I'm Greg Salazar, a technology lover and the host of Science Studio on YouTube. We review technology products and cover Science related topics as well.

We currently have about 315k subscribers and I'm looking answer any questions that you may have!

YouTube: https://youtube.com/ScienceStudio Twitter: https://twitter.com/sciencestudioYT Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sciencestudioyt/

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Firefrog1028 karma

Hey Greg, I was wondering what you recommend to do when trying to get good answers from brands such as CoolerMaster, Thermaltake, and NZXT. How do you ask them questions and what are your experiences with the major companies? Also a cool video idea would be to show how to make a front panel wifi card. By that I mean use pcie riser cables, and mod your case to have the antennas stick through by usb ports, but keep the rest of the wireless adapter in the case.

ScienceStudioYT3 karma

I have great relationships with a ton of Tech companies. Most of them are pretty relaxed and understand that they can't "buy your opinion", though some have tried.

RampantLeo6 karma

How fast/slow was the initial subscriber # when you first started posting videos?

ScienceStudioYT7 karma

You can check the stats of any channel using a free site, SocialBlade. https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCmbkRUS_4Efdt5UIhwNqtcw/monthly

I didn't gain much traction until about a year into it. Once I started pushing content on a regular basis, we went from 300-400 subscribers to 200k in 12 months.

DragonPuncherEli5 karma

What is a food that makes you cringe ?

ScienceStudioYT3 karma

Stinky tofu in Taiwan. I had this recently on my trip to Taiwan. They sell it at malls and on the streets like hotdogs are sold on the streets of NYC. It lives up to its name, and the taste isn't much better.

Scottler4 karma

With so much of YouTube being dominated by what I call "stupid shit" (fake prank videos, homemade reality shows, etc), do you feel there's any room for newcomers to become successful with their own channels? Things like narrative content, artistic pieces, or even an informative channel such as yours?

ScienceStudioYT3 karma

400 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That's an insane amount of content! If you can pick a niche that you're very knowledgeable about, such as tech, there is still room for new creators! If you were to ask about Lifestyle Vloggers, I'm not sure what the opportunities are as I'm not currently in that space.

20ethan004 karma

Hi Greg! To someone going into the world of IT as a career, do you have any recommendations or tips on how to go about that? I've been looking into several programs and I was curious if you had any insight. Thanks a bunch man!

ScienceStudioYT4 karma

Get started. IT has little to no barriers to entry. Start learning, start experimenting. Almost anything you want to know can be found on YouTube/Google.

gore_juice3 karma

Hey Greg, I just want to know, did you took up college? If so, what program did you take?

ScienceStudioYT3 karma

I have a Petroleum Engineering degree, and I'm currently working on my MBA online while doing YouTube.

Marmite_Badger3 karma

Hey Greg! Do you like Marmite?

ScienceStudioYT4 karma

I prefer edible food.

monsters23433 karma

What made you decide to become a youtuber while still going to school? As well as was it hard to gain the trust of the various tech companies to be able to get sample/demo items for review(if they do give you any)

ScienceStudioYT3 karma

If you take a look at earlier videos, it started off as a Science focused channel. I grew into Tech and realized that I really enjoyed it. As the channel has grown, companies started reaching out asking us to advertise or review their products. You can see my ethical stance for YT here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFKhlxgoU58&

Dayshell772 karma

In what scenario would you recommend a Vega gpu over a competing Nvidia GPU?

ScienceStudioYT2 karma

Depends on your use. Gaming, Mining, etc.

PortwellWade2 karma

Aspiring Tech Tuber here, at it on the regular for over a year now, we are at 1300 subs and growing (ever so slowly). Do you attribute any of your growth explosion to luck or something intangible like that? Any advice for us? You may recognize our name from Twitter or even YT, it's Coalition Gaming. We do have popular vids, one is approaching 100k views and others are like 30k and 20k, etc. Chugging along and hoping for the best! Rock on, man.

ScienceStudioYT3 karma

Persistence, Content, and Patience. Most people give up right before they "hit it big" or get retweeted by someone who has a ton of influence. The problem is, you'll never know if you gave up too early unless you never give up.

GeoidalMC2 karma

Hey Greg, My question to you is: The consoles like Project Scorpio and stuff give the similarly priced computers a very tough market. So why doesn't such scaling and such a level of optimization reach out to PCs?

ScienceStudioYT2 karma

Console game systems have a complete vertical platform. XBox and Playstation own the hardware, software, and game companies produce content that will work on specific consoles. PC games have to support hundreds of different configurations.

4chan_c00kie1 karma

Do you have a job outside of your YouTube?

ScienceStudioYT1 karma


AtheistComic1 karma


ScienceStudioYT1 karma

  1. The same reason people correlate fancy cars and large houses to success. It's all relative and if you're talking about bottom line net-worth, no channel is the same.

  2. OpenAI is doing some interesting things. Another example would be Sogou in China. The tech behind their search is pretty impressive.

ther3darrow1 karma

Over your time as a content creator on Youtube how have you managed to accumulate company contacts? Also what do you believe is the most important part of content creation- the information itself or how the information is delivered?

-Glad to see you on Reddit, Mr. Savage Studio. ^ Thank you Greg for all the awesome content, I look forward to learning with ya.

ScienceStudioYT2 karma

They say life isn't about what you know, it's about who you know. Well, YouTube allows those who "know" to meet those who "know people". Eventually companies start reaching out looking to partner.

mattravenmore1 karma

marty friedman or chris broderick?

ScienceStudioYT1 karma

chris broderick

Selling your soul every day, the curtain starts to rise

AbbeyRoadster1 karma

What advice would you give to your past self when your channel was still brand new?

ScienceStudioYT1 karma

  1. Create content, just do it.
  2. Don't worry about what others think.
  3. Create content.

AbbeyRoadster1 karma

Step 4.... PROFIT!

But seriously, thanks for the great reply! It's always important to remember to not care what others will think. Great job on your channel's success!

ScienceStudioYT1 karma

No problem!

jkteddy771 karma

Hey Greg, I heard you weren't ecstatic about earning your petroleum enginerring degree, have you been thinking of another profession or field lately, or are you focusing on youtube at the moment?

ScienceStudioYT3 karma

Not sure where you heard that, but I'm glad I was able to complete my petroleum engineering degree. Right now, YouTube has given me a great opportunity, and I may never have to "use" my degree in a "real" job. As time goes on, I'm sure that the two worlds will collide, and my educated understanding of the PE world will help me in the future.

howImetyoursquirrel1 karma

Engineering degrees go stale after a certain time without professional experience. If you have the option between a new college grad or a guy that's been out of school for years that has no recent engineering experience, you're going to pick the new grad

ScienceStudioYT2 karma

Hence why I'm finishing my Master's in Business Admin. And Petrol. degrees don't go stale. The energy sector is just stale.

Pokyn1 karma

My question:

With ram prices for ddr4 being so high, what would recommend I should do if I already have a new mobo and CPU for Ryzen, but I just need the ram?


ScienceStudioYT3 karma

I'd recommend you buy the ram?

RonDRichest1 karma

Is your youtube channel dying?

ScienceStudioYT1 karma

I hope not, it's feeding me! :P

Infineet0 karma

Did AMD paid you to suddenly changed your mind about Ryzen?

ScienceStudioYT1 karma

I've been found out! On a serious note, I've never been paid by AMD or Intel for any CPU or GPU reviews. I don't accept $$$ for reviews. I am working with Intel to promote an upcoming storage offering, but those videos are clearly marked as sponsored and a "paid promotion".

My ethics stance regarding Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFKhlxgoU58

BlackbeltBread0 karma

Hi Greg, thanks for the great videos. I'm in the IT industry and have been told certifications are bs, but I'm planning to take some to further my career. What are your thoughts on them, are they legit or should I save my money?

ScienceStudioYT2 karma

If you're not interested in getting a degree or certifications right now, go get experience. If you're planning to work at a large company, you'll eventually need some certifications to stay competitive.