I’m a YouTuber and my passion in life is food. Seriously the obsession is strong. Some of my greatest food adventures include the buttery Kobe steak in Japan, a MASSIVE whole roast pig in the Philippines and a delicious dumpling tour of New York City. You can follow all my food adventures on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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GreatFable22 karma

Mike I love your videos so much and I’m a massive fan!

I was wondering, how often do you work out?

thisisinsider32 karma


My motto is work out hard, eat harder. Because I live in the woods, I have a gym inside of my house. Also, some days I run from bears! :-)

- Mike

Stranger198213 karma

Hi Mike, what's one country you havn't tried yet and are dying to visit for its food?

thisisinsider23 karma

I've been dying to go to Indonesia because I hear the food is SUPER spicy, which is right up my alley. Luckily, I'm going next month. Sadly, it's going to be very hot. :-(

- Mike

AdamBrickley13 karma

Mike - we've seen you travel to Asia, South America, North America (obviously), and now Europe if we can trust your Instagram. So, the question becomes when's the Africa trip? Ethiopia? Senegal? South Africa? Lots of good food on that continent.

thisisinsider4 karma

Hopefully soon! I've been to South Africa and LOVED it! Still have food regrets from there :-(


_Gains12 karma

Hey Mikey! Just want to thank you for all the great videos, my roommates and I always watch one or two while we eat and you've really expanded our understanding of food.

  1. Having been to a lot of different destinations worldwide, what would you say is the best way to find the hidden gem, hole in the wall restaurants or stands that every city has?
  2. Is there a dish you've tried that you really wanted to like, but just can't bring yourself to?
  3. Loved your collab with Adam Richman. Is there another chef/food personality that you'd want to sit down with?

Keep up the awesome content, and come visit Boston again sometime! Plenty more places for you to see :)

thisisinsider8 karma

For me, I just like to walk around and see where the locals go. It's also good to talk to people you meet and especially those who have been in the place you're visiting for a long time and get their suggestions.

- Mike

mattjewpajewzzi11 karma

What's your favorite ramen shop in NYC?

thisisinsider24 karma

Oh that's tough! So many I love!!! Ivan Ramen is one of my fav because I love the porky-ness. MU is also one of my favorites, don't sleep on the pancakes there and of course my FAV in the world is Ichiran which is also in NY and I heard they fixed their egg issue :-)

Speaking of ramen, I have an upcoming video about a ramen festival here in NY with guest star Herrine Ro from FOOD INSIDER on my YouTube Channel so look out for that as they feature some GREAT ramen shops from Japan :-)

- Mike

Hairymonkeybutt4u10 karma

When you are eating 5-7 meals for your vids, do you finish the plate or do you stop eating after the recording to save room?

thisisinsider13 karma

I do my best to eat everything because I can't stop. It's a sickness! Well of course there are days where I'm eating nonstop. I do require some assistance, like when I ask Herrine to come tag along on my foodie adventures!

But the point is, the food never gets wasted.

- Mike

adoseth9 karma

If you had a chance to have dinner with Anthony Bourdain - one of the gods of food adventurers, what are the things you'd like to talk to him about?

thisisinsider10 karma

Why are you so grumpy...jk.

I would love to hear where he's been and loved the most and why. I am really curious about the things he doesn't say on camera.

- Mike


While on tour have you ever experienced any dangerous situations? And do the locals ever try to scam you by overcharging for their food prices?

thisisinsider19 karma

Luckily, not many. But while I was in India, I was in a potentially dangerous situation at 3AM when I was trying to go eat at a food vendor who resides in an alley. There was a huge fight and some alleged gang members told me and my crew to leave. I am not known to leave without food so...I went and got my grub and luckily nothing happened to me.

Being scammed is more common. When I was in Peru right by Machu Picchu a restaurant overcharged us by 200%. And of course, I was scammed by a taxi driver in the Philippines that somehow made national news.

Again, luckily most people I encounter are honest but bad things happen in life sometimes.

- Mike

jmacklin18 karma

How did you start your career as a personality?

thisisinsider36 karma

Lol ok this is a very condensed version :-) I majored in Accounting to become a FBI agent...yes seriously! Then mellowed out and worked for Morgan Stanley. Realizing that was a nightmare of a job(for me) a year in I went to work for a non profit to help with human rights issues in China. Which is why I got into YouTube in the first place. Then I branched out to cover other loves of my life which is of course food and the rest is history :-)

- Mike

Dianne_Plate7 karma

Hi Mike!

I've been curious about your production and team. How much do you film and edit on your own and how much is a crew? You put out so much content, I don't know where you'd have time by yourself!

Also - When we will be able to buy your chili oil?

Peace, Love and Hot Pots

thisisinsider14 karma

I used to edit everything myself until I started burning out. My team does most of the editing, starting at the end of last year and it still doesn't seem like there is enough time.

The hot oil just got sent to me last week and it tastes AMAZING! We'll get it out very soon.

- Mike

thisisinsider7 karma

That's all the time I have for this AMA guys. THANKS SO MUCH for all the great questions, I will definitely do more of these in the future and more Q&As on my channel :-)

All the best!!


FFinTwenty5 karma

Hi Mike!!

First of all, you need to go back to Philippines and go eat more foods there!!

Second of all, how do you stay so fit? It's always so shocking to me and my family that you can eat so much yet you're still fit!

Lastly, are you always busy? I mean, you're almost going to different cities and countries every other week, do you always have a packed schedule or do you just manage it well? How do you manage it so well if you do?

Thanks for the AMA!!

thisisinsider7 karma

I have an extremely busy schedule. I try my best to manage it well but I don't always. I am really fortunate to be doing what I am doing and luckily it's something that I love very much so as busy as it is, I enjoy every moment of it! :-)

- Mike

ayehellyeah5 karma

Mike! You always make jokes and metaphors between food and rom coms so what's your favorite rom com? (:

thisisinsider13 karma

I've watched literally EVERY rom com ever made. My favorite (thinking hard) ......... so tough. Wedding Singer is definitely one of them. Also Hitch. But my favorite romantic/drama/best movie ever, is Forrest Gump. I freakin' hate Jenny.

- Mike

TinyReRun4 karma

When are you going to come to New Haven to eat pizza? Also, do you still eat Popeyes?

thisisinsider7 karma

I'd go right now if I could.

- Mike

thisisinsider3 karma

To answer your second question. YES!!

- Mike

bystander044 karma

Hi Mike!! How's your new home? Have you seen a ghost yet or experienced anything paranormal?? Your new home is really beautiful, but it definitely looks haunted. 😂

thisisinsider9 karma

Yes! Have you SEEN my house?? JK

But yeah, my college campus was EXTREMELY haunted. Truman State. One night at 2AM while I was on rounds (I was an RA), I heard footsteps above me and it matched me stride by stride. As I walked faster, it walked faster as well. Then I started to run, AND IT STARTED TO RUN. Then I just ran into my room and shut the door :-)

- Mike

McJumbos4 karma

most underrated place you visited and ate?

thisisinsider9 karma

Mongolia. Very underrated. Food is not the best, but OMG it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Going horseback riding in Mongolia should be on everyone's bucket list.

- Mike

bccc124 karma

Hi Mike,

Love ur vids - have you ever gotten sick from a dish?


thisisinsider5 karma

I got sick from fruit in Peru and I got super sick in India from I think what was homemade yogurt.

- Mike

wetnike14 karma

How did you end up in NYC? What's your favorite borough for some delicious food?

thisisinsider9 karma

Hi! I moved here from the Midwest in search for good food and other Asians. JK!...maybe. I moved here for work after my potential FBI career didn't pan out.

My fav borough is for sure Queens! BEST Chinese food :-) Check out the dumpling and pizza tours I did with Herrine from FOOD INSIDER. We went to most of the NYC boroughs!

- Mike

spartan7524 karma

Would you ever do a personal good tour for fans if one paid enough?

thisisinsider12 karma

I don't accept any money but if I'm free and you're in town, then sure let's grab food! :-)

- Mike

Kwang8923 karma

Hey Mike!

Big fan here.

Will you ever travel down to Texas for some great BBQ?

thisisinsider4 karma


- Mike

edbeale013 karma

My husband and I adore your videos! It's almost a dinner time tradition now.

What's on the menu tonight?

thisisinsider4 karma

I just ate a bunch of pizzas but... I can still eat more. I am craving some...steak...I'm always craving steak. Mmm.

- Mike

tdon443 karma

Hey mike, huge fan here. What is your go-to flushing spot if u had to pick one?

thisisinsider4 karma

Always stall #28 in New World Mall. Big plate of beef and cold wheat noodles.

- Mike

derrieres3 karma

Hey Mike! Love your videos.

If you could only eat 1 dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?

thisisinsider20 karma

Hot pot. Is that cheating?

- Mike

mrasdfghj902 karma

Hey Mike! Love your videos and admire the amount of food you can eat!

What's the fullest you've ever been on your travels?

thisisinsider8 karma

When I was filming in Malaysia, I was being shown around by my local friend, Rick. He took us from morning to night. We ate nonstop. Just when I thought I couldn't eat any more, he asked if we wanted to go to a night market. Of course, I said yes.

I don't remember the rest of that evening.

- Mike

Chtorrr2 karma

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

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eddieswiss2 karma

Hey Mike! I love your videos. The perfect stuff to watch while eating. It's my routine now.

I love your videos of when you came to Toronto (two hours away from me) and I'd highly recommend you check out Montreal the next time you're in Canada for a food series of videos.

It's wonderful!

My question though, is there any foods out there that you'd just flat out refuse to try that you've seen on your travels?

thisisinsider4 karma

Well, me and Stewie both hate broccoli. And once someone offered me an animal's eyeball. They didn't tell me which animal. Didn't matter. That I couldn't eat.

- Mike