Meet the squad! We’ve got our director Rocky, our editor Jesse, and our three designers: Maria, Genna and Stephanie taking your questions. Redesigning a room of your own? Want some quick tips? Tricks? Motivation? Inspiration?! It’s amazing what a difference a well-designed room can make in your daily life. The IKEA Home Tour Squad will be here on April 10 between 11 am – 12 pm EST! You can watch our makeover series on Ask us anything!


Thanks so much for all your great questions! We had so much fun chatting with everyone! We hope we've provided a bit of inspiration to help make a better everyday life.

Follow our journey as we continue traveling across the country in Season 4! You can find all our makeovers and tips at

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ixfd641107 karma

Have you ever read SCP-3008?

It's a story about people trapped in an infinite IKEA store forming their own civilization.

IKEA_USA835 karma

HAHAH! If only they had followed the arrows, their reward would have been cinnamon buns and frozen yogurt. LOL

BigSinLV294 karma

Okay, so I'm terrible at laying out rooms, and it doesn't help that I've got an awkward shaped room. this is a poorly drawn lay out of my room with labeled furniture. Is there a different way that I could lay it out to maximize space?

To make matters worse, I enjoy watching tv while in bed, and hate laying on my side.

IKEA_USA617 karma

This is a cool challenge! It may work a bit better to move your bed to the corner of your room, just as you enter and place the nightstand to your left side of the bed. As you enter your room, place your desk on the left wall with your bookcase on the right side of it. Lastly, place your dresser in front of your bed and mount your TV above it. DM your email and we’ll send you a quick sketch we put together

rubyjuly703120 karma

What is the best option for window treatments in a rental bedroom??

IKEA_USA209 karma

We actually just did window treatments in a rental apartment in Philly! We used SCHOTTIS blinds. They attach to the window frame with a sticky adhesive, no drilling needed at all. You can cut them to size to fit your window, and bonus, either color is less than $6!

Your landlord will love you.

Here's a quick video that shows you how to install. Super easy! -

You can find the blinds here -

Timberwolf_8859 karma

How do you feel that IKEA is as an employer based in Sweden? Do you feel that Swedish culture influences you through the company or would it be similar to working for an equally sized employer that's always been US-based?

IKEA_USA111 karma

There are so many aspects of working for IKEA that make it special. The Swedish culture and values are a strong influence in everything we do on a daily basis. From caring about the planet to working together to make a better everyday life, we are proud of the Swedish heritage. There are a lot of amazing things that people don’t know about IKEA and there’s a great article that showcases the amazing initiatives in place by the company today.

Check it out here:

grizzlyblake9147 karma

Do the people in the videos get to keep all of the furniture and items you set up? Or is most of it taken back? Also, do they have to pay for any of it?

IKEA_USA131 karma

As a participant, they are subject to pay a gift tax but they get to keep all of the products that are used in the makeover!

ckk52446 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA, what's the most gnarly room you've madeover?

IKEA_USA186 karma

One of the most challenging rooms we helped makeover is episode 306 where a mother and daughter were sharing a room in LA. They were living in a small and cramped bedroom with architectural imperfections and were in dire need of a functional and stylin’ space. The makeover is so fun to watch because you can see how much of an impact it had on their lives; one of the best parts about the work we do! Check it out!

msmb8924 karma

Meatballs or ribs?

IKEA_USA55 karma

This question could tear the Squad apart!!!! JK - We all have our own thoughts on this, so for the sake of keeping the team together, we're answering individually ;)

Rocky - Ribs x20, Jesse - Veggie Meatballs with Marinara, Genna - Classic Meatballs with Lingonberry, Maria - Ribs (her mouth is watering thinking about it), Steph - Chicken Meatballs

encogneeto74 karma

Looks like ribs win in a landslide - 21 to 3

IKEA_USA21 karma

HAHA! For real!

sysadminbj1 karma

Veggie Meatballs? How does that even work?

IKEA_USA21 karma

Oops! We meant Vegetable Balls. No meat involved.

djtreatz20 karma

I have some wall sconces that came with my apartment whose lightbulbs are 50% dead, My landlord says they don't make them anymore and to pick out new ones (they'll even reimburse me if they're under $100 for the two!). Most of the sconces I've seen are not good for my place because they point the light down (I have super tall ceilings, and the sconces are my main source of light when it's dark out). My place is super modern/contemporary and I am afraid that a large lamp could add clutter - it's a studio apartment, and I don't know where I'd even put a large lamp. Any ideas?

IKEA_USA42 karma

We have a new wall light called NYMÅNE that is an up/downlight. It’s a modern design. Also since it’s plug in you can place them wherever you need. Here's a link to it on We hope this helps!

420Poonslayer6918 karma

Is there like a contest to enter? I would love to have my daughter's room made over. Shes such a good kid and all her stuff is falling apart because I couldn't afford anything new. Shes an awesome kid and totally deserves a nice room!

IKEA_USA41 karma

Hey! Even though the submissions are closed for season 4, we do have a ton of inspiration at our website Our goal is to provide tips and solutions for people with all sorts of challenges. While we were in St. Louis we had the opportunity to help Annie with her bedroom. Perhaps this could provide a starting point for inspiration!

liv_longandprosper16 karma

hi!!! thanks for sharing your expertise! my boyfriend and I are in the process of moving in together, and I was wondering if you had suggestions specifically for saving space in a bedroom, like under bed storage or particularly efficient dressers or closet utilization?

IKEA_USA107 karma

Going from your own space to sharing a room can take some adjusting for sure. Definitely use under bed storage. It’s a smart use of the space and there are affordable options to keep your things organized. When picking storage, tall chest of drawers will give you more space to store your clothes (and clearly define whose drawers are whose). As for closets, any space above and below your hanging clothes is valuable. Boxes, baskets, and shoe shelves help to organize all your accessories.

Also, be kind to each other while working together, LOL

curlupndye9910 karma

Can you share some storage tips for people who don't have a ton of floor space? I live in an apartment of about 700-800 sq ft with no closets and am always challenged by organizing and storing (out of sight) daily items and clothing/accessories.

IKEA_USA23 karma

We love small space solutions! Our designers are on it :) In small spaces, taking advantage of every available inch is key. A great starting point is to think vertically. Wall shelves, bookcases and wardrobes will give you the most storage without taking up valuable floor space. Also, storage boxes are a great way to keep your items organized and out of sight. We always love to use stackable boxes because they’re super functional. Lastly, a great tip is to take advantage of the space under your bed; there are a bunch of affordable under-bed storage solutions that keep your items clean and easy to access. There’s this amazing seasonal guide with tons of storage and organization tips! We highly recommend checking it out. We hope this helps!

therealteggy9 karma

In all of your Furniture you assemble, what is the hardest piece to put together?

IKEA_USA-2 karma

Good question! We haven't found a product we couldn't build!! If you ever need assistance with assembly, we suggest using Task Rabbit or one of our other assembly providers to get the job done.

FaustFate7 karma

I broke the backing on a Hemnes Glass Door Cabinet trying to get out of the box. I really don’t need the cabinet anymore (it was too large). I’ve tried to get a new backing but was told that’s not something Ikea can provide. I’ve already discarded the broken piece (probably a mistake on my part). Can you help me get a new backing, or can I return it without it (it’s been less than a year a do have the receipt)? Please help, no one else at Ikea has been able to.

IKEA_USA13 karma

Unfortunately, we aren't the right team to answer this question. However, please DM us your email and we'll get you in touch with someone who can help!

vaelroth7 karma

I understand that the IKEA catalogs differ based on country. Is this limited to cultural items only (IKEA Japan may carry katsuobushi graters, while IKEA USA would not), or are there differences across the catalog? Would I be able to find different dining set styles in Europe than I would in the US? And, most importantly, how would one go about previewing these different items in person short of taking a trip to different countries?

IKEA_USA16 karma

There are a lot of home furnishing options that IKEA has available worldwide. At times, countries may find that certain solutions are needed to meet local needs. For instance, mattress sizes vary across the globe and different sizes are developed accordingly.

It's always fun to travel to different countries to see what unique IKEA products they have!

The best way to see those items is to visit and choose which country you want to browse.

Lryssa5 karma

Hey squad!! I have an IKEA sofa that I just bought—the borred gray-green KIVIK. What cushions and/or throws would you recommend I pair with it? I feel like I need to add more color here... (Other than that sofa, my living room has a lot of black/brown furniture and white walls)

IKEA_USA30 karma

For cushions, RÖDPLISTER multicolor and the SOMMAR 2018 yellow cushion will add a pop of color. The LISAMARI throw is a nice neutral with a yellow band. It sounds like you have the opportunity to play with any colors that you love in your living room.

Here's a quick link to the cushions page on -

JasonBerk5 karma

I have about 3 walls with virtually no art hung (I have a good 15 framed prints of varying sizes in my closet) because I'm incredibly OCD and can't figure out the "perfect" layout or where to hang em.

Any suggestions on how to approach this?

IKEA_USA21 karma

There's a new wall hanging template that will make hanging pictures some much easier! It's called MÅTTEBY. You just hang it up and follow the template markings!

Find it here -

We also have some videos to check out on the way.

ICEpheonix974 karma

I'm very interested in having a nice desk for PC gaming, what would y'all recommend as a good desk for such a thing?

ValoraMiihen8 karma

I'm not IKEA Home Tour Squad, but I have this and love it! It's a nice set up for dual monitors.

ICEpheonix976 karma

Funny that you post this specific desk because I actually have it. I guess I should be more specific in saying I would definitely like everything on one plane, I don't like having my PC where it's is at the moment.

IKEA_USA9 karma

We have a table bar at the store where you can mix and match different size table and legs. There's a table called LINNMON that should be wide enough to hold all your gear. Let us know how it works out!

Here's a link to a quick video with some video gaming tips! -

FoxyDriver1 karma

I have limited space in my room and need a desk for my new computer I am building. I've heard great things about IKEA desks. What would your team recommend for a desk that is compact, sturdy, and minimalistic?

IKEA_USA12 karma

Based on the description, it sounds like the MICKE desks could work well for you!

We also like both the VITTSJÖ and LILLÅSEN for compact desks:

l0op-around1 karma

Any solutions for dorm rooms?

IKEA_USA15 karma

Definitely! Here's some inspiration below.

Also, be on the lookout for Back To College events happening at the IKEA stores soon.

sonia72quebec1 karma

I'm in Québec city Canada and I love your designs. I can't wait for all the new episodes. What's each of you favorite piece of IKEA furniture?

IKEA_USA5 karma

Love this question! Here's our answers:

Genna - Anything from the IKEA PS series

Steph - IVAR storage

Maria - SEKTION kitchens

Jesse - Anything in the art event collection

Rocky - SEKTION kitchens - I used to work in the kitchens department! Love them!

What's your favorite piece of IKEA furniture?

headpigeon1 karma

Hello, great idea! Do you guys have a UK equivalent?

IKEA_USA8 karma

Nothing at this time but who knows what's coming next? Fortunately, the solutions are relevant to anyone, regardless of where you live.

BrokenInternets0 karma

I'm pretty much done setting up my battle station but I have a rats nest of wires to deal with! Any tips on how to organize all the wires under my desk??

IKEA_USA6 karma

Cable management can make all the difference for a clean and clear space. Some desks, like the BEKANT series, have cable management included. But for others, you can easily install SIGNUM cable management under your desk. For other areas, we have more solutions to keep your cord neat and tidy. BEKANT LINK – SIGNUM LINK –

Check out this video to see what we do and use at our makeovers:

FourOneNiner0 karma


IKEA_USA1 karma

For walk-in closets we love ALGOT. It's a super affordable and customizable system that you can easily change over time.

Heatstroke4220 karma

Hey there, my entire room is IKEA. My room is fairly small so if a few things are around it looks very messy. Anything you would recommend to keep a small room from getting over crowded??

IKEA_USA2 karma

For small rooms, multifunctional furniture is really helpful. Coffee tables with added storage and chairs that fold away are simple solutions. We also love laptop tables because they can double as a temporary work area or a TV tray.

You can find a ton of organizational solutions here -

What room are you working with? Perhaps we can give you more solutions!

Sofaonasock0 karma

How many yellow shirts do you guys have?

IKEA_USA4 karma

If you add up all the yellow shirts for the Squad, we come in at 15!

tellmetheworld-2 karma

i'm about to move into a 900 square foot 1.5 bedroom apartment and we need help figuring out where our furniture will go to make the most use of space! Do you folks have any free online tools you know of that could help with my planning? Also do you deliver to new york? : )

IKEA_USA10 karma

We have some planning tools available for our different furniture systems and there are buying guides available at to help with the process. If you are visiting the store the coworkers can direct you to products they think will work.

And yes, we do deliver in New York!

Praefationes-5 karma

If I want a job at IKEA, can you hook me up?

IKEA_USA0 karma

We can hook you up with tips and inspiration.

But, IKEA is always looking for great new talent! Check out to see what's available.

kovahdiin-7 karma


IKEA_USA5 karma

We definitely love all the values. It's hard to pick just one but here's our favorites! - Different with a meaning ( Jesse ) - Togetherness ( Genna ) - Give and take responsibility ( Maria ) - Cost Consciousness ( Steph ) - Togetherness ( Rocky )

Spiderman_Thoughts-11 karma

Hey! I have a roommate who is a minimalist and I enjoy colorful spaces with a ton of character (we are polar opposites). Do you guys have any recommendations on wall decor (outside of paintings and photos) that strikes the balance between a minimalist and non-minimalist person?

IKEA_USA2 karma

Adding a bookcase or any other shelving unit can be the perfect solution for both of you. This will allow space to display your favorite pieces of art and add character to your space. Also, adding doors your you bookcase will give you a pop of color and are great for storage.