We're just a couple of cool comedy boys who'll be trotting off on the first leg of our 2018 North America tour: DENVER, LA, DALLAS, AUSTIN, HOUSTON, SF, PORTLAND, VANCOUVER and SEATTLE, we'll be up in you next month with an all new show, bringing joy and the cast of glee along the way.

This isn't all though! We'll be touring the other half of North America again, a little later in 2018!

We're calling this the BIG BOYS TOUR, staring Feb 25th, and you can get your sexy little hands on tickets from our cool website - http://www.auntydonna.com/shows/

PROOF: https://imgur.com/a/f0eiX

Answering questions today we have the whole gang! Tom (the music boy), Max (the film director boy), Sam (writer and good boy), and of course Zach, Broden and Mark (the silly boys*).

For those of you who don't know who we are, we tour live shows, make YouTube vids, and have a very loose podcast... as well as anything else people will pay us to do.

Here's some of our videos:


Here's a kind of "best of" of ep our podcast:


Here's a taste of what we do live:


Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/auntydonna

Check out our subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/auntydonna/

Feel free to ask us something in general or if you have a specific question for one of us, just mention our name!

We're looking forward to your questions :)

Love Aunty Donna.

*We are all silly boys

EDIT: We're off everyone! Thanks so much for your questions! If we have time we'll get to more of them later on during the day :)

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Captain_Clover2392 karma

Dear Boys,

Since you trademarked 'Aunty Donna', my government won't legally recognise my Aunty anymore. She's stuck in a Philipino detention centre without a passport. Would you please let her use the name too?

weareauntydonna3020 karma

That's fine and dandy Captain Clover. But your Aunty WAS writing sketches and uploading them to youtube. She even did a Haven't You Done Well series. But the last straw was when she announced she was doing a US tour this feb. That's what we're doing. She'll die in prison. -Broden

Narkboy421101 karma

This question is for Mark: Neigh neigh whinny, neigh neigh neigh. Whinny, neigh whinny neigh whinny whinny?

weareauntydonna1512 karma



Love Mark.

139493_3122175886 karma

Hello, what do you think of this?

weareauntydonna1076 karma

That's great. That's really excellent. What do you think of this?

mcaidans731 karma

Have you guys seen manbeast in fallout? What is you opinion of this?

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/0uKUB5DDPb0?t=14

weareauntydonna848 karma

It's mindblowingly amazing. There's nothing I love more than coming home to relax with some video games and getting to shoot Broden in the head as many times as I want.

Love Mark

PS: Thanks to the guy in Boston who made it and who came to our Boston show!

TheKidKreeper651 karma

Why are you called aunty Donna?

weareauntydonna1903 karma

I'm more concerned that you're called TheKidKreeper

elephant-fresh616 karma

Do you know that Heston Blumenthal shaves his head not because he is bald, but because it helps him to deal with the heat of the kitchen, leaving him one less thing to worry about?

weareauntydonna619 karma

Zach here. I did know that. He has also said that it was because he doesn't like his silly curly hair. I imagine now that its also a bit of a brand thing, as he is quite well known for his bald head.

Also, for anyone that doesn't listen to our god awful podcast, elephant-fresh is cyber bullying me right now. But I will say this fact for the rest of my life, because i think it is interesting and of note.



PS. Please hit me up for more celebrity chef facts, happy to help.

ShittySprayPainter592 karma

Dear Brodan. Hello. Hi. Hope this finds you well.

I just wanted to ask what gives you the right?

Who do you think you are?

How dare you?

weareauntydonna775 karma

I do what the fuck I want.

You fucking hear me?

Don't come near me again.


Interficior588 karma

Whats the worst video you guys think you made? And which is the best?

weareauntydonna807 karma

Mr Moustache Man

QuantumDon218 karma

And which is the worst?

weareauntydonna427 karma

Mr Moustache Man

GoodLordigans219 karma

Aha, very good. And the worst video?

weareauntydonna338 karma

Mr Moustache Man

costag122 karma

Mr Moustache Man is your best video.

weareauntydonna222 karma


weareauntydonna229 karma

also worst lol

TheDiabolicalWaffle506 karma

Is Mark really an egg?

weareauntydonna1146 karma

i don't know. I think so. Sometimes he cracks, like an egg. But also, he wears socks, like a man. I've only ever seen an egg wearing socks three or four times. So tough call.


BlueHarvest28373 karma

how spicy was marks dads sausage really?

weareauntydonna610 karma

Mark's dad's salami is so fucking good. It is delicious. I've never eaten something cured that tastes so fresh. We've had a group discussion and we think it's a 5/10 in terms of spice. 10/10 in terms of tastiness. Sam

Haynes_354 karma

What flavour were the crisps in Cresps?

weareauntydonna342 karma

Original, I think.

anundr320 karma

How is that horse answering questions? Do you have a horse whisperer on staff?

weareauntydonna686 karma


Love Mark

RPapa_P305 karma

Dear Aunty Donna boys,

First off, you guys are the best. Mark responded to me during the last AMA and it was the absolute tits. You guys helped me get through a rough patch in my life last year and for that I’m very grateful.

My question is pretty general. The “best content” ever videos have been awesome, and it got me thinking, what is the most time consuming video you have made? The unbelievable number trick and magic compilation videos seemed like they would have taken awhile, so I was curious about what you all had to say.

weareauntydonna412 karma

Hello it's Mark again hopefully this is the tits again. Haha lol tits.

You pretty much nailed it in regards to Magic YouTuber. That was the first time we ever needed a whole day to shoot a sketch. We usually average 2 sketches a day now (where as Fape' in the Cafe which is 6 videos were all shot in one day). Having said that, in our new series that will be dropping soon, we have a few videos that have easily been our most complicated and time consuming.

Love Mark.


Question for Don; I'm concerned about the customer service and training, or lack thereof, at the Wheelers Hill store. The quality is inconsistent and service quite poor (especially during the day and over the phone). This has been recent and I'm concerned that it may lead to the closure of the store as the area is highly competitative. It would be a real shame to see the store ruin it's reputation as $4.95 thin and crispy pepperoni is hard to beat (when done properly). That store has great potential and I don't want to have to drive elsewhere.

Plus where have all the cum jokes gone? Very dissapointing.

weareauntydonna285 karma


I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. I would like to get some more information to follow-up, including private contact information. Could you PM me here? ww.ghgbh,cuujk//12206

Also, we sorta got all our cum jokes out in our sketch "Cumsults".

  • Domino's Social Customer Care Team

84ndn216 karma

who is the most handsome of you 3?

weareauntydonna628 karma

Zach has three hands

Drawdehellfire209 karma

When Mark shaves is Broden going to wear it as a wig?

weareauntydonna275 karma

Yes and No. In a way.

KingMactastic185 karma

Hey boys been waiting for this all week. Was a bit disappointed when the sidebar said you 3 but not Frogman. When's Frogman gonna have his AMA?

weareauntydonna200 karma

We've just had confirmation that Frogman will do an AMA on r/auntydonna. Make sure you subscribe to that sexy sub and we'll make it happen xox

qwux155 karma

G'day boys, you're all pretty cool and stuff so thanks for doing another ama.

What's the most awkward instance of audience participation you've encountered?

How prevalent are injuries/sickness on tour and have you ever considered putting mark down because of said injuries?

Broden, is it true that your Portobello mushroom shaped penis is the reason you're so angry all the time?

weareauntydonna410 karma

Hello Mr. Qwux, Re Illness on tour. The last time we went to the US I got a fucking haemorrhoid in my fucking ass. I reckon I got it because of the 25 hours of travel from Melbourne to NYC. It fucking hurt my ass and for all the shows we did in NY that week I was perpetually in a shitload of pain. We were doing fan photos after the shows one night and a lovely man mentioned whilst we got a photo that he was studying to be a doctor. So I went into immense detail about how I had a haemorrhoid in my asshole and i wanted to die. He didn't help at all he just left. I went to a Duane Reade three times asking for different cream. Eventually the Haemorrhoid receded (much like my hairline) and we had a wonderful tour. My hope for our tour this year is that we have lovely audiences and that I do not get another fucking haemorrhoid up my asshole.

Re: mushroom dick, yes.

weareauntydonna261 karma

-This was Broden by the way.

thelehmanlip151 karma

How much cum has Mark drank so far today?

weareauntydonna239 karma

A quart. every morning.

Think_Mcfly143 karma

Mark will you ever ever wear shoes on stage ever?

weareauntydonna454 karma

The guys won't let me. Broden said early on "I am the shoe man. There can only be one." Zach said "I want to wear shoes." Broden said "Okay." I said, "I want to wear shoes." Broden said "I will cut off your head and shit down your neck." I said "Okay."

Love Mark

ChutDillio137 karma

Boyfellas: I got to see you guys last time you were here in NYC. Broden asked how I liked the show and I jokingly said "eh, it was okay" and then he seemed very sad. In actuality, it was the best show ever! The problem is, I haven't lived this moment down. Does Broden hate me?

weareauntydonna212 karma

Yes Chutdillo,

I hate you. I hate you so much.


pawsa116 karma

Hi guys thanks heaps for doing the AMA. Whether it's music or comedy or anything else seeing Australian artists like you guys be so successful internationally really gets me excited so congrats on everything you've achieved.

  1. How do you guys feel about the current Australian comedy scene? As an observer it seems like there's a bit of a changing of the guard with a lot of young comedians starting to come through and replace the core group of 10 or so Australian people that have been on every gala and panel show for the last 15 years. It also seems like a lot of comedians who might've been considered too alternative a few years ago are starting to get some mainstream-ish recognition (you fellas, Sam Simmons, Anne Edmonds, Rhys Nicholson etc). So yeah what do you reckon about that?

  2. Are there any up and coming Comedians in Australia or elsewhere that you'd encourage people to check out?

  3. Finally, I remember hearing on the podcast that Sam and mark were pretty sceptical of the breakfast goat sketch that ended up being made, so have there been any other times where one or more of you thought a sketch wasn't going to work like maybe for example a sketch about an anthropomorphic bull being thrust into an office setting? Asking for a friend.

Best of luck with everything and thanks again for doing the AMA. I set an alarm just for it.

weareauntydonna168 karma

Hello nice person, You are nice.

1) I would love to say that the scene was full of fucks but the truth is the Australian comedy scene is full of bloody legends. Especially the guys that have been around for a while. There's definitely a bunch of new people coming through, which is sick. I would say it's due to new/younger audiences getting into it.

2) Absolutely, we bloody love Michelle Brasier, Demi Lardner, Ben Russell, Stu Daulman. Start with those three and spread out from there

3) Yeah we were very unsure across the board about whether Breakfast Goat would work. We were bloody chuffed when we ended up making it and people enjoyed it. The internet is very welcoming for fucked shit.


arno73110 karma

Hey guys!

I don't know if you remember but at your most recent show in Toronto during the post-show meet-and-greet a very excited fan who looked like a mini Zach came up and embraced all three of you lovely boys in one way or another.

Now this was the first time I'd ever seen a celebrity up close so I was rather delirious as you can imagine. My memory is a bit hazy but I remember patting (and receiving pats) from Broden, hugging Zach as if he were my long-lost father, and then stroking Mark's beard and expecting him to return the favour. Now, in hindsight, I should've definitely asked for consent before putting my hands on Mark but as I previously mentioned I was rather delirious and everything happened in a blur. I was also expecting Broden and Zach to be more reserved and Mark to be more likely to engage in physical contact with a complete stranger but it turned out to be the other way around.

I knew I fucked up the moment I saw the look of genuine fear/concern in Mark's eyes but I couldn't do or say much before my turn was up and the next fans came up to ogle you boys. After the show I went to McDonald's and ate a very sad cheeseburger on my way home. I've been haunted by Mark's frightened expression ever since the incident and sometimes I even see him in my nightmares.

I've been trying to find a way to apologize to Mark ever since and ask him to please stop haunting me but I wasn't sure if they ever read anything I posted. I'd also like to take this time to ask you to please consider coming to Toronto again in the future, we'd all love to see you lovely boys again (and again and again and again). I promise that they're not all like me and that I won't touch Mark ever again (pinky promise). I really enjoyed the show and I'm sure everyone else did so as well, you boys were fantastic! Please come back? Pretty please with sprinkles?

P.S. Hi Zach, Broden, the King of Australia and all the other people!

weareauntydonna282 karma

Hello friend it's Mark here I am going to give you a very honest answer.

During that tour I struggled the most sever anxiety and depression I have ever experienced in my life. I've always struggled with those issues but for various reasons it got incredibly bad, almost cripplingly so, on our first North American Tour. I saw some doctors and ended up going on some anti-anxiety drugs, which I'd never done before, and while they helped it totally threw me out of myself. I've been getting better, seeing my therapist and making plans on how I can manage these things better. Which has been great.

I'm sorry if I made you feel that way, that sucks. It wasn't you I promise.

Love Mark.

PS: It is also good to ask people you don't know if you can touch them before you do. SRS BUT LOVE YOU!

The-one-who-is-now93 karma

Hey Boyos.

Got two questions here for ya's.

1: How's the sketch with TomSka coming along? Got the biggest stiffy when I saw he was on the podcast and became immensely happy when you's discussed the idea of a collaboration.

2: How'd you guys come up with the name "Aunty Donna"?

Keep up the amazing work guys, your content never ceases to be funny and it's always great to see more Aussies in the spot light.

weareauntydonna286 karma

TomSka is a real big deal, he's super talented and very successful. He's also a really really lovely bloke. Hopefully we'll get the time to shoot a sketch together next time we're in London. We just ran out of time last trip there.

The name Aunty Donna comes from the book version of Shawshank Redemption. The Stephen King novel was called 'Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption'. In the book there is no 'Andry Dufresne', there is just a character called Aunty Donna. he doesn't go to jail, he just does sketch comedy. So we just copied it from that book. -Broden

Fleathepea89 karma

Cowdoy! Why do you smell like cum?

weareauntydonna143 karma

Coz he's just been down to the cummery

ImTheOriginalSam83 karma

For Zach:

A couple months ago I sent you a picture of the Aunty Donna cross stitch I was working on. You said it was cool and to send you another picture when I finished it so you could post it on Twitter.

When I finished it I sent you a picture and you never opened it.

Why didn't you open it? It really hurt.

weareauntydonna124 karma

Oh, I probably just missed the email/message. We get a few so sometimes we miss them, particularly when we're on tour. I loved that cross stitch. Please just resend it, and I'll share.

On another note, we are always so blown away and humbled by fan art. It's so cool that you guys dig what we do enough to make stuff. Please send us your stuff to social media, because we love to see it!

GlassCutters82 karma


I'm excited to be seeing your show in Denver in February!

If I were to happen upon you three after the show and wanted to kiss one of you, who would be my safest bet to kiss without contracting anything?


Happily married man.

weareauntydonna168 karma

Lol whoops, i didn't read this question properly. thought your question was 'how would i go about getting a kiss?". This is the answer to that question:

If you meet us after our Denver show at a meet and greet. The key is to ask politely if you may have a kiss. Here's an example:

"Excuse me, can I please have a kiss?" "Hello boys, could I please kiss one of you?" "Kissy kissy please?"

If we say yes, then lets have a kiss! If we say no, we can get a selfie or sign your tshirt instead.

In answer to your other question, we all have real bad cold sores. So none of us.

JimJamHargision70 karma

Hey boys, what’s your favourite thing to have for breakfast?

Also are you coming to the UK any time soon?

weareauntydonna168 karma

Hello Little boy or girl, I have a smoothie at the moment because I am a fat piece of shit. When I am in the UK or the US I have pancakes. They give me bowel issues. UK later in the year bebz. Love Broden

DeadSa13er70 karma

Can you guys teach me how you did the amazing special effects in "The Christmas Miracle of Poor Jim"? Been trying to get similar results but can't crack it.

weareauntydonna124 karma

Great question thank you. This took 3 years of studying filmmaking at university but basically you put an image on the video and then put a keyframe for it's position at the start and then one for the end and you have a terribly tracked image on the video. It real good. Max

GetintheNest64 karma

Hi, I can't seem to be able to customise my delicious, all viggan salad smoothie - are you having technical issues on your end?

weareauntydonna107 karma

Hi GetintheNest, We at Jambalam want you to have it your way. So if you're not having it your way, then that's not good.

Have it your way


weareauntydonna97 karma

Hello GetintheNest,

I believe you're making a reference to a comedy sketch of ours called Jambalam. In this sketch, Jambalam is a fictitious company who provided 100% vegan, customised salads delivered directly to your door. If you are experiencing technical issues it is because the company, and therefore app are make believe. Please seek help.

Kind regards, Sam Lingham

thanks4thehlp57 karma

What sketch, or joke within a sketch do you find yourself having the hardest time telling each other and maintaining a straight face?

weareauntydonna162 karma

I don't know who you've been talking to but we're not a comedy group. We're a bible group spreading the word about jesus. -Broden

Slyfe911956 karma

Do you think Mark Banana has a chance of winning the Melbourne cup this year?

weareauntydonna122 karma

How many times does Mark need to say that he is not a racing horse! He is more of a pack horse, used for carrying things over long distances.

  • Zach

u1tralightbeams53 karma

Who are your biggest inspirations in comedy and life in general?

weareauntydonna130 karma

Here's everybody's comedy inspo's

Broden: Lano and Woodley, Shaun Micallef, Tony Martin, Python, Ellen Degeneres

Mark: Tim & Eric, Python, Mark's Dad, Abbi and Ilana

Zach: Shaun Micallef, God, late 90's british comedy.

amThrill52 karma

Do you remember that time you came into my work and I gave you a high five?

weareauntydonna72 karma



MissShadowplay50 karma

What was the biggest moment of "culture shock" you've experienced when in a different country? Can't wait for the next Canada dates!

weareauntydonna151 karma

hello, when i went to Montreal i didn't really realise that everyone spoke french. So i was a bit surprised because even when we went to Hong Kong everything is written in English! So i went to McDonalds to get dinner and tried to order from the touch screen machine but it was in french. So i went to the counter and the Macca's worker didn't speak English at all and i couldnt order Maccas and i got really upset and had complete culture shock and was not prepared for no one speaking English. Tom

BTW this was tom talking about when he got to Montreal for the first time. He got fucking Culture Shock in Canada lol -Broden

kolarovmcfc46 karma

Why does the horse man not wear shoes when performing?

weareauntydonna88 karma

My feet scream relentlessly when they are forced into shoes. You would not be able to hear the cool dance music or wonderful jokes over the high pitched, violent screams of my feet if I were to wear shoes on the stage.

Love Mark

mtriggall46 karma

Hey there supple boys, I've seen you guys around Melbourne a few times but never know what to say... except to offer Mark some hay and a comfortable stable the night. How do you guys feel being recognised? Is it annoying if people want to say hi etc?

Also, garlic bread for the table and a veal scallopini tandoori shake for an entree? Or should I just keep it all for myself?

weareauntydonna66 karma

I always find it very humbling that someone likes our stuff so much they want to say hi and get a photo. It's cool when it happens when I'm out my with family because then it's like "see I'm not a total failure".

It's also strange for me personally because growing up that only happened to film and tv stars, and seeing as we have never really been on film or tv, it's been crazy to see how legit and far reaching YouTube is and can be. That might seem obvious but I'm 30.

Love Mark

hobo_fred45 karma

Hey you slinky doodles! Is there anything in the world that is definitely is NOT a drum?

weareauntydonna53 karma



Dugsnotdrugs45 karma

Whats the story behind Broden doing the coles ads? P.s saw you boys in Melbourne last year, very good stuff.

weareauntydonna69 karma

In 2013 I did a really awful audition for a coles commerical. I remember walking out and thinking 'What a waste of time'. I ended up getting the gig. The pay was god enough for me to be able to quit the shit part time job I had at the time and focus a couple of days a week to trying to make Aunty Donna work. They kept asking us back year after year for the commercial which kept allowing me to work on Donna. So it got me to the point where now Aunty Donna is my job. It's the only thing my Nanna has seen me do really, and she quite likes it. I'm quite lucky to have go that Ad even though I wear a silly suit and sing a daggy song.


GP96_43 karma

Will you guys be at the Edinburgh fringe? Also, how is it working with a horse?

weareauntydonna125 karma

I don't know how many fucking times I have to fucking say this I am not a fucking horse you need to get this through your fucking heads I am a full boy with all the balls and all the holes of any regular boy and horses have long doodles and my doodle is flat like an olympic discus so ha.

Should be back dunno probably.

Love Mark

zac-partridge43 karma

Why did my dad leave?

weareauntydonna145 karma

I don't know the whole story so I would be guessing.

But what I can tell you is that it's most likely your fault. It's most definitely something you've done.

You should be better


mattyboy424243 karma

Hey guys

I commented on your last AMA saying how much I absolutely love your guys work, and it was a dream come true to meet you when y'all come to Auckland last year.

I guess my question is how do the sponsorship deals on the podcast work? I love how you've taken a really boring concept that most people skip and you meme the shit out of it.

Ie with the MVMT Watches, you just shoved it down the listeners throat so much that it made the sponsorship really stand out (and be absolutely hilarious at the same time)

How do the higher ups react to you taking the piss with their products? Do they get annoyed?

Love you guys so much!

weareauntydonna53 karma

TBH i think that anyone who's engaging with Aunty Donna knows what to expect. I dont think we've ever taken anything seriously. The whole point of the podcast ads are that they're live reads so supposed to be from our voice. Big shout out to Planet Broadcasting who organises all that for us! - One take Tom.

conse10542 karma

What is your favourite part of Sovereign Hill?

weareauntydonna55 karma

I got to work at Sovereign Hill for about 2 years and it was really really fun. A few times I got to hold the gold bar that they smelt and it was always surprisingly dense. I actually developed a huge amount of the Pizza Man character in the SovHill Pantomime that ran through the summer during 2010/2011 (Little Red Robin Hood), which was weird that they let me do that kind of thing come to think of it.

Love Mark

KingsRangerr41 karma

What’s the strangest fan encounter you’ve had?

weareauntydonna119 karma

One time a lady in Perth grabbed both Zach and Mark's nipples and tweaked them as hard as she could. One time in Perth a couple walked up to me and told me I was the ladies 'Hall Pass' and then held a really sustained pause. It was quite full on. One time at Falls festival three lads jumped over multiple fences, got by 4 security guards, found our change room, just to give us some Arnotts Biscuits.

Krayt1x36 karma

What's your advice on how stay cool today?

weareauntydonna71 karma

This looks like a question from a silly Australian kid. Because it's hot in Australia. Just so everyone knows. Tshirts, shorts, and LOTS OF WATER lol

  • Zach

Perrythepom33 karma

Hey guys, love your work!

If you had to pick a character and/ or a sketch that the audience just really count to and became far, far more popular than you could ever have expected, which would it be?

weareauntydonna84 karma

Hello Perrythepom,

I wish I could narrow it down to just one character... but there are three characters whose popularity has blown me away. They are Mark, Zach and Broden. They are in actuality just three dumb cunts but apparently that is what you people want.

Kind regards, Sam Lingham

drhallloween28 karma

Who is the best boy of you three?

weareauntydonna66 karma

Hi, Max here. When we do a shoot we usually hire a gaffer to provide and do all the lighting. So they choose the best boy. The best boy to assist them as they the gaffer's assistant is called a best boy. So on shoots they are the best boy. The rest of time, we don't have a best boy which is sad. But that's why we love shooting. Because we get a best boy. Who is the best boy. We are not best boys. -Max

tomintheshire28 karma

Just watching the live stream,

Does mark know theres a huntsman by his head?

weareauntydonna53 karma

You've really upset Mark. Well done.

pthrowdank26 karma

How much do your dads influence your comedy?

weareauntydonna43 karma

Just wait until the 9th of February wink wink

PVG124524 karma

What happened to Blondie?

weareauntydonna71 karma

In 2014 we did a show called World's Greatest Showbag. Here's a great review for it.


It was the first time we had YouTube fans come to our live shows and one night 6 boys in the front row wouldn't stop yelling out "What happened to Blondie?" - as this was also the first show with out him. They asked so many times out loud at random times during the show, and it became so annoying, that I turned to one of them during a sketch and whispered "He got cancer. He's dying. Let it go."

They stopped heckling after that.

MonkeyStrings23 karma

Are you guys gonna get that Vince Milesi on the poddy any time again bloody soon? That guys such a thigh slapper of a hunk. Thanks. Love you. (Not Vince)

weareauntydonna23 karma


He's one of our favourites and the podcast audience love him too.


NohDice22 karma

What do you miss about classic brunny/melbourne when you're away?

weareauntydonna51 karma

I miss those delicious coffee's and pretentious fucks walking around with stupid clothes on. It's really hot here today and I'm not enjoying it at all. -Broden

smirny4922 karma

Does frogman have a Dominos near his lilypad of residence? If not, will Don Meij personally look into making sure one will open up by the first quarter of the next financial year?

weareauntydonna36 karma

There is a Dominos Craigiburn, which is about a twenty minute drive from frogmans lilypad. Unfortunately, forgman is a frog, so he can't drive, because cars are too big.

In terms of viably opening a Dominos store in the pond, it probably wouldn't work as frogs only eat flys and napoli style pizza.

Perrythepom21 karma

Also, how come after all these weeks of Don Meij, famously decadent pizza mogul of Australia, we haven't heard one peep from the stupid old Italian man who also, presumably, runs his own pizza shop? Is he intimidated by Don's large national presence, or is he just largely apathetic about Domino's?

weareauntydonna27 karma

This is a great idea for a podcast and I will pitch it to the guys.

  • Zach

Bloodmort21 karma

Hello secksy fellows.

We met you in London and introduced you to Zach's doppelganger. Do you remember us?

Love you guys and horse.

weareauntydonna37 karma

was that the group of friends that featured a guy with long black hair, a beard and googly eyes? then sure.

FashionSense16 karma

Zach how'd you discover Don Meij? Your impersonation is so fucking goom

weareauntydonna25 karma

I honestly can't remember a time before Meij.

Duggerjuggernaut14 karma

hey boys, how do you prep for a show?

weareauntydonna30 karma

We all have different processes. And they're constantly changing.

For me it's important to have the sort of energy that I would have in the middle of the day, plus I cant sleep for hours after a show because of adreniline - so during a run, I think like a shift worker and try to move my sleeping patterns so I'm waking up around 2pm, and go to sleep at 4am.

This is all an excuse to sleep in. haha lol lol haha.

I also do voice warm ups and stuff.

agracuta14 karma

would you rather have a five piece nuggets or a six piece and a switchblade?

weareauntydonna33 karma

more like a six pack and a nintendo switch lol hahaha lol hahaha lol hahaha lol

NomOnABomb11 karma

What was it like working with Shaun Micallef? Any other aussie comedians you'd love to work with?

weareauntydonna39 karma

This is a good story.

At last year's Melbourne Comedy Festival we were at the back of our room (Max Watts) waiting for the act before us to finish. Out of nowhere Shaun Micallef walks past me (Broden) as I was stretching. He turns and goes 'Broden!'. Turns out he was a 'fan', he watches our stuff with his son, they were coming to see the show together. I was in absolute shock. He was a massive influence for us. From our perspective we had no idea he even existed. We got through the show even though we were all a bit horrified a big idol for us was in the audience.

A month or so later we got an email from Mad As Hell telling us Shaun had written a sketch for us. It was absolutely. I still can't believe it happened. He is the loveliest guy. Super genuine and kind. Career highlight for sure.


Spicy-Cactus9 karma

Hey you naughty naddies, you guys New Zealand bound anytime soon? Lots of love, too many NZers x

weareauntydonna12 karma

Yeah, soon. Keep your eyes peeled for anouncements.

  • zach

smoke_memes_everyday2 karma

What became of our boy Finbar?

weareauntydonna3 karma

What becomes of any boy? Finbar was a strong boy, boney but pure of heart. He, like all boys, has become a man.

Love Mark

SubliminalGenius1 karma

When will Mark's balls drop?

weareauntydonna2 karma

Surgery is next week.