We are Modestep!

We just partnered with Jägermeister to perform an Ice Cold Gig at Cecil Peak in New Zealand suspended between two mountain peaks on a space net. Check out the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJspGy7Fy8E&t=25s

Next Monday we’re releasing our new single Higher. Presave link: http://monster.cat/2h6uhQg

Ask us anything

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i_just_blue-myself71 karma

Does the sunlight still hurt your eyes?

ModestepOfficial33 karma

You'd think I'd have learned by now how to avoid this, but sadly not.

Ghosiaaa11 karma

Do you have a rough idea about when you guys plan on releasing the new album? - So so excited for it! The previews in your vlogs sound insane! Also, do you think you'll do a live UK tour once you've released the album?

ModestepOfficial10 karma

We're going to play it by ear. We plan on releasing a new song every couple of months until something really sticks, and thats when we're going to follow up with the album. We kind of figure as long as there is a continuous flow of music, you guys won't care too much about an album release date :P

The plan is definitely to tour the UK next year!

Niicolzz10 karma

Hey guys big fan, couple questions.

  1. What's the current direction of your music going? London Road was an exceptional album and I'm hoping for more like that.

  2. Any plans for touring the UK next year, specifically Scotland? Saw you guys last time with Culprate and it was wicked! Much love. 🤙🏻

ModestepOfficial13 karma

Hey Niicolzz! 1. I've described our new music as the uplifting/dancey vibes of Evolution Theory but with the finesse and execution of what we learned from London Road. I think its some of our best music yet. 2. We always want to be on tour, like permanently... and Scotland is one of the rowdiest crowds out there. It would be my honour to go back. I think once we have new music out there, we'll be able to get back on the tourbus!

Big love <3

Irwinatoreddit7 karma

A lot of people feel as if the live shows aren’t as complete with the backing of the two guitars and feel as if Josh is over stretching himself by playing bass, piano, mixing etc on stage and that it’s taking away from what a Modestep set should be. What are you opinions on this? And do you feel your live show energy is sacrificed now there’s only two members or do you not feel any difference?

Personally, I see no difference in energy but see where some people may come from about Josh been too over stretched with everything he has to do and how much harder you both have to work!

P.S new shit is sounding mint and you are truly mad fuckers for doing that mountain ting... I’d of babbed my pants a trillion times.

ModestepOfficial9 karma

Mr Irwinator! The live show took some adjusting, an we've decided to completely renew everything about it for 2018. We've rebuilt the entire system, and we're designing a complete visual experience for next year. I'd agree with you though, with the old setup and me having to run about and play 3 instruments, it was a bit tough. All I can say is keep your eyes peeled for next years live show, it's going to be mental.

Nossaw15 karma

How are you? How’s your day been so far?

ModestepOfficial5 karma

My day has been great so far.. I took my little puppy who is only 11 weeks old to the studio and we practiced for a live session that we're doing tomorrow with a string section. It's going to be our first time playing with a string section and we're both really excited for it!

Landes244 karma

You said that you’d thought about just ending your time with Modestep after the past year. What do you think you’d be doing now if it wasn’t music?

ModestepOfficial9 karma

Good question. So while this was all going on next year, I thought I'd try and get my foot in another door just incase we couldn't continue with music. I started a company converting houses into smart homes in the UK, and developed our own software and system to control everything in the house with voice and touch. I'm actually going to continue doing this even though we can still release music as I really enjoy being a geek anyway :)

bonniejas4 karma

hey lads 👋🏻 Have you got any upcoming gigs/festivals for the UK soon? First saw you back in 2011 at NASS, then download 2015 & the London Road tour, I miss the vibe and the energy from your sets and I think it’s about time you come back to touring 😉😂 also Josh what breed is your cute pupper? #modemobalways

ModestepOfficial2 karma

We have nothing in the diary just yet, but that tends to happen when you aren't active with releasing music. Once we start the ball rolling with all these tunes, you'll see us back at those festivals creating havoc once again :)

My little puppo is called Fuji and he's a Miniature Pinscher (a tiny version of a Doberman, they call it a Dobermouse! )

The_hawk923 karma

Are you guys playing Rampage festival in Belgium next year?!

P.S you guys are nuts! Going high and beyond for your fans!

ModestepOfficial3 karma

We haven't had that e-mail just yet! Make sure you bug Rampage and get us there!!

Thank you Hawk, we'd go even higher if we could!!

EmaFinn3 karma

I fell in love with Modestep when I saw Coldplay- Paradise cover <3 Do you plan to do any others?

ModestepOfficial1 karma

Thats not a bad idea, any ideas for a tune? :)

markdaboss1 karma

RATM, Kendrick Lamar?

ModestepOfficial2 karma

RATM would have to be the best cover ever or I would never forgive myself.

markdaboss2 karma

Pendulum would be cool

ModestepOfficial2 karma

^ also a good idea

TheKingDries3 karma

any plans for doing another modestep radio? Really miss those on my sunday evening

ModestepOfficial9 karma

Modestep Radio evolved into BSMNT and because Pat and I were not that confident with DJing, we decided to put them on hold until we felt more comfortable behind the decks. I think we're both at the point now where we're super comfortable and we'll be starting BSMNT up again :)

jfeels2 karma

Hey. Saw you guys at Download Festival a few years ago and you were amazing. Would you ever consider playing there again?

ModestepOfficial3 karma

Our first ever show as a band was at Download festival, playing the little Red Bull stage there. We then played it every year until we worked our way up to the second stage. I would fucking love to come back, no matter what size the stage.. it's like a second home for us and the crowds are always mental!!

zuzvas2 karma

Helloooo how are you guys? When are you gong to visit Czech republic or a country not too far from here?? I need to spend some crazy night with you! :D With love, Zuzana <3

ModestepOfficial2 karma

Zuzana, we would love to come back to Czech Rep!! Make sure you tell all the promoters of festivals that you want us there, tweet them and bug them on all their social media.. and I guarantee they will bring us! <3

adamgough5962 karma

Hey lads - hope you're doing well.

1) Which artists would you want to collab with outside of EDM?

2) Can you tease us any other track names right now apart from Higher and Summer?

Also shoutout these guys <3

ModestepOfficial5 karma

Shoutout to all my ModeMob, especially those guys.. holding it down!

1) A weird and almost impossible collab that I'd love to do would be with someone like Meshuggah or an equally heavy rock band

2) I can tease you names but they are all likely to change, theres another one that we're finishing up now thats likely to be called 'Going Nowhere' :)

EDR1EN2 karma

Are you going to come to Rock im Park 2018?

ModestepOfficial1 karma

Oh man I wish, if you want us there make sure you relentlessly tweet them and get your friends to do the same. Believe it or not, thats what promoters look at! Rock Im Park/Am Ring are up there with some of my favourite festivals to play!!

EDR1EN2 karma

Will do! Your shows 2013 and 2015 were the best I've ever seen! Also when can we expect a new album to drop?

ModestepOfficial1 karma

Thank you ED!

Next year we'll be dropping a new tune every couple of months with an album waiting for that right moment :)

confusedpidgeon2 karma

How has it been since Tony leaving? Do you feel the direction of Modestep has changed? And How's he doing?

ModestepOfficial5 karma

We've had to make a lot of adjustments. Both Pat and I have been teaching ourselves how to DJ and we've come a long way in the last 6 months! The direction of Modestep was always going to change as, even before Tony left, we decided to switch up our sound a little bit to make our tunes a little more dancefloor friendly. He's doing great, he has a new project called WhyMe? which you should definitely check out!

PBborn2 karma

Is there a good recording of your shipwreck performance with thom yorke at coachella? It was incredible. Was that planned, how did that end up happening. That was my first and one of my favorite do lab surprises.

ModestepOfficial3 karma

I think you have the wrong group! I would cut off one of my bollocks to perform with Thom Yorke!

PBborn3 karma

Lol i do that with you and modeselektor

ModestepOfficial3 karma

i cri

PBborn3 karma

Well, obviously not where Im at this morning, but how high were you guys in that video? Fuck

ModestepOfficial3 karma

Roughly 2000meters up! High enough to almost do pewps in my pants, thats for sure.

wild_wanda1 karma

Hi! Saw you live at Beatpatrol this year and you guys were absolutely amazing! Do you consider to come back to Austria again? And Josh, how's your cute little puppy doing? Much love to you guys <3

ModestepOfficial3 karma

Beatpatrol was so dope. It was the first DJ show where I felt like this was the new Modestep and the crowd really got into it. I cant wait to come back to Austria, we've done frequency festival maybe 5 times now and the crowds are always amazing!

The puppo is doing great, he's sat with me now going through these questions :D

<3 <3

LiamJ10821 karma

The first time I saw you guys was on tour with Lostprophets. After everything that happened, how would you describe that experience on tour with them?

ModestepOfficial1 karma

It was very bizarre, the lead singer was a very strange person indeed and it felt like he was a big burden on the rest of the band. However, it was a great experience for us as it was our first ever tour and we made lots of new fans from it!!

jrdn11 karma

Hey guys, been a fan for a few years now, back in 2015 I brought 3 of my mates to Manchester for one of your shows for my birthday and one of my mates ended up catching one of Pat's drumsticks and he ended up giving it to me! Needless to say it was one of the best nights of my life but anyway here's my question:

Do you have any collabs on the new album? If so are you allowed to say who at this moment in time?

P.S: if you do end up doing a UK tour at some point, please come to Sheffield

Big love <3

ModestepOfficial2 karma

We've tried to keep collabs to a minimum on this record. Just to show people what the new modestep is really like, and that its all coming from us. We're definitely going to be doing some collabs as singles and club tracks though, and I can't wait to tell you guys who we've got lined up :)

Irwinatoreddit1 karma

You want to join our ModeMob group? You can mute it forever and never post just wanna see some people freak the fuck out 😂😂

ModestepOfficial1 karma

Whats the group on?

markdaboss1 karma

Hi from Estonia! Any plans to make something experimental or different like "Time" on Evolution Theory?

ModestepOfficial3 karma

Ooooh I forgot about Time! We're actually talking over the possibility of doing a very rock-heavy EP for a big rock record label. I think there would be room on that EP for something similar to that :) Big love to you and everyone in Estonia <3

markdaboss1 karma

Josh, are you still using that RED camera of yours? And why didn't u use your canon or whatever it was that you used in Thailand to film modevlog in NZ?

ModestepOfficial1 karma

I don't actually have a RED camera! I have a Sony a7s, and I used that an my iPhone for the Modevlog :)

markdaboss1 karma

But you had it a few years ago? (RED)

ModestepOfficial1 karma

We used to rent one for all our music videos, I will buy one some day! :)

markdaboss1 karma

Any chance I can make a music video for you in the future?

ModestepOfficial1 karma

If you're good at it, sure :) send your work to [email protected]

LaPetiteMorty1 karma

First saw you guys at Download on the second stage, the energy in the crowd was incredible. I hope you guys play again soon, and I look forward to seeing your new live show at a venue (hopefully) near me!

Q. What do you think of other Electronic/Rock hybrid bands, like Prodigy & Enter Shikari? Have they influenced the music you make at all, or do you resent the comparisons?

Speaking of the Prodigy, I don't suppose you're supporting them on the UK tour next month? That would be perfect!

ModestepOfficial3 karma

I would love to support the Prod again but no we won't be with them next month!!

We're good friends with some of the lads in Enter Shikari, I love their take on the crossover and their live show it absolutely great. The prodigy's live show has influenced us lots, not a lot of shows have that kind of intense energy and its something we absolutely aspire to get to!!

SergeyOfficial1 karma

So what is the best way to get feedback from guys like u?

ModestepOfficial1 karma

[email protected] - send that fire!

markdaboss1 karma

Did Pat shit his pants on the mountain? :D

ModestepOfficial1 karma

There was definitely some trouser chunks floating about the place

themaastersplinter1 karma

Any plans of performing in Belgrade, Serbia? We are HUGE fans.

ModestepOfficial2 karma

I would love to come back to Serbia, make sure you shout at promoters to get us over there!

markdaboss1 karma

What are your thoughts on "Man's not hot"?

ModestepOfficial1 karma

He's very lucky and I hope he can make it last, its not often people blow up as big and fast as that!! :)

adamgough5961 karma

Which songs did you play between the rocks for the Jagermeister gig??

ModestepOfficial3 karma

We played Higher, Sing, Another Day (xKore & Smooth remixes) - We have the audio if you guys are up for listening :)

markdaboss1 karma

Yes please

ModestepOfficial1 karma

I'll see what we can do!

wiskeyranger1 karma

Best part of New Zealand?

Answer wisely

ModestepOfficial2 karma

I'd find it hard to answer that. Some of the nicest people I ever met in Christchurch and Aukland but there is just some kind of magic in queenstown.. it feels so surreal to even be there!

Irwinatoreddit1 karma

You should do like a Modestep version of a Radiohead song that’d be sick! Which song though? It’s up to you but Creep would be cool as fuck

ModestepOfficial1 karma

Creep would be amazing, maybe something from Moon Shaped Pool!

Irwinatoreddit1 karma

Ohh yes bro! Should come out with some covers EPs and random little studio jams, I know me and a lot of others would die for that!

ModestepOfficial1 karma

Maybe its something we can do for our YouTube channel! I'll get planning...

deathbyderps1 karma

Josh, do you actually skate or are you just a massive poser? Can pat skate?

ModestepOfficial4 karma

I skate to studio every day.. actually I fell so hard last week I thought I broke my elbow. Ive had to stop using my standard board and switch to my longboard because London streets are god awful for skating on. Pat can't skate from what I've seen haha

gr8dizaster1 karma

hey guys!

is "new modestep" going to be full electronic, or some real instruments still be in your music?

i saw you live twice in poland, once with guitar and drums, and once with DJ set in lublin, both were awsome, but guitar+drums was more powerfull i think :)

all the best and can't wait to hear your music

ps: cute dog :)

ModestepOfficial2 karma

We still have live synthesizers and guitars just like before :) Thank you, Fuji says hi! <3

Gavinlar171 karma

Hey lads,

I got 2 questions. Sorry if these have already been asked

1) from the news about how your allowed to release new music as modestep wouldve you started a new band/project if that wasnt the case?

2) this ones for pat but do you miss touring with funeral for a friend

Cheers for the amazing music, unfortunately the only time ive seen you guys was years ago supporting lostprophets in cardiff!

ModestepOfficial2 karma

Easy Gav,

  1. Actually due to the nature of the legal bother we were having, we wouldn't have been able to release any music, under any project. Luckily thats fixed though!

  2. Some of my best mates. We had fun times, seems like forever ago now. But nah I wouldn’t say I miss it. I miss them dudes though!!

Aipmilo1 karma

Do you return to poland, and be in wroclaw? this is very important to me and my mother for wroclaw doesn't let me go, i love you very much ❤ i'm sorry for what i'm writing but even i can't english

ModestepOfficial1 karma

We would love to do a full tour in Poland next year!

JoModestep1 karma

What do you think of fan tattoos?

Asking for a friend of course :D

ModestepOfficial1 karma

How could we not LOVE every fan tattoo?! Especially yours Jo <3

JoModestep1 karma

I have to say, you guys are amazing. You are so chill and down to earth! How do you do that? (Also Fuji is such a good boy and btw: Josh, you have the coolest gf and the sickest sunglass collection) bye now :) <3

ModestepOfficial1 karma

The question shouldn't be why are we down to earth, it should be why are so many people NOT haha. Fuji is the best boy, he's been so good today <3

SvenDixit1 karma

Hey guys! Cesqeaux teased he was in de studio with you quite some time ago, will there be a collab out soon?

Really looking forward to some new music! Take care!

ModestepOfficial2 karma

Our boy Ces!! We have a few little bits in the works but we've both been crazy busy. There will definitely be something coming out next year I'm sure!

confusedpidgeon1 karma

What's your favourite: blue cheese, sour diesel or lemon haze?

ModestepOfficial3 karma

I'm a haze man for functional behaviour, like making music.. and then anything else to put me to zzzZZZZ

Eturior1 karma

When is the next Basmnt, are you still doing those?

ModestepOfficial4 karma

We put them on hold for a while so me and Pat could up the levels at DJing (we'd never done it before) - we finally think we're there so you should expect another BSMNT in the coming months!

kitikitish1 karma

What's for dinner?

ModestepOfficial7 karma

I'm far too hungry to be answering this question.. I just want everything now. Off to top of my head, I'm going to go with a CHEEKY NANDOS MATE.

ballotta1 karma

hello! big fan here

favorite DAW? favorite plugins?

ModestepOfficial3 karma

I've been through them all. I started with Cubase VST, moved onto Fruity Loops (when it was still version 3), from there moved on to Sonar, then on to Logic and then finally I'm now on Ableton (and have been for a good few years now). IMO Ableton is without doubt the best DAW for electronic music, and has opened up my creativity tenfold. My fav plugs are all the FabFilter stuff, all the plugins that default with Ableton (Operator!!) and of course, serum.

robrobxD1 karma

Still dropping incredible sounds! and by the looks of that video, dropping them in incredible places too!

  • Q. I wondered what music are you guys listening to at the moment? Is there anyone you've taken particular inspiration from with the music you create?

ModestepOfficial6 karma

Thank you Rob!

I tend to not listen to much EDM at all. Most of the time I'm listening to soulful/ambient stuff like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Donny Hathaway, James Blake to name a few! From the electronic world, I listen to a lot of Noisia and Amon Tobin or older stuff that is nostalgic to me. Not a lot of new EDM in my headphones!

TheKingDries1 karma

What are your craziest gig stories?

I remember at Crammerock in Belgium someone tried to steal your shoe

ModestepOfficial1 karma

Fuck man I remember that. I was trying to crowdsurf from the stage to the sound booth and back and someone thought they'd try it. It happens a fair bit, arse grabbing and ripping off of clothes.. I welcome it all to be honest, if you want to take home a part of me then you're welcome to try!

Another crazy story has to be (also in belgium) Pukkelpop, where we played about 30 mins before that big storm hit. That felt like something out of a movie, I've never seen weather like it.

JamesDrake131 karma

Hey Guys. Greetings from Greece. I've been following you lads since the beginning of your career and I can say without a doubt that you are my favorite band and surely an innovative one in terms of production live perfomances etc. Today I listened to Higher and I instantly loved it. The video concept is crazy! So I know that you are having rough times with publishing music(thank god you got that sorted out) but I wanted to ask when should we expect the next album? Also are these sick jackets you are wearing on the video going for sale? I love your aparrel and I am sure that the fans are going to love these if you decide to put them to sale.THANK YOU SO MUCH for the epic journey and I hope to listen more of your music in the future.

ModestepOfficial2 karma

Hey James, big up to you and everyone in Greece!

We have indeed been going through rough times with legalities, and actually merchandise is our next legal battle to win over. We currently can't release any merchandise and we're working on getting that fixed. I want to see all my ModeMob rocking this stuff, we're going to make it happen I promise you.

The album is going to be played by ear. We're releasing music every couple of months and when we feel like the momentum is right, we're just going to finish up the album and throw it out there for you guys. Thats the beauty of the modern age, we can get that out there in very little time at all :)

joe52801 karma

Was an honour to do lights for your show at Teddy Rocks! When are you going to get the live show back on the road?

ModestepOfficial2 karma

Ah dude the lighting was on point.. and the pyro nearly burned my balls to a crisp. Great work!

We're working on a brand new concept live show to debut in 2018 and hopefully we'll jump straight back on the road and show the whole world!

moonshines51 karma

hey guys! did you get a chance to explore NZ?) good luck with everything, love your stuff

moonshines51 karma

also been to the last BSMNt in xoyo you did a great job if you guys taught yourself to dj, it was dope ! 〽️

ModestepOfficial2 karma

Thanks Moonshine! It was a scary moment to jump on the decks with so little practice, we're much better now :)

We had no time to explore NZ really, it was a fairly busy schedule while we were out there. I have been to Aukland and Christchurch before though and I have to say I could really see myself living in NZ at some point!

kyrov81 karma

Do you guys consider coming back to Poland? (Especially performing one more time on Woodstock's stage?) I always loved in your music the combo of dubstep and rock, will it be present in your new content somehow?

ModestepOfficial2 karma

Well, because we won the spinning top competition I believe we should be coming back to play Woodstock once again. They said once we have a new album on the way to let them know and we'll make that magic happen all over again. Honestly, the first time we played will be difficult to top as it was one of the greatest moments in my life!!

SergeyOfficial1 karma

Hi there from Russia! Can u give an advices to the beginning producer of creating music and how to promote it (some management advices)? Is it worth trying to send stuff to guys like you? So much love! Show between rocks is fckin amazing!

ModestepOfficial1 karma

Hey Sergey! My advice with starting production is very simple.. be deliberate in what you make. A lot of producers sit and fiddle for hours and just make horrible noise, especially when they first start out. What I like to do is imagine what I want the song to sound like in my head, and then find a method for making that a reality. When you work like this, you tend to get much more natural ideas down and often much faster.

My management advice would be to never get management. Just make good music, put it everywhere you can (including sending it to people like us!!) and the rest will happen. Some managers can make a huge act from very little talent, those guys are great businessmen.. but if you make good music, a managers job is very easy, and a job you can easily take on yourself.

kanejh19901 karma

Hi Modestep - Big fan here :-)

I hate to kill the mood but what is your HONEST opinion on your fans taking drugs at one of your gigs?

1) Do you think it happens, and if so to what extent? 2) Would you give your fans a message on this matter?

Oh and whats the best venue you have ever played at?

ModestepOfficial3 karma

disclaimer - I will not be held responsible for anyone reading this and fucking up.

People definitely take drugs at our shows, and I have no problem with it at all.

Everyone has a right to put what they want in their body, I would just let anyone who makes that decision aware that there are risks and you should find out how to do it properly as to not ruin your (and your friends) nights.. or potentially do something to damage your health. I believe you can now buy drug testing kits that you can test drugs with before taking them to make sure you know what you are actually taking. Also make sure that you google your body weight to get the correct dose for you and DON'T DO ALL OF YOUR DRUGS AT ONCE.

If you follow all of the above, you should have a great night!

EmaFinn1 karma

Favorite series? Favorite band? Will you have any show soon? :)

ModestepOfficial1 karma

It's always sunny and Rage against the machine! We have a bunch of shows coming up, make sure you keep checking our facebook (and turn notifications on) so you're kept up to date :)

JoModestep1 karma

Is there a chance we can get some new merch soon? Also, do you need a Ukulele in your band? Bc I volunteer! (greetings from my mom <3 )

ModestepOfficial2 karma

We hope so, we're currently going through legal issues with our merchandise and its number one on our priority list to sort out.

I'll keep you in mind for the Ukelele haha Big love to you and mama <3