Dril is a twitter personality known for bringing the content to you. His twitter feed can be found at twitter.com/dril. He has a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dril He recently co-wrote a Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff book with Andrew Hussie.

KC Green is a cartoonist known for Anime Club, He Is A Good Boy, Back, and others. He created the "This Is Fine" dog you've seen in popular memes. Here's his main site with links to his work: http://kcgreendotcom.com/index.html Here's his Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kcgreen He drew the new Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff book.

Proof: https://twitter.com/topatoco/status/935888999687901184

More proof: https://i.redd.it/thk2tfkvw5101.png

EDIT: I think we are done for today. Me and Dril are putting on our Sleeping Masters Cap to take simultaneous naps. Thank you reddit for hosting our Ask Me Anthony! Thank you and bye bye

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nixshadow255 karma

Dril: hi

KC: hey

To both: which of you think you got the better hello?

kcgreenn295 karma

more letters = better than

cyclostome188 karma

To dril: Have you ever overheard people discussing your work in public? Do your family and friends know about your twitter fame? Have you ever written poetry? To KC Green: I'm a huge fan of HIAGB and your assorted other works. Which is more difficult to you, the art or the actual storytelling? Have you ever written poetry?

kcgreenn100 karma

i used to think telling a story, but sometimes I get bored of my art cus i'm looking at it all the time. it's rare for me to be really happy with something, but I do what I can and move on to find that rare moment.

kcgreenn66 karma

i have written old short comics I consider like poetry, but not just poems no

cookiefonster139 karma

  1. what is your opinion on neil cicierega and his work?

  2. what is your favorite kind of cereal?

  3. what is the best sbahj comic strip?

  4. how much of the upcoming book is hussie's work? i trust all three of you to output something of the highest (which is to say, the lowest possible) caliber, but the big man's involvement in it is unclear to me.

kcgreenn153 karma

1: love him. grew up watching his work from animutations to now. 2: hONEY BUNCHES oF OATS 3: Subway Stonk 4: hussies and dril collabed on story. hussie inked and colored and deep fried the pictures. it's a collaborative joint of idiots. we all get the blame

MrNostalgic111 karma

What makes the BBQ Sauce that comes with the book so special?

kcgreenn219 karma

I think Dril made it

monkeyboyinc96 karma

Throughout Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff's original run, I think you have to agree that there is a certain continuity to the art. Old elements are used and reused, time and time again, in ways that they really should not be used. These elements get exaggerated over time, with errors that arose due to distortions being incorporated into the art style. The path from this to this to this is traceable and makes sense, albeit in its own twisted way.

However, the upcoming Quest for the Missing Spoon book seems to have a brand new art style, one which has super-deformed proportions from the very start if this is anything to go by. With this seeming reboot to the art's continuity, do you feel you've earned the right to start out this shit with this new style? And furthermore, will this new style undergo an evolution throughout the book akin to the one that the original comic went through? Thanks.

kcgreenn108 karma


Skyplayer3775 karma

As it must be an important skill for twitter funnymen, what are your best tactics for dealing with randos?

kcgreenn85 karma

turning around and closing my eyes

DrewLinky73 karma

As a tiny preamble, I'd just like to say thanks to both of you: I emailed KC a couple years ago while suffering from depression and got a response that was genuinely helpful, and Dril has always managed to provide a break in the monotony when I need one. Keep doing your thing guys.

My actual question is a bit generic unfortunately. To both of you: what is your favorite part about working on the SBAHJ book, your comics/chronic twitter-posting, or both?

kcgreenn69 karma

i liked reading dril's layouts and writing while I was re-drawing it for print. that was a fun way to read a book.

dasiavou73 karma

@kc do you know who dril is?

@dril do you know who kc is?

kcgreenn228 karma

im holding dril's hand currently

Makin-69 karma

The two pages we can see on the kickstarter look pristine, maybe too pristine for the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff we love.

Can we expect other parts of the book to feature the classic "deep-fried" SBAHJ style? Andrew Hussie mentioned editing some of the pages, but I'm not sure what this means in practice.

kcgreenn57 karma

Yeah, Hussie has the only power to "Deeped Frie" the images as per everyone's usual desire. But we are telling a narrative too. one that you can actually follow. so i guess there needs to be some leeway and compromise.

goldenranger1064 karma

To Dril: Will you ever log off?

To both: What would you say is the essence of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff?

kcgreenn88 karma

that they are fat and bad at everything, plus a mix of arrogance and surreal-forever-lingering joke telling

0Gitaxian062 karma

You guys discussed nearly including a knife with the book. Were there any other ideas for either backer rewards or the physical book copies that didn't make it into the final product?

kcgreenn81 karma

no the knife was the biggest problem i had to stop.


either of you can answer since I know you're both experts on the matter. would donkey kong support net neutrality?

kcgreenn98 karma

that ape doesnt know dick

Niklink44 karma

KC: Are there any plans to involve Anthony Clark in the SBaHJ Readematic Universe as well? What do you think his HOT TAKE on the characters would be?

dril: What's your process for coming up with shit all the time like that?

kcgreenn83 karma

Anthony is too precious a commodity and smart a person to ever touch this hot pile of garbage called Swwet bra and hello jeof

TrickleJest44 karma

How "shitty" can you honestly say the new book will be? As in, will it be readable by people who know nothing about SBaHJ? Or will it be extremely niche and highly ironic?

kcgreenn172 karma

the book is not shitty it's "good"

thecolorplaid32 karma

KC, what was the inspiration for HIAGB and Back? How is working on them different from your past work?

dril, where did you come from?

kcgreenn43 karma

I wanted hiagb to be more darker and a road show about a single character dealing with dark thoughts and things. a slight extension from the usual fair from gunshow, but more narrow minded with a story that developed along the way. BACK was cus I wanted to collaborate on an actiony cow-boy story with more fantasy settings. Ideas about them fly around and as I work on them both, I find the right ones to use and build this bridge.


Dril: What got you into the twitter funnyman business to start with?

KC Green: What's your opinion on the massive popularity of that This Is Fine dog?

kcgreenn62 karma

it's okay

Badendchan30 karma

@dril and KC, what kind of question should I ask you?

kcgreenn63 karma

This kind, right here. Thank you for your service.

pikscast29 karma

What convinced you to work on Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff of all things?

kcgreenn77 karma

did not need convincing. i begged them, actually. i got on my knees and begged for life.

undertaletwice25 karma

Dril: Favorite dog? KC: Favorite dog?

kcgreenn83 karma

whatever dog is currently in my sights is my favorite dog

tsukum24 karma

dril: i am a poet and i really believe you have a gift with words. i made a poem inspired by you 2 years ago. do you like it? this is the poem: http://taluluto.tumblr.com/post/112227460686/sisyphus-is-a-found-poem-created-entirely-from

kc green: this isn't really a question and i'm sorry, but at MICE last year, do you remember stopping to get lunch and talking to joel christian gill while doing so? you were wearing a spongebob shirt? i was the blond girl sitting across from joel, who was my professor at the time. i'd admired gunshow comic and anime club but i had no idea what you looked like and right after you left joel mentioned who you were and i freaked the hell out that i hadn't gotten to say hi to you and tell you i love your work. well, i love your work!

kcgreenn21 karma

i dont have a spongebob shirt, but it might of been my bart simpsons ANIME shirt? thats the closest big yellow thing I would of had on my chest I could think of. Anyway hi! thank you.

Linkslittlefriend21 karma

Is there a specific twist to the BBQ sauce, or is it just some old regular non-brand, homemade sauce? Also how did you both come to work on the SBAHJ book?

kcgreenn29 karma

it has a cool label on it (the sauce).

unsmell21 karma

to both of you: are you privy to any other future works related to hussies dumb comic?

kcgreenn75 karma

yes, he's working on homestuck 2; back 2 the sburbs coming out this spring

throwawayfortrashday17 karma

Is BBQ sauce ever acceptable in a breakfast setting? Is brunch good?

kcgreenn17 karma

thats the main ingredient in COWBOY STYLE EGGS, so I think its perfectly acceptable. Brunch is fine, but just barely.

Obermarsbrasse17 karma

KC: I can't fail to see how you left your greatest achievement out of the OP. How did it you arrive at the concept of Dickbutt, and how much are you still grieved by him today?

kcgreenn34 karma

i dont care about dickbutt anymore and freely let it go now to anyone who wants to use it. Even that idiot who wanted to make a kickstarter for a dickbutt billboard in california or something. You can do that now, dude. I don't care.

CryingMoon17 karma

KC: How much did the popularity of the "this is fine" comic surprise you?

dril: dril more like will cause that's what you'll be writing when I'm done with you motherfucjer

kcgreenn38 karma

it "surprises me" that it keeps on being a thing that is used even today. please let my boy sleep

throwawayfortrashday17 karma

KC: do you consider Paradox Space more of a failed experiment, or a successful project that ended on its own terms? Are there any comics you wish you could have made- and is there anything preventing you from tweeting Homestuck fan comics independently?

kcgreenn24 karma

i guess it was successful enough! I liked doing the work for it and it paid which is rare to find online. I wouldn't tweet fan comics the way the very real and very big homestuck fanbase would and does. They have a way closer relationship to it than myself. I was happy to join in, even tho my first one about the zoo wasn't accepted that well, which is fair. I was more into the sweet bros and hella jeffs in general, tho I followed HS when it first got started up for a bit.

throwawayfortrashday16 karma

KC: how did you feel when Hussie got unexpectedly SWOLE?

kcgreenn40 karma


jjrichy2916 karma

Are you a bathroom jerker or bedroom jerker?

kcgreenn54 karma

the luxury of laying on your bed can not contend with being hunched over a dirty sink or toilet.

freshgolem16 karma

how do you get cowboy paint off a dog?

kcgreenn41 karma

With dog water!!!!!!

RegretAndBurntPopcor16 karma

Is there anything not horribly spoilery you're both excited about in the book? what are your insparations in both of your arts? :D

kcgreenn28 karma

the final 3 pages had me in stitches when i first read it. and to draw online is my inspiration enough

LaurenEP13 karma

dril and kc:

Ranch or cool ranch?

kcgreenn31 karma

just ranch, i aint no big-city type

EpicDaMan13 karma

Dril: Will you eat my ass for $10?

KC: Is your name pronounced "Kaysee" or "Ksss"?

kcgreenn46 karma

can i switch questions with dril

swefn11 karma

how did you guys meet?

kcgreenn29 karma


ranchdepressing11 karma

Sorry this is such an entry-level question, KC, but who are your favorite and least favorite Homestuck characters?

If Andrew approached you and said you could do a spinoff revolving around one character, who would you choose and why?

kcgreenn15 karma

sweet bro and hella jeff and he did and i did sbahj comics for paradox space nEXT QUESTION!!!!!!

hufflepuff_juggalo10 karma

I see the kick starter includes fidget spinners, those are bananas and how fast they go?

kcgreenn15 karma

well they're actually NOT bananas, their plastic.

ChThWh10 karma

KC: I love your work! Does having your "this is fine" dog out there as a huge meme without getting proper attribution frustrating, or are you just happy to have you work reach so many people?

dril: Your brand, to me, is wet pasta. Why was metalGearEric's chili so bad??

kcgreenn15 karma

a little of both. it is generally just out of my hands and i do what I can to keep it mine by making merch out of it and saying yes when asked if they could use it in spider man. they asked! most don't.

Sp00kyrex8 karma

To both: What are your opinions on utensils? Do you have any that you are personally privy to or do you have any that especially hate?

My second question (also to both) would be if you lost a spoon what utensil would you use as a replacement? Personally I don't get what the big deal is about spoons though? It's like, yeah so what I can just use a fork, big whup. I'd like to hear your opinions on the dilemma though.

Thank you for your attention.

kcgreenn13 karma

forks are good, but a spon has its place. please find place in your heart for a spoon.

futuresushi6 karma

Hey all how did it feel to get inside the heads of two titans of comics like Sweet Bro and Hell Of Jeff?

kcgreenn10 karma

luckily i could stay outside the heads and just enjoy the rightful antics of these rowdy sons. im like the baby sitter.

takamoto_rei5 karma

How do you come up with your tweets and non-sequitur stuff that you post on Twitter? Sorry but I'm a really, really straightforward concrete-thinking uncreative person.

kcgreenn6 karma

theres usually a nugget of truth in my weirder posts, that I distort cartoonishly. or i like how a certain collection of words exists next to each other, and the sound they make when said together.

JubMikel2 karma

To Dril: Have any of your tweets got you into any trouble, legal or otherwise?

To KC: Who are some of your favorite fellow artists in your field?

kcgreenn4 karma

i have a lot of favorites and like bits from everyone. currently this morning i was looking over http://dogsunderstand.tumblr.com/ and loving it