Hello /r/IAmA Readers,

For the holiday season, the mods of /r/IAmA have decided to relax our rules for the week between Christmas and New Years. We will be allowing some posts that either cannot provide sufficient proof, or posts that don't necessarily comply with our rule that the topic play a significant role in a person's life. So, if you have considered doing an AMA about a topic before but didn't think you would qualify, now is your chance!

However, there will be a few restrictions:

  1. These will be permitted on a discretionary, case-by-case basis. Please message the mods here to discuss your topic! Any final decisions on eligibility rests with the moderators. We'd specifically like to encourage users with an unusual hobby or other significant interest that you know well enough to answer questions about. And we won't be allowing anything blatantly fake or inconsequential. If a topic is something that is easily provable and would normally be allowed, but someone really wants to do it without providing proof this week, we'll probably say no because it is likely fake.

  2. Posts should be tagged with [Casual Christmas] so that users later on in the year are not confused about why a rule-breaking post was allowed. Posts that are not tagged as [Casual Christmas] will still be treated just like they normally are, and confidential verification will still be available for anyone able to provide proof.

  3. There will be NO self-promotion in any of these tagged posts. Of anything. Because the proof requirement would be relaxed, there would be a significant risk of someone using a phony sob story to scam people.

Hopefully, this will lead to some fun AMAs for everyone to enjoy. And if you enjoy this type of content year round and don't mind the lack of proof, you should subscribe to /r/CasualIAmA as well.

Just a reminder that any post that doesn't have "[Casual Christmas]" in the title should be treated as a regular post, and will have to adhere to normal /r/IAmA standards, including what's on our calendar!

Happy holidays from the /r/IAmA Mods! Thanks for being the awesome people you are!

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Seraph_Grymm18 karma

Special shout out to /u/lula2488 for being awesome!

lula248816 karma

Thanks :D

HeadsOfLeviathan8 karma

What did you do?

Seraph_Grymm14 karma

This post is (mostly) a copy from the first Casual Christmas post we had, authored by /u/lula2488

Also, Lula is generally an awesome person, and they deserve all the shout-outs.

Dexter_Jettster6 karma

I hope to see some awesome AMA's because of this, SWEET!!

Seraph_Grymm3 karma

Me too :)

Last time we did this we had some neat ones

starmastery3 karma

Automod seems to hate Casual Christmas 😓

Seraph_Grymm3 karma

Link to any issues and I'll fix!

Hemmels-13 karma

Is this not a terrible idea? Could lead to some strange social engineering, or pure lies being spread or whatnot just because "we felt like allowing non verifiable amas". 😷

Seraph_Grymm4 karma

It's meant to be fun, and as we said we still reserve the right to remove or decline the AMA if the content seems blatantly fictitious or false.