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I'm best known for playing Meredith the drunk on NBC's The Office for 9 seasons and I am in the new Hulu original tv series ALL NIGHT! I play Principal Saperstein. You can watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bShH5985Z68

I'm currently touring with Jane Lynch in her anti cabaret act, SEE JANE SING, and you can also catch me performing with Scott Robinson as The Lampshades.

For more information you can check out our website: www.thelampshades.com.

Proof: https://i.redd.it/ewvikb6traz01.jpg

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KateFlannery64 karma

i'm wearing them under my jeans. you caught me on a good day

TeamTyler25 karma

Kate! I have to say what an honor it is to get to ask you a question! I am a huge fan. What was it like to always be referred to as horrendous and ugly when you really weren’t?

KateFlannery55 karma

Welcome to the human race we never know how truly we are being perceived. I speak for all women who get older this is the human condition.

taterthot161823 karma

which scene on the office was the most fun to film?

i am literally watching the office right now! meredith refusing to go to rehab is my aesthetic. you're great.

KateFlannery56 karma

One of my favorite scenes is in Moroccan Christmas when Michael drags Meredith to rehab, the scene in the parking lot in particular. It was such a ball to film and to improvise all that time with Steve. He's like a master class.

damemate18 karma

How much Meredith's character was the scripted character and how much it was really you?

KateFlannery60 karma

Meredith is a fictional character made up by the great creators of The Office. I come by playing an alcoholic honestly because my dad owned an Irish bar. Flannery's Tavern is Philadelphia.

mrs-superman12 karma

Let's set the record straight, best Christmas episode?

KateFlannery27 karma

The first Christmas episode in season 2 because it's the first episode that everyone finds out that Meredith is an alcoholic. But wait...Moroccan Christmas was my all time favorite episode. I can't pick.

Arthrax_Anthex11 karma

Do you have any improvised scenes in The Office that never made the cut but you wished they aired it?

KateFlannery40 karma

There's a whole story line in the weight loss episode into why Meredith's skin is blistered. They never explain why. She fell asleep on a boat fishing with two guys and I think she was topless.

Lacostic10 karma

When you filmed the last episode, what was the environment like on set?

KateFlannery24 karma

It was sad and sweet and all the actors went into John Krasinski's trailer and all did a toast together before we did the scene.

Arthrax_Anthex10 karma

Did you use any of your real life experiences to get into the character of Meredith?

KateFlannery16 karma

Aside from my dad owning a bar I waited tables for years and bartended and I knew a few Merediths in Philadelphia, NY, Chicago, LA. There are a few Meredith's everywhere.

slvrdoe9 karma

Hi Kate! I loved you as Meredith Palmer and enjoyed seeing you on Baking With Josh and Ange! What was your favorite behind-the-scenes story from your time filming The Office? Also, do you think Meredith had to make up another funeral to attend so she could go to the recent royal wedding? Thanks for doing this AMA!

KateFlannery13 karma

When I was still waiting tables during the first season and our showrunner Greg Daniels came in and talked to me about the Healthcare episode. He completely ignored the fact that I was waiting tables in a white uniform and tie and in the weeds. He just wanted to talk to me.

afrojunkie9 karma

What is the most interesting fan encounter you've had?

KateFlannery23 karma

I was at the Nixon library and a couple who was getting married there brought me into their wedding photos in the fake oval office. Weirdest day ever. I wish them all the best!

WHCSC9 karma

First off, Happy Birthday!

The Meredith character from The Office changed a lot from the 1st couple of seasons. Did you have some input in this?

KateFlannery34 karma

All I knew about Meredith when I started off the show was that she was divorced and lactose intolerant.

WellHungMacK8 karma

Is 15 bottles of vodka really enough to get 20 people plastered?

Please spoil us and let us know whether or not an Office reunion is coming?

KateFlannery14 karma

you do the math honey ;)

Chitown23548 karma

Hey Kate! What are the chances that they make The Office movie? Please don’t disappoint me.

KateFlannery37 karma

Unknown at this time but I'm voting for a Lego version if we can't do it ourselves.

Austin44887 karma

What, if any, props from the set of The Office have you kept? Which is your favorite?

KateFlannery40 karma

I kept Merdith's pelvis cast signed by John Krasinski

LukeJ027 karma

Would you consider returning to Brooklyn Nine Nine?

KateFlannery19 karma

Yes I'm so excited that Brooklyn Nine Nine got picked up by NBC. And I loved playing Mean Marge. Fingers crossed.

PooveyFarmsRacer6 karma

Who was the most fun to hang out with between takes on The Office?

Did you really shave your hair during the lice subplot?

What's your favorite non-Office project you've worked on?

KateFlannery10 karma

It's a toss up between Craig Robinson and Oscar Nunez.

I did not shave my head.

Fav non-Office project is my new Hulu show All Night. It just started streaming last week and the whole thing takes place at a kids lock-in overnight. I play the principal.

TheOfficeFan234576 karma

Hi Kate!

What was the best lesson you learned from working on The Office?

Best wishes from Canada!

KateFlannery27 karma

I learned to trust the process and stop counting lines. I knew that every time Meredith spoke it was worth the wait.

thunderemoji6 karma

While on The Office, what was your hardest scene and why?

KateFlannery16 karma

Riding on Kevin's back in the lip dub number Nobody. I shouldn't have had breakfast that day.

GlutesThatToot6 karma

Improv comedy is such a strange community. What drew you to improv, and what makes the difference between a good improviser and a great one? Also, what was it like working with John Flansburgh?

KateFlannery14 karma

Improv was the greatest gift to me as an artist. It's collaborative, it's magical and it's literally building something out of thin air. I've learned that great improvisers are great listeners and it's a muscle you need to move to use. It's about truly being in the moment.

To answer your second question, I sang with John Flansburgh in NYC in his band Monopuff in the late 90's. I love They Might Be Giants. It was such a gift to be able to perform with them on stage in NYC.

AudioVideoDchon6 karma

Hey Kate! So cool of you to do this!!

My question is: as an actress, does constantly being referred to as your most famous character ever get annoying? Im sure you'd like to show your versatility as an actress, especially with new projects such as All Night~ but it must be hard to shake the Meredith shadow.

KateFlannery15 karma

It's a champagne problem.

LosingLungs6 karma

Hi Kate! The Office is quoted so often and everyone seems to have a favorite. What is your favorite quote from the show?

KateFlannery32 karma

"Don't fall in love with me kid" (I'm very self centered I picked my character)

LukeJ026 karma

Hey Kate, love the office, who would you say was the actor that was the most fun to film with on the show?

KateFlannery18 karma

Next to Steve Carell, he's always number one, I would say Rainn Wilson. He is a one of a kind amazing performer. I always love working with him.

withyaboyfriend5 karma

Hi Kate!

What's one memory you have from working on The Office that is generally unknown to the public?

KateFlannery33 karma

When we were shooting the finale we didn't know that Steve Carell was going to be in the episode until the day that he arrived. It was awesome.

sweetums13135 karma

what’s your favourite drink? I know Meredith was fond of all-things alcohol.

KateFlannery11 karma

Right now a Jameson and ginger ale or a really good Mai Tai.

gilguerrero154 karma

Hi Kate! What was the first show/movie you ever auditioned for?

KateFlannery9 karma

I was an extra in the movie "Taps" starring Tom Cruise and Sean Penn when I was in high school. And also Eddie and the Cruisers.

BeeRand4 karma

Which actor on The Office is LEAST like their on-screen counterpart?

KateFlannery34 karma

Mindy Kaling. Kelly Kapoor was such a ditz and that is the opposite of Mindy Kaling. She is the smartest person in the room, always.

Nilbogin4 karma

Hi Kate! Big fan!

A lot of your recent work I'm seeing is more stage work (like the Lampshades)! What do you find to be the most enjoyable aspect of working on stage and on screen?

Do you generally prefer smaller gigs where you have more creative freedom to the larger studio gigs?

Any advice for a freelance entertainer (I'm a musician)?

Thanks so much Kate!

KateFlannery8 karma

It's hard to pick one over the other. What I love about doing live comedy is that the energy from the audience is fantastic. But working on a set is much more collaborative. I can't pick!

LukeJ024 karma

Whats your favorite show right now?

KateFlannery11 karma

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I love Jane Lynch's character. Not just because I get to perform with her but because I love her character. P.S. Yes I did a Christmas album with Jane and we're doing a big tour.

Timigos4 karma

Hi Kate,

I wanted to share how important the office has been for my wife and me.

My wife had a miscarriage this last year and was very depressed as a result. We decided to re-watch the office as a way to try and forget about the sadness and be happy for a while.

We were able to conceive again while on the final season and will be first time parents in September.

I’m sure you know how great the office is, but it’s truly been important in my life and I thank you very much for the joy and humor you’ve brought to me and my wife.

Any chance there’s a reboot in the works?

KateFlannery16 karma

Don't know about a reboot but i do have some baby names. Meredith? or Dunder? or Miflin? Just an idea.

FanOfTheOffice0113 karma

Hi Kate, huge fan of your work here!

I saw that you recently did an event with Oscar Nunez. Who from The Office are you still in touch with? And what, in your opinion, made that cast/crew so special?

Thanks so much!

KateFlannery10 karma

For many of us it was our first time as TV regulars and I think the success of the show surprised and delighted us. It was a great, exciting time. Also the people were great to begin with.

pennyturtle_3 karma

Why did so many actors on the office have the same name as their character?

KateFlannery15 karma

I don't know but I was glad that Meredith was a different name so I know that if someone yelled "Meredith" while I was walking down the street I know I didn't go to grade school with them.

comedyfan673 karma

How different was it working on All Night than The Office since you were working with mostly teens as opposed to adults?

KateFlannery5 karma

Working on my new who on Hulu All Night was different from The Office not because I was dealing with teenagers it's because my part was the human buzz kill, the principle of the school, the polar opposite of Meredith.

jilb943 karma

Would you rather wear that purple dress everyday for a month, or shave your head again? Huge fan Kate, you're my spirit animal in The Office.

KateFlannery14 karma

I'm going to say the purple dress. Even though I did not shave my head it was 4 hours getting into the make-up and 2 to get out. I have new respect for Syfy actors.

teachmehowtoduchess3 karma

Are you satisfied with The Office ending or do you wish it was still filming?

KateFlannery7 karma

I loved the finale so much I'm so proud of it and I still wish we were shooting The Office. It's very hard to say goodbye. I guess all good things must come to an end.

kteerin3 karma

If you worked in an office where they threw birthday parties like the party planning committee on the show, what theme would you love and what cake/pie would you choose?

KateFlannery6 karma

I guess I would love 4th of July theme and Strawberry Shortcake. It's hard to get red, white and blue wrong.

OP_made_this2 karma


KateFlannery7 karma

Joel McHale smells like a sunset on the beach. And I think that's his match.com profile.

robbwired2 karma

Genuinely curious, what’s a favorite movie of yours that you don’t mind watching over and over?

Big fan btw, hope life is treating you well :)

KateFlannery3 karma

The Apartment with Jack Lemon and Shirley MacLaine. And the Philadelphia Story

alyssaustin2 karma

Kate!!!! I hope I didn’t miss this!! I’m at work and sneaking a minute.

My question is- how much of the show was improv? And how much did you improv as Meredith?

Thank you so so much for doing this, I am an office super fan with over 100+ watches of the series. You have no idea how much this means to me!!

My name is Alyssa btw 😃

KateFlannery7 karma

This show was really scripted but we did get to improvise once in a while.

comedyfan672 karma

Hi - what was your favorite scene to film in All Night?

KateFlannery5 karma

The scene with Allie Grant. Not to give anything away but we had a really interesting scene in the principal's office. She's a great actress.

mungraker1 karma

Do you have napkins?

KateFlannery8 karma

Yes I always have napkins. I don't always have Vienna sausages but I always have napkins.

Chtorrr0 karma

What is the very best cheese?

KateFlannery13 karma

the one i'm eating. love the cheese you're with