Ticket stub proof I had recently graduated from Ohio State and had been living in Dublin Ohio. My roommate at the time visited the concert together at the Alrosa Villa. Ask me anything

Also, here are responses to the request thread:

1) Before the shooting, was there any suspicious activity that made you think something was wrong?

No, not at all. The Alrosa villa is a small dark club. At the show, it was filled with your usual heavy-metal fans and the occasional creepy bastard with face paint or some shit, but nothing that made you think something would go wrong.

2) What was your immediate thought after seeing Dimebag be shot?

Honestly, after seeing the mass hysteria and blood streaming down one guy's shirt, I was wise enough to bounce the hell out of there before seeing the details of what exactly happened.

3) Has your opinion on that genre of music or live music at all?

Not really, I still enjoy hard music. You have some rough-looking people who attend these shows, but I still know that Nathan Gale had serious mental problems, so was an outlier. So it didn't change my opinion of the genre.

4) Do you still listen to Pantera/Damageplan?

Actually yeah, I still work out to Damageplan on occasion. I prefer the more melodic metal and kind that goes soft- to loud and back.

5) With more shootings and terror attacks at concerts in recent years, what do you think could be done to prevent this from happening again?

In hindsight, Alrosa had very little security as far as frisking people to check for weapons. And it doesn't look like their security was even armed at all. So I think it would be fairly easy to use metal detectors and/or stop and frisk people as a standard when people enter with their ticket. This definitely wasn't like the Boston Marathon bombing, where securing the area from threat is next to impossible out on public streets.

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WakinyanDAWG103 karma

What did you do that night when you got home and how did the next couple days feel for you?

BlackSabbath2016240 karma

Well, since I fortunately made the right call in getting the hell out of there, I avoided being killed or seeing any of the really traumatizing bloodshed. If you haven't already read up on the rest of the incident, an officer had to kill the perp with a close-range gunshot blast. Supposedly, it affected the officer strongly and he retired or changed careers not long afterward. So the next few days were ok. I definitely know where the exits are when I go to crowded places now

bdiggitty56 karma

Did the shooter go on stage or did he shoot from the crowd? Did people scatter immediately or was there an attempt to subdue the shooter?

BlackSabbath2016102 karma

I didn't see all that went on, but people mostly stayed put, and some wrestled with him, until he put someone in a headlock, pointing the gun at the person's head. This is what the first officer saw when he entered from behind the stage, making the difficult decision to take the perp out with a shotgun blast.

Nice_Marmot_745 karma

When did people realize what was happening, and how did they respond?

BlackSabbath201647 karma

I looked like people knew pretty quickly that something was wrong- but I didn't notice anyone looking to leave and get away from the danger. They were more curious than anything. And of course, most didn't realize the severity of what just happened, and wanted to get a closer look.

Mevil18736 karma

Did you get a refund?

BlackSabbath201613 karma

Haha, they may have given out refunds, but I honestly can't remember.

I am thinking about using the ticket stub to make some sort of framed memorial, like those displays you would see at a Hard Rock Cafe.

jesterflesh28 karma

Up until the shooting, how was the band (specifically dime) playing?

BlackSabbath201657 karma

The shooting occurred right at the opening seconds of the first track, so it was too early to tell.

perrycarter27 karma

Did you get a glimpse of the shooter? How was he acting? Also when did you realize that someone had been shot?

BlackSabbath201657 karma

Even though the Alrosa Villa is a small club and we were only about 20 rows back, it is very dark inside. So I did not get a glimpse of the shooter. I actually wasn't certain of people being shot- but I saw blood running down a guy's shirt and knew at the very least there was a nasty stabbing I didn't want to be involved with.

Ahmedohlin24 karma

What do you think about the reason behind the shot ?

BlackSabbath201635 karma

From what I've read, the motive is unknown. Some say he mentioned something about Pantera's break-up, and may have been pissed about how Damageplan had departed from conventional metal in favor of their newer approach.

Mr_Henrietta23 karma

I was a huge Pantera fan growing up. DD death hit me pretty hard. Did you know what was going on when it happened? Did everyone pannic and rush out of the venue?

BlackSabbath201632 karma

Damageplan had just begun their opening song, so the chaos at first was confusing- their were some loud firecracker sounds, (which were actually gunshots of course) but we thought it was part of the act. But it was confusing for everyone, since the guitar playing stopped, and you just had noise and feedback.

BlackSabbath201627 karma

Most people stayed around to see what was going on- the last thing you think in your mind is that there are people being picked off with a semi-automatic handgun.

Pork_Chap22 karma

How long did it take you to get out of the venue? Did the crowd panic? Did you exit through the same door you came in (I've read that in a panic, people forget that there are multiple exits and go toward the door they used to enter, creating a logjam)?

BlackSabbath201648 karma

There was definitely some serious confusion and panic. I actually did leave out one of the side exits, directly into the gravel parking lot. The club is so small that my car was only a minute to walk to. '

So I trusted my gut and got the hell out of there, despite my buddy begging to stay and see what had happened. As I started my car, numerous police cruisers came racing into the parking lot w/ sirens blaring, so it felt awkward driving past, but exhilarating to know I had dodged a bullet (almost literally).

Demented_Crab18 karma

Did your buddy stay or did he come with you? If he stayed, was he ok?

BlackSabbath201637 karma

He left with me, so he's grateful.

Greekbatman12 karma

How many people were in the crowd that night? I have never been able to find an answer for that online.

BlackSabbath201612 karma

I looked for that online too, but couldn't find anything. One of the smaller concert venues I've been to

Scuderia_Angerami10 karma

Had you seen Damage Plan or Pantera perform live before that?

BlackSabbath201639 karma

Yes, I had seen Pantera open up for Black Sabbath back in 1999 for their Reunion Tour. (One of many reunions, haha). I recall Pantera being heavy as hell and calling everyone in the crowd a bunch of fuckers, which was amusing. This was at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan. I collected a couple of guitar pics Pantera threw out, and it was a great show.

Ms_Lonely_Hearts9 karma

I’m late but, where were you? I was good friends with their security guard’s little brother.

BlackSabbath20169 karma

We were about 20 rows of people back, just at the back of the pit. Wearing all black, like 95% of the people there, haha.

Ms_Lonely_Hearts9 karma

Mayhem (Jeff) was my friend’s big brother. He shoved Vinnie away before putting his hands on the shooter and getting shot a few times in the chest.

BlackSabbath20167 karma

Wow. Sorry to hear that. I can't imagine being in that situation.

communisthor7 karma

What is your favorite band nowadays?

BlackSabbath201610 karma

I don't really have a favorite, but Hellyeah is up there.

ekobeko6 karma

How old were you back then?

BlackSabbath20166 karma

23 or 24

essentialsalts3 karma

Do you still go to concerts? Has it affected your ability to enjoy concerts afterwards? Is it something you think about when you’re at a show, where you find yourself checking to see how security is?

BlackSabbath201631 karma

Fortunately, I don't think I developed much PTSD from the incident.

When the gunshot bangs sounded and people were looking around confused, a wave of "mass hysteria" spread throughout the room. I forget the actual term, but there's a psychological phenomenon that occurs when something awful happens. Essentially, the anxious facial expressions spread through a crowd, even though the people in the back who cant see whats happening, they know there's something stressful occurring.

BlackSabbath201627 karma

So when I saw the super-anxious looks on people's faces, and hearing the music had stopped, my gut told me that either someone got stabbed up, or worse. Then, I saw a guy come pushing back through the pit area- he was wearing a white t-shit with a long blood stain streaming down his chest.

BlackSabbath201623 karma

This is when I decided to leave- Since I had driven my buddy and I to the show, he knew I was his ride, and he begged me to stay longer to see what had happened.

I kept walking out and almost had to leave him behind. As I started my car in the parking lot, I heard and saw a stream of about 5-6 cop cruisers come racing in with flashers on. It was a huge relief and my buddy knows he was a dumb-ass to want to try and stay in there longer

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BlackSabbath201624 karma

Lol, why don't you ask that question to the person who requested I do this AMA.