Hello everybody.

You might know me from my work on the show ANCIENT ALIENS, or from various memes online.

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Dull_Unicorn291 karma

What's up with that hairstyle? Do you still have it?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos-12 karma

What hair?

Blind_at_Sea245 karma

Who do you get most recognized as? The expert from Ancient Aliens or that guy from the memes?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos120 karma

I think it's both, about 50/50.

foxymeth0xy186 karma

How do you feel about the trucker that accidentally drove through/over the nazca lines a few months ago?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos193 karma

When i came across that news story, I actually screamed out loud at my screen...What?! To this day, I cannot imagine what that guy was thinking and how he ever ended up in the sand with his truck.

Monster-Zero172 karma

Do you own a shirt with your face on it?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos191 karma

Yes, I sell them.

Jojo6oh145 karma

What is your best evidence of aliens existing?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos-180 karma

I don't think that there is one single piece of evidence that I prefer as the best; however, it is a collection of all the circumstantial evidence that the ancient astronaut theory has collected over the past decades.

bellekid125 karma

If you were abducted by aliens, what would you most like to ask them?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos135 karma

Before asking my first question, I would thank them for finally showing up in public.

Shoppers_Drug_Mart78 karma

Hey Giorgio, thanks for doing an AMA! How did you feel when you first found out you had been made into a meme?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos147 karma

I love the meme. I had nothing to do with it, but I think it’s great and it illustrates the love and enthusiasm that people worldwide have for the show and the topic. I find it all hysterical. The meme grew very organically. I love that people use it whenever something mysterious happens or there are open questions or something bizarre happens --even though I have to say I have never publicly said that the answer to all open-ended question is aliens. The words of the main tagline of the meme have never crossed my lips. (laughs)

22-Ninja63 karma

What made you believe in aliens?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos85 karma

When I was a little boy, my Grandmother who was a devout Catholic thought it was a great idea to read different bedtime stories to me and from time to time she would read Edgar Cayce's "Atlantis" and also "Chariots of the Gods." And then, about six to eight years later, I rediscovered the books by Erich von Daniken and I devoured his books and I was very intrigued by his ideas and concepts. So, I have to thank my Grandmother for planting the initial seed.

Engi2262 karma

How long have you been working in the field of “aliens”?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos55 karma

I have been interested in and explored the extraterrestrial question since my early teens, and I began publishing my magazine Legendary Times in 1998, so I have followed this path for quite a while now.

22-Ninja51 karma

Do you believe time travel is possible? Can humans achieve time travel?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos-152 karma

Great question! While I do think that in the far and distant future time travel may be possible, one issue that is rarely discussed when talking about time travel is the question of energy requirements. It is a statistical fact that the energy requirements for fueling a spaceship that can travel from star to star is infinitely less than the fuel requirements needed for powering up a time travel machine. Therefore, personally, I think that before we will master time travel, we will have long colonized the rest of our galaxy.

Zavenoa51 karma

Love your show, never missed an episode, but I admit half is informative and half is entertainment, and all is taken with a more than healthy dose of skepticism.

I love finding out more about places like Pumapunku and Göbekli Tepe, things like elongated skulls and interesting artifacts, as well as investigating religious views from a different lens, but some of the stuff seems far less credible (crystal skulls, Bolivia’s hidden pyramids).

I appreciate your stance of questioning mainstream archaeology, but do you ever feel like you’re doing more harm than good for your cause when you go off the rails with some of these things?

Edit: a word

RealGiorgioTsoukalos-109 karma

Our team goes through great lengths to make sure that the topics presented on Ancient Aliens are thoroughly vetted, and the one thing that sets Ancient Aliens apart from many other shows is that the opinions of various experts are not edited to follow a specific agenda. Therefore, I encourage the viewers themselves to go out there and conduct their own research by reading books and other materials so that everyone can form their own opinions.

Shadowbreakr43 karma

Star Trek or Star Wars?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos-10 karma

Star Wars all the way (and the prequels do not exist in my universe).

dan147737 karma

Do you believe "aliens" permeate our galaxy today ?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos21 karma

No question! Because statistically speaking, when you take into consideration the Drake equation, even if you were to enter the worst parameters you will still end up with at least 10,000 civilizations in our galaxy alone. Imagine this for a moment: there are more galaxies in the universe than there are grains of sand in all the beaches of our planet combined.

13HoodedHippies23 karma

What’s the most alien thing you have seen in person?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos-117 karma

That would be the UFO I saw together with 28 other witnesses in August of 2014.

Eklypss70220 karma

I know you have visited many ancient sites over the years such as Puma Punka/Tiwanaku, Nazca, Delphi, etc. I would like to know of all the places you have visited which one did you feel the most "energy" or that gut feeling of there is somethinf more than meets the eye here?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos69 karma

Puma Punku, Bolivia.

22-Ninja16 karma

If our ancestors had some sort of communication with other worldly beings, how come today everything is different from the past?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos-47 karma

Because our technological frame of reference today is different than the technological frame of reference of our ancestors. Today, if and when the proverbial spaceship lands on the White House lawn, we would recognize the pilots of that UFO as extraterrestrials. However, many thousands of years ago, our ancestors had no technological reference point for what a UFO actually is. So, it all boils down to misunderstood technology.

Whozurdaddi15 karma

Why do aliens visit earth?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos-21 karma

Because according to the ancient astronaut theory, aliens helped jumpstart civilization here on earth many, many thousands of years ago. And, even though some of these aliens were here thousands of years ago because we are their offspring, some of them may have been here the entire time to observe the progress our planet has made since their arrival in the far and distant past.

better_bot22 karma

Do you ever wonder if we've disappointed them?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos29 karma

That’s a great question and I think the answer is obvious. However more often than not, in the end, parents do forgive their children.

Whozurdaddi12 karma

Do you believe they still exist on Earth? If so, in what form?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos-3 karma

Clearly, there is something going on up in the sky, with the modern UFO phenomenon. So one has to ask the question, are these ariel sightings of human origin, or are they perhaps from elsewhere?

5terlingKee9 karma

Which was your favourite episode of Ancient Aliens?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos-3 karma

That is a very difficult question since I’ve been intimately involved in every episode since the beginning.

squersh9 karma

What's your favorite band?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos27 karma

My favorite band is Marillion and they are from England. If you want to go check out their tunes, please head over to marillion.com

junrzakarian2 karma

What's your favorite alien story?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos5 karma

There are too many floating around in my head and it would be a disservice to only mention one, because the ancient astronaut theory only works when you look at all the ancient stories collectively.

[deleted]1 karma


RealGiorgioTsoukalos-2 karma

I think because the information that we explore on "Ancient Aliens" is in the public domain and it addresses interesting alternative ideas about humanities origins.

22-Ninja-9 karma


RealGiorgioTsoukalos0 karma

This is exactly what makes this research fun. Because imagine if we were given all the answers without hesitation? Where would the fun be in continuing our search?

_RebeccaFoster-13 karma

Do you believe that clairvoyants could cross the dimensions to speak to aliens? What do you think about conversations with aliens, thought to be spirit?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos12 karma

Your guess is as good as mine.

Iwant2believe101-16 karma

Hey man huge fan, I was wondering Do you personally think aliens provided us with knowledge and technology and if so what do you think their end goal is ?

RealGiorgioTsoukalos12 karma

I think the most valuable thing in the universe is the transfer of knowledge. So it is almost self-explanatory that once we as a human species travel to another planet that we pass on our knowledge to a lesser technologically advanced society. So the end game throughout the universe is the transfer and expansion of knowledge.

RealGiorgioTsoukalos-333 karma

Thanks for all the great questions. This was a lot of fun. Enjoy watching tonight's new episode, please tell your friends about Ancient Aliens and keep tuning in.