Hello, Reddit - I’m Greg Kading, former LAPD officer assigned to solve the homicides of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, author of "Murder Rap," and co-executive producer of USA Network’s newest crime drama Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G (premieres 2/27 at 10/9c). Have questions about these legendary cases? AMA!

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RadarzizBuzzin33 karma

Did Suge Knight had any knowledge of the possibility of Tupac getting shot?

DetKading55 karma

Not beforehand, but he knew who did it immediately after.

R1ckJamesBitch16 karma

Did he off the dude? And why did he go after Biggie?

DetKading31 karma

Suge had nothing to do with Tupac's murder. Biggie was retaliation.

R1ckJamesBitch14 karma

No, I'm asking if he anything to do with the dude who killed Pac. Like did Suge have anything to do with his death?

DetKading35 karma

No. Orlando Anderson, Tupac's killer, was killed in an unrelated gang shootout about 18 months later. However, Suge put a green light against Orlando's entire gang, the Southside Crips.

R1ckJamesBitch7 karma

Why didn't he go after Pac's killer?

DetKading31 karma

In the gang culture, it's not as easy as one might think to hunt down and kill an individual. You go after the gang, especially when multiple members of the gang were responsible. Orlando knew he was a target, which makes getting at him that much more difficult.

daneslord29 karma

Why did you decide to become an expert on this particular murder?

DetKading47 karma

It was a natural progression...as the investigator assigned to look into Biggies murder, I was able to learn about both murders.

daneslord28 karma

Should cheese go on top or underneath the sauce on a pizza?

DetKading25 karma

It works either way IMO

MrOnePixel23 karma

So... Who do you think killed Tupac?

DetKading73 karma

I dont think:) I know. Tupac was shot and killed by Orlando Anderson. There were at least four other co-conspirators.

daneslord22 karma

Then why wasn't he charged?

DetKading85 karma

Good question. Unfortunately, by the time we had factual proof, Orlando was already dead from an unrelated gang shooting

Demderdemden14 karma

So... who do you know killed Biggie?

DetKading50 karma

Suge Knight hired a gang member named Wardell "Poochie" Fouse.

Baresark14 karma

Was it a retaliation thing? How closely connected were the shootings? I was a huge 2pac fan and at the time was convinced Biggy had arranged it. After Biggy was killed, I became convinced that it was Puff who had had them both offed as a way to further his career. 16-17 Yr old me was very much on the 2pac side haha

DetKading44 karma

Biggie was absolutely retaliation for Tupac's murder, so the murders are definitely linked. Big had nothing to do with any of it outside of the war of words with Tupac.

Baresark9 karma

But from the trailer to your show, it suggests that behind all the words, they were still friends. Is this true? That would actually be kinda nice.

DetKading23 karma

They started out as friends. After Tupac was beaten and shot at the Quad Studios in NY, they fell out and Pac went to jail. Once Pac signed on with Suge, reconciliation wasn't going to happen.

Baresark2 karma

Ah man. I knew they started out as friends... But I was kinda hoping that things like "Hit 'em up" was just marketing for a moment there

DetKading21 karma

The beef was real, as was the war of words, however the media certainly helped fuel the fire.

ActionImagination16 karma

Do you think this investigation has affected the music industry? If yes, how so?

DetKading30 karma

Absolutely. These were legends in the industry. When they were killed, I think that made the beefs so real that people were dying, and gave everybody pause. And we can only imagine how big they would be today.

AfraidCity16 karma

Had you ever listened to their music and/or identified as a fan before this investigation?

DetKading39 karma

To be honest, I knew of them, but I was not a rap music fan. Since becoming involved, I've learned to appreciate their music, as well as the genre.

andrewmulrooney15 karma

Hi Greg, I’ve read Murder Rap and also watched the Doc too. Very insightful. Seeing as Suge is already in prison can charges now be brought against him for having Biggie killed? Also, how has Puff Daddy got away with it all this time?

DetKading23 karma

In theory, Suge could be charged. But in practicality, it will never happen. Same with Puffy. Puffy has made very good use of his lawyers over the years to insulate him from interrogation.

andrewmulrooney6 karma

Ahh I see. Was Orlando Anderson in the MGM the night 2Pac got shot to basically bait him and Death Row into a fight?

I’ve heard stories about Orlando before both his and 2Pac’s murders and it sounds like he was WILD in the streets.

DetKading16 karma

He was not there to bait anybody. He was in Vegas with his crew, which was common for them to go there for the fights. He was already a suspect in other murders, and had a reputation for being a shooter in his gang. And when he was killed, he took two more people with him.

ActionImagination14 karma

How do you feel about Josh Duhamel playing you on Unsolved?

DetKading24 karma

Its crazy...hes such a good guy and so committed to getting it right. Im so proud and honored by him and the entire cast.

thezachman1613 karma

In your opinion, how seriously should people take Diddy's involvement in these murders? It's more than public knowledge that Crips and Keffe D were involved, but the money and motive had to start somehwere

DetKading25 karma

It's important to understand the nuances of Puffy's involvement. His association with the Crips exacerbated an already problematic conflict between him and Suge Knight. Puffy was in fear for his life. Understanding that helps explain whatever actions he may have taken.

ballamg92813 karma

What is it like to see your stories/life come to life in a show?

DetKading18 karma

Surreal. I'm so thankful to all of the people who supported the telling of this story. I think the public will finally get what they've been looking for for over 20 years.

ballamg9284 karma

What kind of relationship did you have with either Tupac's or Biggie's family throughout your investigation?

DetKading14 karma

I did not have direct interaction with them during the investigation. I came to know them afterwards. After I retired, I formed a friendship with Voletta Wallace, as well as Tupac's cousin, William Lesane, and brother, Mopreme, who assisted with Unsolved.

princerobot_13 karma

What were the motives behind the shootings?

DetKading22 karma

Ongoing beefs between multiple factions of Bad Boy and Death Row.

shopgirl112412 karma

What's the juiciest piece of evidence you've uncovered?

DetKading32 karma

The confessions of the murderers.

R1ckJamesBitch12 karma

Who's confession? We all know Suge was part of Biggie's death...

DetKading30 karma

Keffe D for Tupac's murder, and Suge's baby mama, "Theresa Swann," for Biggie's murder.

R1ckJamesBitch12 karma

So how come Suge was never brought up on charges?

DetKading33 karma

Due to the fact that the shooter is dead, and Suge's baby mama and co-conspirator cannot be forced to testify against him, it leaves the case un-prosecutable.

R1ckJamesBitch11 karma

Isn't he in jail right now? Didn't he kill someone with his car?

DetKading33 karma

Suge is in jail awaiting trial for running over and killing Terry Carter in Compton.

cocoj10111 karma

Has anyone come to you confessing to the crime? Or have you been led down false paths?

DetKading21 karma

Yes. We have confessions for both murders. However, there were A LOT of false paths over the years.

YourBoyDT11 karma

What proof did you find later that you wish you uncovered earlier?

DetKading24 karma

As time goes on, more and more people are corroborating what we already know. Since I went public with our findings, more people associated with these cases have come forward, some privately and some publicly, who wouldn't have before.

jamiezero5 karma

Is your public findings something that can be read online somewhere?

DetKading13 karma

My book, Murder Rap, and our documentary, also called Murder Rap (which is on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, etc.), and also the current BET series called "Death Row Chronicles," which premiered last night and continues airing tonight and tomorrow. All of which substantiates what you'll see in Unsolved.

R1ckJamesBitch11 karma

Did you watch the show with Ice-T of who killed Biggie and Tupac? And if so, how accurate was it? Were you on that?

DetKading24 karma

It was very superficial. They seemed more interested in shock value than facts. Furthermore, they completely lied about my "failure to appear" in their show.

R1ckJamesBitch8 karma

What was their reason they didn't put you on the show?

DetKading19 karma

I couldn't make it to set the day that they wanted me, and then they weren't willing to reschedule.

EnoughSheepherder10 karma

Why do you think it's taken so long for these cases to be solved?

DetKading28 karma

Several reasons, but mostly lack of cooperation by witnesses, particularly Suge Knight.

EnoughSheepherder7 karma

What would the investigators need today to be able to close the case? Do you think the case will ever be closed?

DetKading27 karma

The cases are "solved" but are un-prosecutable. Most of the co-conspirators in both murders are dead.

Treasonaire9 karma

What was the motive behind Tupac’s killing? I know you said Biggie was killed out of retaliation.

My apologies if you’ve answered this already.

DetKading15 karma

It was the culmination of an ongoing beef between CEOs, rappers, and their affiliated gangs, that was triggered that night by the fight between Tupac and Orlando Anderson at the MGM.

savingchad9 karma

What was the most pivotal moment in your investigation?

DetKading13 karma

The confession of Duane "Keffe D" Davis to the murder of Tupac.

coolcalmdan7 karma

Who had the better rhymes?

DetKading54 karma

They had different styles IMO, so its hard to draw a comparison. Biggies flow was sick, but Pacs content was deeper

ActionImagination7 karma

What was your biggest takeaway after working on this case?

DetKading19 karma

How both complicated and simple it was at the same time. And how both murders were so unnecessary and senseless.

QuinoaQT6 karma

Was there any sort of LAPD cover-up from Det. Poole's initial investigation of the case?

DetKading10 karma

No. There were multiple inquiries into that theory by multiple agencies, including the FBI. No evidence was discovered to support Poole's theory. Even Poole eventually changed his position.

saintmillie875 karma

With the murders being so well-known and culturally important, was it hard to go into it without bias?

DetKading14 karma

Not at all. I had been conducting gang murder investigations for years. We always treated victims as victims. However, being high-profile celebrity murders brought new challenges.

oopi115 karma

What was your relationship with the families, especially Voletta?

DetKading17 karma

I got to know Voletta on a personal level..shes a beautiful and graceful human being...shes also a victim of all this. She was my primary motivation in the case.

EnoughSheepherder5 karma

Are you still in touch with the families of Tupac and Biggie?

DetKading14 karma

Mopreme was on set during filming of Unsolved. And I stay in touch with Pac's cousin William Lesane. I speak to Voletta Wallace (Biggie's mother) occasionally.

Cafe_Con_AlmondMilk5 karma

Do you think the murders are connected?

DetKading19 karma

Absolutely. If Tupac hadn't been killed, Biggie wouldn't have been, either.

HelloFriend314 karma

There have been a lot of documentaries and movies about Biggie & Tupac and the murders. What do you think is the most unique aspect of Unsolved compared to those?

DetKading13 karma

It's an entirely different way of telling the story. It's not a biopic and it's not a documentary. It tells the story of Biggie and Tupac's friendship, which has never really been told before. And it goes inside both of the investigations, whereas most projects have always been on the outside of that. And we also had the luxury of having 10 hours to tell this story, as opposed to just one film.

saintmillie873 karma

How did you first become involved in the tv/entertainment world?

DetKading6 karma

After the Murder Rap documentary, I was approached by the creator of Unsolved, who wanted to collaborate on the project.

ActionImagination3 karma

What do you think of all the conspiracy theories out there? Do you think they're keeping the case open?

DetKading12 karma

The public will always be fascinated with conspiracy theories. However, the purpose of an investigation is to dismantle false theories, which we did. The cases are internally solved, but because they can't be prosecuted, it's the public's perception that they aren't solved.

penguiin_6 karma

How do you mean internally solved? Like yep, they got murdered alright or there’s a prime suspect?

DetKading11 karma

Investigators have conclusive evidence. However, due to the time that's passed and the deaths of most of the co-conspirators, the cases can't practically be prosecuted. So the cases are now archived.

saintmillie872 karma

Why should people watch Unsolved?

DetKading7 karma

Because it rocks! Also, the story has NEVER been told like this before. Its always been documentaries...this is entirely different.

AfraidCity2 karma

Should I watch Unsolved? How accurate is the depiction of the story as compared to others?

DetKading5 karma

It's incredibly accurate. Of course, some dramatic license has to be taken to compress 20 years into 10 episodes. Everybody was committed to getting it right, and I was on set most of the days.

ofie241 karma

Should I watched Unsolved?

DetKading6 karma

Yes. Over and over again.

honpielthethird-1 karma

Did you read the book "Great fucken adventures on Mars yet"?

DetKading1 karma

nope....Im ordering it now!