Chris and Sean, back at it again with the AMA!

These two voice actors will be squaring off tomorrow evening in the Dragon Ball FighterZ video game, live streaming from the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, CA.

But before they throw down, it's fighting tradition to have one last pre-fight stare down/conference with fans!

Funimation social team is here on-site to keep the peace!

The Face-Off:

Who's it gonna be internet? Ask 'em anything!

Sean Schemmel - Voice of Goku - /u/SeanSchemmel_AMA Chris Sabat - Voice of Vegeta - /u/ChristopherSabat_AMA

Missed the Twitter beef? Catch up here:

Update 8:36pm PT - Great questions everyone! Sean and Chris are sticking around for about another half hour, keep those questions coming!

Update 9:00pm PT - Thanks so much for participating! Be sure to watch these two Dragon Brawl tomorrow at 7pm live on stream and catch Dragon Ball Super on FunimationNow!

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User3692509635 karma

Hey Mr. Sabat and Mr. Schemmel, thanks for doing this AMA! My questions are:

1.) Do you guys ever find it irratating when fans ask you to do your characters voices in public? (I totally understand if yes, please be honest.)

2.) How do you guys personally feel about Super ending this year?

3.) What do you guys personally think about Dragon Ball Super from a viewing standpoint, not "this is my job" standpoint?

Bonus if you have time:

4.) What do you think about FighterZ and where does it stand in your list of DB games?

Thanks once again and I look foward to seeing your showdown!

SeanSchemmel_AMA1671 karma

I am flattered that people want me to perform as Goku in public when they meet me. However, I do get irritated when it comes across as an instant command like "hey do the voice" makes me feel like a circus monkey. Not to mention that unlike Chris, I don't have any fun good lines like vegetables ;). I'm sad about super ending, but there will be more movies and video games. But I do look forward to the day where a big part of my life is not screaming lol.
Fighterz might be the best fighting game of all time.

bleepbloop396 karma

but there will be more movies and video games

So no new anime :(

gwakamole614148 karma

Not like Funi would know at this point

SeanSchemmel_AMA583 karma

Funi knows where you live...#youshouldbewatching...your back.

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