I’m Jon Taffer, Host and Executive Producer of Bar Rescue (premiered 3/11 on the new Paramount Network) and author of the instant New York Times Bestseller, Don’t Bullsh*t Yourself! I ask people to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask themselves, "Am I doing all I possibly can to reach my goals and dreams?" My new book is a brutally honest, no-nonsense guide to help you kick excuses to the curb. It's Taffer Time! Time to stop bullsh*tting yourself and start crushing it! Look forward to answering your questions. Ask me Anything!

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Thank you everyone!!! Lets do this again soon! See you Sunday nite!

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Nyxtro2360 karma

Hi Jon you probably get suggested this all the time, but has there ever been talks with FX of you "rescuing" Paddy's Pub on Always Sunny? The world needs this crossover to happen

TafferMedia2409 karma

I hear fans suggest it all the time and I'd love to do it. Did you see Shameless?

jedo891505 karma

Hi Jon, can you please partner with an alarm company? I need you to yell at me to get out of bed in the morning.

TafferMedia1711 karma

we are about to post some phone tones.......they may work.

Fairazz1238 karma

Jon, I love your show. I’ve always wondered how you get so many people to a bar for the stress test. My thought is they don’t have to pay, the show picks up the tab. Am I close?

TafferMedia1873 karma

everyone pays just like normal. We go to neighboring businesses to invite them. I also post it on twitter and FB before stress tests.....watch my pages!

imitebatwork635 karma

Good morning Jon, big fan, love the show! Recently bought your book too! (shoutout Pardon My Take).

Anyway, I've always wondered, at the beginning of episodes when we get an inside look of just how dysfunctional the bar is - there are obviously cameras in there, yet when you storm in to lay down the law the owner(s) seem caught off guard maybe 9 out of 10 times.

So I was curious how this dynamic works, do they know for a fact you’re going to show up? Are they given a time frame? Or are they just told, we're going to put some cameras in and we may or may not decide to rescue your bar. Thanks for the hours of entertainment and inspiration!

TafferMedia895 karma

good morning! Thanks for getting my book. Yes, doing pardon my take is a blast. Dan i2 a good buddy. When I get to a bar the cameras are there for a day or two already. Typically they think Im coming tomorrow, was supposed to come the day before or i come a few hours early. We need to catch them.

frypincher622 karma

Do you ever blink?

TafferMedia2104 karma

with my eyes yes. Personally, never.

Whoorderedtheslaw565 karma

Hey Jon big fan! Is your bud Big Cat as fat in person as he claims to be?

TafferMedia840 karma

he has a fat head. is body is not too bad, but its his fat head that annoys everyone around him gets him

ra1phwiggum539 karma

Huge fan Jon. Your most recent PMT interview was great.

1: if you had to go to one non-US city for a few days and visit bars, where would it be?

2: can you please do an episode of Hot Ones? 🔥

TafferMedia353 karma

Auckland NZ or Munich Germany

tfr84522 karma

"I don't embrace excuses , I embrace solutions" had taken me far with my job. Very meaningful as well. Would you ever have thought , something you have said would help people like myself , change the way the act and be a better person ?

TafferMedia559 karma

I'm incredibly honored by it. it is very flattering to me sand makes me try harder. thx!

gabehcuod37517 karma

My wife and I went to a bar you rescued in New Orleans. The one with the chair in the front window. Can’t remember the name of it.

Why does the signature drink suck so bad?

Is it because after you left, they stopped making it correctly?

TafferMedia884 karma

Spirits. The drink should have been light and refreshing because of the coconut water....someone screwed up.

chavy26503 karma

Jon you asking the people at O Face what an O Face was the funniest moment in Bar Rescue history. What is your funniest moment from the show?

TafferMedia843 karma

thats one of them for sure. Also, when I told frank at the tiki bar to stop thinking about boobs and maybe he could run his bar.

MileHighMurphy128 karma

My favorite was "I have a question. Yum yum doesn't know how to make any of the drinks!"

TafferMedia90 karma

one of my favs

shortinfinity472 karma

Hey Jon,

Love the show! Girlfriend and I watch it often! Have you ever thought about going deeper into the “rescue” with the bar? Stuff like defining their social networking strategy and how they portray themselves through their creative, advertising, etc?

TafferMedia673 karma

I've tried it but there is always better things to show...

tylerw8433 karma

Hey Jon, have you ever rescued a bar and conceded later that your vision might not have suited the character of that bar's locale or clientele?

I'm wondering if you've ever heard about a bar undoing your work, and after a few months/years operating successfully under their old aesthetic you thought, "you know what, they had some bad habits, but they've proved to me that their original concept can work."

TafferMedia607 karma

70+ percent are successful. the other 30% typically change things back or just do not operate well.

birdsfan11369 karma

VoilaVoilaWashington165 karma

Honestly, that's unsurprising in an industry where most places close within a year.

Add in owners who don't have the right habits or skills, and 42% seems like a great success rate.

TafferMedia322 karma

I'm proud of it.

Nypheara273 karma

Bar Rescue did a bar in my hometown and about a year after the episode aired we went to try it out.

The bar was absolutely disgusting, too many tables crammed into the space you couldn’t move. The service was terrible and the food was worse. We complained about the bad food and we got an excuse not an apology. Never going back.

From what I heard since we’ve been there, they have changed the name back to the original, the manager left in charge after the show quit shortly after and the owners instantly brought back all the bad habits.

TafferMedia240 karma

obviously they were smart and good operators

Stabone130417 karma

Why are the new bar signs always designed really, really poorly?

TafferMedia975 karma

signs are our biggest challenge because of city codes. We only have 2 days to submit art, sign design within code inspection. sometimes we have to hand a temp sign for the opening. other times, they are limited by the landlord. Signs are one of the toughest elements

sophias_bush403 karma

What is the biggest bar you had the privilege with working on? Whether on or off the show?

TafferMedia544 karma

properly Pulsations which was about 57,000 sg ft.

supplyncommand368 karma

Good morning Jon,

Will you consider giving the pirate bar a 3rd chance?

TafferMedia731 karma

Sorry, no

KennedyMeeks328 karma

Hey Jon! Thanks for doing the AMA!

I’m always amazed how much money goes into renovations of the bars on the show. I was curious whether you saw any percentage of the revenue from the bars after your work. Do you become a business partner who profits from the bars at all? Or is the budget of the show so large that you offer all the service for free and receive nothing in return?

TafferMedia640 karma

Nope. Everything is gifted to the bar. I own nothing and there is no lingering business at all.

FinanceGuyHere321 karma

Hi Jon! The craft beer industry has had a ton of growth over the past 20-ish years and some are suggesting its market is getting too saturated and might decline soon. What type of alcohol do you think is likely to experience heavy growth in the near future?

TafferMedia620 karma

Right now there is considerable millennial shifts from beer to wine and spirits

Hanzatsu300 karma

Do you love absolutely destroying people?

TafferMedia977 karma

hell no. I LOVE the hug in the end.

SpikeTops299 karma

Jon, would you collaborate with Gordon Ramsay?

TafferMedia601 karma

Sure. I love Gordon....I'd also love to work with Robert Irvine.

tele2307299 karma

What should we expect with the future of "Marijuana bars" ? Will we ever get a place where we can watch games, get good food, beer, and smoke at your table?

TafferMedia566 karma

it will come. Vegas is close.

CHarleq268 karma

Why does/did Bar Rescue seem to nearly always help the most undeserving ungrateful bars?

TafferMedia509 karma

we try to find interesting stories.

naf89256 karma

Hey Jon, this is a question I ask on every AMA. Do you wash your apples?

TafferMedia456 karma

depends if I've used them lately.....

TravelingPod232 karma

Hey Jon!

If you could never rescue another bar/restaurant/night club, but still had an itch to rescue something, what type of business would you rescue?

TafferMedia507 karma

A resort. Thats what I ran when I was in operations.

horse_911226 karma

When are you planning to remake the bar at Barstool HQ?

TafferMedia259 karma

When I finish production of season 6 of Bar Rescue.....probably over the summer.

newfette81221 karma

Whats the best piece of advice you would give someone wanting to open their first bar?

TafferMedia515 karma

Have extra money. Many great bars would have made it but they ran out of money

B4UGOTHERE213 karma

How much of your anger is for the camera? Sometimes the situation is not that bad (compared to others), but you still "dial it up" full tilt. Huge fan by the way. All the best.

TafferMedia623 karma

I don't play to the camera. My anger comes from having no time....I'm only there 2.5 days and there is a clock ticking in my head al the time. It IS pressure.

xenonjim19 karma

This. I stopped watching Bar Rescue because it just seemed so staged, especially the anger and confrontations

TafferMedia96 karma

it isn't not one word is scripted. We find crazy stories, but its all real. That I promise.


And don't you think being nice and explaining things to people might sometimes work better?

TafferMedia43 karma

not when they have been failing for years, have a few thousand in the bank, this is their last chance, have a house on the line and are counting on me to perform a miracle for them in 3 days!!! taking time to be nice and explain things will cause failure.

bossmanclyde201 karma

Hey Jon, great interview on PMT your hot take on people that need instant gratification on Instagram was spot on!

My only question for you is has there ever been a bar you went to in an attempt to "rescue" and in hindsight implemented something that just didn't work at all?

TafferMedia286 karma

sure. When I design a bar in ten minutes that I'ver never seen before and people I don't yet know there can be some disconnects.......but not often.

SigmaWhy194 karma

Hey John, longtime fan. When watching Bar Rescue, it seems almost every bar you rescue seems to be in a suburban setting, and one that seems at least partially focused on also providing a dining experience. Is there a reason you rarely feature bars in denser areas of cities downtowns, and ones that tend to focus more on the nightlife aspects? I would love to see a rescue of a bar in the East Village for example, or in Chicago’s Wrigleyville, or other comparable areas.

TafferMedia465 karma

shooting in downtown areas can be a logistical nightmare. We have 5 big trucks, an MCR, tech trailers and a crew of 57. we need office space, space for our carpenters, etc...

15chainz190 karma

Hey John! Do you ever find yourself having a hard time enjoying eating out because you can always identify the problems in a restaurant or are you able to to turn that part of your brain off?

TafferMedia304 karma

yes when its bad. But I can contain myself.

youramazing190 karma

Jon, did you foresee the incredibly high level of interest in craft beer coming? Seems like there is a microbrewery on every corner right up there with Starbucks. And has this been good for all businesses/industries or has it hurt some?

TafferMedia368 karma

we did because we knew the moneys were being invested. About 50% of craft bar are less than perfect......many will disappear the next few years.

big_trouser_snake180 karma

Jon, will you do some Canadian Bar Rescues?

TafferMedia773 karma

I'd love to.but only after the Las Vegas Golden Knights win the cup

DeerOnTheRocks161 karma

How far have you gone inside BIg Cats belly button?

TafferMedia218 karma

no where near it........his office is something to see.....a mountain of clothes.

LanceVanceDance1157 karma

What would you say is the single most important attribute to have as a successful bar owner/operator?

TafferMedia447 karma

love business,,,,,,not drinking.

iadtyjwu137 karma

What is the biggest mistake and what is the most common mistake for bar owners?

TafferMedia268 karma

not managing their money!!

Shepchri110 karma

What is your response to critics who say that your show only provides a bandaid solution and leaves bar worse off then they were?

TafferMedia301 karma

Big mouths who know nothing. what the hell do they know? They were not there and do not speak to the owners. The statistics are what they are. over 70% success.

JasonKelcesBreard105 karma

How much has your budget increased from the first season until now?

TafferMedia227 karma

about 30%. We have our biggest challenge next week. kit will be our biggest budget too.......in the caribbean

TakenUrMom92 karma

Hi Jon, love bar rescue, my mom is wondering if you would do a bar rescue for any bars in canada?

TafferMedia182 karma

coming next year we hope.

physedka86 karma

Hi John - Big fan of the show. I have always wondered why you rarely, if ever, renovate bathrooms on the show (or show it on TV anyway)? My wife and I will often pass on specific bars and restaurants because their bathrooms are nasty/broken/poorly maintained.

TafferMedia126 karma

We rarely do bathrooms. We just do not have the time. We will paint them...thats about it.

sam_cooke83 karma

Jon, a big part of your show is not just changing the way the bar does business, but often changing the bar owner's outlook on life. Did you always know you wanted the show to be that way or did that happen organically when you started?

Also, what was your inspiration for the butt funnel?

TafferMedia123 karma

Good question! It evolved then I got better at it.

DerekR2180 karma

Hey Jon! If the sun is hot why is outer space so cold?

TafferMedia257 karma

oxygen and matter bro......

cficare73 karma

When you barrel through the door and surprise the owner/manager at these bars, they already know something is up because of all the cameras (hidden and otherwise), yes? So is there any real covert ops that goes on to determine the depth of the problems at a bar? Just word of mouth? Actual secret customers? Just management testimony?

TafferMedia179 karma

yes. come early. Sometimes we pull lights and say Taffer is not coming he went to another bar. Then I should up,. We do everything we can to keep them surprised.

paulyvee68 karma

Did you ever end up learning about tequila?

TafferMedia137 karma

was urban legend bro. Writer was an idiot.

Groundchuck10158 karma

Hey Jon! I’m from Portland, Oregon. You had tried to fix a bar around here called “Tonic”. After you left, they claimed there were a lot of things behind the scenes that made them look worse than they really were. (Doors/windows open all night to allow bugs inside their bar, one example.) I know there’s a lot of editing in shows to maintain viewers but how much is bs compared to real life? Love the show!

TafferMedia142 karma

not true. People who say that after THEY embarrass themselves is funny to my. TV cannot make a good guy seem like an ass. TV cant make someone scream or act like a jerk. That comes from them.

The windows are open when we are PAINTING! they blame others because it feels better.

velocious54 karma

How do you relieve stress?

TafferMedia118 karma

not my greatest talent. I'm always working on the show or my other businesses so I don't have time to destress.....:)

FranchisePlayer54 karma

Hi Jon, big fan of the show. What inspired you to re-rescue Second Base Bar & Grill, and what methods do you find most effective when trying to get through to a bar owner who is that stubborn?

PS...enjoy the Golden Knights in the post season. Any plans to attend a playoff game? Cheers.

TafferMedia85 karma

I'll be in my seat for every playoff game!! Excited. stubborn is why I scream!!

StevePerry4253 karma

who's the most famous person in your cell phone?

TafferMedia93 karma

cant tell.

TechQs49 karma

Hey Jon love your interviews on PMT. What do you do for fun? Do you have any obscure hobbies or are you always working?

TafferMedia211 karma

Play the drums and guitar. Don't tell anyone but I have a flight simulator cockpit in my home.

ThomasDavis200947 karma

How do you find the time to do all the work you have to do? Between running your business and filming, you must be very busy. How do you structure your day?

Love your barstool radio and pmt appearance and bought the book because of that

TafferMedia65 karma

every day can be a struggle sometimes. I'll fall behind then work at night to catch up.

likleave45 karma

Hey Jon. As a business owner I am incredibly inspired by your work ethic and energy. I would love to know what was your first job? Who inspired your work ethic? Lastly, any tips for a first time entrepreneur?

TafferMedia83 karma

I owned a company with I was 8 called Ardvark Enterprises selling to counselors. I owned a few bartending schools. I was never scared and always willing to try. .

bat341544 karma

Hi Jon,

Who pays for the bars to be redone? Something I've always been curious about.

TafferMedia84 karma

sponsors and network.

TheMikeB42 karma

Hi Jon, I loved your book "Raise the Bar" and look forward to reading your new book. My question for you is what advice do you have someone struggling to get a job?

TafferMedia113 karma

There are many jobs out there. Dress right, show confidence....and keep trying,.

Nyxtro40 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized Big Cats, or 1 horse-sized Big Cat?

TafferMedia82 karma

more than one big cat .............no one can handle that.

throwawaymcgrowaway39 karma

Hi Jon - In your first Barstool pizza review - you mentioned that the pizza was not rolled (though they did say it was hand tossed) and that's why it had the honeycomb crust. Then in your second review, you said it was clearly hand tossed and that's why it flopped. Can you clarify exactly what causes no flop vs flop?

TafferMedia73 karma

over tossed and stretched. good question.

smellb4rain39 karma

What’s the grossest thing you ever found in one of the bars you were rescuing?

TafferMedia111 karma

a mushroom growing out of a wall the size of my head.....

tanny2434 karma

What is the point of every bar having a signature drink? Some of them made on the show look so gross.

TafferMedia94 karma

they can be 3 times the profit. every bar should have at least one.

PBaz133733 karma

What’s your opinion on the profitability of bars that are strictly live music venues? It seems they go under frequently in my city and I’m curious to know what can be done to change this.

TafferMedia87 karma

bands only play 10-20 hours a week......the rest of the time is a problem. They must make lots of money during those hours.

suominanu33 karma

Hi Jon, love the show. I spoke with the owner of a bar you did, which I will leave unknown, and he mentioned a few things from the show were made up. I still love watching and think what you do is great, but what is your take? Is everything from the show 100% accurate, or do you have the Hollywood embellishment of some information?

TafferMedia84 karma

Funny, I'm sure what he said was "made up" was where he looked bad. Nothing is set up.

UmphreysMcgee1332 karma

Thanks for stopping by Mr. Taffer!

If you could have lunch with a dead celebrity who would it be and why?

TafferMedia74 karma

Thomas Jefferson or Howard Hughes

kilmerindigo31 karma

Jon, thanks for doing this. How different would the rescues be if there weren't any cameras, and it didn't air on TV? I suppose I'm asking if you adjust your management style BECAUSE it's on TV.

TafferMedia72 karma

its not the cameras, its the time. Normally a project is 2 months......i do it in 2.5 days. Thats the pressure.

Jadaki27 karma

Instead of rescues, have you ever thought of doing an episode covering the plans around starting up a bar operation from the ground up?

TafferMedia33 karma

we have discussed it.

bestincal26 karma

What bar that you rescued in Vegas are you most proud of, and I should visit?

TafferMedia50 karma

Bacom Bar is cool.

iminhell-thisishell25 karma

Rough guess: what percentage of bar staff do you catch stealing from the bar?

TafferMedia43 karma

under 10 percent.

Inuyasha890820 karma

Jon, big fan. Would you ever consider branching out further to bars that have bigger problems? I live in a shady neighborhood north of Pittsburgh, Friday night lights and not much else. Why not do a city tour of help?

TafferMedia33 karma

we will discus the idea. thanks

goondaddy17219 karma

What are your favorite bands and what have been some of your best concert experiences? Do you have any interesting/funny stories to tell?

TafferMedia65 karma

Seeing the farewell cream concert at Madison Square Garden when I was about 15 was great. So was seeing Hendrix 4 times. Th best stories are too long, but I can tell you that Jeff Beck eats like a cavemen.

eztchaney18 karma

Hi Jon! When you renovate do you or are your sponsors cover all of the costs and at the end of the day is your reciprocation a percent of sales? Or do you just do it for the love of the game? (and whatever the show pays you)

TafferMedia34 karma

all paid by sponsors and network,

thejohnfist17 karma

Taffer, love your stuff. How do I break my Bar Rescue addiction? Build a failing bar and invite you? Build a failing bar and invite you. nods

TafferMedia34 karma

Its a healthy addiction.......you're cool.

tomnookswaifu17 karma

What was the worst bar rescue you've done?

TafferMedia51 karma

O face or Smiling Eds in Chicago

klaxor16 karma

Good morning Jon! I have really enjoyed your show, if only for validating my complaints about bars/restaurants I’ve worked.

Do you still play drums?

TafferMedia29 karma

yes. I have a ROLAND V set

MitchBurrow15 karma

Did you enjoy working with anyone more than Howard Hughes in Scottsdale?

TafferMedia42 karma

his place moved, then closed I'm told. Too bad. I wish him well.

Grandahl135 karma

What's the nastiest thing you have ever seen in a bar that you were called in to fix up?

TafferMedia4 karma


AD_11723 karma

What was the biggest disappointment in a bar or owners after the show?

TafferMedia6 karma

those don't disappoint me. The pirates, Wonderbar and people like that do their thing. I not care much after I leave unless they became friends. The nutty ones never become friends. .

tsm17h3 karma

What is, in your opinion, the best/ your favorite name for a bar you’ve ever seen or been to?

TafferMedia6 karma

The Clark Bar (on clark st.) Bar None Bar Fly....

Scoonz2 karma

How was being on Pardon My Take?????

TafferMedia3 karma

always fun being with Dan or Dave.

NoTeeNoShade2 karma

What advice would you give to someone who is afraid they won’t be good enough for a new job? They feel validated at the old job but also used. What if this is the best this person can be and it was all circumstantial?

TafferMedia4 karma

feeling afraid is an excuse. Blow it up and meet the challenge!!

stix95012 karma

Hey Jon, what's the smallest problem you've ever seen ruin a business?

TafferMedia3 karma

one employees phone call