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TheRedMammon96 karma

Do you hate New Jersey even more now?

NarcissusNoir661 karma

I’m from jersey, eat me

motorboat_murderess22 karma

Everyone in my family thinks flight attendants are just overpaid waitresses. Is there anything you can say to change that opinion? Genuinely curious.

NarcissusNoir145 karma

I'll let you know that the training consists of maybe just about 1 day of service ('waitress') training - the rest was all safety/medical. Having to evacuate a plane in 90 seconds or less, CPR, using an AED, etc. I don't get all stressed and offended when people say this. I know what I have to do, what i'm capable of, and my self esteem doesn't suffer from these comments. I still get paid to see the world. FA's all around the world have proved over and over again to be lifesavers, fire fighters, baby deliver-ers, therapists, and numerous other roles on the plane.