in the first season! She played a deep and complex character that was so present, I real pleasure to work off of.

TanyaAllenPercy10 karma

heart emoji :)

StarfieldIndie8 karma


ocularnutrition7 karma

Greatest challenge from a technical standpoint is most definitely too long and boring an answer; filled with tech terms and shorthand that will undoubtedly present as gibberish to people unlike me that actually go outside:)

Coles notes: getting all the elements back from various basements, tool sheds and time capsules all over the world.

Most fun was taking this older show out of the garage and giving it a tune up and a fresh coat of paint.

StarfieldIndie6 karma

Oh come on Nesker. Give us the long, boring answer filled with tech terms and shorthand gibberish!

donaldpquan12 karma

Hey y’all - Donald Quan here - excited to talk to everybody!!👋

StarfieldIndie7 karma

Hey Donald! Thanks so much for joining us and for all the amazing work you've done on Starhunter over the years! What's the thought process behind developing a score for a Sci Fi series, or a TV Series in general? What's your Creative Process and then the execution required?

dasrac10 karma

I am offended that you chose "Eddie and the Cruisers" as Michael Pares signature role over Streets of Fire in the title, how does Mr. Pare Feel about that particular decision?

StarfieldIndie7 karma

Resident Reddit Nerd here at Starfield Indie Headquarters. For the record, I originally had SOF and Phil made me change it. He's a tyrant and a dictator. (When he's not being a really nice and talented guy.)

LtAlexMunro8 karma

Any chance there will be a box set of Season 1 and 2300?

StarfieldIndie7 karma

We will be following a traditional broadcast release. So the new Redux episodes will Air every week on El Rey Network. And then, just like any network television series, there will be other broadcast windows and options after the show has aired. But your best bet is to go to the El Rey Channel finder and see if you can get subscribed. And to subscribe to our social media accounts where we will be making announcements on new territories and new broadcasters around the world.

@StarhunterTV on Twitter and Instagram

StarfieldIndie8 karma


Percy, welcome aboard the Virtual Reddit TULIP!

SirChumpton7 karma

How do I watch this in the UK? Will this be getting a DVD release at all?

StarfieldIndie3 karma

There will be many more announcements regarding other territories outside of the USA. El Rey Network is the First Window, Network Television Broadcaster for the US Territory (Like, for example, AMC was for Breaking Bad, or HBO for Game Of Thrones) - Stay tuned for more places to watch Starhunter: REDUX and thank you for asking! Digital, Streaming, DVD releases will all come later after Network TV releases around the world.

StarfieldIndie7 karma

Another great surprise! We welcome in-house Starfield Editor Jeffrey P. Nesker of Ocular Nutrition to the thread. Jeff can answer any technical questions as he was instrumental in pulling off the REDUX process. He can also answer all your World Cup questions as he is a Soccer Blogger here in Toronto

ShreddedCredits6 karma

Are we just going to talk about Rampart in this AMA, or can we ask other questions?

StarfieldIndie6 karma

Only Rampart obviously... or Starhunter. Or Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Or Sci Fi in general. Or Life, The Universe and Everything. Or The Divinity Cluster. Or Woody Harrelson's many other great rolls.

Whenworldscollide24 karma

Did someone mention a Douglas Adams novel?

StarfieldIndie4 karma


MichaelDantePare6 karma

I can't wait for the third season to get written, with all the develpements in real space exploration it should be a great playground for speculation on human psychological and technological evoloution

StarfieldIndie6 karma

Great point Michael. The advances in technology, and our understanding of Space will allow Season 3 to be far more advanced than Season 1 & 2 creatively. Ideas we toyed with in Season 1 and 2 are now legitimate areas of research, or even in early stage development. The future is now!

GunRaptor5 karma

I've never even heard of "El Rey Network."

I had to Wikipedia it.

I'll say, doing an AMA was good marketing for the show and the network, but that leads to a rather obvious question.

Given that El Rey Network has been active since 2013 and there are still people who haven't even heard of it, what marketing efforts are you making to spread awareness of what looks like a very good show, on a network that a lot of people have never even heard of?

StarfieldIndie5 karma

Great question. I'm sure Phil will have a detailed answer to this, but I'll take a quick shot at it. The media landscape is very unique right now. You have giants we all know like Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Comcast, etc. and then there's a newer, niche network like El Rey. Robert Rodriguez is of course a legendary filmmaker with a reputation for making great films and also supporting great talent. 2013 is only 5 years ago, a blink of the eye in the grand scheme of things. I think they're doing great work, and we do hope that this AMA helps send more people to their network, and of course to our show.

Kstarsbest5 karma

New VFX looks fantastic! Who did you use for your post editing and special fx additions? Bravo!

StarfieldIndie5 karma

Check the bottom of the description box above for the links but the VFX were done by the incredible team at Eggplant Picture and Sound in Toronto

LtAlexMunro5 karma

As I sit here, reading Reddit and seeing how engaged you are with the community, I just come up with random stuff in my head. Would there be any interest in creating a STARHUNTER fan club (besides the Facebook Group) and perhaps do like a meet and greet with the community outside of a Convention, like something more casual?

LtAlexMunro5 karma

Any chance you guys would come to Hamilton Comic Con?

When can I see Starhunter Redux in Canada?

stephenmarcus6210 karma

I'd like that. Who's paying? hehehehe.

altunivurz6 karma

Why, Starfield would cover you if they invite us, We''ve found the hotel 'Bender' stays at, Heheheheh

StarfieldIndie7 karma

Starfield confirms. We would love to do Hamilton Comic-Con and every other Comic-Con and Fan Expo.

The first confirmed will be September 1st at the Toronto Fan Expo.

MichaelDantePare8 karma

I guess that is possible, I worked in Hamilton a few times, cool town, some great restaurants there

LtAlexMunro6 karma

That would be really cool, meeting everyone, if possible!

StarfieldIndie4 karma

First opportunity will be at Toronto Fan Expo - September 1st!

stephenmarcus627 karma

by the way, I love Canada and Canadians

MichaelDantePare6 karma

which ones?

stephenmarcus626 karma

The ones from Canadia

StarfieldIndie5 karma

Those are the best ones!

altunivurz7 karma

Thanks guys, We just learned that we're at FANEXPO in Toronto Sat Sept 1st, there will be some key cast (Like Michael Pare (Dante Montana and a few others, I will be there with my creative partner in Starhunter Redux Daniel D'or. I'm sending a note to our outreach folks to see if Hamilton is do-able.

"When can I see the show in Canada?" is the most frequent recurring question on social media, I'm really unhappy that I can't answer that now, the American broadcasters are there for the show, we'll be able to announce German dates soon, France and UK and Japan - but in Canada they major broadcasters are basically down to two (English Canadian) institutions who have sealed themselves off from independent producers. If anyone feels like asking BELL MEDIA and CHORUS when they're showing Starhunter REDUX, they'l listen to fans and friends, so PLEASE go ahead!!

LtAlexMunro8 karma

Thanks! In regards to FANEXPO, is there any other details you can share at this time or would you be able to post more information when it comes available? Like Photo Ops/Group Photo Ops + Prices?

I know Bell Media had STARHUNTER showing on Space, that's how I discovered it. Surprised they aren't jumping at the chance to have you guys back.

StarfieldIndie7 karma

For prices you will have to just have to check the Fan Expo website. If anyone is interested in doing some cosplay we would be happy to help guide the Wardrobe and costume process by providing designs and information. Photos are of course going to be part of the Fan Expo experience, we'll happily take photos, and there will be a Q&A for 1 hour with the panel. Tag us on Instagram or Twitter with your #StarhunterREDUXcosplay and we'll re-gram, re-tweet, etc.!

EDIT_thanks4thegold5 karma

What's your view on the current JavaScript ecosystem and development?

EDIT: Trying to be witty b/c Redux is a popular library for state management in JS applications.

ocularnutrition6 karma

I’m on the fence. While I agree that progress is, in theorem, a “good” thing, I’m afraid I just can’t get on the “let’s develop this JavaScript thing and it’s ecosystem too” all Willy-Nilly. I mean, I love me some JavaScript, at least as much as the next guy, you know? But I also want to understand my JavaScript, on a real level, and unchecked development means there’s far less chance of that happening.

StarfieldIndie5 karma

Instrumental to the REDUX process and Starfield Indie team. Editor Jeffrey P. Nesker everybody! Direct your tech questions to him :)

kmoonster4 karma


Any chance for Stargate now?

StarfieldIndie6 karma

Well, we were told there was no chance for us... and we had hardly the worldwide exposure and fan base that Stargate has. They don't call it the Golden Age of Television for nothing. Anything is possible!