HAI Reddit!

We are part of the 20 person team at Linus Tech Tips (Linus Sebastian, Edzel Yago, Nick Light, and Colton Potter), one of the biggest PC hardware and consumer tech channels on YouTube (5,500,000+ Subscribers), ask us ANYTHING.

We're hosting a fun meet-up and interactive tech event on July 14th, 2018 in Richmond, BC, Canada. If you're around, you should come hang out with us! LTX 2018 Tickets: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3335654 LTX 2018 Website: https://www.ltxexpo.com/

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/YmnL8

EDIT: That's all for now guys! Thank you for ALL of the questions. <3

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ShanghiUK4432 karma

Colton, how are your working conditions? Do you ever get let out of the cage? How hard does linus beat you?

Caltane6595 karma

My working conditions are great actually. While I've been fired multiple times on camera as a sort of ongoing joke, I still remain a part of the company. There have not been any beatings at this time. :P

firstnameryan536 karma

Are you planning on more scrapyard wars seasons?

Caltane732 karma

We are! We're currently in the planning phases for the next season, which we're hoping to film within the next month or so.

Lyxavier517 karma

Hey guys, is there any behind the scenes drama that's been kept off camera between employees or companies?

NickLTT1007 karma

Yeah everyone hates Colton behind the scenes.


EdzelLTT746 karma

Colton's like my best friend. Take that back or we're going outside.

Caltane774 karma

I despise you all. :P

IAmTheFatman666470 karma

Is Linus as fun to work for as it seems?

Caltane668 karma

Linus knows what he wants and will set a goal, then let us as employees figure out the best way to get to that goal. I respect that, it gives me room to figure things out, learn, and grow.

The guy is upbeat, energetic, and positive, and while we don't goof around nearly as much as you probably think, we still have fun.

Some of his jokes suck though. :P

tone_barone384 karma

What was the most expensive production fail? (cost a ton and got no views)

Caltane495 karma

Probably NerdSports or our most recent Tech Showdown season.

We always want to keep trying new things, and we learn a LOT each time something doesn't go to plan, which helps when planning future projects.

Adolph_Stalin291 karma

what do you think is the most common mistake that people make when picking the parts for their first PC? what's the most embarrassing mistake you've made building a PC? can you tell I didn't plan this question out beforehand?

Caltane405 karma

I know multiple people who didn't know there were different motherboard form factors and ordered the wrong size that didn't fit whatever case they got. I ALWAYS screw something up when connecting all of the pins, fan headers, power, etc on the motherboard...

NZZN_243 karma

Will you start taking ChannelSuperFun more seriously?

Caltane345 karma

No. At least not for now. :P

We're focusing on a bunch of other projects right now, and if we were to put more focus towards Channel Super Fun we'd probably have to rethink our strategy. Dennis and I are working with the team here to put out content when we can, but we're not forcing anything.

We actually had a new CSF video come out on Floatplane where I stole other LMG employee things and constructed my own office. It's wonderful.

MaskGas232 karma

What's for lunch?

Caltane348 karma

McDonald's, Pho, or Mucho Burrito. Jon, Nick, and I can never decide.

EviLTyPhyter81 karma

Have you ever/would you ever accept and advertise a product that in your opinion wasn't very good? Also, how can I get a job at Linus Media Group?

Caltane124 karma

We would never knowingly advertise a product that we know isn't good. There have been incidents where we've worked with a brand to promote a good service or product, and we receive complaints from the audience, or things changed over time to affect their product or service in a negative way. When that happens, Nick or I will talk to that partner to figure out a resolution, and if we can't find one, we part ways.

For job vacancies, keep an eye out for videos announcing them and postings at http://www.linusmediagroup.com/jobs/. We're pretty specific in what we look for, so read the posting very well and follow the directions if you think you meet the criteria.

revilowaldow74 karma

How much agency does /u/Caltane get with CSF vids? It seems that in every single one Linus has his head in his hands asking "Did you really spend company time on this?!"

Caltane70 karma

A lot, unless Linus has a specific idea for CSF or I have an idea that needs some work.

Guuggel22 karma

Favorite feature of the new office?

Caltane34 karma

We have a shower now which is cool, although I've never actually used it.

whatyearisthisanyway12 karma

Will you ever stop using "sexy" and "dank"?

(please stop)

Caltane23 karma

Depends on the context but probably not.