My short bio: My name is Nigel Goodman and I am a writer in Programa do Porchat, (this crazy show here

My Proof: instagram post of me and the host on my first day

edit1: more proof

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B4UGOTHERE17 karma

What's it like to have to come up with a brazilian jokes every day?

RickCedWhat8 karma

Puns can be very difficult for English as a second language speakers. Just in case, let me explain it: Brazilian sounds like bazillion which is a made up word that we sometimes use when we want to talk about a really big number (bigger than a billion, or a trillion).

nbvgoodman2 karma

thanks =)

nbvgoodman6 karma

some days it's easier, others not so much, but i don't write it alone. It's very much a team work, and you must like to work with others and be able to add to their ideas and be open to them adding to yours. It's the only way you don't burn out.

eulenspiege16 karma

Why doesn’t everyone know jujitsu in Brazil?

nbvgoodman14 karma

it was a trend in the end of the 90s, like crossfit is today.

KamehameBoom6 karma

Who's your favorite late night talk show host here in the USA?

nbvgoodman5 karma

Jimmy Kimmel

Talesrds3 karma

Como é o Porchat pessoalmente? Qual é a maior dificuldade no seu trabalho?

nbvgoodman5 karma

Muito gente boa. E a maior dificuldade é trabalhar com imprevistos de última hora que as vezes fazem a gente virar a noite fechando o programa do dia seguinte.

donfelicedon23 karma

What's it like to write a joke, and then have someone else read it and get all the laughs and the credit?

nbvgoodman6 karma

that's actually fun. I get to try things that i would never be able to do myself, or not with the same importance or reach i have here. And it's the job, you have to be ok with it.

ABahRunt3 karma

Is Bralizian TV as insane as the Argentinian stuff? Their Dance shows are something else...

nbvgoodman2 karma

I am not familiar with those to compare

Ankios2 karma

Did you want to work on a Brazilian show specifically? Or was this a good opportunity for you?

nbvgoodman6 karma

My name is missleading but i am brazilian. Born in Rio.

Ankios2 karma

Did you always want to work in entertainment? If not writing, what would be another job you would like to try?

nbvgoodman2 karma

Yes, but i never thought i would get to actualy do it, so i went to law school.

WizardSleeves1182 karma

Do you ever think what television will be in 50 years? What kind of effect do you see the internet and online video having far down the road? Are the implications good or bad for shows and artists who aren't maybe super mainstream?

nbvgoodman6 karma

i bet television will be the screen and everything will be on demand with every channel having it's own "netflix". I guess this will make content more diversified and give creators more oportunities.

SROTDExplorer2 karma

Hey there! If you had to recommend two books (one fiction, one nonfiction) that you either really enjoyed, or feel had a major impact on you or your life, what would they be?

nbvgoodman5 karma

The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy for fiction and the non fiction one would be a book by Gene Perret i read when i gave up on law school to become a comic

ElGenericoNumeroUno1 karma

Are you a part of this show?

nbvgoodman1 karma

i am not =)

FNAKC1 karma

How do you find time to eat and sleep writing for that many shows at once?

nbvgoodman3 karma

my hands shake from all the coffee and energy drinks some times

Falconhero1231 karma

Mind posting more proof? Anybody can get a pic from Instagram and say they are the person in the pic.

nbvgoodman4 karma

photo in the writers room

mortalityrate1 karma

Is the style in Brazil significantly different from here from the US? Ex: more international, or less focused on trump

nbvgoodman3 karma

We tend to stick to our own politics and news, but will comment on Trump occasionally (like during the war threats against North Korea)