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paniconenvy1695 karma

Why would you do an AMA gaining exposure for your website when, if people know what your website really is, you could lose potential "clients"?

What_Wait_No239 karma

Cynical explanation: OP said he is working on a book deal. OP needs to drum up press for the book, even if it means diminishing the actual use of the website.

Shadow70379359 karma

Bingo. Also, now when people do a search they'll probably come across this AmA and likely will avoid using the site.

thegreedyturtle21 karma

And don't forget that the website he runs is a legitimate business. I don't think we need to be cynical to think that he has a legitimate interest in promoting his work by highlighting an interesting side effect of his website's name. Nothing wrong with that.

GuidoRAH2 karma

Thanks Turtle - we're on the same page here.

Music_Tech183 karma

I don’t think Reddit is necessarily the demographic overwhelming demographic that would go to www.rentahitman.com to hire an actual hitman. (Yes, there are stupid people on reddit; I’m not denying that).

I imagine that most of the people who would do this probably aren’t going to stumble onto this AMA.

I suppose they might find it if they tried to research the site. Hmm, rentahitman.com....let me google that. Hmm, what’s this? AMA? Nonetheless....if “clients” have been coming, then I would expect that to continue.

stickyfingers102 karma

Looks like a onion.com or CAH website to me. So fake.

GuidoRAH2 karma

I admit, it's a cheap looking website. I'm not in this for asthetics and to look pretty on the web. I'm in it to put stupid criminals away and to save the lives of people who may not even know they needed it!

GuidoRAH2 karma

Paniconenvy, thanks for asking this question. I think the answer is simple for me. I've been doing this for over a decade and it truly sucks waking up in the morning and reading emails coming in from all parts of the world. The reality is that there are enough stupid people in the world that we could talk about this on every major website they (solicitors) will still continue to send in email requests for services.

iLiZiUM307 karma

How much of these 'solicitations' were done as a joke and how many were just mentally unstable people?
I assume the majority were not real as you would have to be pretty stupid to rent a hitman online.

GuidoRAH287 karma

Of these solicitations, only about 25% of them included enough information about the "Solicitor" and/or the "Victim" for investigative purposes. The vast majority of the emails were users submitting bogus information on the webform. These requests were recorded but discarded into a special folder for future review. I should also mention that about 1-2% of these webform requests were from people who are seeking assisted suicide options as well as teenagers who are victims of being bullied at school.

Loreleigeller202 karma

Obviously I’m not googling your site but a simple search is going to turn up this AMA at least, and the jig will be up. It all sounds dubious but...sure. Assuming this isn’t all about selling a screenplay, why did you decide to do this AMA?

SpicyPeaSoup9 karma

Whoever was googling how to rent a hitman (and actually providing their own information) isn't really the smartest person to begin with.

GuidoRAH2 karma

And it's these types that are our best clients!

jk40973 karma

How's business for your intended purpose? I have to say I checked out your page and it appears fairly vague. People would have to be unbelievably stupid to request a hit on someone online, but at the same time your page doesn't give a lot of info about the service you actually provide. What's the ratio of requests for your actual service vs. Requests for a hitman?

Embley_Awesome6 karma

I get the impression they are not actually offering a service, at this point, but that that was the original intention of the website.

GuidoRAH2 karma

WE NEVER offered services. We were simply a blank canvas for the "Solicitor" to paint a picture in their own words what they would like done with the alleged "Target". After receiving their solicitation, I wait approximately 24 hours before responding back to the "Solicitor" asking if they still require our services. If the email bounces, I'll know the email is crap and it gets tossed into a junk folder. If the "Solicitor" responds back with anything other than a "no", the information is vetted and then forwarded to my team of highly skilled "Field Operatives" aka Law Enforcement for investigation.

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This AMA is about three hours old and it looks like there’s only been 1 actual response from OP. What gives?

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Look over your shoulder ...

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Nothing personal Kid.

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It sure seems personal.

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teleports back in front of you

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Cool trick!