Hey Reddit, this is GLENN HOWERTON (It's Always Sunny, The Mindy Project) and PATTON OSWALT (King of Queens, The Goldbergs). And lucky for you we're now on NBC's A.P. Bio, premiering March 1st but you can catch three episodes, streaming now here


Ask us stuff!

EDIT: Thanks so much Reddit, this was a lot fun! Now watch our show or we'll break your dick.

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Etan89974831 karma

Has Danny Devito ever refused to do anything that you asked of him?

nbcapbio18420 karma

GH: We sent him a script once for April fools day where we basically just took a spec script that somebody sent us, and just took out Danny's storyline and put in a different storyline where he ends up going to jail.

First thing that happens is he goes to jail and gets raped. Then he joins the white supremacists to protect him, and they do at first and then they rape him. Then he goes to the prison guards and asks for help, and they rape him. And we sent him the script for April Fools Day and made it look all legit. And that was the first time he called us and was like, "I can't do this guys."

GrandMasterYogurt4093 karma


What’s the best name for a Ratatouille sequel? Rata2ouille? 2 Fast 2 touille?

nbcapbio5722 karma

I'm angling for Pat-tatouille, so that I can get a backend.

Greykoifish3313 karma

What were you like in high school?

nbcapbio7306 karma

GH: I was awesome.

PO: Glenn used to beat me up.

brick0042941 karma

Can we get a crossover IASIP episode with Patton?

I envision him as an extended member of the McPoyle’s.

nbcapbio3990 karma

PO: I would love to see Chris Meloni's character in Happy slide into that world, because that would actually fit. In terms of depravity and humor those would actually link up perfectly.

GH: Patton would be great, put a unibrow on you and make you a McPoyle? That would be great.

PO: I would just want to see what you guys would write and give it a shot, like an actor's challenge.

isitafox2743 karma

Glenn Howerton-- Is Jack Griffin allowed to eat apples with the skin on?

nbcapbio2182 karma

GH: Yes.

gradsquests2594 karma

Will your new show, AP Bio, feature darker humor?

nbcapbio7612 karma

PO: There's darker humor, yes.

GH: It gets darker as it goes along, definitely. But that's a very racist question.

Patch0uliprincess2409 karma

What’s your skin care routine?

nbcapbio10483 karma

GH: Well first you remove the skin, because you can't wear another person's skin without removing it first. And then you have to scrape the inner parts off. The teeth you have to boil, because it's not sanitary. The eyes are...slippery, and you have to be careful because if you drop them thats no good. Once the skin is on, the hardest part is making sure it's tight enough so that it looks like your real face. And then, um, you're pretty much done as long as you've dealt with the smell.

Relyt42387 karma

Glenn, should I move to Arizona and open up a leather shop?

nbcapbio5785 karma

No. There are far too many leather shops in Arizona. You'll be out of business in a week's time.

rbond_20082364 karma

Glenn: What has been the most rewarding aspect of being a part of IASIP? Patton: Any funny stories from when you were on Justified?

nbcapbio4105 karma

GH: Getting to share my very strange sense of humor with the world.

PO: Happy cake day! There was an early version of an episode that got re-written where Ava Crowder seduces constable Bob. BUT GOD DAMNIT THEY RE-WROTE IT.

Skeleton-With-Skin2325 karma

What is the weirdest thing you have ever personally purchased?

nbcapbio5648 karma

GH: I don't know! That's a great question, but...I don't know if I've ever bought anything that's that weird. The Breaking Two Electric Boogaloo Soundtrack?

PO: In the early 90s I spent way too much money on a bowler hat, thinking that was going to be my signature look on stage. I wore it one night, came off stage, and my circle of friends all went "No!!! That's not where you're going dude." They shut that down so hard.

TheStabbingHobo1940 karma

Patton: do you still obsess over KFC bowls?

My first introduction to you was on an episode of Conan many years ago and you were going on about KFC bowls forever. It was hilarious.

Glenn: what was the funniest scene you shot of Sunny, and how awesome is Danny? Part of me wants to believe Frank is just Danny dialed up to 11.

nbcapbio5042 karma

PO: No I had that horrible realty wiped from my brain. I'm on to Taco Bell's fried egg shell tacos.

GH: Frank is Danny dialed down to 6.

anactualsalmon1808 karma

Hey, longtime fan of Sunny and excited to watch AP Bio. What advice do you have for an 18 year old aspiring comedy writer/actor?

nbcapbio5077 karma

PO : Do what Glenn and his friends did. Start shooting. You have more equipment now than Orson Welles did when he shot Citizen Kane. There's no excuse. Do it.

TheAcidRapper1296 karma

What's the weirdest fan encounter you've ever had?

nbcapbio5013 karma

PO: I've had a couple of encounters at urinals that are very uncomfortable and I don't know what to do. Don't ask for a handshake post a urinal hello.

GH: My weirdest are always when someone recognizes me in an airport and they sit down next to me and I'm waiting at the gate and I can't leave. Don't ever do that to me.

Crotalus_Horridus1124 karma

If you could see any musical performer/act from any time for one night, who would it be?

nbcapbio2452 karma

PO: I would want to see Bowie in the 70s or I would have loved to have seen a Wu-Tang Clan when ODB was alive.

GH: Bowie in the 70s is pretty fucking great. Pink Floyd in concert anything post Dark Side of the Moon.

omakasevideo1124 karma

do you feel more sexy in the morning or in the evening?

nbcapbio2000 karma

PO: Evening, because that's when I get my lashes on.

GH: Evening.

ProfessorPoppinFresh993 karma

Who would win in a fight, Jack Griffin or Dennis Reynolds?

nbcapbio1897 karma

GH: Dennis. His temper alone.

PO: Yeah.

megablovvfish931 karma

what is a "Glenn Howerton" scented Yankee Candle smells like?

nbcapbio2012 karma

GH: Whiff of ham.

PO: But just a whiff. It doesn't linger, but you feel like it was there.

CaptainWiskers925 karma

If you could each bang one woman from history. Who would it be?

nbcapbio1850 karma

GH : Eve. I bet she was really cool.

PO : Dorothy Malone from The Big Sleep or Ella Raines or Lee Miller.

Taylor_wolf828 karma

Hey Glenn, I was wondering if we're gonna learn more about Jack's past? (I'm already in love with the show)

nbcapbio934 karma

GH: Yeah. I imagine so. There's a lot there to explore. So yes for sure.

gothgrandpa782 karma

What are both of your favorite guilty pleasures?

nbcapbio2825 karma

PO: Cheetos.

GH: Murdering drifters.

BrolecopterPilot757 karma

Glenn do you practice your outrageous sex faces in the mirror?

nbcapbio2960 karma

GH: That's really just me bending over and making as much blood rush to my head as possible right before they roll on it. Then straining to get all the veins popping out of my face. That's all that is. I don't practice in the mirror. I can just feel it. I always wanted it to be the most upsetting thing you've ever seen. The more upsetting it is, the funnier it is.

mickeyd13743 karma

In highschool, did either of you ever take an AP Biology class, and if so what was your teacher like?

nbcapbio2087 karma

GH: I took AP History and it was my first F. I had no business taking AP History.

PO: I took AP History and English but science wise I'm still not sure if salt is salty. That's how I am with science. It's really bad.

GH: I science not good.

gothrules4462 karma

Are either of you binge-watching a tv series currently? If so, what is it?

nbcapbio1348 karma

GH: I'm re-watching the first season of The Expanse. Because I haven't seen the second season yet. Fuck that show's so good.

PO: I'm re-binging The Wire for the third time because my wife has never seen it. And I'm waiting to binge Mosaic on HBO

louie_bloo443 karma

What was your favourite scene to film from the first three episodes of AP Bio?

nbcapbio706 karma

GH: I loved shooting the scene with Patton and Jacob in my dead mom's apt. I also liked our hallway scene in the pilot where Patton told me I was not allowed to wear sweatpants.

PO: I loved the courtroom scene with Niecy Nash. She's such a tornado, and getting to react to her is really fun.

octaviawinslow423 karma

Boys, which comedic geniuses from your adolescence would you like to hold a candle to?

nbcapbio953 karma

GH : Phil Hartman because I always believed him. No matter how broad or strange or odd or completely outlandish it was always based in some strange reality. Even when he played the caveman lawyer. Ted Danson. Bea Arthur.

PO : Steve Martin, Albert Brooks, Richard Pryor. If I could get halfway to where RP was comedically and fail I would be happy. Also, the Monty Python crew when they were firing on all cylinders. I wish I could be at the level of Andrea Martin and Catherine O'Hara on SCTV. God they were good. Also, Julia Louis Dreyfus.

Battlemaster123418 karma

Whats your favorite food?

nbcapbio1177 karma

PO: The blood of my enemies.

GH: Macaroni and cheese. And blood. All blood.

jakewc9381 karma

I saw you posted some vinyl records on Twitter a while ago. What are some of your favorite albums?

nbcapbio955 karma

GH: David Bowie "Hunky Dory", Pink Floyd "Animals", Faith No More "Angel Dust", alt-J "An Awesome Wave", Martha Wainwright "Martha Wainwright", Talking Heads "More Songs About Buildings and Food", Sonic Youth "Daydream Nation"

PO: Pixie "Doolittle", Juliana Hatfield "Hey Babe", Lush "Spooky", Beck "Mutations", Johnny Cash "Americans Recordings Volume 1", Roxy "Music Avalon"

cHecker_oD349 karma

Hello Glenn, big fan here, really liked your role in Fargo!

What is something you do or like that we would not expect?

Have a nice day!

nbcapbio934 karma

GH: I imagine people don't expect that I love my kids and I just like hanging out with my wife and kids.

Auszi338 karma

How much of the show is improv?

nbcapbio718 karma

PO: Not as much as you would think. The writers are really solid.

GH: Agreed.

pluggzzz335 karma

Mr. Oswalt, which are your favorite comedy clubs for working out new material?

nbcapbio425 karma

PO: I like to write at the Largo and I like to edit at the Irvine Improv.

SarcasticusFinch293 karma

Hey guys! You both have made me laugh so hard, the tears I cry physically pain me. So thanks for that. What I wanna know, is Patton: What are your hopes (from realistic to nerdgasmic ) for Infinity War? Glenn, do you have any stories from Super Bowl night, or stories from any of the Always Sunny gang from that night? Thanks a bunch for doing this.

nbcapbio596 karma

PO: For Infinity War i just hope they find a way to put the Blues Brothers in it.

GH: Looks like Rob had a lot of fun

ainy11281 karma

Hi Glenn and Patton! Tremendous fan here.

Glenn— I recently saw your short film, “When Pigs Fly.” Will we see anymore work like this from you? I don’t want to make this all about Sunny, but that show has had a huge role in my life. Thank you.

Patton + Glenn: Any exciting guest stars on AP Bio we should look forward to?

Thank you for your time :)

nbcapbio529 karma

GH: Thank you, I hope so! But nothing in the pipeline right now.

PO: Uhh, future guest stars. We've got a list! Henry Kissinger, The Who,

GH: No, AP Bio

PO: Oooooh on AP Bio. Henry Kissinger, The Who, Flava Flav, President Martin van Buren

GH: C. Thomas Howell Sr.

PO: And that Duracell battery guy from Australia

TheAcidRapper269 karma

Do you have any advice for a college junior trying to do some cool stuff in their life?

nbcapbio693 karma

GH: Yeah, read stuff. Learn a bunch of stuff. Watch stuff. Do stuff. And then you can produce your own stuff.

PO: Don't.

agent_philcoulson245 karma

Patton Oswalt. How did you like your time on Agents Of Shield? Can you confirm or deny if your characters were robots?

nbcapbio378 karma

I loved being on Agents of Shield. And I can't say whether we are robots.

Or clones.

knowles42220 karma

Hey patton, who would win in a rant off, you or glenn?

nbcapbio651 karma

PO: With all due respect, I would rant him into the core of the earth.

Baxter_Cain219 karma

Just finished your memoir Mr. Oswalt. I loved it and wanted to know if there was anything you left out, story or otherwise, that you regret not writing about?

Also, your voice was amazing in the audiobook.

nbcapbio362 karma

PO: That's a good question. There's a whole big section that MTV sent me to Woodstock '99 as a correspondent and I wrote an early version of it but it was so ugly and depressing and the whole thing was such a bad memory that I didn't see the reason after a while. The first couple pages were 'Well, the world is horrible.' and who wants to read that?

travtravs170 karma

What topic or idea has had the greatest impact on your approach to comedy? I'm curious what inspires and drives you both!

nbcapbio455 karma

GH : I like watching characters justify their horrible behavior. Listening to a character justify a horrible action or decision is one of my favorite things.

PO : I don't know who said this but there's a phrase, "Unveil an actuality". Show something that is so completely true that no one has really looked at but everyone goes, "Oh my god, I know!" You can do this with comedy or drama. The latest example of that is the Black Jeopardy sketch from SNL. The audience goes, "Ohhh, wait. Yes."

jeriann72 karma

Hey, guys! I streamed AP Bio as soon as it was released on Hulu and I’m enjoying it so far! How much have the writers drawn from real experience, or is this a tale formed purely from good writing?

nbcapbio77 karma

PO : I think some of the episodes come from Mike's past in Toledo. Some of the character stuff feels awkward and real which always makes for better comedy. When you draw from something embarrassing you actually did that always makes the best stuff.

lincolnzinker39 karma

Is it frustrating that so many questions are about IASIP when you are trying to promote a new project?

nbcapbio102 karma

PO: This is my first time hearing of that, is that a kind of skin cream?

SpideySense1339 karma

Toledo is a shithole. Will we see more of the city in future episodes? The Toledo mall was a new one.

nbcapbio70 karma

PO: Yeah, hey Glenn are they going to convince you to fly out to Toledo and do some location shooting? I would love to shoot on location in Toledo.

GH: I'm down, I've never been to Toledo. I don't know enough about Toledo to know if it's a shithole to be honest.

PO: I would love to be able to work Jamie Farr into a future episode, because his character on MASH was from Toledo. That would be amazing.

woodgood30 karma


nbcapbio46 karma

GH & PO: Treat others as you wish to be treated. And avoid gluten.

shockinglyunoriginal27 karma

Patton, did you watch The Cloverfield Paradox? Honest opinion.

nbcapbio37 karma

I haven't had a chance to see it yet. I have jury duty all week.

Cambot300014 karma

Hey Glenn and Patton! What are yalls favorite board games?

nbcapbio32 karma

PO: Quirkle, my wife introduced me to it. Best game ever. Really addictive.

GH: I always really liked Pictionary. It's a classic.

QuibbleFibble7 karma

What are your favorite lines you’ve ever gotten to say (this show or any other)?

nbcapbio18 karma

PO : Without spoiling anything, there's a future episode where I'm trying to do the video morning announcements where they wrote some of the vilest things I've gotten to say and I had to do so many takes.

There's also a line coming up from Allisyn Ashley Arm that wiped out a table read and it's the last line in an A.P. Bio episode. It's one of the funniest lines I've seen written and then delivered. It's perfect.