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I was sitting in a hot tub at a fancy Hawaiian resort in July 2017 with a dude who was super friendly, charming, funny. He gave me and my wife advice for where to go snorkeling; turned out to be great advice. I thought "I know this guy from somewhere" ... and, it turns out to be Alex Jones. (When he started hanging out with Spencer and Heidi at the same resort, the gossip blogs picked it up and ID'ed him).

Anyway - he strikes me as a the kind of guy who would be a chubby, friendly, funny, class clown kind of guy in high school. His professional persona is a lot of performance art. Not to say his beliefs are not abhorrent, or that he doesn't believe the scary shit he preaches, but I think he's a performance artist at the end of the day.

Nomar_Garciawhiner67 karma

He’s probably a great drinking buddy

Swing_lip1 karma

Its just Sophistry. As in “that’s some fine sophistry there boss”.

And in what way is my comment an example of sophistry?

Nomar_Garciawhiner2 karma

Because you’re attempting to get me to argue for a point that I’m not trying to make. Fucking sophist.

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"you sound like a gay frog to me" has multiple up votes. A reasonable idea that Alex Jones said he's playing character just to get his kids and the comment calling that idea reasonable, gets downvoted to hell. silly reddit

Nomar_Garciawhiner-7 karma

Or maybe he’s literally playing a character. Sometimes it’s the simplest explanation.

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Do you want to have his baby?

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