Hello Reddit!

Chromeo aka the Funklordz here. As you may have heard we put out our first new song in over 3 years last week, and are preparing the release of our 5th studio album, Head Over Heels. Let's chat! Been too long. We'll be here Friday 11/17 at 2pm EST so you better keep it all the way funky with us.

Check out the music video for “Juice” - https://youtu.be/4j-ED6tL85o

Proof: https://i.redd.it/6jqngdt4c2yz.jpg

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TheGruff64382 karma

Hey Funklordz! I've been in love with your guys' music for years and I'm incredibly hyped for the new album.

Who are some people you would absolutely love to collab with? Chromeo + Breakbot would be a match made in heaven in my opinion. Anyone we can expect on the new album?

I also loved that you guys used your own legs for the music video instead of women. With today's political landscape it's super cool to see. Keep on doing what you guys are doing, and thanks for making such awesome music!

P.S. When are we getting Chromeo branded orange juice?

chromeo194 karma

TBD on the OJ lol. Thank you! There's a bunch of peeps we'd love to collab with. Swae Lee...cuz he looks like a young Rick James. Both Pino Palladino and Jesse Johnson are musicians we've been wanting to collab with for years...every since we knew they played with D'Angelo. And we got them both on the album. There's also a singer that was our "Dream" collabo ahem ahem and we got him on the record too.

apunk7917 karma

Piggy backing: What pop. artist would you collab with? Ex. Nicki Minaj👀

chromeo110 karma

Hmm. French Montana cuz he's Moroccan!

chromeo264 karma

Alright Funkateers and Chromettes, that was fun. Thank you for joining us. Keep it funky, keep streaming, squeezing and pressing the Juice...more music coming soon. Funklordz season is upon us. We love you all. - Dave and Pee

JohnnyPie117249 karma

2 Questions

1) How would you describe jamming at Daryl’s House? (i.e. how amazing was it!?)

2) After shooting “Juice”, have you both become partial to the shaved legs? :P

Je voulais aussi te dire merci pour toute ta musique et excité de voir les prochains mois avant que le funkiness à Electric Forest! Aussi, je suis désolé pour mon franglais. Ça fait 7 ans que j'ai suivi un cours de français! ;)

chromeo204 karma

Haha merci pour ton français, pas mal pas mal. On peut pratiquer si tu veux. 1) It was incredible. But the funniest part was when Pee brought all the original H&O synths and Daryl was like "man you don't need those anymore I got this amazing Yamaha Motif it does AAAAALLL the sounds and never goes out of tune" lol. Daryl's voice IRL is incredible btw. The guy's a force of nature. 2) After shooting Juice yeah we became sort of addicted. It was a sort of liberating experience. More men should do it.

Mexicana_para_Moz208 karma

Yooo! I’ll try to keep this short n’ funky 😊

(1) What made you guys decide to go in the direction of using your own legs for your well-known ‘sexy-legs’ visuals that fans are familiar with? (I absolutely love you guys even more for doing this) (2) Did you have to practice walking in heels before shooting the video for “Juice”? Because y’all looked confident AF in them.

It’s been pretty amazing to see just how much your audience has grown since my first Chromeo show back in 2011 – and your shows just continue to be the best dance parties. Thank you for some funky times, and I can’t wait to work my fancy footwork when you tour for this album! Much love from Portland, OR!

chromeo482 karma

Hey there! Ok so... 1- We just wanted to correct a part of our aesthetic that we weren't 100% comfortable with anymore. We'd always see comments and be like "it's ok, it's aesthetic, it's 80s blah blah blah" and then it struck us that we should finally be more responsible about our use of women's body parts in our art. And also evolve. It's been 10 years since FaFo you know? The best way to do that for us was to merge the legs with US...to create this synthesis between our self image and our imagery. We become the artist and the symbol, it's all one, so to speak. Does that make sense? 2- We sure did. We hired a movement coach and all that. Practiced for weeks lol. It was amazing, lowkey we miss it.

sonamorkcin137 karma

A couple months back you posted on Facebook asking fans what they want to hear on the new album. My suggestion (which I'm proud to say got the most digital love) was to go back to your roots by getting more of P's amazing talkbox work on there.

Juice was brilliant and I definitely heard a healthy dose of silky keyboard-controlled vocals.

Should we expect more on the new album?

chromeo212 karma

There's more talkbox than ever on the new album. Almost on every song.

Swaggotron108 karma

Hey guys! Been playing Juice non-stop since it dropped. Glad you guys are back.

In high school you guys were my main inspiration for making me love myself. Not being afraid to like and show the things that made me happy. I always took advice from your interviews about fashion and music. I will always remember hearing you guys talk about deciding to wear clothes that actually fit, and learning to own it. Huge love and appreciation for you guys and what you’re doing.

My question for you two would be what do you think is the grooviest thing around today? People, music, literally anything you deem groovy.

Can’t wait for the album, i’ll be counting the days! (also please come to Holland next year. Thank youuuu)

chromeo167 karma

Wow thank you so much for saying that. Not kidding I just took a pic of your post to show my mom later hehe. Grooviest thing around today...hmm let's see...there's not a ton of groove in the world right now that's why we're on a mission. Maybe Ty Dollar Sign's voice...he sounds so soulful... Pee's car collection... Tight pants... Men in heels... Guy Fieri...

numismatic_nightmare101 karma

Am I your tenderoni?

chromeo112 karma


chromeo65 karma

Ummm yes absolutely

ermacforcekin93 karma

Will you guys be returning to Red Rocks for another Funk on the Rocks event this year?

chromeo103 karma

yes yes yes yes YES

SVERIGE11967 karma

Did you guys shave your own legs or bring in a professional? Also those are some damn fine looking legs ya'll have! You guys need to be guest judges on Rupaul's Drag Race!! They can lipsync for their lives to "Juice!"

chromeo109 karma

Great idea. We shaved our own legs and it took forever, especially for Pee's hairy bodbod.

redhot31466 karma

How excited are you guys to play Electric Forest?

chromeo79 karma

Very excite!

apunk7941 karma

What have y’all been doing all this time? (And what do you do in your spare time?)

chromeo104 karma

So after White Women, we went on the road for 2 years, played every city, every venue, every festival. Came back to NY, started writing for the new album, moved to LA and set up our new lab The Private Sector, resumed the writing process and have been working on it for about 14h a day, 7 days a week. Lots of people have been in and out of The Private Sector (one of which is The Dream, but shhh I didn't just tell you that) and the result will be a very funky labor of love and collaboration. We are nearly there and we are very excited to put it out!

DuckMagic37 karma

Hello Funklordz!!!!!!! I saw you live in London in July 2015. I got a ticket for my birthday from my friends- but truth be told, I was having a bit of a miserable day to begin with: all on my own in a city I knew no-one in; feeling self conscious about my extreme pizzaface and interesting dress choice; and as well as that the tube was on strike. But you put on an amazing show! AND THEN THIS HAPPENED ! I think I was the happiest girl in the crowd that night c:

After the show I ran back through the city to get the last train home to the other side of the country and the way I felt that night is one of my happiest memories of that year. That was my first experience of travelling solo to a gig, and I’ve not held back since, and being alone in a crowd doesn’t scare me any more. Thank you guys for giving me that experience.

As for my question, who are your favourite, must-not-miss acts to see live? Because you are definitely up there for me ;)

Hope you have a good AMA session… and I’m giddy because a new album means a new Europe tour, right? ! I’ll be at the front again <3

P.S. My friend doesn't believe that the legs in Juice video were truly yours. Do you have any indisputable proof?

chromeo37 karma

Yes see below for proof. It was us! For real. You better come see us at the next London show hehe. I'll try to find you in the crowd again. As for other acts to see live...um...D'Angelo and A-Trak and Vampire Weekend and The Strokes and Kanye...so many to name!

edpatrickuk34 karma

hey chromeo - nerd alert - what was the main synth on Old 45s and Go With It? Ultimate soundz

chromeo59 karma

Man... Old 45s was mostly Vaughn Oliver (DJ U-Tern)'s secret sauce, we just added the flourishes. Go With It we used almost everything: Prophet, Jupiter, Elka Synthex, Juno, Vocoder, Minimoog...

MattisBest32 karma

Recently, the band Future Islands said they were content with their unique sound and didn't plan on changing it much. Is this something that Chromeo also adheres to? Do you think that Chromeo will always continue to do the funk, or will you switch it up eventually? (not that I'm complaining, I love the funk! just curious) Maybe not in a drastic sense, but are they're any differences between Head Over Heels and the other Chromeo projects? Where do you see Chromeo in future projects past this new album?

Also, any tour dates being announced soon (specifically Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal?)

Thanks guys!

chromeo98 karma

Yes to dates being announced, just you wait. We're always going to do 80s inspired funk. Forever. The last album had a bit of a disco/ELO feel...we were listening to McCartney II and stuff like that. When we listen back it's almost as if White Women was our "indie" album. This new one is more funk. Like straight up funk. But we wanted to make the lyrics tighter, the vocals stronger, the instrumentation more complex and yet the songwriting more distilled. It's always going to be funk and synths...we're just exploring as many facets of it as possible and trying to evolved and challenge ourselves through it all.

iamnotroberts29 karma

How did you guys (Dave 1 and P-Thugg) manage to get such shapely, tan and toned legs in Juice? What kind of preparation went into this cinematic masterpiece?

P.S. You guys are on my "Feel Good Music" playlist that I listen to almost daily. ;)

chromeo69 karma

It's all about the treadmill!! The preparation was real. We bought our own heels, and practiced for a week straight, walking around the studio, recording in heels (if you listen closely when the album comes out that some of Dave's vocal takes have heel sounds). I played some bass parts on a song wearing heels. I even drove home every night wearing heels! True dedication is the Chromeo way.

chromeo55 karma

We didn't know what our legs looked like until we shaved them we shit you not!

Ronaldinho8629 karma


So glad there is finally new music. It has been too long!

Why did you guys wait so long to put out new music? Where are our favorite places to perform? What crowds have the most energy? Do you prefer smaller or festival style venues?

Thanks guys! Can't wait for the album to drop.

chromeo34 karma

We have been touring like crazy and we have spent the last year or so working really hard on the new record! We don't have favorite places to perform, our favorite people to perform for are our fans and we will go anywhere they are. Usually we prefer smaller venues that we headline, that's where people have the most energy and where we get the full Chromeo experience and really link with the fans. Can't wait to get back out there.

KarlF8323 karma

Who would your top collab hitlist be? Would love to see you work with The xx Classixx Holy ghost! Passion pit Grimes Lorde (again) Le galaxie Hot Chip (joe or alex)

chromeo45 karma

Yes to all of them.

But honestly we just wanna be in a room with Future.

TheGreatCalvert22 karma

Chromeo, what do you consider your funkiest song on White Women?

Do you ever listen to your Albums during long drives at night or during plane flights? My fiancé and I do all the time. Your music is my favorite and it's an honor talking to you!

chromeo54 karma

Wow thank you so much to you both. Funkiest song on WW is definitely Over Your Shoulder. Which basically is the original demo Pee did and I just added a couple of synth flourishes. That's why it sounds so raw.

gh0stmach1ne21 karma

Did yall really cop that Bricklin? What a beautiful car! Super stoked on the new album btw!

chromeo39 karma

Yes we own that Bricklin, a true staple of the Canadian car industry!

ltjohnrambo20 karma

Hey Dave and P!!! What's your approach to writing lyrics? Your lyrics always come across as smart, funny, and self-aware. How do you come up with the themes that you talk about in your songs?

Also when will you officially become FunkGodz?

chromeo29 karma

Thank you. We sorta answered that question somewhere else but put it this way...if it makes Pee laugh I know I've got something.

gh0stmach1ne20 karma

Will you ever do another mix like DJ Kicks? That's still one of the best mixes I've ever heard!

chromeo75 karma

We have a weekly playlist on Spotify!! Have you been missing out? 20 songs per week, it's week number 14, so there's now 280 songs on there, this is like the equivalent of 20 x DJ Kicks!! Go now: https://open.spotify.com/user/chromeodj/playlist/4d9w80FEI78USO92OsHiY0?si=AozYs4_aTQCZYx8rrgjggQ

ChildishBambino319 karma

What do you guys do to kill time on tour?

chromeo71 karma

On tour we love to find the local record shop, dig for vinyl, dig for vintage clothes, perhaps visit a museum or two if we have time. Listen to music of course. Podcasts, my latest favorite one is S-Town. On the bus, I do accounting, Dave does vocal warm ups and prepares for the next performance, most of the time with a scarf around his neck, serenading me with arpeggios and jazzy runs, I will sometimes accompany him on nylon string guitar.

forgotten5p19 karma

Sup guys! How far back do you two go? How'd you meet and start Chromeo? Also, when do you think you'll next come to the UK?

chromeo58 karma

UK next year. We go back 25 years. It's a marriage. We met in high school, discovered funk together and never looked back.

ChildishBambino318 karma

What do you think is one of the best songs ever written that most people don't know about?

chromeo62 karma

"Fancy" by The-Dream The first Buckingham-Nicks album. Real talk the best song every written is "How Deep Is Your Love" by the Bee Gees tho.

Ted__TheodoreLogan17 karma

Hi Dave 1 and P_Thugg! Thinking about the Juice...what's your alcoholic beverage of choice?

chromeo68 karma

We don't drink.

pdebrett15 karma


First off I️ just want to say thank you for being one of the most 100 bands out there today, truly appreciate the honesty, consciousness and care that you guys bring to the table, from speaking out on what matters to you to answering fans’ comments on IG.

My question is regarding the relationship between the two of you, how have you evolved from friends into artists and how do you keep that relationship healthy?

Thank you for keeping the funk alive!

chromeo30 karma

Wow thank you so much. That means the world. We're basically a married couple. Been together every single day for the last 25 years. It's a working relationship and a friendship...it's really hard to describe. Thank god for the funk...it's what brought us together.

Maniaxe61314 karma

Hey, Chromeo! How do you guys get an '80s sound? Which instruments and sounds do you use to achieve that? Also, which sounds do you recommend for me if I want to create music in the style of late 90s pop? Do you have any other recommendations for me if I want to make this kind of music?

chromeo26 karma

The 80s sound is all about electronic drum pockets and recreating the fine intricacies of drum machines internal sequencer swings. Then you get a nice and fat, yet snappy bass sound. Lush poly sounds used as ethereal sustained pads or short funk stabs. Then you have guitar and live bass to inject in the mix, but don't let it overtake your main synth riff! They are the spices you add at the end! 90s pop is basically the same thing as 80s funk, just all produced with sounds from the M1, Roland D50 and Alexis drum machines!

shadow_the_cat14 karma

Hi Dave and P, love you guys and can't wait for the new record!

Dave, your vocals on Juice sound a bit different than on any of your previous songs. Is there anything you're doing differently vocally on the new record?

chromeo38 karma

I've been getting that a lot, I didn't realize, honestly. Do they sound weird? Honestly it's just practice and confidence. Now that we have our own studio we can spend hours and hours on vocals and re-do them until they feel just right. And I try to improve and challenge myself. I don't like "good" singers usually...I always liked people with idiosyncratic voices like Pharrell and Donald Fagen and Dylan...so I'm just trying to evolved into my own version of that.

Funk4eva14 karma

Where does the funk come from?

chromeo41 karma


Starswitharts13 karma

We play Chromeo in our art classroom all the time - the kids love it and inspire them so much! The kids would go wild if they knew Chromeo supported their art program. Would you be into donating and supporting our foundation, The Starts with Arts Foundation? www.startswitharts.org

chromeo22 karma

Whoa that's amazing. We should come and do a workshop with you guys!

SpanishNinja11 karma


Been pressin' Juice non-stop (that's a lie; it's on rotation with "Go With It") since it dropped. Super pumped for the new album & tour(?) ever since I saw you were back in the studio on Instagram!

A few questions:

1)I love that you're getting more politically vocal and unafraid to take a stand or blur the line between simply being entertainers, and having that discourse between you & your fans. That said, you collab'd with DFA1979; what are your thoughts on Jesse Keeler's recent right-wing accusations?

2)Fancy Footwork's "Intro" is so powerful, and I love that you changed it up ever so slightly for the White Women tour. I've bumped it on repeat for entire car rides more than I care to admit. From a music theory perspective, what did you do to make it so punchy & attention-grabbing? And is there gonna be a version 3 on Head Over Heels/on tour?


Also that "Do Your Stuf" jingle is 🔥🔥🔥

chromeo10 karma

1) Ugh that's a tough one. He's our buddy but we never discussed politics with him. Say it ain't so. :( 2) Not sure what we'll do for the new tour yet. That Intro was basically us trying to make our version of a Just Blaze DipSet beat. 3) Aaaaaah TBD you never know lol. Black Mac looms over us like a polymorphous funk spirit.

tinmiaq11 karma

Hey Chromeo, When will you bring da funk to Alaska?

chromeo19 karma

Hopefully soon! Would love to visit!!!

Kyleslab11 karma

I just discovered you guys and I’m so pumped for your new album. My friends are always arguing about how tall you guys are. Will you enlighten us?

chromeo28 karma

Dave is 6'4" and Pee is 5'8". A well balanced duo!

TheGuyWithFocus10 karma

No question here but just wanted to say I’m a huge fan. Your stop here on Kansas City is one of my all time favorite concert experiences.

Looking forward to the new album. Oh, I guess this does have a question attached...

Coming back to Kansas City on the next tour?

chromeo13 karma

I think we are actually!

TurningItIntoASnake9 karma

Chromeo! I'm a huge fan of your work! :) I love how a lot of the concepts in your songs are about, I guess you could say insecure men or men who are easily manipulated by women. What was your motivation and reasoning for making that a common theme in your music?

chromeo28 karma

Our themes are not gender specific but the idea is to sing love songs from a different perspective...for those who are jealous, stressed out, neurotic, swagless and still confident, obsessed with their mom, annoyed but still in love etc etc. All the fun and funny stuff that's relatable to us normal humans.

iamverna9 karma

Hey guys! I’m star-struck right now and don’t even know how to use my words to ask a question, but I’ll try... I love seeing you post your inspiration pics and influencers in style, but what’s your secret to staying funky? (Obvious answer: the Juice) But seriously, you two have a unique, and incredible style. Both in fashion and in the music you make, and it never feels fake. Your funkinesses is organic and true to who you are. Where did it come from and how do you stay inspired?

chromeo24 karma

Wow couldn't thank you enough. We just try to stay true to ourselves and evolve within the paradigms that we set. We're always in character, we're the same we've been for years. That's why we always say...we live this. One time we saw a member of The Strokes (one of our favorite bands of all time) in Adidas sweatpants and it broke our hearts. On a Wednesday night at 11:46pm if you catch us we're in character. Forever.

Harajuku-Crybaby8 karma

P-Thugg, I loved how close you are to DMX now. I saw you guys instantly click. The chemistry and interaction was undeniable!!!

Can we expect more instagram stories with you two having brunch and watching movies together?

chromeo17 karma

I had the best time, he and I were on another level of telepathy. You don't always need words to connect deeply with someone. I feel we both got out of this flight with 3h less in jet lag, but with an new friend. I have hacked into his Samsung Galaxy and turned the tracking feature on so I will be monitoring his every move. More to come.

Love_Blanco8 karma

Hey hey, questions for (especially) P-Thugg! I love the music you make and I am super impressed with your love for hardware synths/drum machines/samplers...what are a few of your favorite vintage pieces of gear? Modern? You got me hooked on real hardware too...R.I.P. my bank account!

chromeo14 karma

Thank you! Well my favorite vintage pieces are probably the Prophet 5, Elka Synthex, Jupiter 8, Juno 106, Sequential Drumtrax, Korg Mono/Poly and Roland VP-330. In the more modern ones I really love the Prophet 6 from Dave Smith. It's one of the only modern ones I really find blends the pure analog vintage sound and adds extra features like arpeggiator, on board fx, extra hi pass filter envelope and a really reasonable price. 10/10 for Dave Smith, he killed it on that one.

cballmer7 karma

What are some of your favorite places/venues to perform at?

chromeo27 karma

NY, LA, Paris, London, San Fran, San Diego and all of Texas!

valeriejxray6 karma

Any chance you guys will be doing a US tour for the new album?!?!?! I saw you guys last tour and it was amaze balls and hands down my favorite live show to date.

chromeo19 karma

100% we are doing an epic US tour as soon as the album comes out!!!

Kdkatie26 karma

Hello Funklordz! My fiance introduced me to your music on our first date. We can not wait for the new album to come out! I just want to know, what is your main inspiration for the new album?

chromeo17 karma

Our main inspiration was topping our last album.

morgan436 karma

As a massive watch nerd, and since you guys are super stylish, I was wondering what each of your dream watches would be to wear, if you have one?

Thanks for the AMA, take care!

chromeo8 karma

Well I have my two dream watches, I must say: Steve McQueen and RedSub. I only have one left wrist so already owning two feels like too much. I also like Cartier Tank and Cartier Santos but they look weird on me.

gimmethatbloodstupid6 karma

Pee's car collection, eh? What do you have? (if you're comfortable talking about that sort of thing, of course)

chromeo26 karma

Very comfortable, I take great pride in finding models and years that aren't obnoxioulsy overpriced and are a little neglected or forgotten by even car collectors. I have: -1984 Pontiac Fiero -1984 Chevy Camaro -1983 Porsche 944 -1984 Lotus Esprit -1967 Pontiac Catalina -1988 BMW 325 -1989 Mercedes 300 SEL -1991 Mercedes SL500 -1991 BMW 750 -1975 Bricklin SV1 -1989 Rolls Royce Silver Spur

trippy-vibes6 karma

What tunes are you listening to right now?

Love you guys! Can't wait to (hopefully) catch you on tour this spring?!!

chromeo18 karma

Hmm let's see. NERD "Lemon", Ty Dollar Sign "Don't Judge Me", 24hours "What You Like", King Krule's new ish, Giggs' new ish, YBN Nahmir, Jorja Smith, "Smile" by this kid Leven Kali... See you on tour!

Voldemort___Putin5 karma

Thanks for doing this guys! I saw you at Bonnaroo with Darryl Hall and just want to say it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a show. How was it working with him? Any plans for the future?

chromeo9 karma

Yeah we have to get back with him. He's our hero. It was insane. We still sort of can't believe it happened. Feels like a dream.

galfriday6125 karma

I adore your music videos - are the ideas 100% Chromeo originals, or is there a whole creative team involved? Would love to know more about your process, and any behind the scenes goofs/hijinx. <3

PS - I was in NYC when your single dropped, played it on repeat for days because I couldn't get it out of my head!

chromeo7 karma

It's always a collaborative effort between us and a director we choose. Some ideas are ours and they tweak them, some are theirs and we tweak. It's a dialectic! hehe

ceevee55 karma

Hey Dave & Pee, I have just one question for ya: which collaboration on this album was the one you were most excited for?  

P.S. I loved you guys at CRSSD and I'm hoping to see you back in SD as soon as possible!

chromeo8 karma

There's a few...and to be honest we're still adding stuff to the album and more collaborative twists. But having The-Dream on a song was literally a dream come true for us. Cuz "Yamaha" is one of our fave joints EVER. And he's an underrated funk genius.

daviddcaoo5 karma

Will you release more of your stems for people to remix? I loved it when you guys did that earlier this year!

chromeo10 karma

Yes we will. Promise.

thisismeingradenine5 karma

Where did you get all that funk?

Please be honest.

chromeo9 karma

From other people's records. We're just a channel for our influences!

gabys9125 karma

Where did you get the shoes for the Juice video????

chromeo9 karma

Maya's in Downtown Los Angeles. Not many places carry our size.

itchurboi5 karma

Did you guys work with Oligee again on the new record?

"Juice" is great by the way!

chromeo11 karma

Yeah OliGee is all over the new album too. He's the secret weapon.

toocharon4 karma

What’s your takeaway from learning how to walk in heels??

chromeo14 karma

Confidence. We loved it. More men should do this.

young_wendell4 karma

Thanks for doing this ama and thanks for so many years of great music. Three questions...

  1. What is you guys’ favorite Chromeo music video and why?

  2. Dave, what was the most challenging part of your PhD program?

  3. What is the best suggestion for remix artist for OJ that you have heard so far and why is it Jenaux?

Thanks again, guys.

chromeo11 karma

  1. Jealous (most slick and modern), Momma's Boy (closest to our heart), Juice (newest and freshest and most important re the legs).
  2. The thesis, definitely. Working alone forever, deep in erudition and self doubt lol.

andreisuko4 karma

Chromeo! Hello, first of all I wanna thank you for this AMA, second, for being so active in your IG account, loved the Black Mac song!, third, the new single is ultra cool!

Finally, just want to tell you guys I really dig your live presentations... so my question is...when are you FuNkLoRdZ going to release a LIVE album?

Ps. Been a fan since I saw you guys in Guadalajara, MX back in two thousand eleven 🎤🎶

chromeo15 karma

If we ever do a live album it's going to be from First Ave in Minneapolis.

phonyherostuff4 karma

Big fan for a long time, keep doing your thing boys. What are your collective thoughts on bands like Vulfpeck, snarky puppy etc. Are you digging their style of funk? Maybe a cheeky colab??? Big love from the UK. X

chromeo3 karma

They're great. Maybe! We also like to collab with people that are outside of funk to bring them into our world. Let's see...

Ted__TheodoreLogan4 karma

Have you ever thought about doing a Halloween themed album?

chromeo18 karma

We never have actually. We thought xmas album but that's kind of played. Maybe a Passover album?

Harajuku-Crybaby3 karma

I listen to your songs via Rhapsody/Napster

I want to give you all the money you deserve, does downloading/streaming the songs from there help financially?

If not, I will gladly buy all your songs wherever helps you the most. Just tell me what helps you!

chromeo11 karma

Well if you can, stream them on Spotify. That really helps. But whatever you want to do. Honestly as long as you enjoy the music we're happy.

kahuna083 karma

Love your music! When I first discovered ya a few years back I was taken by surprise by how your sound seemed to be tailored to me exactly. And in the short time since then, you've become a top 5 music acts of all time for me.

I work with audio and have several friends who are producers so I'm always fascinated by good equipment, their history and functions. Have you guys thought about expanding those segments on Instagram where you go through it all, to some longer video format?

chromeo9 karma

We're working on this as we speak. We want our own show and podcast! Literally in the works.

SkankinToaster3 karma

Hey guys! Love your music- thank you for doing what you do.

My question is: what typically drives you guys in creating a new song? Do you experiment with sounds/rhythms and see what works? Are you music theory based?

chromeo11 karma

The initial drive is always sparked by a OG funk record, puts you in that space mentally, all of a sudden you are in a smelly studio basement in 1981 and the funk takes over. Start fiddling with drum machines and synths and see what happens. We usually bring in advanced music theory later when the riff and demo is already layed down. Theory is good to have to control the direction of the chord progression and arranging instruments, but we never let it determine the skeleton and the raw guts of the song. It's a polishing tool.

NotaSavage3 karma

What's your favorite brand and style of leather jacket?

chromeo6 karma

Schott Perfecto and 90s Avirex. Dave and Pee's. ;)

eddiefiguer3 karma

1) Dave, it seems like you have a YSL style going on. Do you get most of your stuff for free or do you still go out and scour stores for your clothes? I'm currently trying to pull off the double rider jacket but I'm always iffy about it on me.

2) You guys put on the best show that I have ever been to. My wife and I drove 10 hours total to come see you guys at Comedy Clusterfest. We bought tickets, drove to the bay that morning, and just sat and waited for you guys to come on. We drove back that night but it was totally worth it. It was the only show that I've been to that made me dance and let loose. Picture from seeing you guys!

PS: The video of P-Thugg sitting next to DMX on the plane a couple days ago was amazing. Did he ever find out you were recording him?

chromeo11 karma

X man never found out. Thank god...who knows if Pee would still be with us! Thank you so so so much. For 2. Re 1, YSL was dope for a bit but the new designer is crap so time to go head to toe vintage again lol.

NDaveT3 karma

Hi! I discovered you guys when you played on Conan O'Brien's show while supporting the "Business Casual" album.

Are you performing on Conan anytime soon?

Can you possibly give details on your bass player's equipment? I love the bass sound on "Business Casual" and "White Women".

Is it a burden being both talented musicians and extraordinarily handsome?

I noticed at least one member of Haim was in one of your music videos. Are you guys friends? Any plans to tour together?

chromeo5 karma

All three of those gals were in the Old 45's video. Yes we're friends..and fans of their work!

bpcloe3 karma

Hello, Lordz of Funk! I only have one question: I have played your songs for my father, who has always been a fan of 70's and 80's music. He honestly thought you were some long-lost gem of the good ol' days. How do you produce such a genuine sound while remaining relevant to today's aesthetic?

chromeo8 karma

That's a huge compliment. Must be the analog synths. Gives music a je-ne-sais-quoi of warmth...

thxxx13373 karma

I just transferred my mint inside for the winter but the leaves are starting to turn yellow. Is there anything I could do to keep the plant going for those winter mojitos?

chromeo7 karma

Keep it away from the window!

skeletorspimpcane3 karma

Who would you like to work with in the future? Not as a collaborator on a Chromeo record, but you guys get asked to appear on their record for a track.

chromeo6 karma


orkboyz173 karma

Hey Dave and P just a couple of quick questions.

I was wondering if you guys were planning to shoutout Lifelike’s kickstarter for his debut album? Since it has a feature from you guys on the track Lies.

Also any chance of a collab with Holy Ghost! on the horizon soon?

Thanks guys and stay juicy!

chromeo8 karma

Shit you're right. We have to plug that. Lifelike is our musical hero. Holy Ghost are our brothers they're working on their album too. We're fans of their work, I'm sure we'll collab on something one day, we talk all the time.

Harajuku-Crybaby2 karma

Chromeo!! My FUNKLORDZ!!

How I’d trade my boyfriend for you guys in an instant if you simply said the word!! Found you guys in Highschool and I’ve been pampered with your tunes ever since. I love your music so much and I am very excited you’re back and packing JUICY funk grooves. I can’t wait until you announce your next tour show in Los Angeles!!

What song of yours resonates to you guys personally? Any major emotion/story behind a certain song?

I love you guys so much!! Please Take me on a date, I know you guys would treat me right!! ♥️

chromeo11 karma

We're not gonna disrespect your bf like that, that's a violation of the bro code. I'm sure he's an awesome guy. We can be friendzone buddies it's much better. Our most personal song will always and forever be Momma's Boy.

le-oolala2 karma

Can we look forward to a 2017/2018 tour? Last time I saw you guys was NY - Studio B.

chromeo3 karma

Whaaat? you gotta come back and see us. We'll be touring next year for sure.

Apollo__Zero2 karma


Welcome back. Time for another trip here to New Orleans! What is it like wearing high heels? :)

chromeo3 karma

Liberating! And painful

tacotacotaco_12 karma

you guys still fuck with Roebling Tea Room? Used to see you there a lot.

chromeo5 karma

OMG! You know we recorded Business Casual in a studio in that building. That's why.

Noerdy2 karma

Favorite pasta?

chromeo5 karma

Caccio e pepe!

Harajuku-Crybaby2 karma

Were you guys born Casanovas or did it take practice and work to be so suave as you are today?

chromeo7 karma

Practice. We were born schmucks.

jumpxman2 karma

First of all, thank you for doing this. I have been a huge fan for years.

Dave, I saw you say that without A-trak there is no Chromeo. How much influence did traveling with him around for DJ gigs affect you doing music or was that already an interest at the time?

P, is FILA paying you yet? Because I think you are single-handedly putting them back on the radar. Did DMX ever find out?

chromeo6 karma

P: Fila is not paying me, I wear vintage Fila because I love the chunky designs they had back then and I support Fila's price point philosophy. DMX never found out, or he did and loved the attention, or, least likely, he knew all along and was genuinely enjoying out time together!